Is Your Soul in the right Place

Is Your Soul in the Right Place?

Republican politicians are fidgeting every which way from acceptance, denial and ignoring of the motormouth that hath cometh unto their fold. Filled with the inconsistency of a flopped Broadway play that is so unappealing to a general audience, the GOP is scrambling.

For the Republican Party, Donald Trump is the epitome of a walking, breathing and living nightmare that arose from out of their bed to wreak havoc in the naked relevance of rightwing idealism bore from their own stances in social, domestic and foreign policy issues. Greed and exclusion is the open glaring aftermath of its wake. The GOP has no out, no deportment or no excuse in what they have molded.

Who knows what will be the aftermath of the RNC convention, for there are under consideration a three-fold outcome at play here. In particular, Republican Colorado and Wisconsin delegates are going to the convention with the aim in mind of convincing other Trump delegates to change their polls in favoring another Republican besides Trump. Then replace him with someone that perhaps did not even run for the presidency in the GOP primaries.

Chairman of the Republican National committee (RNC), Reince Priebus has been measuring a yardstick by interviewing Republican state chairmen to gauge how large the GOP anti-Trump movement really is. If big enough, he’s weighing in on dumping Trump as the Party’s presumptive nominee for president.

If these scenarios bear out, it will be a double-edged sword sharpened to the hilt, for it is literally stealing the presumptive nominee (Trump) away from the Republican voters that legally cast the ballot in his fair and square win. The voters will revolt, the Republican brass is fully aware of this and know most likely, Trump would run as an independent and split the GOP in half.

But within their own Republican ranks they are also aware of Trump’s 70% unfavorable results and in recent poll after poll taken, his median average of over 60% un-favorability with the general American public. Even the sensible Republican (if there is such a thing) do not like Trump and will either cast a vote for someone else or refrain from voting altogether.

Of course in viewing the graph below, to find any inkling of a silver lining, Republicans will say, well at least he is better positioned this June by being down 9 percentage points from his June 2015 69% unfavorable ratings. Well, if that makes sense to them and their case for winning, then I say go for it.

Composite polls from June 2015-June26 2016

Whether endorsing, supporting but not endorsing, or outright denying Trump and publicly announcing they’ll vote for Hillary, Republicans are not unified in their candidate with huge uncertainties on what route they’ll take. 

The more Trump opens his mouth, the more his blind, deaf and ignorant to the facts core base will support him, while the GOP establishment reels away even farther from him with just as much pushing away as the base is pulling towards. The GOP elitist just cannot shut him up. This is much to the chagrin of the Republican establishment with as much delight for Trump’s base.

On June 12, 2016, yet another mass killing occurred on American shores inside the ‘Pulse’ gay nightclub. Just after, the Orlando massacre, Trump had a chance to rise to the occasion in bereavement for the 49 Americans who had lost their lives. Instead, he makes an announcement about “crooked Hillary” and how we need more guns. Political posturing, no substance, blame gaming with the favorite rightwing Muslim scapegoat and a chiding speech was all his rant amounted to. He did however speak hypocritically, when touting himself as the president for the LGBT community.

Of course the bulk of gay rights activists are rejecting Trump’s overtures. ‘Human Rights Campaign’ spokesman, Jay Brown pretty much sums up the LGBT community sentiment towards Trump when he stated in response to Trump’s gay overtures, “What he is peddling isn’t protection. It’s poison. Let’s be clear: LGBTQ people are Muslims. We are also Jews and Christians, women and immigrants, people of color and those living with disabilities. We are as diverse as the fabric of our nation, and Donald Trump’s attack on Muslims today is intended to divide us.

Two days later at a Tuesday June 14th North Carolina rally, Trump further inferred that the Orlando massacre was solely the fault of President Obama when he stated, “Once again we’ve seen that political correctness is deadly. President Obama claims to know our enemy, and yet he continues to prioritize our enemy over our allies and, for that matter, the American people.”  

In contrast, Hillary gave an eloquent speech acknowledging the victims and the survivors, while also alluding to the fact how the lack of proper gun regulation has brought the nation down again in grief.

Republican politicians are literally running, from reporters that want them to comment on Trump, or pretending they don’t hear the questions thrown at them as they hastily seek any refuge to duck and cover. Why, just this Tuesday (06/14/16) in the senate hallways, as Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) was rushing through, her staffers got between her and reporters stating she will not comment on Trump.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, although he shames Trump for Islamophobic speeches, he still endorses him. Nonetheless, that endorsement kept him in hiding, for after Trump’s Orlando and North Carolina stump he canceled a press conference and had staff shield him from reporters as he concealed himself from the public.

While on Ryan, as typical Republican irony goes, in a recent interview with NBCs Chuck Todd, Todd asked Ryan about his supporting and endorsement of Trump, when Trump was issuing racist and outrageous religious remarks.

Ryan replied, “Imagine the Speaker of the House not supporting the duly elected nominee of our party, therefore creating a chasm in our party to split us in half, which basically helps deny us the White House and strong majorities in Congress. The last thing I want to see happen is another Democrat in the White House. I don't want to see Hillary Clinton as president. I want to see a strong majority in the House and the Senate. And I think the way to achieve those goals is to have a more unified party, than a dis-unified party.

Todd quickly responds, “You just made a case though of party over country.”

But alas, Ryan finally retorts back, “No, I didn’t. I know Hillary Clinton won't agree with anything we want to do.”

Do you see the hypocrisy here? In defending he is not for party but for country, he uses the justification in voting for a rogue Republican as opposed to Hilary is because Mrs. Clinton would not want to do anything Republicans want to do. That in itself says it all...he is for party over nation.

But further, what does his party want to do? Judging by the last eight years, it is merely to impeach Obama, cut the rich’s taxes, privatize Social Security/Medicare, act as NRA water bucket carriers and repeal Obamacare. Is that really good for the nation or more so for the Republican Party?   

In going back on script, Republicans that did take any interviews simply made fools of themselves. Take for instance Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. In expressing he’s still supporting Trump, he merely states in numerous interviews, “I think he’d have a much better chance of winning if he would quit making so many unfortunate public utterances and stick to the script.”

Yeah see, in McConnell’s mind, by using teleprompters, Trump’s monstrous ego will suddenly vanish wringing out of him eloquent speeches. It won’t happen. There is nothing anodyne in Trump’s exposure of Republican undercover policies. Trump’s ego trip, whether scripted or ad-libbed is always going to wind up being offensive. Trump knows his base laps this up; factual substance is out the door.

Then there were the Republicans that failed miserably in switching gears trying to smooze and cuddle up to the victims as if all along they represented them. Florida’s attorney general, Pam Bondi being interviewed by CNNs Anderson Cooper is a classic case. In point, the video of the interview expounds the obvious milking Bondi is pouring.

Bondi later claimed that Cooper ambushed her and heavily edited the interview. It wasn’t true. He only exposed her fraudulent compassion as explained in Cooper’s follow-up to her bogus radio follow-up in the video below. To end her squeal, Bondi ran on a platform of anti-LGBT.  

Even Representative Steve King (R-IA) attempted to show some compassion for the LGBT community. On CNNs 06/15/21 ‘New Day’ program, King was asked by interviewer, Chris Cuomo if King felt that gays were specifically targeted. King’s answer, “I think it’s clear that gays were targeted in Orlando.” But he further added, “It does matter. It’s tragic they were targeted because of their sexual orientation. It’s tragic and we’re sorry about that.” He even pronounced that he considers gays “in equal standing with God.”

This, coming from a guy, who in innumerable past instances has bashed LGBTs withholding all mercy. In recent prior times, he has proudly described himself as the savior of mankind in taking on “screaming, profane gays.” He has insisted same sex marriage is “a purely socialist concept,” He is also the representative in the House of Congress that introduced an April 2015 bill barring federal judges from overseeing cases involving arguments and decisions concerning biblical marriage standards. This would have effectively shielded traditional marriage by ruling out marriage equality.

When introducing the bill on the House floor, here are his own words, “We could pass this bill before the Supreme Court could even hear the oral arguments, let alone bring a decision down in June. That would stop it right then, there would be no decision coming out of the Supreme Court. This is a brake, and whether we can get the brake on or not between now and June that we don’t know.” The bill never came to fruition.

What Republicans don’t see, or are simply trying to steer clear of this discussion by defraying the line to ‘Islamic terrorism’, is that their rhetoric and actions over the LGBT community has inflamed extremists.

There are the few Republicans that have seen the light. George Will has just denounced his Republican membership at a ‘Federalist Society’ meeting this week due to Donald Trump. He stated, “This is not my party.”

Mike Treiser, a former member of the Mitt Romney 2012 campaign staff, wrote on his ‘Facebook’, “In the face of bigotry, hatred, violence, and small-mindedness, this time, I’m with her.”

Former South Dakota Republican senator, Larry Pressler endorses Hillary after the Orlando mass killings and states, “I can’t believe I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, but I am,” after expressing that trump makes him feel disenfranchised.

As Secretary of the Treasury under W. Bush, Henry Paulson after endorsing Hillary wrote in a ‘Washington Post’ Op-ed, “The GOP, in putting Trump at the top of the ticket, is endorsing a brand of populism rooted in ignorance, prejudice, fear and isolationism. This troubles me deeply as a Republican, but it troubles me even more as an American. Enough is enough. It’s time to put country before party and say it together: Never Trump.”

Summing all this up, Republican pundit, Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona senator, John McCain stated, “I guess when I said in 2012 that my party was going to evolve or it was going to die – it was easier to choose death.”

When first hit up on ‘Brexit’, Trump did not know what it stood for. Before going over to Scotland to promote the opening of his Turnberry golf course, he was interviewed. In the interview, Trump was asked about ‘Brexit’. In the tweet below is what ensued.

I have to concur with Trump’s initial shortcomings, for ‘Brexit’ is a new term and it is unclear who first coined it. As far as trying to decipher the term, I feel it combines the name Britain with the word exit referring to Great Britain leaving the European Union.

Of course, we all now know the referendum was put to a public and binding vote where Great Britain voted by a narrow margin of 51.9%-48.1% to leave. Immediately in following the resultant vote, over $2 trillion were lost in global markets, while the British pound dropped to its lowest currency value in decades.

Trump, who coincidently arrived on the grounds of his Scottish golf course just after results of the significant vote were announced, began by marketing and advertising his resort’s opening while not speaking a word of the historic voting outcome. Once someone apparently whispered in his ear that the ‘Brexit’ results were in, he then went on his good for entertainment only values expressing how the result is great for Britain and his golf course by lowering the pound that will bring more tourists into the United Kingdom and his golf course resort.

The trouble is...he was speaking to a Scottish assemblage in Scotland where Scotts had overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU. Now, Scotland is digging back up their referendum to leave Britain as they want to remain as economic partners with the EU. Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has hinted in that direction. Trumps’ isolationist and nationalistic rhetoric did not resonate well. Misguided aftermaths have consequences. With Britain leaving the EU and thinking they can go it alone in a globalized world, the consequences are going to appear soon.

Again, he squelched another golden opportunity to appear as presidential.

After pimping out his golf course resort opening, Trump then met up with media mogul, Rupert Murdoch and dined out. No one can say what really went on with their private conversations, but I’m sure it was a Murdoch peace treaty signaling to his Fox News Network employees who he is bending for.

Murdoch has good reason, for Trump has torched pert near everyone on the network. Of course we all remember just after the first GOP primary debates, Megyn Kelly was called “the worst” and has a “terrible show” by the Donald. He also called Karl Rove a “total fool” and “a biased dope.” He proclaimed George Will as a “broken down political pundit” and “boring.” Chris Stirewalt was deemed by Trump as “one of the dumbest political pundits on television.” Trump as well, snickered off Charles Krauthammer as “a totally overrated clown,” “a loser,” and “a dummy.”

He finally claimed the whole network was disappointing when he tweeted “having a really hard time watching Fox News.” Then he called on his followers to boycott the network. For added measure, Trump has even hit up Rupert’s ‘Wall Street Journal’ newspaper saying that the writers there are also “dummies.”

Well like they say, it takes one to know one, but, back to ‘Brexit’...

A lot of political pundits, media outlets and rightwing politicians are saying that the ‘Brexit’ nationalist outcome could easily become the same response in the U.S.s November elections and that this anti-immigration nationalist movement is shadowing America’s current trending.

There are a few parallels, but retain your ease and brave heart, for this is not a tit-for-tat scenario. Yes we do have a resurgence of Texan mentalities cheering secession from the union. As head of the ‘Texas National Movement’ (TNM), secessionist, Daniel Miller has surged forward in his bid to secede the Lonestar State as encouraged by ‘Brexit’.

As soon as the British had voted to leave, Miller, along with changing his Twitter handle to #Texit, submitted a formal request to Governor Greg Abbott, for Texas to go it alone. Also, long before the ‘Brexit’ enthusiasm, a 2014 Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that 23.9% of the American populace was in favor of their respective state in seceding from the union.

The bulk of Americans though, in each state won’t tolerate a breakup. They realize the vulnerability that would be incorporated. Texas is big, what if, as in the UK with Scotland, West Texas wanted to secede from the Republic of Texas. How far would secession reach? Each breakup leads to vulnerability to foreign influence.

‘Brexit’ is not even a true comparison to America’s national concerns. Yes, there is the anti-immigrant utopia wish list, but the main item that led to UK disapproval was austerity measures setup by European conservative governments following the ‘Great Recession’. Thank America’s lucky stars that we had a president that chose to add a stimulus instead of austerity quotas. That is the night and day difference between the nations of the U.S. and Europe.

Trickledown Reaganomics did not occur fully in the states, but zapped European citizens hard in mopping up economies, jobs, pensions, mortgages and lifestyles that the recession had not yet reached. Of course conservatives require a scapegoat, so immigrants became the nasty word building up a focused reason for all their woes.

Republicans have attempted austerity trickledown economics in red states, but with failed and miserable results. Republican governor, Sam Brownback of Kansas quickly instituted austerity measures and trickledown economics by privatizing Medicaid, incorporating generous tax cuts for the rich and corporate, defunding public education, eliminating four state agencies while laying off 2,000 government employees and making life much harder and more miserable for the average Kansan to bear the brunt in increasing their taxes.

Brownback said in 2013, after signing the largest Kansas wealthy tax cut in history, “My focus is to create a red-state model that allows the Republican ticket to say, ‘See, we have a different way, and it works.’”

Oh, does it? The real results of his governance is a stagnant economy, a failed job and economic growth, lower personal income, massive budget shortfalls, loss of healthcare coverage, significant delays in health care services and CEOs who dig up stakes moving their businesses elsewhere.

It’s so bad in Kansas now that this is what CEO Jeff Blackwood of ‘Pathfinder Health Innovations’ had to say after deciding to pull up his corporation’s roots and move out of state:

I can’t, in good conscience, continue to give our tax money to a government that actively works against the needs of its citizens; a state that is systematically targeting the citizens in most need, denying them critical care and reducing their cost of life as if they’re simply a tax burden that should be ignored. More importantly, there’s a motivation of conscience that factors into it, too. It’s not so much that I’m moving the company to Missouri as I’m moving it away from Kansas.”

No sir and no ma’am...austerity measures and trickledown Reaganomics, whether on an international, national or state level never work for an overall economy and they are not intended’s only for the 1-2% elite.

Here in the U.S. there is also that rallying cry of anti-immigration voiced through rightwingers, but it is more muffled as the Obama stimulus, though cut short, did generate a workable economy when European economies continued to bleed.

Also, most Americans realize the inevitability of a global market. If America wants to lead it must hold steadfast and jump early to remain in the marketization of the world economy. Russia and China would love to see America breakup, but it won’t happen. America is too international with a melting pot of diverse cultures that retain national, state and community identities, but understands its entrenched roots in world economics.

Origin & Aftermath:
Although I do use polls, I don’t place the utmost of importance on them for they are simply a gauged average as results from random participants that could hold bias. The average can also reflect slants in the ‘for’ or ‘against’ sides in being presented as a mean, mode or median average giving a lot of wiggle room for partisan results.

In a mean average (the average most are familiar with), it is simply all the added results divided by the amount of results. An example is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. So, in adding those six numbers, it gives a total of 21. 21 divided by 6 gives the mean average of 3.5.

The mode is the most common number, such as 1, 2, 3, 3, 4 where 3 is the mode average. For the median, it is simply the middle number in sequences, such as 7 being the median average in the sequence of: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Where fudging can occur is when larger numbers, as in polling, are used; any ordering of the three statistic averages can be manipulated. In large sets of sequences, this can result in statistics concluding a median bigger than its mode, but in turn, the mode bigger than its mean.

I’m sure both parties have their averaged polling schemes, but in Republican strategist, Sean Spicer’s 06/21/16 CNNs ‘Berman and Bolduan’ interview, he takes it to an extreme spin when he said, “When you look at the entirety of where our party is at and where our efforts are at, combined with the party and the campaign, it's the Republicans who are far ahead.”      

Republicans are intentionally foot stomping Brexit for its immigrant impetus, but sidestepping Orlando as they’ve done in all the other American mass shootings in cruel attempts to deflect and even conceal the root cause...ease of access to battlefield weaponry for anyone. Whether one has mental issues, overtly angry in temperament, criminally minded, terrorist or murderous, to gain a military weapon is so easy in America.

The only GOP response to mass shootings is a moment of prayer then back to business as usual in defending weapons as the fallacious stroking by the NRA gets them off. A minute prayer most certainly hasn’t stopped American mass killings and more guns dumped onto the marketplace clearly hasn’t either. Currently there are 382 million guns privately owned out there in American streets. This statistic surpasses the total population of America at 323 million.   

In picking a platform to stand on that caters to extreme right groups such as the Ku Klux Klan (you’ll never witness a KKK member voting Democrat), nationalist groups, fundamentalist conservative Christians, ammosexuals and all the rest of the rightwing groups that spread bigotry, deceit and prejudice; the Republican politician is now in a place where he/she fears most. Their damned if they don’t as held accountable by their support base’s extreme ideology, but damned if they do as held in contempt by the general public due to Republicans upholding extreme strategies for decades now. The hiney boil has finally festered enough; it has popped and it is oozing out thanks to Trump’s theatrics.  

In getting down to the brass ‘n’ knuckles when it’s all said and done, Trump is not pro Republican, pro guns, pro Christian, pro middleclass, pro wealthy, pro tax cutting or even pro life. No, the only thing the Donald is prone to being is pro Trump.

“America First!” Recognize that slogan? It’s what Republicans led by their noses by Trump keep chanting as if it has always been their rallying cry. Little do they know that the slogan originated from a strong liberal leaning cause.

The ‘America First Committee’ was first formed in 1940 by the son of ‘Quaker Oats’ founder, R. Douglass Stuart Jr. Its main theme was anti-war with one of its original members being Gerald Ford. Republicans corrupted the slogan to use it as a frustration stance in longing for America’s once white purity.

The Republican base, in emphasizing catchy social phrases over substantive facts has created a composite of ignorance in many fields such as socio-economics, religion, foreign policy, ethics and even the constitution. The street Republican could care less about truth. Republican leaders have long realized that and stepped up their deceit campaigns and fear mongering to cater to their base’s ignorance.

The Republican establishment has always been about free market. That is why GOP politicians are so deep in Chemical and NRA lobbyists’ pockets. But their base could care less about free markets. Their only concerns were in a socially biased comfort zone; thus, the Republican elite authority’s myth strategies of birthers, death panels, Ebola scares and a rogue president in Obama.

GOP strategists dropped the free market approach, although that is their main concern, and hitched up to socio-culture wars enlisting religion, immigration, abortion and mistrust in big government even though is Republican presidents that raised the most U.S. debt and deficit.

The Republican base’s anger and fearfulness over immigration, ‘welfare moms’ and a black president with a Muslim middle name was taken advantage of by Republican politicians. Anything to go wrong with the world or even their own policies, Republicans simply blamed it on Obama.

But the Trump campaign, in its full bored throttle has exposed the fault lines in neo Republicanism that has imploded the party. Trump surely is the Republican scenario to buyer’s remorse.

Even the ‘Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, who has fiercely, without flinching, defended W. Bush and covered for Republican lies for sixteen years now, has finally thrown in the towel when it comes to the ignorance of the Republican voter.

In her June 20, 2016 ‘Washington Post’ column, she hurled, “One is left with an unpleasant reality: A plurality of GOP voters wanted Trump. They did not care or may have actively embraced his lunacy, bigotry and ignorance. His rotten character and abject honesty elicited shrugs. They wore his “pants on fire” fact checks like badges of honor. A significant segment of the GOP primary electorate itself lacked common sense, standards of decency, and intolerance of bigotry and cruelty. No group was worse than the evangelical ‘leaders’ who cheered him along the way.” 

Refuge...oh where is the refuge for Republican politicians that have boxed themselves into a yanked corner exposing their naked souls with GOP decades of stances and appeal to radical groups? Now that the bag is out, the jig is up; Republicans have nowhere else to hide. Preferring to appeal to voter fears instead of to voter aspirations has finally caught up.

But it wasn’t the homeless, the minority, other religions, the refugee, the immigrant or God forbid, the liberal who exposed the GOP for what it has was the Donald.   

In a transfer of globalization, it accounts for volatile times. But during volatile times, America, in hopes of leading the globalization certainly doesn’t need a volatile president.

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