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1. Is American politics truly representative of the people?
2. Does America need a strong third party?
3. Could this Great Recession have been avoided?
4. Does one truly need religion to have faith or spirituality?
5. With fundamentalism and extremism abounding, should religious scripture be taken literally?
6. How can Mother Goose’s goose be considered a child’s fairy tale, a dragon as mythical, but a talking snake & jackass and a man living inside the stomach of a fish be taken for fact?
7. Of this universe, did space and time begin at the very inception of the Big Bang?
8. Can the evolution of life be proven?
9. Are we so ordained as special in life or are we simply just a component of it?
10. When memory is filed in a vivid bin or the trash bin of your brain, is your mind, whether on a conscious or subconscious level in charge of this or is something else in control?

I write to truly convey and am in depth with researched facts to back up my thoughts and opinions. For those that are in search of faddish soundbytes just to go on to the next topic seconds later, my articles just might not be fit for your game plan. You will be from the start overwhelmed and discouraged from the length.

I write with content and in thorough diligence, not in quips. So for the more serious reader, who can still appreciate writings with substance and core, you might enjoy a few of my posts whether you agree with them or not.

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  1. Does one truly need religion to have faith or spirituality?

    Religion is not God. It is a persons belief in a God,Goddess,Diety whom or what ever one chooses to adress as a Supreme Being,Higher Power etc. So for me the answer to that question is No,one does not need Religion for Faith,Knowing or Spirituality. They can go together but are not required to go together.
    This is such a great question that can be explored all the way to Quantum Physics.

  2. Faith, first of all you do me great honors in being the first commentator at my blogsite.

    I cannot agree with you more, faith is not dependent on a religion or a god, it comes in many shades, colors and form. The same goes for spirituality. There are a myriad of resource for spirituality to unfold, it is without bounds and not limited to a particular god or manmade religion.

    For me it is very spiritual in viewing a whale breaching for the first time, or hearing a pack of red wolves howling in the dark East Texas piney-woods, or witnessing the birth of your child. These spiritual moments are of my own personal essence and are not dictated or given blessings by a god to have occurred.

    Ah yes, quantum physics, that instrument that allows us to decipher the first microseconds of the unfolding of the universe's inception to beyond the present time allowing us to even peer into the far future.

    Faith, please continue the saga, you are very apt to thinking. Reply to another question or bring one of your own out into the mix.

    One thing we truly both believe in is that exposure to other cultures and education are the keys to not only unlocking the universe's marvels and mysteries, but also in subduing ignorance bringing about peace not only of and in the mind, but also in how we relate to one another. World peace is the only way all perils nations experience will be neutralized then nullified. We need to relearn contentment and how to think by reasoned outcome.

    For those thoughts you presented or enticed, instead of the green star, I would've given ya a gold one if it was there to give.


  3. Hello again, This is Jim Rubis's wife again. I just read your article on fracking, which was wonderful. I don't know if Jim told you about our issue and how we had contacted the DEP due to water issues. The brine had been dumped not far from our water table, probably in the 1980's. You could see from Google Earth it killed a huge section of trees in our forest according to the DEP agent who was taken off our case, beause he knew there was a problem. Wells were drilled in the Queenstown formation. DEP concluded our contamination was due to "glacial drift", which I don't believe. I have the water test done by Penn State to prove it. Heavy metals, salts etc. were high. Jim was working for Geosearch then and I had to truck water, in 300 gallon tanks, to put in our camper to take showers. I didn't have enough money to sue, so had to spend around $10,000.00 to dig a pond to catch rain water and system with UV ray etc. That water supplies two homes. I would love it if you could look at those water sample lab reports. Barium was high along with other substances. Next time you talk to Jim mention it.

  4. Howdy Pat, apologies for taking so long to reply, no excuses, except for the fact my keyboard is half working on the computer and mainly Google has been lax on notifying me whenever I get comments. Am certainly glad ya enjoyed the article, But I would like to take a look at your water results. For sure they should have been responsible.

    I will talk to Jimbo about it...

    Pals Always,