This site is dedicated to all the seekers of truth out there. Though any subject may be debated, politics, religion and the sciences are the main topics of discussion. Scholar and agitator alike are welcome.

1. Is American politics truly representative of the people?
2. Does America need a strong third party?
3. Could this Great Recession have been avoided?
4. Does one truly need religion to have faith or spirituality?
5. With fundamentalism and extremism abounding, should religious scripture be taken literally?
6. How can Mother Goose’s goose be considered a child’s fairy tale, a dragon as mythical, but a talking snake & jackass and a man living inside the stomach of a fish be taken for fact?
7. Of this universe, did space and time begin at the very inception of the Big Bang?
8. Can the evolution of life be proven?
9. Are we so ordained as special in life or are we simply just a component of it?
10. When memory is filed in a vivid bin or the trash bin of your brain, is your mind, whether on a conscious or subconscious level in charge of this or is something else in control?

I write to truly convey and am in depth with researched facts to back up my thoughts and opinions. For those that are in search of faddish soundbytes just to go on to the next topic seconds later, my articles just might not be fit for your game plan. You will be from the start overwhelmed and discouraged from the length.

I write with content and in thorough diligence, not in quips. So for the more serious reader, who can still appreciate writings with substance and core, you might enjoy a few of my posts whether you agree with them or not.

Appreciate it much,