Hallowed be Thy Shame...Amen

Hallowed be Thy Shame…Amen

And Jesus Christ the Savior proclaimed:

Then Jesus will say to those on the left, “Enter, you who are blessed by God. Receive what’s coming to you in this kingdom. It’s been ready for you since the world’s foundation.” And here’s why

I was hungry and you fed me,
I was thirsty and you gave me a drink,
I was homeless and you gave me a room,
I was shivering and you gave me clothes,
I was hungry, thirsty, home-less and shivering because I was a refugee and you welcomed me.

Then those seeking to follow are going to say, “Master, what are you talking about? When did we ever see you hungry and feed you, thirsty and give you a drink? And when did we ever see you sick or in prison and come to you?”

Then Jesus will say, “I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.”

Then he will turn to the ones on the right, and say, “Get out, self-centered souls! You’re good for nothing but making God’s creation a living Hell…and why? Because—

I was hungry and you didn’t fed me,
I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink,
I was homeless and you wouldn’t give me a room,
I was shivering and you gave me no clothes,
I was hungry, thirsty, homeless and shivering because I was a refugee and you would not welcome me.”

Then those on the right are going to say, “Master, what are you talking about? When did we ever see you hungry or thirsty or homeless or shivering or sick and didn’t help?”

He will answer them, “I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you failed to do one of these things to someone who was being overlooked or ignored, that was me—you failed to do it to me.”

These scriptures were taken from Matthew 25: 34-45. The name Christ derives from the Greek Gnostic’s word, Christos. Gnosticism pertains to knowledge and as I always state and will repeat but once again here, to be Christian literally means to be a follower of Christ and his teachings. Also, I have however adapted the scriptures reversing the usual Christian role of the left as evil and the right as righteous, for the two roles are clearly reversed when considering current American politics and the refugees.

Behavioral demeanor versus shallow word…In no way considering current right-wing Christians are they listening to Jesus’ assurance when it comes to His ethical standards and moral fiber. American fundamentalists are behaving far more nationalistic for self-interest than in benevolent Savior fellowship.  Mind you…this is Jesus conveying the topic on how Christians should treat Syrian refugees. Jesus literally has placed it as a heaven or hell matter.

Governor Gregg Abbott of Texas has not only stated he won’t allow Syrian refugees to be placed in Texas, he’s also strong-armed true Christians to cease and desist their charitable work in aiding these the refugees. So what kind of Christian are you…in name only…

ISIL or Deashe are not Muslims, they were only born in a Muslim environment, but true followers of the religion have to step up to help the rest of the world distinguish them as the vast majority that uplifts humanity in the religion’s teachings as opposed to destroying nurturing and impartial societal principles.

Just the same though, it is the duty as upright Christians to denounce the current rhetoric that attempts to separate and castigate Muslims out of their societies.     

Worst Impulses:
A true Christian knows better. Rather than be influenced by political rhetoric in blatant deceit baiting and fear mongering, there are a myriad of Christian organizations attending to the aid of the downfallen refugee. They’re assisting in the flow of refugees into other countries; they’re tending to the needs in refugee camps and are actually risking their lives in providing food and medical assistance within the borders of war-torn Syria. These multitudes of Christians are answering to Jesus’ wishes.

The devout Christian maintains the story that Jesus came into this world as brown skinned born in occupied territory as a refugee issuing forth the grand tidings of “peace on Earth, good will to ‘all’ people.” They realize, just as the refugee parents of Jesus fled hostilities that current Syrian refugees are risking it all too out of an act of love to move their child to a more hospitable environment. They realize the violence has made the refugee desperate in attempting to save their child.     

Unfortunately here in America, the fundamentalist Christian and right-wing Republican have created a confluence merging politics and religion to deliver a flavor of unsavory bitterness. This unbalanced plateau of the extremist Christian and political right has taken the refugee baby Jesus out of the equation and are not looking at the refugee crisis as desperate, but disparate.

There is a trend in this Christian/Republican front of a self-identity concept where a pluralistic society cannot be tolerated anymore, no matter if this nation is nothing but a melting pot of immigrants. It is without doubt for them, if one is not of a certain religion (even a certain denomination within one religion), skin tone, or higher social standing, or differs in like-mindedness, then that one surely is not religiously American.

On these Judeo-Christian right-wing blog sites I visit from time to time are loaded with hate and total disdain of anyone they deem unfit to wear their personality profile. Many use a ‘patriot’ logo in identifying themselves, such as ‘American Patriot’, ‘Houston Patriot’, ‘Justice Patriot’, ‘Christian Patriot’, Military Patriot’ or simply ‘Patriot’ as if they are the only true patriot of this country while bashing their president and all those of differing ethic and religious backgrounds. That is not patriotism; they’re only identifying their bigotry to a false sense of patriotism.

Let’s put it politely, no American is native to this country…we’re all of immigrant descent from some other country. The only true American native is the Native American. They were the first to come here as migrants, not immigrants over 10,000 years ago, the rest of Americans are immigrants. So, in this hodge-podge mix of mutts, no one can falsely claim sole purity in patriotic dominance.

This curious emergence of the Christian right has a blended overtone that feeds off of ignorance diffusing into all social topics with no less the same rhetoric connotation each and every time all of which is based on fear and unfounded misinformation.

Take for instance:

‘Fox News’ host, Steve Doocy asked the director of the CDC live on air why anyone should trust his advice when he is part of Obama’s administration.

Obama is posing “an immediate danger to American families.”

Obama is inviting in the barbarians at the gate.”

Everything that the president is doing seems to benefit what ISIS is doing.”

American immigration should allow no one to enter this country holding a passport from any West African [or Middle East] nation.”

These Christian/Republican remarks aren’t in response to the current Syrian refugee crisis, but were stated during the Ebola scare. The tactics of Republican fear mongering are so oft and often repeated that the same message is appearing to the vulnerable misinformed as true. To prey on fear, just as Republican politicians did in combining Latino immigration to the Ebola outbreak and ISIL, so too are they with the Syrian refugees and ISIL.

Of course their mantra is to blame everything on Obama, further dividing the nation instead of bringing it together to fight any crisis that pops up.

There never was an Ebola epidemic manifesting in the U.S. So, did any of these alleged Christian Republican politicians, fundamentalist preachers or ‘Fox News’ pundits ever apologize to Obama in blatantly accusing him of intentionally infecting U.S. shores? I don’t think so, for I’ve never heard yet or am aware that not even one has done so; they just switched subject matters to blame him once again on some other false tragedy he’s inflicting onto the U.S. as they have currently done on the displacement of Syrian refugees. This same scenario will occur but once again later on when the Syrian refugee crisis abates spreading fear into another near future arena.

Meanwhile as western European nations and the U.S. bemoan the fact in accepting refugees, the true bulk of refugees according to the ‘United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) 2013 findings, report that 86% of the world’s refugees are hosted by developing nations with Ethiopia ranking as number one. Fact is, the international asylum system is structured for short-term conflicts, but unfortunately the nature of today’s internal nation warfare is long-term. Ethiopia, a nation that has had its share of displacing refugees, has to bear most of the globe’s suffering refugees with bare minimum resources to do so. The rest of the world’s richer nations need to step up, not back.

At thirty-one, over half of U.S. state governors are show boating in how concerned they are protecting their citizenry. By showing a false partisan air in refusing Syrian refugees, they’re suggesting that the vetting process is too lax. It took Kerry a few minutes explaining to this stupidity that the current vetting process to allow refugee entry into the U.S. takes a minimum of 18 months and upwards to 24 months. He had to explain even before a Syrian child enters, that child is vetted by numerous agencies from the FBI and Border Patrol to Homeland Security.

Also, concerning that Syrian passport that was found near the body of one of the Paris terrorist…it has been proven to be a fake. Most governors were using this passport as a ruse to bolster their claims of potential terrorism.

Of course all these governors just so happen to be from religious right-wing red states except for one which is, Governor Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire. Unfortunately for these governors, they’re only tooting their horns, for as we all know, they also know that their actions would be illegal.

Perhaps they really are clueless, but nevertheless, these governors can come out in opposition to their hearts’ content, but as much as they whine it is not legally binding and will be going against the U.S. Constitution if they attempted to fight President Obama’s resettlement program of 10,000 Syrian refugees for 2016. The supremacy of the national government in the general field of foreign affairs, including power over immigration, naturalization and deportation, is made clear by the Constitution...states cannot overrule the federal government on matters such as this one.

The real reason in the actions of these governors really is partisan politics to show the right-wing moral Christian they are revolting against Obama’s administration. It is a partisan statement under the guise of security risks and not an ethical one in their refusal.

Benign Denial:
It’s nice to think and pray, but just thinking and praying will do absolutely squat in solving America’s gun violence. God doesn’t stop bullets. No, the gods are leaving that up to our own discretion and actions.

But that was the only response presented to the Colorado Springs ‘Planned Parenthood’ shootings by Christian political leaders.

At first, there was absolute silence from the GOP candidates then one by one they began offering up prayers through tweets./

After posting his prayer tweet, Cruz immediately begins to lay blame on Democrats and liberals for the act.

Jeb Bush, first cheerfully tweeting about college football and pointing out items to buy at his campaign store website, makes an announcement that, “There is no acceptable explanation for this violence, and I will continue to pray for those who have been impacted.”

Mike Huckabee, as a pastor tweets no condolences, but rather calls on Paul Ryan (R-WI) to deny Syrian refugees entry, in which Ryan and the Republican congress do. However earlier in September Huckabee does tweet this:

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio only hock things to sell on their campaign websites while Donald Trump, Chris Christi, Ben Carson, Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham and if George Pataki and Jim Gilmore still count said nothing.

Regardless of what has happened, such as the first GOP Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) ran committee finding nothing wrong in ‘Planned Parenthood’ practices along with the attack in Colorado, Republicans are still going full tilt in carrying out more ‘Planned Parenthood’ hearings.

Once as an encore, when it came time for America to experience another mass shooting, prayers were only offered up for the victims of the San Bernardino killings. Again they were silent due to not knowing who might have committed the act, as attacking a mentally disabled facility seemed a remote target for any gun violent group. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) calls them out in his own tweet.

But once it was proven to be, no matter if he was American born, Syed Farook and his wife with Muslim sounding names, off with the gloves they came and immediately started condemning Obama as weak on terrorism and upped their game on fear mongering when it comes to terrorist acts by blaming and perceiving the title as relegated solely to Muslims.

As mentioned just above, after posting his ‘Planned Parenthood’ prayer tweet, Cruz immediately begins to lay blame on Democrats and liberals for the act. But the gunman perpetrator, Robert Lewis Dear is a conservative Christian. The first thing he said to the police once in custody was, “No more baby parts,” a right-wing political slogan arising from the false ‘Planned Parenthood’ videos put out by the neo-conservative ‘Center for Medical Progress’ and promoted by conservative politicians and pundits. This group, although touts a ‘medical’ insignia, knows nothing medically.
Yes, both the Planned Parenthood and San Bernardino killings are both acts of terrorism, so if the religious right still prefers to call terrorist acts by radical Muslims as “Islamic terrorism,” then they’re going to have to face the fact that there is also “Christian terrorism” carried out by radical Christians.

Don’t we all see how wrong that is…to condemn a religion as a whole due to the acts of a few radicals within its ranks going completely against the teachings of that religion?         

For all the fear and aggression growing in religious Republican circles, peace is evolving to be an abomination. Not only for the lack of empathy for Latino immigrants and Middle East refugees, but as stationed solidly within America where they have spent an inordinate amount of time inciting hostility toward American citizens based on their political views, religion or color simply because others are not conceptualized to be part of their exclusive brand of Americanized neo-conservative Christianity.

The only outbreak of concern in truly harming America is not an influx of immigrants, refugees or Ebola…no it is the outbreak of neo-conservative Christian Republican brain drain in splintering this nation apart at the seams…

This plays right into the hands of ISIL or Daesh. ISIL knows the route of first divide then conquer. ISIL also knows that the more Muslims are displaced and castigated in western societies, the better Daesh’s recruitment percentages.

Benjamin Franklin once penned the phrase, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

No Franklin wasn’t talking about the oft misinterpretation of his phrase concerning government versus the individual; he was rather speaking of government bodies in the service of security as aligned with liberty.

This constant barrage of xenophobic and prejudiced bedwetting has got to end. The Syrian refugee is a convenient distant enemy GOP politicians circle around the covered wagon en masse using it as a wedge of separation to wield public fear.   

For what kind of security do we as a nation have in place if it is guided by fear and hatred in our decision making?

Christians, just wake up and stop it…stop the dehumanization…

Fanning the Flames:
Below is a script about ‘Fox News’ in-house psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow.

Dear Fox News psychiatrist Dr. Keith: I need immediate help. I have a friend who appears to have become very sick in the head. He’s continually getting paranoid as he last said,

I believe that the Obama administration is conducting psychological warfare on conservative Americans. Not only that but he is also waging this war on all Americans who previously viewed themselves, their country, their Constitution and their overwhelming belief in God as a force for good in the world.

He also hallucinates violently on events that never happened when declaring,

The psychological warfare began with an apology tour in which President Obama publicly “confessed,” presuming to speak for all of us, for the shortcomings of America and our supposed contributions to tyranny and all manner of evils around the world.”

He kind of lies an awful lot too and spreads them in stressing,

It was reinforced by the first lady stating during the 2008 presidential campaign that she had never felt pride in our country.”

He’s come to refer to his own political opinions in conspiratorial divine terms,

Attacking gun rights, I believe, is an element of the psychological warfare on the American belief that force is justifiable when confronting evil. And everything that happens in the world is considered proof of the larger plot against him. My belief that psychological warfare is being deployed on Americans by this American president and his administration has been solidified as news has come out of the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS.”

Believing only in conspiracy with Obama’s administration, he thinks the government has been outright killing people in an attempt to intimidate him,

Seen through the lens of psychological warfare, the failure to defend our embassy in Benghazi need not be understood simply as a screw-up. It could reflect an actual strategy on the part of the administration to reinforce the notion that homicidal violence born of hatred toward America is understandable—even condonable—because we have generated it ourselves and are reaping the harvest of ill will we have sown.  In other words, we should take our punishment.”

Yes, Dr. Keith, I am your best pal and the friend I’m referring to here is…you.

Although I made up the actual occurrence, the quotes are actually Ablow’s from his various ‘Fox News’ segments. How could a true doctor of psychology vent in this way knowing he’s influencing listeners that can easily be enticed and cajoled in directing comments to stoke their fears, ignorance and bigotry? Even though Keith may need some psychological evaluation of his own with his psychopathy as parodied in this calligraphy, but Christians, as you journey forth through the valleys  of the shadows of death…you fear all that is unreal in devoutly listening to and believing in him as falsely prophesizing.

Although the above Ablow televised words were actually spoken by him, so too are other unfounded claims of Ablow and right-wing company in choosing to fan the flames of hatred and disdain.

A typical Republican politician only has to utilize the bible as a podium prop to claim he’s Christian then issue forth the rhetoric of fear and deceit. Should a reverent follower of Jesus truly listen to them?

Without mentioning any name, I’ll stress this. All dictators learned a long time ago that insensitive hatred and distinctive militarism directed at a select group is a source to instill fear mongering. Dictators realize that by turning people against each other is an easy path to rule. At the convenience of a scapegoat, is the procedural conduct that all bad leaders adhere to.

If you’re still pondering who just might that be in sporting dictatorial tendencies, as a hint let’s just say corporations and their CEOs are ran as authoritarian and almost two-thirds of registered Republican primary voters favor his plan to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S.

Mike Huckabee with his sarcastic racist rant combined the University of Missouri’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement with Syrian refugees by insisting on John Gibson’s conservative radio show that, “Heck, we may take them to the University of Missouri. A lot of the students are so stressed out from feeling unsafe because somebody said a word they didn’t like that they are not using their dorm rooms anymore. Maybe we can put them there.” 

To disdain or fear minorities, the poor, Muslims, the displaced homeless, women’s rights, Latino immigrants, Syrian refugees and liberals (or “libturds” as my right-wing friends call liberals) appears to be the single most ideology of Republican strategy in winning over conservative Christian votes and minds. Confounding this is that those Christians bite into it right along with the KKK and the NRA.    

Those protesting the Chicago police killing apparently weren’t simply voicing their concerns for justice, so please forgive them, for it appears they were a slight annoyance as well to Christian ‘Black Friday’ holiday shoppers.

Chicago cop, white Jason Van Dyke shot black Laquan McDonald in a Chicago street as McDonald was walking away from the police. Once McDonald fell on the asphalt, Van Dyke pumped fifteen more bullets into the lifeless body. Initial police reports stated otherwise in falsely claiming McDonald was charging Van Dyke with a knife, with the officer referring to the convenient term “fearing for his life,” thus shot McDonald.

It took over 400 days to charge Van Dyke and yes protesters had every right to protest peaceably, but to annoy shoppers, oh my gosh.

As reported by the ‘Chicago Tribune’:

I’m an American,” hollered a white woman in a red raincoat as she forced her way through the scrum of protesters, “I just want to get in the store...I just want to shop!”

A man identifying himself as Jay, irately spewed forth, “The whole South Side is on fire. Why don't they tackle the violence in their own communities? Mistakes do happen.”

Another well-dressed man who identified himself as Scott proclaimed, “Compared to what's happening in Syria, what's happening here is nothing much. The only thing new is that there's a video of this shooting. It's been going on forever. None of these people could even tell you why they're protesting.”

Shopper Angelica Delgado though pretty much sums it up as she called ‘Black Lives Matter’ as “ignorant.” She further insisted that, “Other people shouldn’t have to pay for what happened to him. I feel sorry for him and what they did is wrong, but don’t take away other people’s freedom?”  

Inconvenienced, annoyed are far more important attributes for sure it seems than the protesting of a human life taken. After all, “mistakes do happen.” But do you see how segregated we’ve actually become. It’s “those people” as if we’re not one nation as all American. Sorry, did she say “other people’s freedom?” Really…what more freedom could be taken away from you than your life?

This as a society is more than insensitivity…this is mitigated callous apathy. It is ludicrous comparing then complaining about a shopping inconvenience versus a lost life. Maybe there should be a lot more inconveniencing to wake up the true Jesus in you. To impart bigotry is destabilizing to unity as a nation and not only disseminates disrespectability, it injects a lacking of respect for yourself. 

To condescendingly trash the logo, ‘Black Lives Matter’ by insisting “white lives matter” or “all lives matter” is strutting bigotry period. Of course all lives matter, but one only has to turn a page in an American history book to understand fully what is behind the ‘Black Lives Matter’ theme. It is an anthem to all the atrocities conducted towards American blacks from slavery, to making it illegal in hiring blacks with a living wage in the early 20th Century where employers today still overtly get around from hiring blacks to an inordinate amount of unarmed blacks being slaughtered by a force that is supposed to represent and protect from such insidious deeds.        

Obama is without doubt the most threatened president throughout the annals of the U.S. presidency. Since President Obama has been in office, threats to his life have increased 400% for a president. This information coming from the ‘Secret Service, also reports that there are on average over 30 threats a day on the president’s life.

As a Christian, how does that make you feel? Is this due to him being half black? Is it due to all the political hate rhetoric like calling the president a liar as Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) did at a ‘State of the Union’ speech? Or is it a combination of both that creates this disdain?    

The ‘Planned Parenthood’ terrorist attack even had good Christian folks rooting for Robert Lewis while saying some nasty things about the folks who work there. Pick any right-wing Christian or political site for yourself to reap their vile.

Here’s a sampling from the ‘Fox News’ blog site:

Now is that what you truly believe in how American Christians should behave or is it more assuredly more in tune to the one lone Christian who placed a bouquet of flowers with an attached note.

The letter and flowers were presented by pro-lifer, Sarah Parker. She did it because she felt compelled and drove 1,300 miles to place the flowers and hand written letter, then left without any fanfare.

If you can’t read the letter in the photo, it says:

Planned Parenthood Staff…

These flowers are for you, as well as the employees of PP nationwide. I’m a Christian, a pro-life one, but that isn’t my focus today.

With these flowers as a symbol of grace, friendship and unconditional love and a repentant heart; I want to apologize on behalf of those who have mistreated you in the name of religion. That was never done with a heart of love, and I’m sorry.

I also want to express my gratitude for how willingly and with tenacity (you) served the women of Redding, and sought to bring empowerment and hope.  At the end of the day, we carry the same goal.

With Beauty and Light, Sarah Parker

This is what Jesus taught…unconditional love. But on the other side of the fence…

This ‘God ‘n’ Guns’ thing the Christian gun advocate promotes, I just don’t get. Well, maybe so, for the God of the Old Testament, although he advised doing it with fire, stone, spear and sword instead of guns, had commanded directly or indirectly his chosen people to slaughter 2,821,364 folks.

If you think that holding the cross of Jesus in one hand while holding an AR-15 assault rifle in the other is Christianly think again.

That may be God’s commandments, but if you truly are a Christian follower of the ‘Prince of Peace’, Jesus would not allow that slogan of ‘God ‘n’ Guns’ to manifest.

Of course there are those Christians that equate or even profess that Islam is a religion of violence. It’s true that under the same God as the Jews and Christians, Muhammad led a brigade of Muslim soldiers that killed just over a 1,000 folks total from both sides, but that is nothing compared to the millions as stated above executed in the Torah and Bible.

The only main instance to war in the Qu’ran (Koran) is stated in verse 22: 39-40 where it expresses, “Permission to fight is given to those who are fought against because they have been wronged - truly Allah has the power to come to their support - those who were expelled from their homes without any right, merely for saying, 'Our Lord is Allah'.”

Recently, some German documentarians sleeved the Bible to make it appear like it was the Qu’ran and then began quoting scriptures from it to street passersbys. Ya know, like in Deuteronomy 13:

6 If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend secretly entices you, saying, “Let us go and worship other gods” (gods that neither you nor your ancestors have known, 7 gods of the peoples around you, whether near or far, from one end of the land to the other), 8 do not yield to them or listen to them. Show them no pity. Do not spare them or shield them. 9 You must certainly put them to death. Your hand must be the first in putting them to death, and then the hands of all the people. 10 Stone them to death, because they tried to turn you away from the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. 11 Then all Israel will hear and be afraid, and no one among you will do such an evil thing again.

Below is the video they recorded.

N.R.A. (Not Realistically Appropriate):

In a response to the San Bernardino shootings, Obama stressed one of the main reasons why there are more of these incidents in the US is that there are more deadly military grade weapons available to almost anyone who wants them. He’s scoping out the larger picture. With the states doing the primary regulation of guns, gun laws are very weak and it shows.

There is simply too easy an access to guns with an enormous volume of gun sales both licit and illicit. The military weapons used by the San Bernardino terrorists were purchased legally; even the ammunition that could pierce bullet-proof policemen vests.

Below, both of these statistics have been extensively conducted and contended by the ‘U.S. Congressional Research Service’ and verified by ‘Politifact’:

Combining all the wars and skirmishes America has been involved in, since 1968 more folks have died from gunshot as American citizens in their homes and U.S. streets than American military personnel in all the U.S. participated wars combined.

Total military deaths in war: 1,396,733, while in citizen firearm death causalities since 1968 to date: 1,516,863.

Now to be fair, these are not only homicides in citizenry casualties as suicides are included, but then again, disease and starvation are also included in military causalities in which presented the majority of deaths in the Civil War where both sides were American.

With the current easy access to guns, the current estimated rate of gun ownership is 101.5 firearms per 100 U.S. citizens.

That shows that there are more guns in U.S. streets and neighborhoods than there are people, but yet the GOP, the party that claims sole rights to Christianity states that we need even more guns for law abiding citizens to protect themselves from the bad guys whoever that may be or perceived.

The increase in guns per population has been exponentially increasing every year. Anytime there is a mass shooting there is a huge run on gun sales. So, one might ask, since we’ve been pouring more guns into our communities, why has it not bore any fruit in curbing gun violence that has actually been increasing as well right along with the increase in guns?

Gun violence is costing the nation $229 billion per year.

In 2013, there were 33, 636 Americans who lost their lives due to guns.

It’s kind of humorous when ya think about it. All these Republican right-wing Christians, politician and commoner alike, contend that gun free zones are of no use, but yet has anyone taken note that all the Republican debates, events and conventions are gun free zones? Just a pondering thought here that’s all.

Muslim communities are primarily the only group that is demonized and attacked over terrorist acts. To revert back to that fact, how quickly Republican candidates and Christians ignored the ‘Planned Parenthood’ Colorado Springs mass shootings once the San Bernardino shootings occurred to intensify their logic that terrorism only applies to Muslims.

Four white racists attacked and shot five ‘Black Lives Matters’ participants peacefully protesting over the Minnesota police killing of unarmed Jamar Clark. Not a peep has been ushered by the right wing so-called Christian politician in condemning this act much less even recognizing it.

This train of conservative thought is so out there as being exposed by NRA backed Texas State Rep. Tony Dale’s (R-Cedar Park) letter to governor Abbott. In it, Dale states we cannot allow Syrian immigrants into Texas, so we must refuse them because it’s too easy to get a gun here. What...is it OK for a certain Christian racist to easily acquire guns, but certainly not for a Syrian refugee?

Under Texas law, owning guns is so lax that there is no waiting period, no registration and no permit required to own any kind of gun. To open carry, one only has to show his concealed weapon ‘shall issue’ license.

The NRA had just padded Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s pockets last year by dumping $922,000.00 into his campaign till. So when concerning the gun violence in San Bernardino, he offers up this tweet:

That is why he had the senate reject a bill that would make it illegal to allow the 2000 on the federal government’s no-fly watch list to purchase guns. As they say, if they can’t board a plane for their suspicious actions, then forever why should they be able to legally acquire firearms? Because the NRA acting as gun lobbyists, their special interests only lie in gun sales no matter who buys them, not body counts.

Is McConnell more fearful of the wrath of the NRA than he is of terrorists?

Ya know if right-wing Christians truly are pro-life, then might we suggest making gun ownership be conditioned just like abortion approval in what a woman has to endure in red states…for instance:

1) Meet with a licensed physician to discuss the risks of gun ownership at least 72 hours before attempting to buy a gun and obtain a written notice approval.

2) Buy the gun from a licensed gun dealer located at least 120 miles from the purchaser’s legal residence.

3) Review the medical risks associated with firearms, including photographs of fatal firearm injuries, and the alternatives to purchasing a firearm, including “materials about peaceful and nonviolent conflict resolution,” with the gun dealer orally and in writing.

4) Watch a 30-minute video about fatal firearm injuries. (This requirement mirrors House Bill 124 from last year, which would have required women to watch a video with information about abortion they’re already required to receive from doctors orally and in writing.)

5) Tour an emergency trauma center at the nearest qualified urban hospital on a weekend between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., when gun violence victims are present, and get written verification from a doctor.

6) Meet with at least two families who have been victims of gun violence and two local faith leaders who have officiated, within the last year, a funeral for a victim of gun violence who was under the age of 18.

In all actuality, State Rep. Stacey Newman (D-St. Louis) has already introduced a bill to do exactly all the above. But just to add, a cavity probe like they do to women in Virginia opting for a legal abortion might be in order as well just to limit any gays that might want to own a gun. For after all, an upstanding moral Christian wouldn’t want that now would they?

Malevolent Eyes:     
The ‘Statue of Liberty’ is losing its symbolism so much so that all Americans should be shamed into rearranging their thoughts. Engraved on a bronze plaque inside the lower lever of the ‘Statue of Liberty’ is inscribed,

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-post to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

Today one can easily conclude that this poem no longer has meaning in what America is. The ‘Statue of Liberty’ itself was modeled after an Egyptian Muslim female peasant by the French sculptor, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. He first envisioned his statue to be the face of a peasant woman and transform that into a symbol of freedom no matter her travails endured. So, every time you gaze upon the ‘Statue of Liberty’, you can now be reminded for all times sake that liberty face of merit is the face of a Muslim woman.

News that surely would not be viewed on right-wing Christian outlets would be the actions of Ronald Reagan’s concerning gun laws.

Or how about Syrian refugee, Alex Assali in Germany helping the homeless, who says he feels compelled with whatever means he has to help the nation who has helped him.

Or the Latino immigrant,  Max Zahir who found success in this country in opening a chain of restaurants, but who also found a homeless veteran he tended to in more ways than one instead of just handing out a few coins of pocket change. After feeding him a meal, he made sure later that he would continue to be fed and sheltered by giving him a job and apartment.

On the other end Ruhi Rahman is so grateful for some Christians coming to her and her sister’s aid when they were accosted in a train for being Muslim that she posted it. These Christians saw no wrong in the sisters being Muslims, but indeed saw the wrong in their being harassed for happening to be Muslim.

But no wonder there is an element of hating Christians for they are constantly lambasted by their political and spiritual leaders.

Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence was one of the first governors to reject Syrian refugee’s entry into his state. When that caved due to being unconstitutional and illegal, he’s attempted to suppress the Christian charities aiding resettlement by trying to stiff-arm the Indianapolis Archbishop into canceling the Church’s sponsorship of the one Syrian family that is expected to arrive in Indiana. So much for Christian values on family matters by this self-professed governor.

Hughes Springs, Texas Police Chief Randy Kennedy, who feels so disgusted by Obama in being reasonable enough to not put our U.S. soldiers in harm’s way again in the Middle East that he felt compelled to publish a selfie video. In it he states directly to Obama,

I watched President Obama tonight and heard what he had to say about confronting terrorism, and I didn’t find his words encouraging at all. You are not our potentate, sir,” the police chief told Obama. “You are our servant. And you were elected to serve and protect us first. And I suggest, sir, since you are a constitutional expert that you better review your history on the Constitution and understand we are a free people and are subject to no one other than the almighty God and Jesus Christ, the King. What I’m asking all of my citizens to do, all my law-abiding citizens, I am asking you to help me and our fellow law enforcement officers by arming yourselves and I don’t want you running out of bullets and I don’t want you running out of guns before you’re able to pull our bacon out of the fire.”

Or how about that good ol’ Harris County, Georgia Sheriff Mike Jolley’s eyeroll sign expressing to all that doesn’t agree with his perception of exclusive patriotism to just get out of his county.

On the political front, you have the leading GOP candidate in Donald Trump insisting all Muslims should be banned from entering the U.S. while taking away their passports. This even includes American family members that are overseas and could not return to join their family back home. Kind of reminiscent of what Hitler did to the Jews.

Here is the supposed godless Democrat leaders’ response to refugees:

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said, “In the wake of the murders in Paris and Beirut last week, people in America, in Europe, and throughout the world, are fearful. Millions of Syrians are fearful as well—terrified by the reality of their daily lives, terrified that their last avenue of escape from the horrors of ISIS will be closed, terrified that the world will turn its back on them and on their children.

It is easy to proclaim that we are tough and brave and good-hearted when threats feel far away. But when those threats loom large and close by, our actions will strip away our tough talk and reveal who we really are. We face a choice, a choice either to lead the world by example, or to turn our backs to the threats and suffering around us.

Some politicians have already moved in that direction, proposing to close our country to people fleeing the massacre in Syria. That is not who we are. We are a country of immigrants and refugees, a country made strong by our diversity, a country founded by those crossing the sea fleeing religious persecution and seeking religious freedom.

We are not a nation that delivers children back into the hands of ISIS murderers because some politician dislikes their religion. And we are not a nation that backs down out of fear.

Here is the supposed Republican Christian leaders’ clamored response:

Donald Trump: “Syrian refugees could be the greatest Trojan horse of all time.”

Jeb Bush: “At a minimum we ought to be bringing in people that have orphans or people that clearly aren’t going to be terrorists, or Christians.”

Ted Cruz: “What Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are proposing is that we bring to this country tens of thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees. I have to say particularly in light of what happened in Paris, that's nothing short of lunacy.” Cruz has also offered a bill in the senate to ban all Syrian refugees.

Chris Christie: “I do not trust this administration to effectively vet the people who are supposed to be coming in in order to protect the safety and security of the American people, so I would not permit them in — not even orphans under age 5.”

Marco Rubio: “It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s that we can’t.

John Kasich: “I don't think at this point that we should have any more come in,” then as the current governor of Ohio, Kasich, who always sermons his speeches promptly joins the rest of the red state governors by refusing any Syrian refugees being resettled into the Buckeye State.

With this constant barrage of exclusivity by the religious right’s political leaders, media pundits and religious orator sages, one can see why Christians who don’t read or view the teachings of Jesus might become perplexed. Some even act out in bigotry or uncaring tones themselves; even in committing terrorist attacks of their own ilk like Dylan Roof and Robert Dear.

There has been an uptick in multiple Black church burnings due to arson. Just after the Emanuel Methodist Church shootings in Charleston, five churches were burned within one week this past June. Another rash of six Black Churches were torched within ten days this past October.

Mosques are being attacked nationwide. In the suburbs of Austin, Texas the ‘Islamic Center of Pflugerville’ was vandalized and defiled with torn pages from the Qu’ran littered everywhere and human feces smeared on the walls.

Perhaps grown-ups paid no attention to the incident or even cared, perhaps rooted for the vandals as the good Christians they supposedly are, so it took a seven-year-old child to care enough in bringing some positivity by an act of caring gestures.

Little Hero Jack Swanson

Little fella, Jack Swanson heard about the defiling and promptly went to his piggy bank, emptied it and through the acceptance of his parents, donated all his money that he was saving up to buy an i-pad with to the mosque. The Muslim parish was so touched that they bought him his wished for i-pad. Little Jack stepped up, where are all the adults?   

Honestly, I’m speaking eye-to-eye, mind-to-mind and most certainly heart-to-heart with each and every Christian. Wouldn’t you feel much closer to Jesus if you followed in what the Christians of a Mentor, Ohio church did for a struggling pizza delivery man than being predisposed in denying entire families, even orphaned 5-year-olds safe refuge? For Jesus there would be no choice. Watch the below video, contemplate and then reflect what values you truly hold.

In Ending:
Jesus is not the son of greed nor does he represent self-centrism of ‘me’, ‘myself’ and ‘I’; Jesus was not even close to a limited edition of  ‘ours’ or ‘us’ while leaving the rest isolated and in particular when in dire need.

This selective posturing by the political right has got to be exposed for what it is…plain ol’ bigotry. It is so apparent that it is more bigoted based than any founded fear of a cultural or religious front.

Now it is natural I just s’pose to be attracted to likeness. That’s probably why the Paris terrorist attacks took precedent over the Beirut attack with hardly an afterthought taken over the Istanbul attack. Both were virtually ignored by the West even though the duo incidents were briefly reported. Most likely one could even argue and convey this as the reason why the up righteous Christian even wants to bar the door from refugee families and infants. But these are human traits and surely not Christ-like.

Then again, before we split into anything else such as nationality, religion, or culture…we are born with the commonality of being human first and foremost. That is why the humanness in us all should trump all else in our endeavors to be humane in deleting all the sadness that exist through errant actions on our part.  

Every faithful religious follower of the Jewish god (Judaism/Christianity/Islam) should know they are all immigrants for they are beholden only in citizenship to the kingdom of their god.

Beginning with Abraham, God’s Kingdom is referenced in Jewish Torah scripture. For Christians, Jesus stated the Kingdom of God is “not of this world” and Muhammad prophesized that Jesus would bring the Kingdom back with him. This is the true citizenship of these three religions…and that is God’s Kindom.

So I ask each and every American Christian…are you going to take your nationalistic materialism with you into the afterlife when you know that the Kingdom will have all stripes of humans standing side-by-side…  

There is a vast tranquil/virulent sea of contrast in how Democrats/liberals and Republicans/conservatives have responded to this xenophobic bigotry. One is more out of mindful reason and compassion, the other is one more out of a gut kick fear and segregation response. Which side do you think the American Christian mostly favored?

For that matter, do American fundamentalist Christians even side with the inclusive Pope, or are they forever endeared to American exclusive fundamentalism?

Son of the late Pastor Jerry Falwell who founded the Christian college, ‘Liberty University’, Jerry Falwell Jr as the minister, president and CEO of ‘Liberty University’, in gutless wonderment lectures to his students saying, “I always thought that if more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walk in and kill.”

Watch the video below for this portion of Pastor Falwell Jr’s lecture.

Now compare Jr’s actions and pious lecture with the humbleness of the Pope’s actions and reverent sermon:

On the Sunday of Nov. 29, 2015, the first day of Advent, Pope Francis visited the African country of the Central African Republic (CAR) at a time of extreme hostilities. He ventured into PK5, a refugee camp within the streets of Bangui harboring minority Muslim citizens. Safeguarded by a handful of UN soldiers, the encampment is surrounded by hostile majority Christian militias waiting impatiently to starve the Mulsims through an ongoing siege of attrition or to murder them outright with their weaponry. Either way, this is genocide.

How many of our so-called religious political leaders would venture forth in harm’s way in such a way as this Pope? The reasonable would concur, most likely none. Leaders were once called leaders because that is exactly what they did; going to and stationing themselves in the front line as lead. The Pope has brought back this form of true leadership and is worthwhile in following and adhering to his words.

Among the throngs and multitudes of a sea of people, without any security clearances, Muslims and Christians collected en masse to witness the Pope. While there he sermonized on the teachings of Christ to ‘arm one’s self with justice, love, mercy and authentic peace’ and to choose Jesus’ ‘path of resistance to war, hate and division’.    

Pope Francis said, “Mercy will always be greater than any sin, and no one can place limits on the love of (the Son of God) who is ever ready to forgive.”

This is the opportune moment to change our lives! This is the time to allow our hearts to be touched! When faced with evil deeds, even in the face of serious crimes, it is the time to listen to the cry of innocent people who are deprived of their property, their dignity, their feelings, and even their very lives. To stick to the way of evil will only leave one deluded and sad. True life is something entirely different. God never tires of reaching out to us. He is always ready to listen, as I am too, along with my brother bishops and priests.

This most reverenced Pope finishes with, “Even when the powers of Hell are unleashed, Christians must rise to the summons, their heads held high, and be ready to brave blows in this battle over which God will have the last word.  And that word will be one of love and peace.”

To all those who make unjust use of the weapons of this world, I make this appeal: lay down these instruments of death!  Arm yourselves instead with righteousness, with love and mercy, the authentic guarantors of peace. As followers of Christ, dear priests, religious and lay pastoral workers, here in this country, with its suggestive name, situated in the heart of Africa and called to discover the Lord as the true center of all that is good, your vocation is to incarnate the very heart of God in the midst of your fellow citizens.  May the Lord deign to “strengthen your hearts in holiness, that you may be blameless before our God and Father at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his saints” (1 Th 3:13).  Reconciliation, forgiveness, love and peace!  Amen.”

The true Christian believes in Christ Jesus in order to be justified by faith in Christ and not by works of common law, because “by works of the law shall no one be justified,” (Gal 2:16). Penned by Saint Paul to the Galatians, Paul now places faith first, not justice. Salvation comes not through the observance of the law, but through faith in Jesus Christ who, in his death and resurrection, brings salvation together with a mercy that justifies.

What is being said here in Paul’s New Testament words isn’t mercy opposing justice, but rather expresses Jesus’ way of reaching out to the sinner, offering him a new chance to look at himself, convert, and truly follow in his footsteps of peace.

As Pope Francis said in his sermon’s appeal, “To flee from challenges (of peace) is never a solution. Resistance is needed to have the courage of resistance and of fighting for good. One who escapes doesn’t have the courage to give life. Peace is not a document that is signed and then put up some place. Peace is made each day. Peace is a craft, a handiwork.”

I’ll leave you with a Christmas card of the Christian Michele Fiore family. As the Republican state assemblywoman of Nevada, Michele Fiore holds dear to the claim of ‘God ‘n’ Guns. She has aspirations of running for higher GOP offices and by the looks of her card…she’s well on her way in the Republican fold.

Although, I don’t think that the image of Baby Jesus wouldnt fit anywhere symbolically in her Christ’s birthday card metaphorically or literally…

Nah, I can’t do that to ya, I’ve got to leave ya with something that’s a little bit more in the yuletide cheer category, for after all, tis the season… 

Xmas video: Nothing is as important as family togetherness during holidays…

A lesson learned…don’t judge goodness by perception or the color of its hoodie:

Peace and Joy to the World,

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