Annoyingly pompous, lecture prone, declaim, preach, ‘pastorize’ (my word play for pastor with a play on pasteurize), sermonize, mouth-off, bloviate and lay down the law...do those words and little catch phrases ring a bell or smell of something somewhat wretched? Well, for what’s been going on in the GOP candidacy for president...all these words and much more sum up the tactics being played out by GOP candidates.

Do ya not believe there could be more sour noted words to express? Well how about—egomaniac, admonish, harangue, evangelize, religious hypocrisy, soap opera, bully-off, fear monger, race bait, pulpiteer, puppet/puppeteer, machismo, egotistic, misogynistic, illogical rhetoric, scammer, hatred misplay, political thievery and downright deceit.

To visualize the rampant Republican pontification, just view the cartoon below.

Really, what does the size of a penis, small hands, badmouthing each other’s wives and how GOP candidates slop eat pancakes, steaks and spaghetti have to do with policy stances and leadership direction?

America WAKE-UP! Isn’t it about time we figure this out?

For today’s Republican, GOD stands for Gold, Oil, Demagoguery. That’s right, only for the power of money’s endowment and the fossil fuel industry, Republican politicians demagogue to the majority public that they stand for the average common everyday Republican and their fundamentalist lily white religion when in reality are only servicing the 1% as benefactors of John and Jane Doe’s duped vote.

It’s easy to fall into the trap and say it doesn’t matter who wins, I’ll still live my life as I always have. In this 2016 election cycle that thought is beyond the border’s realm of false incredulous gasps.  What’s truly at stake here is the full spectrum of religious beliefs, employment, income amounts, pensions, America’s land/water/air/wildlife/climate, the nation’s strength in diversity, local community governance, mortgages and specifically your own life’s effects. All these will not only be a mantra, but reality by the 2016 November election outcome.  

To express the point, below is a video spoof of Paul Ryan’s terms in running for an office:

The full Republican stranglehold on average Americans is mathematically much like an inverted pyramid where the very few rule as the base while the mass, being held by the tipped privilege few is the larger upper portion of the unknowns.

This inverted pyramid analogy correlates with Zipf’s law where the frequency of an entity in a given situation is inversely proportional to a ranking order of that entity.

The American linguist, George Kingsley Zipf popularized the empirical law utilizing it in word ranking but it can be useful in any form of statistical derivatives.

The formula is: f = 1/[r x log (E)] where f is frequency, r is rank order and the logarithm is of the number of E, which is any entity one chooses to empirically study.

For instance, in dealing with unknown masses, Americans, when it comes to geographical isolation are the masters and could care less for other nations, whether it is due to simple ignorance or straight forward intended bias. Maybe a few foreign leaders can be brought to mind, but concerning a nation’s particular culture, forget about it. Us Americans as a whole don’t care to go into depth, even though we are ancestrally rooted in other nations for the most part.

A reflection of this is the U.S. journalistic rule (because journalists want to write articles that will maintain an interest in U.S. citizen reader or viewership) is that one American equals five British, in which equals 50 Portuguese, in which equals 500 Bolivians, in which equals 5,000 Burundians. Get the picture?

So in comparison to today’s Republican, empirically, they only want to be associated with internal entities they can easily identify with. They tolerate likeness, such as European upper and middleclass Englishmen, but not so much as with poorer Europeans like Portugal; even less of non-European Hispanics as the case for Bolivia and at the bottom of the heap is Burundi, a nation smack-dab in the middle of Africa.

Try it and you’ll see this model fits quite well in current day Republican politics, even in their fundamentalist religion.       

Nasty Divisiveness:
As if external divisiveness weren’t enough in pandering to only the rich and bigoted, Republicans are currently looking inwards to create internal division within the ranks of their own party.

Mainstream Republicans are so blind in their biases and self-immolating squander that their presidential candidates and convention officials are openly attempting to steal the GOP primary nomination right under the Republican voters’ noses.

I abhor Trump on many fronts, but Ted Cruz and John Kasich teeming up against him in the GOP only shows desperation on their part. Doing anything to deny frontrunner Trump the nomination, is also an affront to his voters. The Cruz/Kasich collusion is far too late, for their campaigns have deteriorated in the waning remainder of states’ primaries. The remaining GOP voting demographics favors Trump heavily in the Republican’s warped sense of white socioeconomics.

In the Cruz/Kasich alliance, Cruz will get Indiana without Kasich campaigning there and in return Kasich will receive Oregon and New Mexico. How the state divvy-up was derived, who knows? Perhaps Cruz feels Indiana to be more religiously conservative and surely is a must win state for his current frantic political state. Kasich must feel Oregon to be more RHINO. New Mexico was thrown in most likely to make delegate votes more even to Indiana’s.

Kasich seemingly appeared he was backing out sorta, when just hours after the alliance was revealed, he stated that he still wanted his Indiana voters to vote for him. But he said a bit later that the duo alliance against Trump was still on the grill.

Kasich though, might want to stand guard after Indiana. For with Cruz’ win at all costs mentality complex, it wouldn’t be surprising at the least if Cruz reneges on his half of the bargain. His past conniving tactics in the GOP primary have included social pressuring Iowa voters through fraudulent mailers that falsely stated among other falsities, “We intend to mail an updated chart. You and your neighbors will all know who voted and who did not.” The mailer literally put the wrath of fear into Republican voters by accusing voters of committing “voter violations” if they do not vote.

If ya might recall, his campaign also deceptively put out a statement that Ben Carson had suspended his campaign hightailing it to Florida. As well, Cruz has secretly met with states’ delegates prior and post to an election. He has even bribed Rubio’s delegates.

In Texas, there has been a federal complaint filed with the Federal elections Commission (FEC) against Cruz concerning multiple violations of campaign finance laws.

The audio below reveals how Cruz’ national co-chair, Bob Vander Plaats broke federal campaign laws in soliciting donations that exceed federal limits. At the Dallas fund raising event, donors are urged to give money to a supposed unaffiliated Super PAC, known as ‘Stand for Truth’ which actually does support Cruz. This would in effect make the donors exceed their donation limits.   

Cruz may have even broken a Texas law with a mail order fraudulent sham. As reported by the ‘Houston Chronicle’: The solicitation came in an envelope featuring a return address in official government type and the words “check enclosed.” The “check” was a fake check made out to Cruz’s campaign, accompanied by a missive asking the recipient to send in a “matching donation.”

Cruz, to put it bluntly is certainly not the second coming Messiah as his dad portrays him out to be, no, he’s merely a simple scam artist.

Never mind the Cruz vote rigging scams being conducted, Trump may have more votes than Cruz and Kasich combined, but at the RNC convention, the GOP bigwigs could be planning a coup in the form of a contested convention.

Nothing here shows that Cruz has creditably, honestly and legitimately won. No, it’s as if it’s a corporate takeover. The Republican voters’ choice has been excluded, if indeed the contested convention commences. It’s all a con game as of sorts with backroom betting bribery. That ‘Dump Trump’ phrase established Republicans, corporate conservatives  and the ‘#Never Trump’ GOP movement are steamrolling on, might be a choice from bad to worse if verily it is Cruz they are bending for.    

Just ya never mind the vote rigging in the Wisconsin GOP primary Trump has close the same amount of votes as Cruz and Kasich combined, but at the RNC convention his most delegates count may be contested.

Due to unbound GOP delegates, they may switch their allegiance away from their respective states primary results and cast it to whomever the GOP really wants. Forget and to heck with the Republican voter results.

In Pennsylvania, only seventeen Republican delegates out of seventy-one are bound. The fifty-four unbound delegates could abandon their states majority of casted votes on a primary winner and cast it elsewhere to whoever titillates, or wines and dines them most. Ya know, like Cruz surely would do as he did in Colorado and Iowa caucuses.

Republican politicians for the most part do not want Trump leading their party into the general election. They see him as contemptible in his egotistic personality flaws, his errant proclamations and his loudly spoken prejudicial gaffs when it comes to race and religion.

Trump though, is merely a mirror’s reflection of the Republican Party. It makes the GOP feel exposed; ya know...a too close for comfort type of analogy.

Senators, Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and John McCain (R-AZ) have even spent taxpayer dollars conducting a hearing with military brass to reveal the fallacies of Trump’s foreign affair policies.

Former GOP presidential candidate and Florida senator, Marco Rubio, along with other Republicans attacked Trump for hiring Polish construction workers at minimum wage far below the construction labor wage of $11.00/hr.

Cruz and Rubio, as with other Republicans have attacked Trump over his attraction to nativism and the building of a Mexican wall. Unfortunately the reason is not over ethics or the humanities, but economics. Nonetheless they are attacking him on his strong anti-stances over Hispanic and Middle Eastern immigration.

The point is it’s not just the GOP candidates contradicting each other’s denials; it is the whole of the Republican Party. Trump is simply the mouthpiece stating out loud exactly what the Republican Party stands for.

Where Trump is upfront and in your face with it on the very same issues Republicans hold, the party has always kept it under a dome of silence even though their actions are rife with exactly what Trump says he would do.

Take for instance, the foreign policy stances of Trump. Let’ start with the wall construction between Mexico and the U.S.s border. Do ya really think Trump was the originator of the wall idea? No, it was the Republican Party who, while always harping to tear down the ‘Berlin Wall’ were all behind the building of the Mexican Wall. Trump has simply put it to the forefront and added a little spice to it in demanding Mexico pay for it.

However, the wall was brought forward in the Lindsey/McCain military hearing with military generals saying it was a bad idea period by creating a bad policy with a neighbor and wouldn’t stem its objective of immigrant flows into the U.S.

Republicans also have blasted Trump for holding a veterans charity and not giving all the donated money to veteran affairs. The glowing hypocrisy in this is that sure, Republicans love dishing out the dollars to our military, but when the soldiers come back home whether still in one piece or maimed for life, can you recall one instance the GOP has voted for a veteran’s benefits’ bill?

Well, I can, but it is just one. It’s the one Bernie Sanders (I/D-VT) brought forward two year ago. At first they voted it down in the winter of 2014, but after the VA scandal broke out, they had no choice but to vote for it when Bernie brought it back up to the senate floor for a vote that following summer. It would have been callous political suicide if they hadn’t.

In the hearing the military officers also specified that denying Muslims entrance into the U.S. (a Trump plan) would have adverse effects in intelligence gathering and would serve as a terrorist recruitment tool. But wasn’t it all these GOP governors that denied Syrian immigrants into their states? Also, wasn’t it not even a handful of Republican politicians that said it would be OK like Jeb bush, but only for Christian refugees?

Concerning the minimum wage; since most Republicans don’t want Trump elected and complain out loud on his hiring workers at minimum wage, can you tell me at least just once if Republican politicians have ever voted ‘Yea’ on a minimum wage increase or equal pay for women? No, you cannot because they have invariably voted against every minimum wage increase or equal pay bill.

The mythical reason in justification they resort to every dad-gummed time as to why...wage increases result in job losses.

There is a wealth of conservative Republicans telling us this is so. Besides, every Republican politician, there are a slew of conservative media smears over the ills of increasing the minimum.

Just listen to Fox News’ Dan Springer’s false claims that Seattle, Washington will face an onslaught of “unintended consequences” after the city raised its minimum wage, or Stuart Varney promoting a debunked Seattle job loss claim; even after it was proven false.   

At no time can anyone show statistics and data that this is the case after a minimum wage increase.

In fact, the state of Washington bumped their minimum wage up to $9.47/hr. in 2015, the highest in the states. The municipalities of Seattle and SeaTac are set to automatically rise to $15.00/hr. this year due to its success. Currently, the private payroll firm, ‘Automatic Data Processing’ (ADP) gives the state of Washington the highest score on wage and job growth over all other states during the fourth and last quarter of 2015 in spite of all the Republican doomsayers.

While Republican congressmen run straight to congressional floors to bring up legislation written by special interests representing  the wealthiest among us to help them keep all their money in tax shelters and offshore accounts, they’re also running to the floor to vote down any public welfare programs. They do this with claims that the nation is broke. Is it really? Naw and most certainly is the nation’s bank account not busted in aiding the economically strapped. If we are so broke as a nation, why not then have those recently revealed Panamanian Paper freeloaders start upping and paying their debt to the nation they made all their income from?

Let’s give a quick look at the above pie-chart depicting 2015’s discretionary spending. The graph was put out by the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, ‘National Priorities Project’ that use government statistics. From the federal government’s $1.11 trillion dollars in discretionary spending allocation for last year, the graph breaks down where all that $1.11 trillion went.

If you add all the public assistance programs together, it still doesn’t compare at what was allocated for military defense spending. Food and agriculture, which includes SNAP assistance, were 1% of total. Social Security, unemployment and labor were 3% of total. Energy and environment were 4% of total. Housing and community were 6% of total. Veterans Benefits was also 6% of total, along with education also at 6% of total. The grand total of these six public departments is 26% as compared to the one entity of military spending at a whopping 54%.

Now, if one prided him/herself at being a model businessperson, where would you want to cut spending? How about concentrating on the biggest slice of the pie covering over half of where your profit margin leaked out. Also, where would you want to seek more income? How about looking where the income is in the 5% richest populace’s foreign stash as opposed to seeking it in the bottom half of the 95% where income isn’t. Make sense?

In Republican politicians that continually attack food assistance for the poor, well that is only 1% of total and even includes agricultural assistance, farm aid and food safety. So, I guess that hungry family of four is really making this nation go broke in their take of less than 1%. That equates out to roughly under $10 million. Not that much now is it? Especially in considering it feeds a lot of little hungry children’s mouths.

Beyond Failure:
Duly please note, the Republican Party is rifting, but no need to go celebrate as a strong redneck liberal like myself would want to. The GOP will still remain a body and its main rift could even be more extreme than it is currently under the shade of the Republican umbrella.

There is one thing that liberals and the right-wing have in common; they both have had enough of the Bush brand as Jeb had to exit early. Due to a lack of Republican votes in the primaries, Jeb was an instant failure for the mega donors.

GOP mega donors are upset on their lack of investment return and have quit placing their money on Trump rivals even though they despise the Donald. In most part thanks to the Citizen’s United SCOTUS decision, ol’ Jeb had a pirate’s chest full of dark money, but it got him nowhere.

The ‘Right to Rise’ super PAC gave over $100 million to the Jeb cause and lost it all for its donors. Texas multimillionaire businessman, Doug Deason proclaimed after Jeb’s poor performance that, “Somebody should be indicted over Right to Rise’.”

Deason’s family also plopped down and handed over $5 million to support Rick Perry, but pretty much lost that millions of dollar pile before walking out the door after the exchange. Perry was the first to drop out of the presidential GOP race.  

Minnesota’s billionaire, Stanley Hubbard started out the gates early in his flaunt, wagering on Scott Walker. But Walker was so dull, the Koch Brothers saw the imminent early forecast and pulled-up anchor very early for the dismal Walker cause. Walker’s budget dried up in a hurry and he went back home crying to momma that God wanted his leadership elsewhere.

GOP Mega Donors & Teeny Donees

Since, Hubbard professes he isn’t doling out any more money until maybe the general election, for in his words as reported by ‘The Hill’, “The problem is that nobody prefers either of those two candidates [referring to Trump and Cruz] and the third candidate [Kasich] no one thinks he has a chance, so why waste your money?”              

In referring to capital punishment, the guy who said in his stump speeches, “A life is a life, and if you criminally take an innocent life you’d better be prepared to forfeit your own. My only complaint is that lethal injection is too comfortable a way to go,” is the very same one who also said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” That person is Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for president of the United States. Like party like Trump; a direct irony in full scale.

Ever since Walker’s exit, the Koch Brothers aren’t giving any free handouts either, no matter how much Cruz has been nosing up to them.

So, after being burned by donating their money to the lost causes of Jeb, Rubio, Christie and the likes, before they get too furious, GOP mega donors are keeping their money stashed away in their own pockets.

Ending of an Era’s Error:
Mark Snyder, the Republican governor of Michigan behaving guiltless while allowing his attorney general to lay blame lower down the echelon onto government employees is appalling. Two state employees and a local employee have been left holding the bag in the Flint tap water crime that has placed many a child’s future in jeopardy.

The problem for Snyder though, is that when he institutes his Marshal Law into local communities, neighborhoods, towns and cities in the guise of his emergency management team, local officials no longer have authority once the emergency management takes over. Folks tend to forget that.

All local officials must relinquish their authority to the management team. If not, then state troopers are called in to remove them. Snyder’s emergency management begins making the local decisions and reports only to him; no one else. Not to local officials or other entities involved such as state or technical governmental agencies. Lower officials are taken out of the loop.

This Flint tragedy occurred under Snyder’s emergency management watch after it decided that Flint tap water supplies should be transferred from the treating facilities of the ‘Detroit Water and Sewage Department’ to then be pulled from the heavily polluted Flint River. The Flint River’s corrosiveness is what leached all the lead from the city of Flint’s outdated water piping. Emergency management in their haste to save money had not even an afterthought in testing Flint River water qualities first before initiating their action plans. Saving money was the only goal.    

Lead poisoning today is highly preventable if proper action and steps by authorities are taken. In the flint case, there were none, until private citizens, doctors and scientists revealed to the public what was occurring after the fact.

This horror story in knowing that much of the Flint children have been exposed to lead through ingesting and bathing and the negative effects it will do to their little brains and nervous system as they grow has not even begun to play out yet. Snyder won’t escape its wrath no matter how much he shucks responsibility.

Republican leadership in shirking responsibility is commonplace as is the case with Snyder and with Governor Pat McCrory (R-NC). Even though it’s his signature on the transgender discriminatory HB2 North Carolina bill, Republican governor, Pat McCrory is laying all the blame squarely onto the city of Charlotte’s mayor, Jennifer Roberts.

Since irrevocable heat has been spreading throughout North Carolina in the loss of corporate income and the cancellation of convention events and musical concerts due to McCrory signing that Republican legislative bill into law, he has been avoiding the blame and displacing it as the fault of others. McCrory claims that if only Mayor Roberts had laid off in implementing a local LGBT anti-discriminatory ruling, he and his Republican legislation wouldn’t have had to come up with their bathroom bill.

The bill enforces by law that one has to use the designated bathroom according to the gender that was placed on their birth certificate.

In regards to the tweet above, one bearded transgender from female to male sent a tweet to McCrory that pretty much sums up the idiocy of it all. I mean, how is the law going to be enforced...maybe by having an enforcer inside each bathroom huh, checking the genital areas to see if everyone is legit or not in using what they deem is the proper pot to sit on?

The only reasoning given for the law is that it will protect children. Really? Is that the true crux of the matter here? Then I suppose it is high time Republicans stop the hypocrisy and start the reality. The number of our children (ages 1-17) in the states killed by gun violence just in the beginning months of 2016 is 1,084. The number of our children harmed by transgenders in our bathrooms...zero!

Not to be outdone, Mississippi’s Republican governor, Phil Bryant and its Republican controlled legislation have just passed this month an even more extreme LGBT discriminatory law.

The bill is HB 1523 and is based on the Republican so-called ‘religious freedoms’ yell. Ya know, the ones that give fundamentalist Christians full rights to do whatever they want by forcing their bigoted beliefs onto all, while being discriminatory to any other religion. HB 1523 gives the right to anyone and that is whether that anyone be preacher, doctor, a business or trash collector to discriminate based on religious beliefs.

Now Mississippi claims this only applies to discriminating against the LGBT community, but a landlord by the name of Gene Baker just recently in Tupelo, Mississippi evicted an interracial couple based on the new religious freedom law and that neighbors were complaining about the interracial marriage.

She is mixed Hispanic and Native American and he is an African American serving in the National Guard. Both sound pretty much like America’s great diversity. The couple also has a child. A video of the incident is below.

LGBT discrimination is attacked in all forms by Republicans from religious freedom excuses to denial of same sex marriage. As always attached with justifications, it is simply a matter of catering to their bigotry and concealing it through other excuses.

It is the Republican way. All the voter ID laws passed in red states, is to deny voter groups the GOP deems lean liberal. Even though the real reason is out there due to common sense and a few internal leaks, the GOP still insists on the old worn out argument that voter ID laws are to combat nonexistent voter fraud.

From House Leader Mike Turzai (R-PA) after both Republican controlled state Houses passed voter ID professing, “Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania...done,” to, Georgia’s Fulton County’s admission in disenfranchising black voters under Voter ID gerrymandering laws and Florida Republicans in a private meeting discussing ways to rig elections, still use that excuse even though guilt signs are written all over it.

In addition to the voter suppression laws, Republican controlled states like Wisconsin and Alabama have closed voting registration and identification services, but only in more progressive districts. In Wisconsin as stated, have shut down the DMVs where one can register in progressive districts, but then actually moved them to Republican leaning districts adding to the facilities already there for a more voter friendly convenience. They’ve shut down early voting or weekend voting and have shortened the voting hours in democrat leaning districts.

Besides, of the few and minor voter fraud incidents that occurred in the last two presidential elections, guess who committed them...that’s right Republicans.

In the 2008 elections, then (R-NH) Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley’s son voted twice; once in Colorado then in New Hampshire.

In the 2012 elections, Republican representative, Stephan Smith of Massachusetts pleaded guilty to voter fraud in a Boston federal court.

Once it was publicly exposed, the ‘Republican National Committee’ (RNC) dropped longtime GOP consultant, Nathan Sproul’s ‘Allied Consulting’ firm for conducting voter fraud for the Republican Party in multiple Florida counties.

Just this past week, John Kasich when pressed by the Washington Post editorial board on why Republicans refuse to give Washington D.C. statehood status, Kasich replied after hem-hawing, “Well look, I am not – I don’t – I am not, because you know what, what it really gets down to if you want to be honest is because they know that’s just more votes in the Democratic Party. That’s what!”

Look at all the red states with Republican controlled legislation passing primitive laws to discriminate in one form or another. Kansas is becoming a ghost town of sorts in going bankrupt by patronizing the rich tax shelters while shifting most of the tax burden onto average folks, defunding education and eliminating public programs.

The Benghazi hearings have been exposed by Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in what most knew all along as bogus. It was simply to further plant seeds of distrust and doubt about Hilary in the public’s eye and to boot, it was a good campaign fund raiser. It never materialized any pertinent scandal or wrong doing except for the cost amount of taxpayer dollars spent in holding the wasted hearings.

As of late it’s the senate Republican SCOTUS nominee refusal. Most of the Republican senate is taking Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s lead. In refusing to give Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland a hearing much less an up or down vote. Why they’ve even elected not to individually meet with him.The excuse...with the upcoming election, the people should decide with their choice of the next president. As all decent folk have pointed out that excuse is lame, for the people have already made their choice in reelecting our current president.

This ruse is only going to bite them, for most likely they are not going to appreciate much the next president whether it be Democrat or Republican and their SCOTUS nominee. Republicans are only doing this to deny Obama his rightful job as president as they have before he was even inaugurated. It’s been no-no-no to anything Obama, even towards pertinent issues affecting the nation. From the stimulus, through putting immigration reform on the backburner and shutting down the government and to a SCOTUS nomination, Republicans have only resisted Obama making congressional policy issues and warranted legislation nonexistent. Truthfully in transportation, foreign policy, domestic issues, veteran benefits...can you name one bill that Republicans have passed for the welfare of the nation?

In healthcare, although they continually bash Obamacare, Republicans have as yet to come up with anything equal to its positive impact on the citizenry and nation. As Cruz does, they still promote it as a job killer even though America is going on its record setting of eighty months straight in job growth.

Might you recall when former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert (R-IL) in 2003 said, “ it is equally important to stop those predators before they strike, to put repeat child molesters into jail for the rest of their lives”... Guess what, Hastert has just been convicted and sentenced to prison for multiple child molestation abuses. Not for life as he specified, but for one year and two months.

To add to this, former speaker of the house himself, Tom Delay (R-TX) along with forty other republicans wrote to the judge overseeing Hastert’s case stating that Hastert gets his “integrity and values from God.” I reckon that typifies: So much for the Republican’s God on the GOP logo of family values, huh?

There’s still a spat more to this Republican family values tale. Tennessee lawmaker Jerry Durham, is currently a co-sponsor of a bill to strip transgenders from bathroom use due to the ‘oh so dear GOP concerns’ of women being molested. Well now, he is being investigated for that very exact reason. Durham has just been banned from all offices in the ‘War Memorial Building” due to the fact it has been proven that he is a danger to “unsuspecting women” and is now listed as a sexual predator.

Creep TN Rep Jerry Durham

Kentucky’s new Republican governor, Stevie Beshar threatened Democrat state legislatures to either switch parties or he would cancel all road improvements in their districts. This form of political blackmail could be grounds for a federal investigation.

In Florida, the state’s Skeletar of a governor in Rick Scott, just vetoed a bill that was passed unanimously in one state house to provide some form of healthcare for the rural poor. His only excuse for vetoing bill HB 139 he claims, “helping poor and rural Floridians was unnecessary and wasteful because they already have great dental care from Medicaid. The only problem with that dumb statement is he knows that earlier the Florida GOP rejected Medicaid due to the fact he was a contributor to the rejection. It cut off 800,000 Floridians from any healthcare services.

You might believe in the Republican utopia, but at the same time do ya like being in the great outdoors? Well, ya might then want to think twice in voting for the red R because of a Koch money induced push. With that incentive, twenty Republicans from the senate and rep houses are caucusing to block any more land to be turned into a monument or national park and to push for the privatization of existing parks where private individuals may run their 4x4s over them and corporate can raid resources through mining, extraction, agriculture and ranching. Private signs of ‘no trespassing’ would then be stapled on land that was once public national parks. Something the Bundy’s might appreciate but certainly not the public at large.

The political right behaves much like ISIL, ISIS, IS, Daesh, or whatever name ya want to call them. In proclaiming all American Muslims who are patriotic, ISIL says that they are enemies, but so too does the rightwing.

American Muslims, Iman Webb and Mohamed Elibiary have been verbally attacked by ISIL in claiming they are apostates as infidels to their religion. ISIL also does not like Webb’s public praising of President Obama and attacks Elibiary for working at the ‘U.S. Homeland Security’

Wow, praising Obama and working for Homeland Security is right up the right-wing’s hate speech topics and sure enough...

Both ‘Fox News’ and ‘Breitbart.com’ have attacked Webb in falsely accusing him of being radicalized against America’s religion and has links to terrorism.

Both Cruz and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) have attacked Elibary by waging a jihad in accusing him of being an infiltrator in Obama’s administration as a member of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) has been targeted for death by ISIL. Not quite yet any death threats by the right, but they have slung a few double fisted hatred slurs his way. Former Rep. Michelle Bachmann claimed Ellison was part of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. Glenn Beck as sanctimonious, questioned Ellison, who is far more sacrosanct by demanding, “Sir, prove to me that you are not working with our enemies.”    

In my final comment: beyond surreal, Cruz in nominating Carly Fiorina as his vice president after losing to Trump and Kasich badly in the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island that voted in this week’s Super Tuesday is downright creepy.

Cruz is carrying on in Indiana as if he is on the road to victory. What does he think he knows that the rest of us don’t? Well, the nonexistent Cruz/Fiorina president/vice president ticket may be a typical Republican mythical ploy reacting out of despair, or merely child’s play, but whatever it is...it molds and enhances the image of a self-aggrandizing pair of sniffling, trifling snobs proportionately to a tee. It’s embarrassing to the nation. Oh, to win at all costs I reckon it...

How can anyone call all this Republicanism a democratic form of government?

In Exposing the Louse