Walking and Chewing Gum

Walking and Chewing Gum

This is an article directed towards the Christian Right and could be viewed as good ol’ fashioned grandma whuppin with a long willow tree stem. As far as other Christian denominations go, I feel they do adhere to the ethical morals and teachings of Jesus with most of them offended by the spoiled man-child-in-chief. Assuredly, this article will catch the attention of the Christian Right’s ire.

For sure by now there might be a few of you belonging to the American proud Christian Right conglomeration that might feel a bit of remorse in voting for Trump via the evangelical contorted method of pushing a misogynist, lying, cheating and money scamming narcissist into the oval office. But for the most of you that continue to wear blinders to any of Trump’s egregious actions, you see no deception in supporting him over the Judas acts you’re dealing Jesus. By parodying Trump, of all people, as God’s chosen, you’ve done a vicious disservice to Jesus Christ, your true savior.

He is no born again Christian, Trump is Trump. He’s been Trump for over seventy years and will continue to be. Tell or show me one sign he has converted over to true Christian values. He’s actually doubled down in his vain and prideful ways and lack of following in Jesus’ footsteps. As Republicans have been, he is only a conduit for Christianity in receiving your vote. Instead of church on Sundays, for him, it’s been Mar-a-Lago on the golf course.

Perhaps you’ve even swallowed a bit of that false exclusive American patriotism ya claim to possess in voting for Trump’s exclusion policies. However, in what is to come as the result of your decision, it is not you that will only suffer from your choice, no, it’s affecting all Americans. So shame on you with your bigoted scapegoating self as the GOP petted and stroked those prejudices beholden behind your blinders. Because of your paralysis in blocking substantial truths and ring-nosed by “alternative facts”; you’ve effectively paralyzed the nation when considering the common Joe and Jane. Ya just couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time could ya when it came to truthful knowledge...

Trump is the mother lode of all narcissism. You Christian Right people might want to check out your Bible, for in it, it condemns haughtiness in many chapters. It states in Isaiah 13:11 (KJV), “And I will punish the world for their evil and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.” In Proverbs 6: 11-16, it speaks of the six things God hates and considers an abomination. Yes, being haughty is the first one on the list. In II Samuel 22:28, God claims in displaying haughtiness to even be grounds for execution.

Ya just might jump to Donald’s defense and say he’s not haughty, he’s just proud; well let me remind ya that extreme pride is what made the Devil and besides your point...haughtiness and pride are pretty much one and the same. For a quick refresher course, haughty as defined is: portraying arrogant pride and a self-importance with a vainness of pompous superiority. Donald has continuously displayed this route expunging anything or anyone critical of him or his misdeeds and never does he ever admit his mistakes as he sits atop his bragging throne of wealth.

There are well over a dozen instances of the Bible God condemning haughtiness, while there are a multitude of instances in Trump displaying haughty behavior.  Any speech he gives, it always winds up being about himself with him patting his own back. On any given interview at any given moment, no matter the topic, he invariably winds up dishing out contempt layered with conceit, while pathologically lying about his trumped up self.  

When he was addressing the CIA, he resorted to falsely bragging how much he won the election by. At the White House Easter egg roll, to the children no less, he can’t ask if the kids are having a good time, he has to include his stolen slogan of how great he’s making America again, by pushing his propagandized fluff onto the little kiddies that he’s gotten America “back on track.” Children don’t yet understand that nor do they even need to hear it during a supposed fun time.

When giving a joint media speech with the prime minister of Italy, Paola Gentiloni at the White House, Trump extolls the values of Italy. But he couldn’t help his narcissist self by including he is great friends with the famous opera singer, Luciano Pavarotti. He addresses Pavarotti in the present tense; the only problem with that is that Pavarotti passed away in 2007. But what is worse, Trump was never a friend of Pavoratti’s and his surviving family made sure that was known in denouncing Trump for even suggesting it so.

In a statement addressing Trump’s claim, the Pavarotti family stated, “As members of his immediate family, we would like to recall that the values of brotherhood and solidarity which Luciano Pavarotti expressed throughout the course of his artistic career are entirely incompatible with the world view offered by the candidate Donald Trump.”

No matter, the event speech or twit feed, Trump is going to self-acclaim and quite abnormally at the expense of someone else. For an adult, this is beyond childish behavior; it is unusually kooky freakish. Just like his conflicts of interests in not keeping his money separate from governing decisions, these routes ultimately will lead to a brick wall dead end. The Christian Right, voluntarily enlisting as passengers is also going to be included in the smash-up.

Flutter Damnation:
Now most could sincerely contend that the following is childish, but that is exactly why I’m including it. It is for the fundamentalist Christian who blindly adores the man-child president, so in just supposing here, I reckon they might be able to readily relate to the unfolding below.
Jack Nicholson/Steve Bannon

Vladimir Putin/Stephen Miller

Vladimir Lenin/Sebastian Gorka

Lady Pinhead

Roger Stone

Sean Spicer/Holt Richter

Kellyanne Conway/Beavis

In Trump’s choosing of his administrative posts, or rather henchmen, it is of no wondering in why he did, once their look-alikes are revealed. So in following for your viewing enjoyment, compare and contrast.

When Angels Cry:
I can hardly blame the Christian Right for making a mockery of their religion, when they have preying leaders praying for them such as these below. But how can anyone willingly be duped into their callous and mythical makeup of Christianity to accommodate their religious leaders’ greed and rhetorical political conniption fits? How can they?

Just listen to what they are preaching to you religious pawns...

Just recently this month, the anti-gay preacher, Kenneth Adkins who implored to all that the gay victims massacred in Orlando’s ‘Pulse Nightclub’ got what they deserved, has just gotten what he deserves. He’s been found guilty of child molestation this month. According to the ‘Florida Times Union Newspaper’, Adkins had sexual relations with an underage boy and girl that attended his church services seven years ago. Of course the fundamentalist can forgive Adkins, but for those innocent gay victims, why they were in direct conflict to God’s edicts.

In March of 2017, ‘WorldNetDaily’ author, David Kupelian went on anti-LGBQT Pastor Kevin Swanson’s ‘Generation’ radio program proclaiming, God intervened to prevent millions of Americans from going “completely mad” under a Hillary Clinton presidency. His actual words were, “I don’t think that people have any idea of the horror they were spared in America by not having Hillary Clinton as president. Having her as president and just the radiant spiritual effect of having a criminal, a career criminal as president, my thesis is that she would have driven a large percentage, especially of the younger generation of Americans, completely mad.”

In this, he actually is misdirecting who the real criminal is. Trump scammed hundreds of subcontractors and small business service providers by accepting their work then not paying them. In fact, in a Miami Dade County circuit court a small mom ‘n’ pop shop business called the ‘Paint Spot’ was just awarded the $34, 683.00 Trump owed them for paint supplied to the ‘Trump National Doral Miami golf resort. In addition, Trump is going to have to pay the local paint store an extra $390,000.00 for lawyer and court fee costs.  

If ya want to listen to Kupelian, the ‘Soundcloud’ audio is below. 

Also concerning Swanson, he is the preacher who proclaimed that any preacher who has a gay son must quit the ministry and blasted Walt Disney’s, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for promoting “inter-species breeding” even though the beast is really a male human in the cartoon.

Listed as a pro Trump Christian leader on Trump’s campaign website, the conservative Christian couple, Don and Mary Colbert appeared on an end of March, 2017 ‘Jim Bakker Show’ episode of ‘Reclaiming the Land: Inauguration 2017’. There, Mary proclaimed that God will curse Trump’s opponents and their children and grandchildren.

In speaking of Jim Bakker, he’s still peddling his food buckets even though Obama is no longer president and Hillary did not win the presidency. These of course were the main reasons he was previously hawking them in order for all to prepare for a holocaust. Now, since Trump is president, it is the Muslim takeover that is the cause of the forthcoming doom. Watch the ol’ scam huckster in the video below peddle his wares in the form of life saving food buckets starting at the low ridiculous price of just $2800.00, but who can argue a price in saving your family for the end times. Also note how the bucket ad remains on the video and the somber background music.

Then there’s Pat Robertson who appears as a walking zombie, unfortunately with no less incoherent but still talking capabilities. This past April 25, 2017, Robertson in emulating Trump, is still attempting to blame Obama for all the nation’s woes, even though Obama has left the WH building four months ago.

In the short video below, watch Robertson portend the woes of Obama.

The final preacher clincher here for all the baseless fear you fundamentalists harbor is end times gossiper, Rick Wiles. Apparently he has a keen sense on gambling in knowing the finer arts of ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’s bluffing techniques. He equates this to lying while bestowing the virtues on the lying master, Satan and says there’s a computer out there now that can play the card game. So he puts two and two together and exults, “If you have a machine that is capable of lying, then it has to be connected to Lucifer. Now we’re back to the global brain. This is where they’re going. They’re building a global brain that will embody Lucifer’s mind and so Lucifer will be deceiving people through the global brain.”         

One perverted Republican leader that you evangelicals help rise to power in an easy thirty point margin is the now former Alabama governor, Robert Bentley who was caught cheating on his wife with his adviser director, Rebekah Caldwell Mason. She’s a woman more than 30 years his junior, while herself is married and a mother of three. But Bentley was charged with ethics violations in using campaign funds for personal usage.

Another Alabama politician, you fundamentalists blindly support due to his brand of religious hatred for all others not perceived as under the umbrella of his form of religion, is twice kicked off the Alabama bench, Roy Moore. He’s fond of taking away equal liberties from Americans namely in the LGBQT and Muslim sectors.

Now he is seriously looking to run for the vacated senate office of Jeff Sessions where he can imprint his profound form of Christian Sharia law before the Muslims ever get a chance to. I’m quite sure with that in mind the Alabama Christian conservative is lining up to thrust Moore into a national office to affect us all. Can I have a Halleluiah or two here...

I query all you fundamentalist suckers voting for and raising your hands upwards to the skies for these scam artist preachers and politicians, in what exactly is your fundamental value? Is it in hating liberals, hating the LGBQT communities, hating minorities and hating anyone who opposes battlefield guns being brought into our neighborhoods as your new fundamental? How can you listen to these waywards much less stomach them?            
Evangelical Belief Fodder:
To get something out of his first 100 days in office, on April 26, Trump dishes out a one page, double space indented tax plan with virtually no numbers to sell once again to the American public that tax deductions for the corporate and wealthiest Americans will create a ‘trickle-down effect’ that will stimulate jobs for everyone else.

You need to face it...the Trump administration, or the Republican congress cannot point out where this trickle has ever worked. The times Republicans installed it, it failed miserably under the Reagan and W. Bush years. It has only produced bread crumbs for the rest of Americans as the wealthy and the corporate don’t even invest anymore much less hire with their extra bonus money...they keep it.

The Reagan years produced mainly federal government employment and only produced as much private sector jobs in his second term as Carter did in his one term. The W. Bush years after his wealthiest tax cuts, created the worst presidential employment growth record of a mere 0.24% since another Republican held office that went by the name of Herbert Hoover. Hoover initiated tax cuts for the corporate and wealthy stimulating the ‘Great Depression’. W. Bush initiated his tax cuts for the corporate and wealthy stimulating the ‘Great Recession’.

Yepper, my fine fellow frenzied evangelical amaurosis, Republicans will always shout out to you in proclaiming cutting taxes for the rich will create “jobs, jobs, jobs,” but never point out an instance where it actually has. After a 65-year study by the ‘Congressional Research Study’, there is no evidence whatsoever that tax cuts stimulate economic growth. However, they do trend in concentrating wealth into the hands of the few.

Whereas under President Clinton, after he added taxes to the rich, America experienced an economic boom under his two terms, only to be thwarted after W. Bush instituted his wealthy tax breaks. Even under Obama, who had to contend with the worst recessionary grip the nation had endured, had a total private sector job growth of 2.08% after eliminating wealthy tax breaks.

Yet, there are the Trump surrogates in Mick Mulvaney, Gary Cohn and Stephen Mnuchin that vow the trump tax plan will benefit small businesses, give high-end tax breaks to the common American and insist it will create jobs. That is until they are actually asked to raise their right hand and promise it will, then they regress, as Mnuchin did in the above NBC video.

Mnuchin on an ABC April 27th interview could not answer George Stephanopoulos’ question if Trump’s tax plan would increase taxes onto the middleclass. Instead he offers only this, “I can't make any guarantees until this thing is done and it’s on the president's desk. But I can tell you, that’s our number one objective in this. The details of taxes are very complicated and we're committed to working quickly and getting this done.”

On an April 26, 2017 PBS ‘NewsHour’ airing, Trump’s Budget Director Mick Mulvaney proclaimed the Trump tax plan would help small businesses by dropping their tax rates to 15%. Then he gave a story about his small restaurant business to infer how this would help all the “mom ‘n’ pop shops” out there. The thing is it won’t, the ‘mom ‘n’ pop shops’ already get a 15% tax break. What the Trump administration is referring to aiding in a 15% tax break for small businesses are law firms, hedge fund offices and investment firms.

We are going to come out with a unified, united tax proposal from the White House,” Cohn said on April 20 with no explanation but adding, “that will include individual as well as corporate.” In further adding on April 26, he confessed, “We will be attacked from the left and we will be attacked from the right but one thing is certain: I would never, ever bet against this president. He will get this done for the American people.” I added this last Cohn statement because I know how you Christian Right folk would drool over it, but it is only rhetoric with no substance.

Clinton left W. Bush with nearly a quarter trillion dollar surplus only for W. Bush in his first year of office to turn that around into a trillion dollar deficit after his rich tax cuts. Obama, in creating 15 million new jobs under 75 straight months of job growth, while bringing down unemployment from 10.1% when he inherited the presidential office to 4.7% when he left office, Trump tried to steal Obama’s last jobs report and unemployment rate as his own.

If reasonable concurred thoughts from observable, in plain sight action can ever cross your biased Christian Right mind that it is in reality, Republican presidents that raise debt and deficit. Ya just might also note, Republicans only begin complaining about it when Democrat presidents have to mop up the mess. Do I have to remind ya that it was Cheney who emphatically stated to Treasurer Secretary Paul O’Neil that “deficits don’t matter.” Obama could have had a much better job performance in attacking the depths of the recession, if he wasn’t record obstructed by Republicans who were blocking any and all of his spending bills due to their insistent whining on their magical revelations of just how high the GOP induced national debt and deficit had magically appeared once Obama took office.

The same scenario is occurring now, but in opposite fashion. Since Trump has taken office, the debt and deficit is no longer an obstacle or even a thing for Republicans. Trump’s tax plan, as revealed by the nonpartisan ‘Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget’ (CRF), says that the Trump tax plan, once more data is revealed, will cost anywhere from an extra $3-7 trillion in added national debt over the next decade. Once the Trump administration gives out more pertinent data, the CRF will state exactly where the trillions will lie in whether it is closer to $3 or $7 trillion in lost revenue.

Of course, this flies smack-dab in the face of what Trump promised to do on the campaign trail when he proclaimed to the ‘Washington Post’ he would reduce the national debt down to zero in eight years. But even in Trump’s proposed budget reductions devastating the EPA, Transportation Dept., The National Institute of Health, Meals On Wheels and along with other domestic department and program cuts, those savings would not come near to paying for the loss revenue in the rich tax cuts.

Please Mr./Ms. Evangelists, I beg of thee, duly do note that naturally none of the Trump surrogates are expounding on their tax plan including the total elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), inheritance and estate taxes. For ya see, those tax eradications cannot hide behind any amount of propaganda pretense in that they will benefit the American working class. They’re explicitly and implicitly for the rich. In fact, the Trump children stand to receive $4 billion in the elimination of the inheritance and estate taxes. The AMT only affects those that are well off financially. None of these three tax eliminations will benefit American working families struggling to keep afloat financially.

What the Trump tax plan will do, gathering from what little we know of it, is eliminate all tax deductions but keep charitable donations and interest on mortgages. It also will give a child credit, but even that is geared towards the wealthier who hire nannies. For the average working family, there would be a hardly noticed $5.00 credit. Tax cuts historically also impact negatively on infrastructure funding; one area Trump did promise to address on numerous times during the 2016 campaign, but under his first 100 days hasn’t mentioned a word.

On the campaign trail, Trump promised a trillion dollars to fix the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, but instead, in his budget proposal, he has not only addressed this improvement as president, he demands $2.4 billion be taken out of the existing transportation budget.

The whole idea of a democracy is that the people enact the governance, which implies that the people are the ones that get to decide on how to spend and allocate resources for an economy. How is that allocation allotted in a democracy...it is tax and spend...totally the opposite of yet another Republican ploy to pad the pockets of the corporate and wealthy at the expense of all the rest. This is truly taxation without full representation.

What is simply an amazing thing is that under President Obama, because they were so obstinate in saying no to anything he pushed for, Republicans actually allowed in just the year, 2013 alone, 55 popular working class tax breaks, like deductions for state and local taxes to expire. For ya see, those taxes didn’t necessarily benefit the wealthy and corporations, but now that we have a Republican president; Republicans will be pushing hard for Trump’s tax break for the wealthiest and as they boringly over and over will tell ya it’ll create “jobs, jobs, jobs,” you the Christian Right, will bite into it hook, line and sinker. What a sham, what a shame.

Purgatorial Passed:
Now, as Trump is giving himself a nice tax deduction, he and Ryan are attempting to take away healthcare from around 24 million folks with another round of the failed AHCA. This new version of the previous Republican healthcare bill goes under various names. Besides the ‘American Health Care Act’, the main two nicknames are Trumpcare and Ryancare. I like combining the two calling it Trumyancare.

This Trumyancare II version is the same as the first failed one that didn’t even get to the House floor for a vote. But it is worse. To appease the far right of congress, Paul Ryan (R-WI) added catastrophic insurance to it outrageously raising the premiums for existing health problem condition folks. It will fail also. Ryan says he needs more time to get the votes, but Ryan has had time since day one of Obamacare’s passage seven years ago when Republicans immediately began working on repeal and replace. Since, they’ve tried repealing Obamacare 62 times with a Republican majority, they’ve no quality replacement plan to offer since, although Ryan has said on many occasions he had one. We’re still waiting.

To repeal Obamacare and replace it with a much more inferior healthcare bill in Trumyancare II is ludicrous. Why invent the wheel. Obamacare does need some adjustments in fine tuning, so why not simply fix what’s already in place? No, Republicans have to repeal Obamacare that is working for millions simply to attempt at rubbing salt into Obama’s eyes. Republicans would rather jeopardize the lives of millions of Americans just to deny Obama of his signature achievement. They are that crass.

On ‘Bloomberg Live’ April 20, 2017 airing, in having Mulvaney throw out a carrot stick to Democrat congressmen he said, “We’d offer them $1 of CSR payments for $1 of wall payments. Right now that's the offer that we've given to our Democratic colleagues,” Trump must be crazy. CSR stands for cost sharing reduction set up as payments in Obamacare to lower an insured’s payments on deductibles, copayments and coinsurance. Naturally, the Democrats told Mulvaney to go pound stone. But that was how desperate Trump wanted a win in his first 100 days.

Oh, and by the way, with the new Trumyancare II package of replacing Obamacare’s preexisting care requirements, Republicans were making themselves exempt by waiving the preexisting conditions that they excluded for all the rest of Americans in the new plan. They thought they were going to get away with if it weren’t for the meddling news media. But once reporters got wind of the ruse and reported it making for some more angrier constituents, they decided not to exclude themselves from Trumyancare II.

Funny that though, Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) claims he’s going to take a medical leave of absence for surgery on a preexisting foot condition. With this forced about face, he’d better hurry before he and his fellow Republicans vote for the repeal of Obamacare, or the foot surgery won’t be insured.

Of course with no true success and virtually all failures, Trump says the first 100 days are “ridiculous” and “a ridiculous standard” and “It’s an artificial barrier.” But time after time on the campaign trail, Trump stated it would be “so easy” in getting things done during his first 100 days.  

Now, in a ‘Washington Post’ interview with Robert Costa, Trump claims, “I never said I was going to repeal and replace in the first 61 days.” That’s true, he never did say in 61 days, but, among many other times, he did say in March 2016 on his campaign website, “On day one of the Trump Administration, we will ask Congress to immediately deliver a full repeal of Obamacare.” 

Working overseas in third world regions and some remote rough edges, I’ve seen some unruly folks, but never have I witnessed someone so narcissistic, self-aggrandizing and blameless as in Trump. Trump will in an instant blame others for what he actually does. This shows that he knows his actions are wrong, but in perceiving himself as perfect, when he does it, it’s OK, but when he perceives someone else doing it; it’s not OK. Of course why not, when you fundamentalists will back him up through any mud he slings.

If ya might recall, after years of Trump proclaiming to you ‘birther’ Christians that Obama was foreign born, you believed him. Finally, towards the end of the 2016 campaign he admits that Obama was born over American soil, but he obliterates the confession by falsely adding, it was Hillary Clinton who started it.  

When Trump bellyached throughout the campaign that Obama’s low unemployment ratings of 4.9% had to be wrong, stressing that realistically they were more like 42%, he was wrong, but no less stuck to it in campaign speeches and just beyond the inauguration. But when this January’s job report came out in February with unemployment at 4.8%, he flaunted it as his own achievement, even though that was attributed to Obama’s tenure. 

To get a public behind him, a leader will at times create a war to rally the troops. Trump’s military show of force in Syria was exactly that...a performance. What did the offshore launch of Tomahawk cruise missiles prove? Yes, 58 0f the 59 missiles hit the target but the airfield target was abandoned. There were no jets, no equipment and no military personnel. Why...because the Trump administration warned Russia in advance, then Russia warned Syria in advance, so both nations left the air base moving all their equipment and hardware long before the bombing raid commenced.

The only casualties were nearby Syrian residents in which four of the deaths were children; the exact reason Trump claimed he called for the bombing, because Syrians were killing children. Sarin, Tomahawks...does it really matter on what choice a leader uses to kill innocent children.

The very next day, the Syrians were back in operation flying jets from the airfield base to bomb again the rebel held town of Khan Sheikhoun, which was the same town that Assad had previously bombed with the sarin gas.

Trump and his Secretary of Defense, Rex Tillerson, just the week before the U.S. bombing retaliation, had claimed they had no interests in meddling in Syrian or Middle East affairs. What changed Trump’s mind was Ivanka Trump pushing him to do so, because she was saddened by the photos of children affected. That’s not from me or any media news outlet that you fundamentalists would claim as ‘fake news’ that was from Eric Trump who revealed Ivanka’s influence. So chew him out for saying it wasn’t Donald’s decision.

Since the Syrian bombing didn’t raise enough favorability, Trump decided to use the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ (MOAB), technically known as the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast. This large yield bomb was used in Afghanistan near the Pakistani border on ISIL controlled hideouts. It killed less than a hundred of them.

Now using the globe’s largest bomb, Trump figured that would make him really look like the tough guy and get some brownie points. It didn’t. In fact his favorability actually dropped a couple of points. What’s shameful is that the military information site, ‘Deagal’ states it cost $314 million to develop and another $170,000.00 unit cost. That would more than enough pay for all the Flint, Michigan water woes.

So, since there’s little North Korea, which is no bigger than the state of Mississippi, misbehaving, Trump tries a third time through military might. This foray only winds up in each nation’s leader threatening the other with bluffs. Kim Jong-un sets off a ballistic missile that fails. Just after Pence confesses the Syria and Afghanistan bombings were mere props to send a message to North Korea, Trump sends preacher Pence to South Korea to spread his gospel. Trump falsely claimed he sent the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and it’s armada to the Korean Peninsula when in fact it was on its way to Australia for a training period.

Without South Korea’s knowledge, Trump sends aTerminal High Altitude Area Defense’ (THAAD) Army anti-ballistic missile system to the American army base in South Korea. The South Koreans did not appreciate this move, for fear it might provoke North Korea and South Korea wasn’t notified of the THAAD unit move.

Now at the end of April, North Korea has launched another ballistic test missile, while we do believe that this time Trump truly is sending a naval aircraft carrier and battleships to the Korean Peninsula as North Korea promotes a propaganda video of the small nation nuclear bombing Washington D.C.
So here we have it, one leader who is a dictator and another one who is dictatorially minded rattling sabers and shaking tails at each other, but both with a finger near the nuclear button.

Iron fists with moneyed gloves do not make for a secure and serene environment.

Although he complained “bigly” about Obama’s number of executive orders (and he still does), Trump, just in his first 100 days has signed 79 of them that he even admits he doesn’t read. In all his deregulating executive orders, in addition to hurting the environment, competitors can now cheat hurting small businesses that still carry ethical values.

The Trump/Russian collusion once was a drip by drip bit of information, but those drips have pooled with that pool beginning to flow. It’s only a matter of time when it starts streaming with currents. Even the U.K.’s ‘Guardian’ newspaper is reporting that there is now proof that Russia was in control of the hacking into Democrat computers, while members of the Trump campaign group headed by Trump lawyer, Gary Cohen funneled the money to pay for it.

How you, the Christian Right, listen to your false prophets (Republican preachers and politicians) as they clutch their bibles while spraying out lies, but then chastise Hillary Clinton in relentlessly professing she lies is mind boggling. This is tantamount to devilry, when ya cannot name one big lie she did except in echoing the lies your GOP prophets spewed about her from the Whitewater and Vince Foster days to the relentless unfounded hearings of the Benghazi and e-mail days.

Now you have an heir fuhrer along with an administration that outright willingly lies, such as promising to keep out of foreign diplomacy then delves right into international waters heightening tensions over solutions. It’s sickening really.

For the Christian Right, here’s something to chew on while smacking gum and walking at the same time. With Sean Spicer carrying the torch, the Trump administration is now attempting to blame the Obama administration for not vetting Michael Flynn properly, when Obama actually had Flynn fired in 2014. Then the Trump team hires him in 2016. Guess who was in charge of vetting Flynn on Trump’s transition team...Mike Pence, the very one who claims he knows nothing, because Flynn lied to him. Also, guess who was the first to confirm and inform Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice that the U.S. embassy compound had been hit by protesters...that’s right, the “lock her up” band leader, Michael Flynn.

Gnashing of Teeth:
While in Wisconsin, Alabama, North Carolina, Texas and Indiana, federal courts have ruled the extreme Republican redistricting as unconstitutional and racist, in Delaware, the Democrat controlled legislature is hiring an outside nonpartisan independent group to do their redistricting. No matter the Democrat fair and independent redistricting policies, Republicans hate it. The minority Delaware Republicans have disdain for the independent redistricting of their state, which would actually be to their benefit.

Most of the other red states are appealing their court rulings. The Indiana Republican controlled congress is in direct defiance of their court ruling by still insisting on incorporating their rigged redistricting. In the Georgia run-off elections to replace Tom Price’s congressional seat, Republicans are actively trying to block Democrat leaning voters from voting by not allowing the newly registered to vote.  

Of course the religious right still backs Trump’s totally false claim that 3-5 million voted illegally for Hillary. In this past election the only voting fraud found thus far has been from Republican voters. The latest one, in North Carolina the illegally voting woman was let off by the Republican Catawba County prosecutor, David Learner in deciding not to bring charges. The only real reason he had as a Republican devotee in not pressing charges, is that she voted twice for Trump; one for herself and one for her deceased mother.

As soon as Trump won the election with his promises to make America great again and provide for U.S. coal miners, the Republican congress went right to work in showing how the party duped the religious right in once again claiming to be the party of religion. The Republican congress in December of 2016 immediately in legislation lowered coal miners’ healthcare and took a provision out to buy American in appeasing corporate cronies.

Even with both congressional Houses as majority Republican, there is no successful story to Trump’s first hundred days in office. Try as ya like, but there just isn’t. His slew of executive orders are not a success, for there is no one to challenge them; theyre freebies. I’ve really grown tired of you evangelists saying oh, but he got an extreme conservatist into the Supreme Court, but that was another freebie too. That judgeship should have Merrick Garland in that seat, but thanks to senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) partisan political ploys, Garland never got a hearing much less a vote. Neil Gorsuch was the first Supreme Court justice in the entirety of this nation’s existence to be sworn in under the nuclear option that McConnell instituted because, even though the senate holds a Republican majority, Gorsuch would not have received the necessary sixty votes.

McConnell claims Gorsuch was the right man as he was approved by the ‘American Bar Association’ (ABA), but what he ignored was that the ABA also approved Garland. If Gorsuch is such the honorable man as McConnell claims, he would not in good conscience accept the judgeship, knowing full well that Garland should be sitting there. In fully knowing how the vote occurred to get his seat, how could a man of upright standing honesty and ethics accept it under those circumstances? He should have withdrawn if he had any moral fiber.  

Currently, Trump has 75 lawsuits against him. At one of those lawsuits where a veteran and supporter of Trump is being sued for physically assaulting a protester at a Trump rally is counter suing Trump claiming that Trump incited rally goers to violence. Of course Trump and his team of lawyers insist he is immune to lawsuits simply because he is now president. His lawyers aren’t denying he did it, they’re merely saying Trump can’t be touched. Trump even falsely claimed in an 11/16/2016 ‘New York Times’ interview that, “The law's totally on my side, the president can't have a conflict of interest.”

You, the religious right backed the false Trump and Republican claims that the voting system was rigged for Democrats. Yet you ignore, even defend all the extreme gerrymandering Republicans have redrawn and the fallacious red state voter ID laws keeping minorities out of the voting booths.      

You, the American fundamentalist along with all your TV preachers, ripped into Obama for opening up ties to Cuba shouting Fidel Castro is a usurper of liberties when later praising Trump hoisting him up onto the religious right’s shoulders after he praises a murderous thug leader in Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

How can the religious right claim to be a values voter for Trump when Jesus healed the maimed while Trump mocks the handicapped. Jesus turned the other cheek, Trump grabs.

After Trump’s ban was considered illegal, in a Trump tweet it warned, “Because the ban was lifted by a judge many very bad people and dangerous people may be pouring into our country.” But then again, most likely they’re not. Even Trump claims in the current trending drop starting from Obama’s tenure that illegal immigration is down under his new presidency.  

With attacks on minorities, Islam, immigrants and refugees, Republican politicians, Trump and you, the religious right are attempting to prove that a repressive society is a free society.

Funny that, but the American Judeo-Christian in particular just celebrated the Jewish refugee story in the Passover, but want nothing to do with its storyline when it comes to today’s Syrian refugee crisis. I don’t even know what ‘Judeo-Christian means, do you?

You, the Christian Right have pushed this nation into choosing the normal diverse American culture versus the not concerned with European Pilgrim illegal immigrants into ignoring America’s normal diverse culture. You’re portraying Jesus as pushed into then cornered in a turret.

Conservative religious folk have an entrenched mentality of who they perceive. To you as the religious right, all American Moslems are bearded dudes running around in desert sands imposing Sharia law...what Latino Americans are...illegal immigrants...what American Blacks are...unproductive welfare queens...what poverty is...the lazy won’t get a job poor... 

To the religious right; don’t make this nation in doubt ask, “Who are we,” but keep it undoubtedly answered, “Who we are,” for the world to see and be proud of.   

The ‘Washington Post’s editorial board in the April 27 edition, pretty much sums up Trump’s first 100 days in office.

Mr. Trump has reversed a generation-old trend toward openness, becoming the first president in modern times to conceal his tax returns and scrapping an Obama-era policy of publishing a list of White House visitors. He and his spokesmen frequently ignore facts and embrace misinformation. If he gets his way on policy, the nation will plunge more deeply into debt, global warming will accelerate and millions of vulnerable Americans will lose access to health care while the wealthy are further enriched.”

To support Trump’s persona much less defend his actions, for any Christian to do so is a moronic act when it comes to believing in Jesus Christ. If ya truly believe in your Christian spirit, well ya overexposed it and left it to hang up and dry out.

After all this, to even imagine that the man in a July 2016 press conference called Obama “the most ignorant president in history,” was none other than Donald J. Trump. Oh the irony...

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