Remorse in Following

Remorse in Following

Boy-howdy, I guess those of us who say anyone can become president of the United States weren’t kidding. However, for those that said anyone can grow up to be president are a bit off, for...has Trump truly grown up? Need I not have to remind ya of his vulgar slurs, vile insults, incessant lying and bullying ways? Is that truly adult behavior and maturity?

This will be my last political article. It is not due to the election results that I am giving up; no, quite the contrary, for I’m more energized than ever to combat the lying and deceitful Republican strategies they have endorsed and carried out throughout these past decades simply to hold onto power at expense of the nation.

The reason is mechanical. I have only thirteen more spaces to write articles on my website before it totals out to its capacity of one hundred. The remaining thirteen publishings I wish to write will be devoted to science articles and a couple of religious and philosophical writings.

Currently, I want to get more involved than ever by organizing some grassroots movement, to set priority goals and to hold Trump and Republicans in check. Not through the signing of a few petitions, but through actively engaging in one-on-one, eye-to-eye conversations with those that are now marginalized and fearful of the election results and to those that are initially elated by the election results, but will be sadly disappointed in the longer term in realizing they voted for the very entities that wish to continue their struggles through policies that only benefit the upper elites. Change is coming; that is what they voted for so they say, but the change will be even more profound in negatively impacting average Americans’ lives.

Once organized, in the off election years I want to canvas neighborhoods. Go up to homes, knock on doors, ask pertinent questions, listen to the answers, evaluate data, revisit, have a question and answer follow up, revaluate data then give that data to progressive fronts and Democrats to focus.

There will no more be an Obama presidency or a Hillary first woman ever U.S. president to blame it on; it will, as the 2016 electoral year right-wing voter, be on the shoulders of the bigoted voters’, Christian Right’s, Trump’s and the Republican congresses.

Various Republican relatives, friends, bloggers and the ones met in the streets, tell me, to get over it and give Trump a chance. Yeah OK, I will, just like they gave Obama a chance.

They say, in Trump’s victory speech, he wants the nation to unite and that he represents all Americans, ya know the old reliable rehashed speech that all past triumphal American presidents have said at their victory speech. But none of the past presidents based their entire campaign on such divisive issues as Trump has pitting American against American through social, race, income, class, cultural and religious intolerances.

I do accept him as the new president of my nation, but as far as respecting him, well he’s going to have to really earn that first before respect is even considered.

With this last political commentary, I thank ya kindly for your readership and am grateful to all that won’t give up on the fight. So to those that agreed with my thoughts and words in my exposés and to those that didn’t, I salute you all.    

The Effect & Fallout:
For me personally the initial shock of the election results was a 10 ton megawatt jolt, unfathomable in the consequences of the outcome. It was a downtrodden result for sure. There was to say the least, a tad bit of sulking ramping up.

Protests over Trump’s victory immediately spread nationwide extending into a week with Los Angeles holding over 100,000 protesters. Protests also went global spreading out into European major city streets.

I felt for Hillary and all her female supporters. With an impending despair they were lost for words. In the 242 years America has been a nation it still hasn’t elected a female president. So close this time, but vanquished by electing a misogynistic sexist over her. That is a blatant reminder of adding insult to injury.

Hillary gave a fine concession speech asking for unity and in how much she believed in this nation, even how proud she was to be an American. Her speech was a far cry from what Trump was foreboding if he lost. How many times did he express the election is rigged, encouraging supporters to rebel and take to the streets if he lost. That he wouldn’t concede. Hillary’s concession spoke through the heart; as for Trump, well he has excreted through the bowels so many times throughout this election cycle, one can only imagine what diarrhea would have squirted forth from the guts in his concession speech if he had lost.

Hundreds of thousands of female voters have expressed their heartfelt disbelief. They are disparaged and for sure it has to do with Hillary losing, someone they identified with and felt secure with in what it’s like in being a female in this country. However, they truly are fearful because it goes beyond Hillary’s loss.

Most women at one point in their lives have been sexually assaulted in some form or another. Now, the nation has just elected a known sexual predator as president. So don’t ever question why they are bereaved. Allow them the time to accept this in their own due time frame, for there is no time limit for their disappointment to end. They’re bereft of the hope that vanished overnight in these election results.

Sure right-wingers might want to bring up, Bill Clinton for comparison, but there is no comparison. I won’t defend Bill’s actions for they were wrong, but Clinton behaved in the manner as more of a charmer; Trump was an aggressor ‘grabbing’ what he wanted and that is much more threatening.

After this election, I plainly see now that substantive facts are subpar; trivial as compared to rhetorical ideologue. Trump campaigned that he and he alone is going to create millions and millions of jobs, so many jobs that workers will tire at which job to choose from. In various speeches he proclaims, “The wealthy are going to create tremendous jobs.” He claims under his ideas, “The economy will average a 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs.”

So, the Trumpers liked that and bit into the bait hard...hook, line and sinker. But, when I speak to the Trumpers and Trumpettes, I ask, “How is he going to achieve this?” They have no idea and merely respond by saying, “I don’t know, but he said it, so he’ll do it.” They truly don’t know for Trump has given no policies or detail on how he will achieve it. Just like they confess, Trump merely says it, but it appears that’s good enough for them.

There is no arguing, racism climbed after the nation elected its first black president. Trump tapped into that in forming his base support. Since Obama’s inauguration, according to the ‘Secret Service’, he receives a minimum of thirty death threats per day. That’s a 400% increase over all past presidents.  

So, I also tell Trump supporters that you voted for and am celebrating the victory of the very same person the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), every white nationalist group and every American Nazi social media outlet praised, endorsed and voted for.

Calling it the ‘Victory Klavalkade Klan Parade’, I explain the KKK is even planning a victory parade this December 03. Former Grand Wizard, David Duke thanked Julian Assange for helping elect Trump. Heck, for that matter, Marine Le Pen of France, Geert Wilder of the Netherlands, Nigel Farage of Britain and Norbert Hofer of Austria, all leaders of European white nationalist movements were one of the first to phone and congratulate Trump on his triumphal victory.

These Trump voters I spoke with didn’t care, didn’t even flinch while flashing a skirmish smile, but yet are the same ones to label a liberal as fascist. As a religious right-winger, one female Trump voter even tried telling me that the KKK was backing Hillary and Democrats. She got learned real quickly from a little bit of my own brand of West Texan growing up schooling after that comment.

Seeing people cheering for the outcome of this election waving the Confederate flag, one can understand the real bereavement, the disenfranchisement to their nation and the concern the other half of Americans feel. I mean there are minority children waking up from this election result asking their parents if they are going to be taken away from their homes.

Watch the video below for Van Jones’ take on how and why insecure feelings have overwhelmed half the nation.

In the following, before I point out the extremist right-wing actions due to the elections, I would like to say there were a few isolated left-wing transgressions as well, but it was only a handful due to the frustration in the loss. No less, there is no excuse for it, but it does not compare to the scores of numbers of right-wing transgressions in feeling Trump’s victory opened the doors to behave as such and one can only imagine how they would have handled the frustration in losing if this is how they acted in winning.

Also, as an attempt to diffuse the right-wing actions, some of the claimed left-wing violent acts were false. The bogus posting of a video showing liberals beating to death a Trump fan in Philadelphia was fabricated. The video is of an unfortunate result, but is actually the footage of irate family members assaulting a homeless man on April 07, 2015 after a boy had told his mother that the homeless man had hit him. The man had to be put into a medically induced coma to treat his severe injuries, but it had nothing to do with the outcome of the November 2016 elections.

Or how about this anonymous post that was circulating through the right-wing websites:

The father of a 4-year-old girl died after anti-Trump protesters blocked roads and delayed an ambulance from reaching the hospital, according to an anguished message posted on Facebook. I have to unfacebook for a few days. I had a patient die during a transfer last night because our ambulance was stopped by protesters and had to drive an extra 45 minutes around the blocked roads.”

The post concludes, “I can’t today. They can give their f**king safety pins to my patient’s fatherless 4 year old daughter.” This post is totally unfounded and is a common thread that has been used in years past blaming ‘Black Lives Matters’ (BLM) protests for the exact same false actions.

Then there was this false claim:

And a Black Lives Matter protester realized how stupid she really is after she slapped a police horse. The horse immediately kicked her in the head. She fell flat on her face and then ran away holding her nose. That’s instant karma! These horses are military grade they are trained for riots and will defend themselves if stupid human beings attack them Think again before touching Gods chosen.”

It is true that an incident of a white woman in Kingston, Ontario, Canada was kicked in the leg by a policeman’s horse, but she was not part of the BLM.

However, there were without doubt two confirmed reports of a Connecticut and Bronx man punched and kicked for being a Trump supporter. This is uncalled for.  

There has been a spike of hate crime reports, an increase in racist vandalism and a rash of hateful threats to American minorities since the election results. The day after the elections, ‘The Southern Law Poverty Center’ received over 200 hate crime reports. Since the election, the center has seen a 40% spike in hate crimes.

As the center’s president, Richard Cohen says, “Since the election, we’ve seen a big uptick in incidents of vandalism, threats, intimidation spurred by the rhetoric surrounding Mr. Trump’s election.” Pert-near every state has been impacted.

In total as of November 14, there have been over 300 at 332 reported hate crimes committed and still climbing.

Some examples of the day after elections are:

The left leaning Democratic Underground was shut down on election night by a Trump supporting hacker.

On the morning of 11/09/16 in Cambridge Massachusetts at a Shell gas station, bystanders and the Hispanic of interest witnessed a USPS white male employee yell at the Hispanic, “Go back to your country. This is ‘Trump Land’. You ain’t getting your check anymore.”

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, a Muslim woman was threatened by a man that he would set her on fire if she didn’t take off her hijab.

The vehicle of a transgender woman in Denver, Colorado was spray painted with hate graffiti.

Parents encouraged by Trump and in cycle, children encouraged by their parents have resorted to some post-election ethnic taunts at their schools.

At a Pennsylvania high school, ‘York County School of Technology’, white males were video recorded walking down a hallway with two holding up a Trump sign while others behind them were shouting “white power.”

At Detroit’s ‘Oak Brook Middle School’ in Michigan, white students in the school cafeteria were recorded chanting “Build the Wall” to students that were Hispanic; some were crying.

Also in Dewitt Michigan’s junior high school, a group of white students, by forming a handheld human wall blocked the entranceways to classes and lockers for those they deemed Hispanic.

In Texas’ Plano East High School a group of male students forcibly took off a female student’s hijab.

Also in Texas at the small northwest border town of Fort Hancock, visiting supporters from the Archer City volleyball team were shouting from the stands “Build The Wall” while holding Trump signs during play. It most certainly would’ve been nice if Fort Hancock, who are primarily Mexican American, had won the game. Unfortunately they didn’t, but hung in there and played the whole game nonetheless.

In Maple Grove, Minnesota, graffiti was written in a male bathroom saying, “Go back to Africa. Make America Great Again,” and on the stall door...well, I don’t need to repeat it, just look at it if ya want in the photo below.

In New York City at a dorm, swastikas were drawn on the doors of three Jewish young women who live in residence at the ‘New School’, while at the residence hall of ‘State University of New York’ (SUNY) a swastika and Trump were scrawled on walls.

Originating from Oklahoma, someone is using ‘GroupMe’, a Microsoft mobile App for racial profiling where sordid people send Black students names to and then vile racial messages are sent out through the account. Two Black freshmen at the University of Pennsylvania were targeted by the account. Along with racial slurs, there was a calendar invite for a daily lynching and n----r lynching with real images of earlier African American lynchings. One of the Black students, Calvary Rogers said he couldn’t help it, but just began crying and couldn’t stop when discussing it with a school administrator.         

A Muslim student at ‘San Diego State University’ was first harassed by two men making comments about Trump and the Muslim community, they then accosted her and took her purse, backpack and car keys. She went to the campus police department and by the time they arrived back at the scene they’d stolen her car.

As reported by President John J. Hurley of Canisius College in eastern New York, students hung a black doll from a dormitory curtain rod with a meme about congratulatory Trump fans.         

Below is an incident at ‘Ohio State University’ where a Trump supporter rams a peaceful Trump protester down a flight of stairs.

These were not isolated incidents happening across the nation at our children’s schools on the very next day after the elections, they are just a few examples.

Below are some images of post-election graffiti:

So, why are these attacks going on by the Republican nationalist commoner? Perhaps it might have to do with the encouragement by Republican leaders. In reference to First Lady Michelle Obama, a local official in Clay, West Virginia, as director of the ‘Clay County Development Corporation’ posted this on her ‘Facebook’ message list:

As in all crises, there blooms a silver lining. First off, in the day after the elections, artist, Mathew ‘Levee’ Chavez set up a little booth in an underground subway station filled with post-it notes, pens and a sign that read “Subway Therapy.” He felt the despondence and depression he was witnessing needed a soothing hand, so provided for anyone to write down their thoughts of the elections and post-it on the walls.

This is when he just set up his little booth.

This is the result just a couple hours later.

In Texas, the day after the elections, Natasha Nkhama was walking down the sidewalk to her class on the ‘Baylor University’ campus when another white male student bumped into her knocking her from the sidewalk, then said, “No n----r allowed on the sidewalk.”

She was devastated which led to becoming fearful as she told a friend. Word of the incident must’ve erupted, for by the time her class ended, over 300 students were waiting for her to have her back and walk with her.

If you would like to see the outpouring of the students in solidarity with Miss Nkhama, click here to watch the 45 second video as she is overwhelmed when first seeing how many students are willing to walk with and stand with her in solidarity. It’s a tad touching.

On a CNN November 13, 2016 interview, Jake Tapper confronted Paul Ryan with this, “There are millions of Americans out there who are, frankly, terrified about what a President Trump will mean for them. Is there anything that you as Speaker of the House, one of the leaders of the nation want to say to them?”

Ryan, acting surprised, even a bit stunned as if this is the first time of hearing it retorts, “I hate it that people feel this way and second of all, they should not. I think people should be rest assured America is a pluralistic inclusive country. It is, it has been and it will continue to be. So, I really think people should put their minds at ease.”

Of course, in Ryan’s reply, there is some parallel in what fascist members were saying to the German public in their rise during the 1930s.

In explaining to Ryan all the hate crimes presently going on, Tapper impresses, “There are these incidents taking place all over the country.” Ryan replies as once again acting surprised, “That’s terrible. By the way, that’s not Republicans. We are the party of Lincoln.” Maybe once upon a time, but today, Lincoln is not rolling, but roiling in his grave due to current Republican coterie behavior and penurious nature.

It’s not just half the population of America that is fearful of a Trump presidency. I have to add here what the Irish senator, Aodhán Ó Riordáin opened up with in the Irish Upper House convening after the American election results in the video below. Watch it and see what he has to say; it’s powerful stirring stuff.

Who knows what Trump’s acting prowess is? Is it what he contended in the campaigning stage, or is it his backtracking after the victory on repealing Obamacare in its entirety? Trump can literally change in mid-sentence ending it with an ideology that totally contradicts the sentence’s beginning.    

In any case, Republican leaders, now that they feel totally in charge with mandates to serve, have all proclaimed they will repeal the ACA Act. It is a social program primarily geared for the folks in poverty and alleviated taxpayer dollars going to pay for emergency care visits by low income means folk that couldn’t afford healthcare. It didn’t matter in the Act’s good intentions or successes, since it was an Obama policy, Republicans despised it and attempted to repeal it in part or whole nearly sixty (60) times.

The GOP has also been in total opposition to the Act due to their slant towards racism. They’ve been opposed to everything Obama has offered in policies, merely because they literally disdain what he represents...a black president fighting for the American that’s been marginalized. That’s why they tried to demean it by calling it Obamacare, although the president wore that nametag on his lapel with pride. They’ve failed miserably in their obstruction in trying to shred the Act and don’t seem to realize that plenty of the white poor are on Obamacare too. In fact 22 million, plus another 100,000 new enrollees for this month alone are presently insured by Obamacare.

I got a feeling there is going to be a lot of delay in what the GOP and Trump have promised they will repeal, defund or get rid of on day one. Just watch all the campaign proclamations start melting away. But, whether they hem-haw in all their repeal threats or actually act out in going forth; they will either be slain by their extreme right-wing base for reneging, or blistered by the liberal left for doing away with tried and true social programs. They cannot sway blame, for in the past under Obama’s presidency, they were that dog that always chased the car down the road and now, in control of both houses of congress and the White House, they are that same dog that finally caught the car. That is not a good thing when the dog lastly catches the car. No it is not. 

This also includes Ryan’s plans of implanting Social Security into Wall Street allowing the next recession or market crash to devour it leaving senior Americans, (who’ve contributed to Social Security their whole working lives), without that once guaranteed safety net pension. Ryan also plans to shove Medicare into the private corporate insurer sector to manage seniors’ annual subsidies that are limited in funding. All this is primarily being conducted by Republicans to pay for the offset in the budget due to the furtherance of the rich and corporate tax cuts they plan to install.

In general, police unions opposed Hillary due solely to all the uproar in cops killing unarmed Blacks. It’s presently up to 102 for this year in police killings of unarmed Blacks. Of the 234 Blacks killed thus far by cops, it turns out, 57% were unarmed. Since San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick’s silence on bended knee during the playing of the ‘National Anthem’ as a protest for this very reason, sixty-seven more Blacks have been killed by cops.

Along with Trump supporters, the police have come up with the moniker, ‘Blue Lives Matter’ to counter the ‘Black Lives Matter’ slogan in suppressing its meaning. It’s a non-repentant standing. I feel most everyone does empathize with police being killed in the line of duty, but only while a lot ignore a Black’s death at the hands of a cop.

That’s utter nonsense in trying to defuse the warranted issue Blacks are facing every day during police encounters. A cop can take off his blue uniform and as much as the bigoted would like, Blacks cannot take off their darker skin color. In fact in America’s past, any Black that tried to lighten their skin, they were incarcerated for trying to pass off as white.

Yes indeed, nonwhites and non-Christians have a lot to be apprehensive of in this election result. According to a post-election Gallup poll, 42% of Americans are afraid of the election results while 34% feel devastated. That shows Trump really has a lot of confidence building to do. Is he up to it if it draws sharp contrast between his hyper ego?

Realization Setting in:
Below is a video by CNNs Joy-Ann Reid’s take on Trump’s election victory. It is grounded and eye-opening.

The Christian Right, for cryin’ out loud...the fundamentalist religious, lost souled Christian Right and their greater than thou evangelical soothsaying preachers. Preacher Kenneth Copeland on his ‘America Stands: Election Coverage in the Spirit of Faith’ proclaims that now he has a direct line to deliver messages from God to Trump. Copeland also believes, or rather likes you to believe he believes he can cure Ebola merely by speaking in tongues.  

These prosperity gospel TV evangelicals in saying how America escaped the wrath of God because Trump won are sort of, but basically puke in a myriad of ways. Essentially stealing money from lonely elderly viewers is actually an assault on Jesus’ teachings and I’m sure he has a place for them in Hades, for getting rich off of the lonely poor and budgeted in his name no less, is pure unadulterated greed. Profits for prophets!

Fundamentalists and evangelicals pretty much adhere to a one way street when it comes to judging folks of their lifestyles until veering into a sharp U-turn in electing Trump.  

These fundamentalist American Christians would have voted for the Anti-Christ as long as he had a big red R painted on his forehead before thinking of voting for Hillary. In fact, in voting for Trump, some could reasonably argue they did.

Christian Right fundamentalists’ psyche requires a human-in-form redeemer, but oh what a redeemer they have chosen; a very distant one from Jesus Christ, but it is only a front for their biased views as they will bend it when it is in direct conflict with their moral views.

For instance, Trump, in knowing his past infidelity escapades and misogynist/sexist quotes, they still blindly pulled the Trump lever. Steve Bannon and his ex-wife are the parents of twins that were born just days after they married. Now, as an ol’ West Texan redneck liberal, that doesn’t bother me one iota and I would not hold it against him and his ex-wife. But, the Religious Right with their ‘family values’ moniker entrenched within the Republican Party, it definitely should not have assuaged them.

Pretty much, suffice it to say from the election outcome...Christian Right underlined is white nationalism. If that is still too hard for you to see then you never will, for you are destitute of vision and it will soon be called ‘post trumpatic disorder’.            

Along with Ken ‘Wink n Nod’ Blackwell, a fundamentalist also, who currently sits on the ‘Family Research Council’ is to head up Trump’s domestic transition team, composed of special interest lobbyists and former W. Bush appointees. 

At least a few Trump supporters are paying attention as one disgruntled Trump fan relayed to ‘Politico’s team reporters, Andrew Restuccia, Isaac Arnsdorf and Nancy Cook that, “The Bush crew is definitely trying to pretend that Trump’s win is not a direct repudiation of their failed administration. I’m surprised by the hypocrisy of the whole thing.”

Blackwell first gained national notoriety as Ohio’s ‘Secretary of State’ in his 2004 election attempts of voter suppression. He also has compared ‘same sex marriages’ to farm animals when on January 05, 2009 he came out against homosexual marriages sating “it defies barnyard logic.”

Former W. Bush employees being considered include, Kay Cole James, Jamie Burke and Aldo Machida who was Dick Cheney’s top domestic policy aide.

Why even a few former W. Bush officials are even slated to hold permanent offices such as Victoria Lipnic for ‘Labor Secretary’, William Evers for ‘Education Secretary’, Van Hipp Jr. as ‘Army Secretary’ and Pamela Patenaude is being considered to run ‘Housing and Urban Development’.   

Some corporate lobbyists working with Blackwell on the transition are, Cindy Hayden of tobacco giant, ‘Altria’, Michael McKenna and Mike Cantanzaro who both lobby for the oil, petrochemical and chemical industries and David Bernhardt, who has special interests with mining companies such as ‘Rosemont Copper’.

Why, even Pam ‘Pay-for-Play’ Bondi, the Florida Attorney General has been slotted to be on the transition team. Remember her, when she was considering charging ‘Trump University’ (TU) with fraud in the state, but after visiting Trump personally where he purchased her with a $25,000.00 campaign gift for reelection, then three days later she drops all charges, leaving Florida TU students milked out of thousands with no justice? Apparently the ‘pay-for-play’ paid off. It’s hard to believe she had the corrupted gall at the RNC convention to proclaim in reference to Hillary, “Lock her up; I love that,” as she pointed to a Trump supporter’s sign.

Longtime establishment, Congressman Lou ‘Anti-Immigrant Extremist’ Barletta (R-PA) is onboard the transition team. As mayor of Hazelton, Pennsylvania he led a sweeping crackdown on immigrants making those that lived there legally, possess identity at all times on their persons and penalized landlords and employers who rented or hired to immigrants. He enforced his town laws until a federal court ruling deemed it unconstitutional. He has carried his anti-immigrant extremism to the House of Congress as well introducing a bill that would require exit fingerprinting at all airports and borders. The unconstitutional bill failed. 

Also, Kansas Secretary of State Kris ‘Voter Suppressor King’ Koback is being assigned to the transition team to sort out candidates for immigration reform. Nice choice for immigration, for he is the Kansan architect of draconian anti-immigration policies. The ‘Kansas City Star’ reported in their March 04, 2015 newspaper edition, he also once concurred with a fellow Republican on a radio talk show that it was “not a huge jump” to think Obama might try to stop future criminal prosecutions of Black people in America. Kobach continued, “Well, it’s already happened more or less in the case of civil rights laws. So I guess it’s not a huge jump, I think it’s unlikely, but you know I’ve learned to say with this president, never say never.”

Kobach, along with ‘Trump PAC’ spokesperson, Karl ‘Get the Muslims Out’ Higbie are pushing for the days of America’s Japanese American internment camps by recommending a national registry targeting Muslim American immigrants. Higbie cites WWII USA internment camps as precedent for Muslims.

George Takei gives an excellent take on U.S. internment camps in the below video.

Myron ‘LOL’ Ebell, who is director of ‘Global Warming and International Environmental Policy’ at the ‘Competitive Enterprise Institute’ is Trump’s pick to lead the transition team for head of the ‘Environmental Protection Agency’ (EPA). Even though he is not a scientist, Ebell has been instrumental in drawing up fake scientific statistics in his strategy to deny that Climate Change is manmade much less that it even exists. He is not only a Climate Change contrarian, he promises to have all energy related EPA regulations annulled, so coal industries can dump their pollutant waste anywhere they please.

In an organized stunt, on 11/17/2016, Ebell ripped up a copy of the ‘Paris Climate Agreement’. Climate Change is serious. If you cannot already see the changes here, you’re definitely illiterate enough to not realize what other changes are coming in the ignorant zest for temporary economic and partisan political gain. We have only one home...Earth...mess it up and there is permanently nowhere else to move to. He will fast track The GOP agenda in privatizing America’s public lands.

I am ashamed of my generation in leaving a legacy that will profoundly affect the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of future generations in our reckless pursuit of fossil fuels that is not only elevating climate temperatures, but as well, is choking off the very fresh air that sustains us in every breathe we take.     

For Homeland Security chief, Trump is earmarking either, Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe ‘Pink Prison Garb’ Arpaio or Milwaukee County Sheriff David ‘Pichforks & Torches’ Clarke. Currently, Arpaio has been charged with contempt of court and once convicted, perhaps he should be forced to wear the pink prison clothing he issued to Mexican American prisoners.

Clarke has tweeted, “It’s incredible that our institutions of government, White House, Congress, DOJ and big media are corrupt. Pitchforks and torches time.” Clarke followed up, “Just heard from a friend that there has been a run on pitchforks and tiki-lamp oil at Home Depot!” Both men are vile, abusive, corrupt and bullying in their form of serving out justice. Now it appears, one of them will be in charge of national justice.

Our ol’ friend, Ben ‘Joseph Built the Pyramids’ Carson is being considered for ‘Secretary of Education’. I don’t really know why because some Republicans want to wholly get rid of the educational department, but regardless, what a fine choice for running America’s education. Remember, Carson denies evolution, promotes false history, and opposes LGBTQ youths. It was Carson who declared the U.S. should cut funding to liberal universities for what they teach, but give a pass on conservative and religious universities on what they teach.

Of course, then there is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions who doesn’t need a pun name like I’ve put in the middle of all the other names, for he was named after a Confederate general. Sessions is slated to be the attorney general, a post that is the main legal governing advisor. He migrated to Trump early in the campaign defending Trump’s ban on Muslims entering the U.S. His racist background is sparkling with his proposals of canceling funds to sanctuary cities, criticized civil rights groups as “un-American”, “communist inspired” and dubbed a white civil rights lawyer as “a disgrace to his race.”

In 1985, Sessions prosecuted Alabama civil rights workers for attempting to register Black voters and said that the only thing he disliked about the KKK was that some of them were pot smokers, although later he said he was only kidding.

Chief of Staff was between two candidates, RNC Chairman Reince ‘Weenie Boy/ Shelf Elf’ Preibus and Trump’s campaign manager, Steve ‘Loose  Cannon’ Bannon. Trump went with the Republican establishment Preibus. I’m sure that wasn’t Trump’s true call, as it has Pence fingerprints all over it. Preibus is close friends of fellow Wisconsinite, House Speaker Paul Ryan. This triage will allow Pence to have more sway in allowing Ryan to move his agenda. But Trump didn’t totally ignore the alt-right Bannon, he has tapped Bannon as his chief strategist/senior aide.

Trump wasn’t going to leave Bannon out, so he made him senior aide to the president, ya know, the same position Karl Rove was to W. Bush as just a whispering earshot away.

Due to domestic violence, according to Mary Louise Piccard vs. Stephen Bannon 2007 divorce papers, Ms. Piccard, Bannon’s ex-wife testified that Bannon didn’t want the couple’s children attending Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles because of the number of Jewish children there.

Ms. Piccard’s testimonial reads, “The biggest problem he had with Archer is the number of Jews that attend... I told him that there are children who are Jewish at a competing school and he asked me what the percentage was. I told him that I didn’t know because it wasn’t an issue for me as I am not raising the girls to be either anti-Semitic or prejudiced against anyone.”

Of course, even if the divorce documents are in court records, Bannon spokesmen only and not Bannon himself, claim he never made those document statements like the good Republican always does in denying past actions.

Bannon intentionally is not exposed to the public and most likely you’ve already noticed that there are only a few photos of him that is tossed around in the media. There is a reason for keeping him hidden in dark recesses. Trump members do not want him to be interviewed, for that might shed light on his domestic violence past and white supremacist strong leanings, so, only surrogates go out defending him.

As you might recall, Bannon was Trump’s campaign manager who left Breitbart News’ social media as its executive chairman to take over management of Trump’s campaign. Breitbart disperses misinformation like weeds disperse allergenic pollen. Bannon controlled Breitbart headlines like, ‘Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy’ or, ‘Bill Kristol Republican Spoiler Renegade Jew’.

Dylann Roof, a confederate flag waving white supremacist summarily shot and executed nine Black folks in a Charleston, South Carolina church. Under Bannon’s executive editorial management, two weeks after the tragedy, Breitbart put up a front page that bristled, ‘Hoist it High and Proud. The Confederate Flag Proclaims a Glorious Heritage’. The headline timing wasn’t was deliberate.     

Bannon has even admitted so himself that in Breitbart interviews when he ran the misogynist, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBTQ, xenophobic, racist Breibart media outlet, he did so as a platform for white nationalist viewpoints.

Trouble is, even if the Republican congress would ever be so persuaded to protest Bannon’s role as senior aide, they couldn’t do anything about it for that role is an appointment and not a nomination to be voted on for congressional approval.  

With a Breitbart audience of 37 million, Trump and Bannon could have a media outlet that is comparable to Putin’s government controlled ‘Pravda’ news outlet.

A president is a presidency. It has to show a standard and that standard must represent all Americans. I don’t care how much Trump feels he must appease his supporters in picking an outsider to D.C.; choosing Bannon, a well-known established anti-Semitic white nationalist is too far a drift.

Republicans have a real double standard issue at play here. Using Obama’s words in their propagandizing of his plea to America that “it’s time to unite,” yet have mercilessly excoriated every word Obama has put out during his entire presidency is incredulous. They’ve also been blasting of all people, Van Jones for protesting  Bannon’s appointment.      

One might recall, Jones, in Obama’s early administration was seated as a low level official. Republicans lashed out in guttural screaming protests for something Jones had said when he was in college. So loud and insistent were their screams, Jones resigned.

The video below is an example of the double standard with Van Jones and Republican pundit, Kayleigh McEnany.

Other possible cabinet holders being considered is Sarah ‘Drill Baby Drill’ Palin as ‘Secretary of the Interior’. Slated is, Rudy ‘Mad Foam Mouth’ Giuliani as ‘Secretary of State’. Giuliani assures us that Trump will not leave out Chris ‘Bridgegate’ Christi when he stated on November 11th, “I can tell you that from Donald Trump's point of view, he tremendously respects Gov. Christie's contributions, and greatly respects the governor's intellect, ability and loyalty.”

Frank ‘Conspirator Purge’ Gafney is slated to be Trump’s ‘National Security Adviser’. Gafney is a proud Islamophobe and has served as a base for baseless right-wing conspiracies including that Obama is a closet Muslim. He intends to purge the security agency of anyone he fears won’t be loyal.

The other Trump appointee that might get the nod as ‘National Security’ Adviser’ is Lt. General Michael ‘Temperament Like Trump’ Flynn, who is known to frequently fly off the handle. He also fits the anti-Muslim Trump administrative requirement. Describing American fear of all Muslims as RATIONAL,” (his caps and not mine) earlier this year he tweeted his followers to deem a ‘You Tube’ anti-Muslim video as a requirement to watch.

Newt ‘RHINO Deceit’ Gingrich will hold a title in some general planning capacity and Laura ‘Disinfo’ Ingram, who daily has broadcasted a right-wing radio show, is being eyed for ‘Press Secretary’. 

The street Republican is going to be duped, but it is self-inflicted. Scapegoating others does not lift one up. Until the common Republican realizes if one doesn’t care for others, nothing in the long run is going to be better for their own.

Yepper, down with the Berlin wall and up with the Trump wall...or is it? According to Newt Gingrich, just two days after the election he confessed on a conference call sponsored by the global law firm, ‘Dentons’ that, “He’ll [Trump] spend a lot of time controlling the border. He may not spend very much time trying to get Mexico to pay for it, but it was a great campaign device.”

But who knows, as Kris Kobach just said in a ‘Reuters’ interview, the Trump administration may move forward with a costly $8-12 billion border wall while not seeking congressional approval.

Heck, for that matter, as of 11/17/2016, Giuliani and Gingrich might be out of the run for ‘Secretary of State’, ousted by none other than, Mitt ‘Never Trump’ Romney in him taking away the ‘Kiss Butt Award’ from Chris Christie.

To prevent upheaval, there are certain norms a newly inducting administration must establish for reasons of transparency and emotional security of the nation. The early signs of what Trump is incorporating as the new norm are indeed troubling.      

Just to add this in here, Trump, who proclaims, “I love the veterans” did not attend one ‘Veteran’s Day’ event and neither can I gather that any of his immediate loyalists did either.       

Such Contrast:
To give Trump credit, Republican ‘Federal Communications Commission’ (FCC) officials are delaying and deleting the agenda items to incorporate the video accessibility access for all the millions of blind Americans. Due to this decision, the 1.3 million Americans who are totally blind and the millions who are impaired enough to be legally blind will have to wait for experiencing the expanded video description somewhere further down in the future.

This gives the Trump administration say in whether they will even incorporate it or not. If Hillary had been elected, the program would already have begun the preliminary stages of incorporation that began under Obama. Republican’s obstinate and continuous obstruction of Obama policies are still in affect even in the waning days of his office.

In trying to warn Americans how Trump operates through manipulation, Jeff Daniels had issued this warning back in May 2016.

Hilary’s campaign was about hope, inclusiveness and a big ethical heart. Trump’s was based on frustration, exclusiveness and hatred. She was going to build bridges for this divisive moment in American history; Trump will build a wall. As Hillary went ‘high’, Trump went and has gone ‘low’.    
Trump’s ego is obviously being rubbed the wrong way with the popular vote. Just like the W. Bush administration did in the 2000 election in campaigning, Trump exalted that the electoral is a “disaster;” today, he is calling it “genius.” Why? Well it’s the same result as in 2000 because Trump won the electoral, but lost the popular vote; same as W. Bush did.

In fact, the W. Bush campaign thought they would win the popular vote, but lose the electoral vote so much so that they had set up a legal team to take it to federal court in attempts to repeal the electoral vote count. Of course as it turned out, W. won the electoral but lost the popular by over a half million votes. The same outcome as well occurred in the 2016 results. In fact, for over a quarter of a century, Republicans have only won the popular vote one time for the U. S. presidency.   

As the final tallies on the popular vote keep edging in, Hillary’s popular vote continues to increase. As of this writing on November 17, the popular vote stands at: Hillary- 62,916,638 — Trump- 61,547,580. That’s going on a million-half more votes cast for Hillary currently standing at a 1,319,580 difference in her favor.

Ya know, Trump said during his campaign speeches that he’ll be the “greatest jobs president that God has ever created.” Hillary mentioned that too, but with policies to back it up and other programs to support it like bold investments in infrastructure/manufacturing, equal pay, limiting childcare costs to no more than 10% of annual income, paid time off for new baby care and raising the minimum wage to a living wage. She never expressed job creation without backing it up with her policies. Trump, well, there was nothing there but hot air and blown smoke with no facts on how he is going to accomplish it.

During Hillary’s concession speech, one could tell she was visibly upset, but she so gracefully went through it, calling for respect of the outcome and unity for the nation. She called trump to congratulate him and even he himself said it was a gracious call.

If Trump had lost, how would he have acted? Unfortunately we’ll never find that out, but if you judge him by his proclamations of a “rigged election” and touted the “election as a conspiracy” during the campaigning while throughout threatening to not concede, he had geared his followers to start a rebellion.    

I don’t see Trump changing. His only for Trump blueprint views on life hasn’t changed in seventy years, so why now. It is who Trump is. If he changes then he is not Trump.

But it’s Pence waltzing into the oval office that concerns me even more. Those beady little eyes, leering smiles, smug look and condescending always patronizing attitude reveals his inner self and intentions. His ever incessant whine of religious freedoms is one thing, but as he directs its benefits only toward fundamentalist Christians is another.

Mike Pence, who is among crowded Republican red state governorships, has one of the strictest religious freedom bills in his state. He will in his supercilious way nudge Trump to pick Supreme Court justices who will reverse the decision on marriage equality. He borders on child abuse by supporting gay children conversion therapy. He has allowed Indiana businesses to exercise prejudices in refusing service and freely discriminate against LGBTQ communities and youth. Of course LGBTQs feel a real impending threat to this administration elect. They knew Hillary would have ensured all Americans equal rights and now, they’re in a vulnerable limbo of what’s to come.

Pence always puts up the façade that he is serious and stately covering up his real intentions to mold legislation into his warped perspective at the expense of minority equalities. To further hide his true views, surprise, surprise...Pence is going to court to ensure his private e-mails are not to ever be made available to any inquiry or investigation and remain nontransparent permanently to the public.

Funny that, well ya know on how Republicans demeaned and discredited Hillary for her private server and e-mails, but how it is A-OK if they not only do it, but get court orders to protect it from any congressional or judicial investigation like they constantly hounded Hillary with.

In essence, Pence is negating judicial branch checks on executive power and removing the public’s right to know what the current government is doing and how it is spending American tax dollars.
Putin/Russia meddling in U.S. elections 

I must admit, FBI Director James Comey’s letter to the Republican House Congress, did affect the outcome of the elections to a degree. Republican women that were looking for anything to sway them back to Trump...this was exactly what they were looking for.

Red state voter suppression also hurt, shaving off percentage points and for sure the Republican’s relentless bogus conspiracy Benghazi and Clinton e-mail lies hurt her chances with voters. 

However, more than 200 million Americans that were of voting age did not vote. That’s 46.9% of the voting populace decided to sit this one out on their couch duffs rather than going to the polls and cast a vote in this ever so important election year. That is what really hurt Hillary, she could not get voters enthused enough to turn out and vote in key electoral states due to all the Republican conspiracy theories that abounded; falsely implanting the ‘Crooked Hillary’ syndrome, when all was Republican actions that were crooked.

The GOP should be ashamed in destroying a woman’s, a grandmother’s, a mother’s and to all children as a surrogate mom’s true character.

The spinal character in what Republicans bring out in their cellar voter and what Democrats bring out can show no greater a contrast than in subsequent post-election thoughts.

In the following day after election results, Trump surrogate, Michael Hill, as president of the white supremacist, ‘League of the South’ said this:

So here is my warning to the victors: do not go back to sleep and think all is well. If you don’t finish the job by routing your enemies and driving them into the sea while you have the chance, they will re-group and be back at your throats in no time! You have been given a reprieve by God; do not give your enemies and His a reprieve.

Their goal is to dispossess you of everything. If you have not heard that over the past year, then you have not been listening. Just what the hell do you think multiculturalism, diversity, and tolerance are all about? Your enemies care nothing about those things. They are merely used as weapons against you for your dispossession and ultimate destruction. The sum of their effect is White Guilt.

These media elites (and others of their elite ilk) look forward to the demise of old white America and the rise of a new paradigm in which they will hold sway. You will be dispossessed, sequestered in the equivalent of ghettos, and will be a despised and hated minority in the country your ancestors built.

You, by God’s grace, may have been given a short reprieve from this scenario. Redeem the time! As for me, I recommend that we get busy with Southern independence. We need our own country, and it must be run by us for our own interests. It must once again be White Man’s Land.”

Now, compare the ‘NAACP’s national president, Cornell William Brooks’ response following the election results. He was a stout Hillary supporter but stated:

Even as we extend our congratulations to President-Elect Donald J. Trump, the NAACP, as America’s oldest and largest civil rights organization, must bluntly note that the 2016 campaign has regularized racism, standardized anti-Semitism, de-exceptionalized xenophobia and mainstreamed misogyny. Voter suppression, as the courts have declared, has too become rampant and routine.

From the day that General George Washington accepted the people’s charge to become their first commander-in-chief, to the day that we elected Barack Obama as our country’s first African-American president, America has come together to ensure a peaceful transition of power. This most recent presidential election must meet this distinctly American standard. President-Elect Trump’s victory speech avoided a divisive tone and thus invoked this standard.

During this critical period of transition, we are now calling upon the next president to speak and act with the moral clarity necessary to silence the dog-whistle racial politics that have characterized recent months and have left many of our fellow citizens snarling at one another in anger and even whimpering in fear. The more than 120 million Americans who cast ballots in this election – as well as the more than 100 million more eligible voters who declined to vote – deserve no less.”

If you’re thinking of true American patriotism...there is no comparison between the two speeches.            

Final Say:
Republican legislation will surge targeting the impoverished, the disabled, LGBTQ communities, seniors, and other religions in defunding or reshaping public policies. It is a frightening thought when you know that the only thing standing between the onslaught of Republican corrupt legislation and you is Trump.

These are tough times for emotional health, but our mind is our greatest asset; allow reason and common sense to rescue you. Tough times are analogous to choppy waters making one feel stranded and/or hopeless. Once you come up from under that last wave’s deluge for a gasp of fresh air, another wave smashes in inundating you once again below the surface. But even in this survival mode, if one reasons, calm will come and be restored in due time; corrections will be made. It’s not only mechanical survival it is also...spiritual.
There is a common thread in all of us which includes, believe it or not, gays and skinheads. We all have common likes and wants and could readily see this if we weren’t so hung up on the small differences, rather than affirming the vast similarities. It is this bond of humanity that appeals to respect. If Trump realizes this human factor, he can qualm the nationalism he has fostered and nurtured throughout his campaign. But will he absorb the implications he has rejuvenated in hate, anger, conspiracies and hate crimes to correct them, when after all, these were driving forces to his support base?

Below is a tweet from Nancy Sinatra, the daughter of ol’ blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. For me, her tweet is courageous in its foretelling of foreboding consequences from this election.

Also in reassuring minorities they are not alone, safety pins are being worn as a sign of solidarity. I like how swiftly a positive counter reaction can form. Below are my daughters, Amber, Claire and Paige, my son, Jason and myself wearing that symbol of we are all together in one safety pin.

Composited by my wife, Veronica of Shticks fame

Indeed I do feel for Hillary and not simply due to sympathy in the loss. This loss is on all of us and not just her shoulders.

Thank ya kindly, Hillary for what you stood for and for what you stood up to. Hillary’s never ending endurance in holding her head up high above the scorching embers of countless attacks, extreme political partisanship, incessant conspiracies and false accusations has left a lasting impression on all of us in standing up for who you truly are and in making a society just and empathetic for the downtrodden.

Hillary’s long fought ongoing battles mirrored the way sincere Christians see just how Jesus truly felt in her constant calling of attention directed towards the minority, the impoverished, the afflicted and our children.

Hillary, we all saw you wipe away the tear rolling down your left cheek during your concession speech. Us too, we all feel the pain in loss as we weep through our hearts lingering anguish. But the secured inlay you have shielded us with will allow us to continue in our permanence to endure.

I hear argument that it wasn’t the constant petting and stroking of bigotry that took Trump to victory, where the argumentative ones claim it was just anger and frustration. Not so. Right in the beginning, Bannon saw an outlet for a nationalist movement and hitched that ride onto the coattails of Trump, turning Trump’s campaign into a furtherance of that movement. It resonated and rejuvenated well with the vociferous extreme right, but too, collected the attention of the silent bigoted majority that prefers keeping a white stall in authoritative control.

This rampant and fast moving nationalist movement has actually normalized bigotry in its tentacles of racism, sexism and xenophobia. It is freely argued for and defended today when just a year ago it would have been the death knell toll for any politician to argue on its behalf. Trump freely expressed bigotry throughout his campaign and was rewarded for it. 

This election result is viewed by all as a nationalist victory and in particular by the nationalist right.

For Republicans to normalize Trump and his entourage endangers national security foreign and domestically. Trump is so surrounding himself by people who are anti-establishment, angry and vengeful in feeling as once victims now out for revenge. So much so, experienced national security personnel are bowing out not wanting to work for the new administration.

There is a big reason why the public feels Hillary is dishonest and always pathetically state choice as the lesser of two evils...even with Trump over Hillary. As I’ve stated before, it was due to the constant stream of actual Republican dishonesty in their conspiratorial attacks of her, so what the gilded pig ears do ya expect?  

Of my opinion, Trump really didn’t expect to win and would have been most comfortable in crawling back to his Trump caverns firing up his brand of conspiratorial media to be a constant harassment to Clinton’s administration by firing up his challenged supporters in keeping with the incessant Republican subliminal rage. Trump’s a confirmed conspiratorial follower.

But he did win. Trump, as a candidate spent the entire election cycle stoking racial animus, hate and misogyny, but regardless, this nation saw fit to elect him president. Since his election, reports of hate crimes have ricocheted across the country. Ethnic minorities, varying religions, immigrants, those impoverished and those who believe in American inclusiveness...all are terrified and justifiably so, no matter how pretentious Republicans are in saying there is nothing here to fear as they wallow in their celebratory control of power backed by the spineless racist backbone in America.

He has got to mature and jump out of his authoritative business suit and democratically begin to lead. Mercurial Trump has got to quit being a twitter-bug and rise to the office he’s inheriting.

If Trump goes into negotiation talks with diplomats to meet him halfway, but he walks all over them demanding that’s not enough, or if he strong arms, insisting it’s his way or the highway for American politicians that were willing to compromise, then he deserves to not be given my respect or chance. We’ll know within a month into his presidency. Remember, this is the authoritative man that admitted he walked in on women dressing and undressing because he could.

Trump is middle fingering concerns about conflicts-of-interest, saying he would just hand over control of his business interests to his children; calls it a blind trust, but that is not a blind trust. A blind trust is when assets are liquidated then handed over to a third party. In his knowing his children, take for granted, he will know his business dealings.

At the other end of the Trump spectrum, allowing his children (Ivanka with Japan’s president, Shinzo Abe) to be sitting in on government diplomacy calls, picking out administrative top official positions (Donald Jr./Eric) while assigned to the transition team and strategizing (Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner poised to wield clout) their administrative moves with Trump’s new government officials, nepotism has run amuck merging both Trump business and governance. There are anti-nepotism federal laws, but apparently the nose is being thumbed as the Trumps’ feel they can bypass them. 

Trump voters want a change yes, but all cultural, ethnic and minority American blue collar workers wanted change too, because all American workers not only see, but through a burgeoning pain, feel the wealth moving into the hands of the elite few while they struggle simply to pay a monthly bill. This is what made Bernie Sanders so popular in constantly pointing it out with substantive fact.

However, by pushing America’s withering democracy into an oligarch, Trump voters want change backwards, not change forward. They want the exclusiveness that once was and not the inclusiveness of what being American truly means...cultural diversity and not just solely from European heritage.

But with all the above said, I don’t see Trump taking a wrecking ball smashing all the social programs he’s promised to do. He may even hinder the GOP congress in their attempts to do so and actually caucusing with Democrats in some instances. Nonetheless, in utilizing special interest lobbyists for his transition teams and picking old line established Republicans for posts; I don’t see him seeking out a pump to drain the swamp either.

It’s funny that, Republicans claim special interests are odious too, for it is lobbyists’ money’s change of hands to politicians that corrupt government. They know the American public sees that. But when special interests serve them, then they refer to the lobbyist as on his/her side; a team member of the GOPs political base.

For now, it certainly seems like Trump has already been inaugurated into D.C. in the frame of business as usual. Give Trump his two years due in seeing who he really is, as I feel that is within the bounds of what it will only take for major impeachable concerns and malfeasance from this administration.

Trump is not only the culmination of the Republican Party; I wager he will be its conclusion too.

As time goes on...let’s all see...

In my final political say, I would like to compare this Trump election result to the ‘Portsmouth Sinphonia’. This was an orchestra formed by the English conductor, Gavin Bryers in 1970. He purposefully picked orchestra members that could not play an instrument so that two-thirds of its members were musically illiterate. Naturally the result was appallingly bad. But curiously, the orchestra received good reviews by critics calling it “refreshingly original” and “unhampered by preordained melody.” Leonard Bernstein even went so far as to credit the ensemble in, “changing my attitude to the ‘William Tell Overture’ forever.”

Due to this populist movement, the orchestra made record deals and became quite popular in their inept and unskilled symphonic performances. So what does the ‘Portsmouth Sinphonia’ have to do with the Trump election victory...the moral...they both yet again demonstrate the public’s great appreciation of incompetence.

Have a Happy Turkey Day!
S’ long Podnuhs

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