Whenever Backwards Becomes Forward HO

Whenever Backwards Becomes Forward Ho

Constitutionalists My Aspirin:
Republicans have accused many times over of Obama being a traitor to the nation and treasonous to the U.S. Constitution.

With the above said, the GOP ascertains they are strictly constitutionalists. That may be true to an extent, but only when they feel it is in their favor. Like a little family of moles traveling through their tunnels, with one just behind the other, when the lead stops, the rest butt-end up into each other with their noses.

Take for instance Donald Trump’s proclamation that he will go against the Constitution by disavowing those with foreign immigrant parents born here in America to no longer be eligible for U.S. citizenship as natural born. This is in direct contradiction to the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

On a Sabbath Sunday no less this past August 16, 2015, Trump declared on NBCs ‘Meet the Press’, all undocumented immigrants need to go by being forcibly deported. As possibly the new president he said, “We're going to keep the families together, but they have to go.”

When moderator Chuck Todd pressed him what if the immigrants had no place to go or return to, Trump simply repeated, “They have to go,” then later on in the conversation followed with, “We will work with them. They have to go. Chuck, we either have a country, or we don't have a country.”

Trump also added that America has to rescind Obama’s executive order offering those children brought to the U.S. by illegal immigrant parents at an early age (known as ‘Dreamers’) deportation protections.

Of course with no say on how he would conduct his policy, Trump claims he wants to go against the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment concerning birthrights to infants born over U.S. American soil. “Anchor babies” as Republicans have dubbed these immigrant newborns in picking up on the righteous Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) 2010 coining of the term, need to be deported as well feeling they do not deserve birthright entitlement due to the fact the parents were foreign immigrants.            

Never mind the constitutional conflict presidential candidates Walker, Cruz, Fiorina, Jindal, and Graham, (who historically has trumpeted immigration reform) have induced, like those moles in the tunnel, just a few hours later announce the same Trump proclamation. In fact this is pretty much the whole of the Republican Party’s standing. Its aim is a direct shot at Latinos.

In jumping all over the place, Walker appears to be confused. Within hours of Trump’s disposal proposal, in using Trump as his guide dog, Walker at the Iowa state fairgrounds replies to MSNBCs Kasie Hunt after being asked if he would end birthright citizenship that, “Yeah, absolutely, going forward.” He further elaborates, “Yeah, to me it's about enforcing the laws in this country. And I've been very clear, I think you enforce the laws, and I think it's important to send a message that we're going to enforce the laws, no matter how people come here we're going to enforce the laws in this country.” He says this implying that laws are already in place to deport “anchor babies” even though in stark contrast the so-called Republican “anchor babies” are protected by constitutional laws.

However on Friday August 20th his stance abruptly changes once asked the same question claiming to CNBCs John Harwood that, “I'm not taking a position on it one way or the other.

Then this past Sunday 22nd, within seven days he performs the triple flip-flop on ABCs ‘This Week’ citing that his immigration reforms are “similar” to Trumps’ and further diverted without any conviction, “But the one thing that I do want to clarify is I do think that there is some real frustration out there.”

Hours after Trump’s announcement, others had to jump in on this right-wing covered wagon cart announcing their ideology. Piyush Jindal (AKA Bobbie) tweets, “We need to end birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants.”

Yeah I don’t mind changing that law. I think it’s a bad practice to be giving citizenship based on birth.” That’s what Lindsey Graham professes to Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

Carly Fiorina when asked by a ‘Wall Street Journal’ (WSJ) reporter at the Iowa State Fair on her thoughts about Trump’s immigration declaration she responded, “I think there are aspects of his plan that makes a lot of sense.” When the WSJ asked for her personal views, she declared, “I think we must begin by securing the border. Then when we’ve done all that, then we can decide what to do with the people who have come here and stayed illegally. My own view is that they do not earn a pathway to citizenship; (be)cause I know too many people, as do all of us have done it the right way.” Fiorina then abruptly ends the conversation.        

This past Saturday August 30th, Chris Christie waited awhile before he weighed in…get it, weighed in, Christie’s weight…anyway, he languished a bit longer than the other GOP candidates in carpe diem-ing the immigration thing when he gave out a lulu in saying up in Laconia, New Hampshire during a Republican gathering: 

At any moment, ‘FedEx’ can tell you where that package is. It’s on the truck. It’s at the station. It’s on the airplane. So here's what I'm going to do as president: I'm going to ask Fred Smith, the founder of Federal Express, to come work for the government for three months at Immigration and Custom Enforcement and show these people. We need to have a system that tracks you from the moment you come in, and then when your time is up...however long your visa is, then we go get you. We tap you on the shoulder and say, ‘Thanks for coming. Time to go!’”

One might want to know that Christie’s campaign spokeswoman, Samantha Smith is ‘FedEx’ Freddie’s daughter. I don’t think Christie is going to “ask” Fred, no, I think fully that Fred came up with this Republican package people idea and has already suggested it to Christie.

Cruz on CBS’ August 23rd ‘Face the Nation airing emphasized that enforcing current laws is more important than the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment when he belted out, “There's a good faith argument on both sides. We should pursue whichever one is effective. But as policy matter, we should change the law.” He then alludes to the fact that there is much value in trying to end the practice of mothers coming into the U.S. to have babies that are given birthright citizenship and finally concludes with the usual Obama bash, “The first priority should be securing the border and we can do that with a president unlike president Obama, who will actually enforce the laws and get the job done.”

Cruz, in addition to stating he “absolutely” supports ending birthright citizenship also enlisted a case first highlighted by Trump by introducing a senate bill named after a woman who was shot to death by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco.

Cruz is on a vendetta in defending the Republican “anchor baby” term and as an example is his comments on Iowa’s ultra-conservative talk show host, Jan Mickelson’s radio show. On air, when Mickelson asked him if “anchor baby” is a demeaning term, Cruz demented, “You know, there is power, Jan, to simply speaking the truth, to not engaging in this politically correct nonsense and double-speak.” He later distracts in saying, “Speak honestly and candidly about the challenges we face, whether it’s the assault on marriage — and we have the Supreme Court and the radical left trying to forcibly redefine marriage and to tear down what has been a fundamental building block of our society from time immemorial — or when it comes to, on immigration.”

This Republican “anchor baby” catch phrase is really nothing more than aggrandized fairy tale dust. GOP candidates use the sarcastic term because it gets their low informed audiences’ attention. Remember, the Republican Party deals in rhetorical ideology and not substantive facts.

Trump has used the phrase several times in his immigration speeches and Jindal on ‘Fox News’ gleefully expressed he was “happy to use” the term. It is part of the Republican vocabulary.

Even the supposedly moderate conservative Jeb! used it a few times himself. One was with the Bill Bennett conservative radio show where Jeb! professed when questioned about border security, “Greater enforcement so that you don’t have these… you know…‘anchor babies’ as they’re described coming into the country.” Well enough is far well too much, so America’s Hispanic communities began voicing their protest for the disgusting phrase.

ABC correspondent and Sunday World News Tonight anchor, Tom Llamas shifted his angst opinion over to Bush, first mentioning that, “Just two years ago, Bush chaired a Hispanic outreach group that sent a memo to Capitol Hill suggesting conservatives don’t use the term ‘anchor baby’. Now he’s defending it.”

Getting a bunch of flack and negative media, Jeb! goes on the campaign trail not to apologize, but only to make things worse in trying to justify his comments in using the derogatory term.

So ol’ Jeb! goes to the border town of McAllen, Texas to express to Hispanics there that what he was referring to in using “anchor babies” wasn’t aimed at Latino Americans, but rather at Asian Americans when he said, “What I was talking about was the specific case of fraud being committed, where there's organized efforts, and frankly, it's more related to Asian people coming into our country, having children in that organized efforts, taking advantage of a noble concept with birthright citizenship.”

Of course he’s now riled the Asian American communities as well, so Jeb!, as if he’s trying to perform his own autopsy said in defiance, “I think we need to take a step back and chill out a little bit as it relates to the political correctness that somehow you have to be scolded every time you say something.”

After that, in looking callous, he then throws up his hands in sobbing to a reporter, “Do you have a better term? You give me a better term and I'll use it.” I really do like what Hillary Clinton tweeted when she got word of Jeb’s comment. She simply stated, “They’re called babies.”

Republicans use “anchor babies” in the sense that soon to-be-mothers cross over the border in hordes to give birth therefore the parents can become citizens of the U.S. since they had a child in the U.S., but it’s purely mythical right-wing fodder. Undocumented parents with children born here in the states are deported on a constant basis including the child and are not entitled to come back to this country until they reach the age of twenty-one no matter if they are considered a citizen.

Even when they do come back they have to pay for assessments such as an average of $600.00 assessed essentially as a birth tax. At heart, these so-called U.S. citizen babies when deported are raised elsewhere in limbo having no legal citizenship status. Current U.S. immigration laws have thwarted the original intentions of the 14th Amendment.

For this very one of many reasons is why this country so desperately needs immigration reform, but Republicans will not allow the senate bill to go forward.          

In reference to a little constitutional history, the 14th Amendment was ratified to the U.S. constitution in 1868 forcing the nation to adhere and resort back to the founding father’s principles of birthright citizenship. The 14th Amendment was in direct response to the 1857 SCOTUS ‘Dred Scott vs. Stanford’ ruling to correct the decision’s injustice in denying American born blacks citizenship.

The 14th Amendment provides that, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”       

On the other hand, one of the eligibility requirements established in the United States Constitution for election to the office of President or Vice President is this status as a natural-born citizen of the United States. Section 1 of Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution states for presidential eligibility requirements:

No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

Further, the 12th Amendment states Article 2 also goes for the vice president as well when it states, “No person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.”

This requirement was intended to protect the nation from foreign influence. Yet while Republicans wailed about this concerning Obama’s birth place, their false accusations were just that…fairy tale dust. But concerning Ted Cruz, who’s running for the office of president, well now, he actually is not a naturally born U.S. citizen (even his first eight years he didn’t live in the U.S.). These same Republicans are keeping hushed about the truth and will be the first ones in line for the voting booths to pull the lever for Cruz. To justify their hypocrisy, they do claim his mother is American, but so was Obama’s; in fact she is so American that Obama has every right to belong to the ‘Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution’ since his mother’s ancestral line stretches all the way back to the fledgling nation’s war with Great Britain for independence.

Reince Priebus, as chairman of the RNC is stating Republicans are compassionate and sincere in the party’s reaching out to minority voters. He might just want to reevaluate the GOPs platform for “anchor babies” just isn’t working. A recent 07/08-08/23, 2015 Gallup poll in surveying Hispanics shows that American Hispanics have an unfavorable opinion of Trump at a staggering -51%; that’s a minus sign in front of the percent number folks. J. Bush leads the GOP presidential candidacy pack, but at a mere 11% favorability. In a mid-July poll conducted by ‘Bendixen and Amandi’ for ‘Univision’, when compared to Clinton, Bush loses by 27%. Even in his home state of Florida, J. Bush would be trounced by Clinton in a hypothetical presidential match-up by a strong 5 percentage points.

As for the American Asian vote, Mitt Romney hardly made a dent with Obama enjoying an overwhelming showing pulling in 73% of the Asian vote. After Jeb’s debacle, it just might be worse this go-round.          

Priebus may as well kiss the ethnic groups adios, for in his trembling reach out to minorities; they’ve already set sail for more ethical higher grounds…it’s anchors away m’friend from the Republican shoreline.

Jindal just might want to be a little quieter on the matter for he was born to non U.S. citizen parents that were here on temporary educational visas. He might argue that they were here legally, but the Republican drive is to get “anchor babies” wholly; if you’re parents aren’t citizens then neither will the “anchor baby” be.

For that matter, Trump might want to watch his p’s ‘n’ q’s for his mother was a Scottish immigrant when he was born while his paternal grandparents came straight from Germany giving birth to Trump’s father as immigrants.

I will give credit to two lone GOP candidates who broke rank with their party. John Kasich reversed his former position and said he would leave the 14th Amendment alone, while Michael Huckabee said he would never address revising the amendment.

Lawless West of the Pecos North, South ‘n’ East Too:
We are a nation of laws Republicans insistently claim, but yet they are the ones who insist on breaking those laws.

For instance, the recent Supreme Court decisions regarding LGBT marriage equality rights and Obamacare, you have Republicans insisting they will ignore the rulings when the Constitution explicitly expresses in Article III, has final interpretation and decision over original jurisdiction, appellate jurisdiction, state court cases and federal law.

This doesn’t seem to matter much to Republicans, for they thumbed noses and decided to take matters up into their own hands.

Governor Gregg Abbott (R-TX) wasn’t going to have any of that U.S. Supreme Court decision raining down on Texas to pop out that LGBT rainbow, so ordered the protection of religious liberties by allowing religious government employees to deny benefits to married couples. He forgot one thing though, his order is illegal, so he walked it backwards by backpedaling it out of law.

But it gave him a chance to shine like a diamond in a goat’s rear for all the insanely religious Texans to see how godly their governor truly is by tweeting and snapping a snazzy photog for his Facebook page.

Ahhh...ain't he a religious dude

Days after the SCOTUS decision, Texas’ Republican attorney general, Dave Paxton wasn’t going to be outdone by Abbott, so issues a directive encouraging straight clerks to refuse marriage licenses to same sex couples. A few days after his tantrum though, Paxton’s indicted and arraigned for acting as a fake securities broker without being registered milking even acquaintances out of their money.

Marriage equality is the law, but attorney generals and governors all across the red states from Mississippi to Utah are weighing every ounce bit of options they can come up with and muster to break the law.      

The ‘Environmental Protection Agency’ (EPA) is attempting to lower greenhouse gas emissions from coal plants. Once the agency concludes and files their reports at the end of this summer, they will then ask states under law to submit a detailed plan on how they will implement the new requirements. 

Totally against anything good for the environment and perceived as a burden to business as usual, Republican Mitch McConnell, who is the acting senate majority leader explicitly told Republican governors to defy and break the law. At a Republican caucus luncheon this past March third, McConnell stated, “Think twice before submitting a state plan. Refusing to go along at this time with such an extreme proposed regulation would give the courts time to figure out if it is even legal, and it would give Congress more time to fight back. We’re devising strategies now to do just that.”

I disagree with you on guns, fossil fuels and the environment
Oh, Mr. McConnell, it is quite legal for the EPA to enforce legalized environmental laws and seek out those who intentionally break them. McConnell needs to reread the 10th Amendment. James Madison, although he wanted states’ rights to be protected, he entered the tenth constitutional modification in such a worded way that constitutionally, states have rights but not sole powers; the federal government is the whole and sole entity to implicit powers. Any one or group that interferes in federal work or investigations is known as ‘obstruction of justice’. EPA laws are not only legal they’re ethical in ensuring a sound earthly environment for future generations and life in general. It is you sir who harbors “extreme” views while asking others to break the law for your corporate base coal bosses.   

The Hypocritical Oath:

Remember how Trump kept pushing for Obama’s birth certificate and university degrees? How he incessantly rode on questioning Obama’s birth and education even long after documents had been produced proving Obama’s qualifications? Do ya recall that? He rode that dead horse way nigh past its succumbing period until it simply fizzled away.

Well, it’s funny how conspiracies can circle back to the conspirator, for currently Trump is refusing to release his own records. He’s refusing to show documents proving his claim that he graduated number one at the ‘Wharton School of Finance.’ Even researching yearbooks during Trump’s claim, it shows that he only attended the university for two years, therefore didn’t even graduate. It does however prove he was once a student there.

On top of that, Trump as the current leader in the GOP candidacy pack, has his ‘Trump International Website’ bragging in the portfolio about its luxury hotels and fancy golf courses in Dubai and Istanbul. Last I heard these cities are located in the Muslim dominated countries of the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. Doesn’t anything to do with Muslims leave a nasty taste as wrapped around right-winger tongues?

Trump has numerous more overseas luxury resorts, and most of his rich clientele are owners of American companies that have abandoned America’s shorelines for more prosperous tax havens.  

Oh and also, back home here in the states, when it comes to hiring illegal immigrants, Trump’s general construction and subcontractors that he hired to build his projects, they themselves have hired multitudes of illegal immigrants simply to cut worker costs. 
Hillary’s e-mail: every current politician has used personal e-mails for official business; every one of them…even Trey Gowdy, who is instigating this Benghazi molehill into a mountain by shooting up directly into the vein of partisan politics.

That’s right Trey Gowdy the House Select Committee Benghazi Chairman has used private email and not a government e-mail address in conducting official business. However, he refuses to be interviewed or give any statements to reporters or the news media affiliates concerning his own info@treygowdy.com. The taxpayer does not know if Gowdy has used his personal e-mail address for both political campaign work and congressional conversing, for he will not say.

Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), who succeeded Darrel Issa as Chairman of the ‘House Oversight & Government Reform Committee’ boldly advertises his e-mail as both personal and official.

Today J. Bush proclaims at the Iowa State Fair, “When I was governor of the state of Florida, I released all my emails. I’m writing an e-book about my emails. I think we need a lot more transparency in politics today.”

Oh yeah, maybe if he’s speaking of secrecy over transparency, but other than that Bush is lying out loud.

It not only took Bush over seven years to comply with the Florida e-mail statue, he handpicked them and only turned over 250,000 of the 550,000 of his private account.

As reported by the 03/14/2015 ‘New York Times’: “It took Mr. Bush seven years after leaving office to comply fully with a Florida public records statute requiring him to turn over emails he sent and received as governor, according to records released Friday. Mr. Bush delivered the latest batch of 25,000 emails in May 2014, seven and a half years after leaving the Statehouse and just as he started to contemplate a potential run for the White House, according to a newly disclosed letter written by his lawyer. A Florida statute governing the preservation of public records requires elected officials, including the governor, to turn over records pertaining to official business ‘at the expiration of his or her term of office.”

To follow up on his hand selection by the 01/03/2015 ‘Tampa Bay Times’: “The former governor conducted all his communication on his private Jeb@jeb.org account and turned over the hand-selected batch to the state archives when he left office. Absent from the stash are emails the governor deemed not relevant to the public record: those relating to politics, fundraising and personal matters while he was governor.”

The final relevance of other prying eyes as reported by the 03/15/2015 CNN investigative report: “CNN review of those emails turned up evidence a number of his official aides and family members also had email addresses housed at Jeb.org — and used them to conduct both official and political business — raising questions about how transparent that email dump ultimately was.”

Now, where are the Trey Gowdy henchmen circling the corral over this?
In speaking of e-mails, the feds have been conducting an undercover investigation into the Ashley Madison website that is strictly a blog for infidelity where married persons look to engage with other married persons. The website’s motto is, “Life is short, have an affair.”

The site was hacked with the hackers releasing the website customer’s data between the dates of July 22-August 20, 2015. This concerned the federal government for it was found out that some government officials, state and federal were using official government computers to illicit the site.  

Besides a lot of scorned spouses, the revealed customer base also included CEO corporate executives and politicians. A couple of Republicans had their names on the website’s released list. Among them was Head of Louisiana’s GOP, executive director Jason Doré.

His excuse smells of what flies are attracted to. Instead of admitting guilt, he justifies that it was for his law firm’s research and nothing else in saying that, “As the state's leading opposition research firm, our law office routinely searches public records, online databases and websites of all types to provide clients with comprehensive reports. Our utilization of this site was for standard opposition research. Unfortunately, it ended up being a waste of money and time.”

Republican Baton Rouge metro city councilman, Ryan Heck also had his name revealed on the list, but says he did it as a joke without further comment. He claims on a tweeted message, “Dumb thing: went to Ashley Madison as a joke 5 years ago.”

Another Republican caught was Florida’s state attorney, Jeff Ashton. He always portrays himself as the holier than thou fellow, but was caught with his pants down as his name was listed on the hacked website revealing he had not one but two active credit card accounts for the site. Ashton was using the cheating site on taxpayer’s time and on official state computers.

One of his comments was, “Please be real. I want someone that fantasizes about being brought to a climax by a lover with a skillful tongue and fingers as well as his member. Also a big toy collection is a plus.” Now this is a married guy with six children.

The Republican Alabama mayor of Hartselle, Mr. Don Hall has had his name linked with the website and has resigned although the town’s small population of 14,466 taxpayers are still going to have to front his $55,000.00/yr. salary and $350.00 car allowance until November.

Aside from John Duggar’s name being listed as a client, whom Republicans have rallied around on behalf of his defense in being implicated as a child molester merely because he expressed right-wing views on his reality TV show; where is the conservative evangelical outrage.

Michael Huckabee’s ‘Fox News’ show of five years ago featured Noel Biderman, the CEO of Ashley Madison and although Huckabee disagreed with the website’s format, he did confess that he could be wrong in questioning the site’s intentions. Again, where is this only true Christian, the fundamentalist moral majority purge here?

There appears to be no known ranking Democrat on the hacked infidelity website’s list. I’ve searched hard, but none has come up. It appears to only be a Republican thing, now imagine that. Maybe since this is a secret Republican behavior, it bears out the reason for all the conservative quiet about it. Not even a peep has been ushered from the normally howling right-wing blog sites; not even a chirrup.

Ya know, in the right-wing Christian mind, it’s quite OK to rip into women’s rights and back a heavily edited anti ‘Planned Parenthood’ under the cuff video to defund the program (Cruz has even said he will write a senate bill to defund ‘Planned Parenthood’ in its entirety throughout all 50 states) and remain oblivious to cheating spouses. But where the Bible says nothing about abortion, it says plenty about infidelity. So, is the Bible Belt slogan of “Family Values” in name only?

The right-wing Christian will crow and bark all the day long about the evils of what gays and lesbians do behind closed doors when Jesus Christ their savior says nothing about LGBTs but does express his stern views on adultery in Matthew 5: 27-30.

In listening to right-wingers talk, the hypocritical arrogance they declare by claiming their religious freedoms are being infringed upon by denouncing the LGBT’s struggles in attempts to at least gain a shred of citizenship equality. Exactly how does gay activity infringe onto their rights? Not one Republican I have spoken to can give an adequate response, because it is merely an opinionated belief and not an actual truth.

Now, while we’re on the topic of religion, let’s continue on into another segment in how Republican politicians use average citizen Republicans as pawns for votes.

Not even cancer can stop former President Jimmy Carter from doing what he loves to do. Appearing at a small church in Plains, Georgia without fanfare, Carter quietly taught a Sunday school class to hundreds of churchgoers in attendance.

Meanwhile, Texas governor Greg Abbott is not socializing in quiet prayer, but is stuffing the wrath of fear down the throats of gullible right-wing Christians. In a ‘Christian Broadcasting Network’ interview this past August’s last week, Abbott prophesized that “Religious liberty from the Bible and the issues that Christians believe in have become hostile in the mainstream politics, and there is one key reason for it and that’s because the people who attend these congregations or pastor these congregations do not turn out and vote and we are dealing with the consequences by the failure of Christians to go vote.”

In other words, if the proper Republican Christian doesn’t go out and vote Republican, America is going all to Hell.

Abbott also spoke to a collection of pastors gathered in Austin for a two day political training seminar hosted by the conservative ‘American Renewal Project’. In attendance was none other than presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. Abbott’s turning our houses of worship into political right-wing breeding grounds.     

Just this past Friday (08/28/2015) Cruz prepared a sermon for evangelical pastors encouraging them to preach it to their congregation. In his quest to defund ‘Planned Parenthood’ and his encroachment on women’s private lives in denying them quality healthcare coverage in areas such as pelvic exams, cancer screenings and disease treatments in which ‘Planned Parenthood’ provides, he’s telling the nation’s pastors that it is their God given duty to preach this sermon and radicalize their congregants into shoving women back into primitive roles.

The sermon, titled ‘The Cry of the Innocent for the Soul of a Nation’ starts off with: “Proverbs provides clear insight into God’s character. He has a personal hatred for seven things. God judges them to be so odious that they are an abomination to Him. His character will never allow His hatred of an abomination to evolve into a toleration of it. His children should be resolved to reflect His character, not to redefine it.”

It ends with: “After you pray for your life to be back on course, pray for your Congressmen and Senators to hear from God regarding the ending of the slaughter of the innocent. Let them know that you are praying for them, and you are expecting them to do the right thing. You will no longer tolerate any excuse when they have the chance to vote to end government sponsored support of the murder and dismemberment of babies in this session of Congress. God hates it. You can stop it. For God’s sake, make it happen.”

The title and the contents are nothing but a load of mush. If ya want to read its entirety, click here.

In comparison, President Carter respects religion in worship without fanfare. Abbott and Cruz along with a whole slew of other GOP politicians attempt to use religion to their advantage in riling the flock to arms.

Republican Christianity has bordered beyond irrationality. Once I could speak with them and end up on amicable terms…not anymore. It is not that my religious stance has changed, it hasn’t; it’s that theirs has become more extreme, more hostile, deceitful and intolerant. This god, guns and connivance just isn’t a goodly mixed elixir.

To state how pro-life they are then in the next breath condemn the poor including their infants is what’s intolerable. When they boast that Republicanism stands for smaller government, yet it is Republican presidential administrations that have raised the national debt nine times more than Democrat presidents going all the way back to 1978, well that’s just plain deceitful. Gloatingly stating that Republicans don’t allow intrusions into private lives when they’re constantly preaching to what women should do to their bodies and legislating laws against LGBT communities that is just plain old snuff too hard to chew.

Of course Republicans glorify the military when sending our soldiers off to fight their opined necessary wars, but when those same soldiers come back haggard and maimed as veterans, Republicans in over a decade have voted against all veterans bills but the last one last year simply because they were finally squeezed into a political suicide corner after the VA scandal had broken out.

In retaliation for a petition on WhiteHouse.gov charging the forty-seven senators signing Senator Joe Cotton’s illicit letter to Iran with treason, right-wingers filed their own petition on the very same website claiming Obama has conducted treasonous and traitorous acts from immigration to the Iran diplomacy agreement.

In their warped sense of mind, right-wing respondents, conservative blogs/media and authors of the petition claim since the Obama administration has called for implementing treason against the forty-seven GOP senators, they feel turnabout is fair play might be in order here. Problem is, the senate petition was not conducted by the Obama administration, it was put out by American citizens and posted on the very same website that the right-wingers also posted on.

On that website, if 100,000 signatures are accrued the Obama administration will respond to the petition on whether they will act upon it or not. Both these petitions were put out this past spring. Once both petitions reached their due date, the forty-seven senator petition had well over 260,000 signatures whereas the Obama petition had a paltry showing of well under 10,000 signatures.

Perhaps the low signature amount was due to the paranoid tendencies Republicans have when it comes to government, thinking if they signed they would be targeted. But one responder, going by the moniker of ‘Serena’ appeared to not let that shake her when she commented, “I am not afraid to DIE bringing this evil man down! He is a traitor, a psychotic, a malignant narcissist and a virulent racist. Where are the patriots in the Secret Service, the CIA, the FBI and Special Forces that SHOULD be taking this man down????? Are they all cowards now? Is it now up to the private militias to save this nation and its Constitution?”

See, in her mind (wherein lies the actual “psychotic” measure), as in all right-wingers the only true American patriot is a white, preferably male evangelical bigot. Even though the forty-seven GOP senator petition readily surpassed the signature goal, the Obama administration did the senators a favor and declined to act upon the petition’s request.

As far as the two petitions go the senator one was more valid for there are binding grounds the Cotton senatorial signatured letter broke the 1799 Logan Act that prohibits individuals, whether they be some members of Congress or the man on the street corner from negotiating with foreign governments.

Besides, Cotton during a recent visit to Israel and meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stated over his own president and nation, “I will stand with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel…”

Of course this statement simply flies over right-wing radar when it comes to true patriotism as opposed to their warped sense of white American patriotism.

Obama’s been roundly criticized for calling the Republican congress crazies. When attending a Democrat event in Nevada earlier this month, the president called Mitch McConnell who is currently the senate majority leader and his senate Republicans “the crazies” and he’s not backing away from the comment. He has a valid point.

When Republicans do nothing substantive in legislation and are currently gearing up but once again to shut down the government, something only terrorist groups dream about achieving, then yes I think most reasonable minds may contend they are loopy in the head.  

As with the GOP U.S. Congress’ extreme views, Obama had a word to say about Iran’s conservative extremism as well when he gave a comparison to the two extreme sides in stating:

I recognize that resorting to force may be tempting in the face of the rhetoric and behavior that emanates from parts of Iran. It is offensive. It is incendiary. We do take it seriously. But superpowers should not act impulsively in response to taunts, or even provocations that can be addressed short of war. Just because Iranian hardliners chant “Death to America” does not mean that that’s what all Iranians believe.”

Obama concludes, “In fact, it’s those hardliners who are most comfortable with the status quo. It’s those hardliners chanting “Death to America” who have been most opposed to the deal. They’re making common cause with the Republican caucus.”

Although not too tactful in its elegance, Obama’s words are factual. During his two terms, Obama has had to put up with a load of crap from Republicans with their partisan tactic conspiracy theories, made-up crisis after crisis and melodramas while riling up their ignorant street base with fear tactics and lying rhetoric. He’s had enough and is calling out the nut-wads; good for him. His words present every bit of the truth no matter how they whine and moan.

They can dish it out but can’t take it themselves…not only do Republicans bash Obama on a daily basis with unjustified accusations and namecalling, they wouldn’t dare be seen in public beside him or shake his hand while they clamber to line up in opportunity to pose with Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Now what kind of patriotism does that express…

When Republicans pushed to fund the government at sequester levels after they and their miserably failed financial policies had already wreaked havoc in giving birth to the ‘Great Recession’; yes I’d say their a bit brainsick. When through Republican instigating leadership the government has been threatened to be shut down three times, unless the GOP had their way with one shutdown actually occurring for sixteen days in October of 2013; yes I’d say Republicans are a bit disturbed.

Currently on two fronts, Republicans are manically once again threatening to shut down the government. One, led by Ted Cruz is in the senate if ‘Planned Parenthood’ isn’t totally defunded while the do-nothing House Republicans may shutdown the government in refusing to make a fiscal year 2016 budget.

To yet again suggest another Republican government shutdown based solely on a faked and forged video that Republican congressmen prescreened and approved of just before its public exposure is moronic and contemptuous to the rest of America. Simply put…it’s a disgrace.      

Considering the recent ‘Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action’ (JCPOA), the U.S. and Iran hardliner sides are very similar in nature in refusing diplomacy, instead opting for military conflict. GOP hawkish hard-noses want a war with Iran and the Iranian branch of hardliners want war with the perceived U.S. enemy. Both of their talking points have nothing to do with a “better deal” as the Republican excuse goes. No, it’s not at all about competing offers over a table on a diplomatic scale; it’s all about a path to war…not peace. The extremists on both sides want to kill the deal…

With all the incessant GOP obstructions and endless filibusters one cannot negotiate with the demented, so in Obama’s evolvement, he realizes that compromise (his true course in his personal nature) is no longer an objective and has taken a more toughened and necessary stance when it comes to dealing with Republicans in legislation and policy making. Jolly good for him…

Now Obama seems to have stepped on some Koch toes hurting their feelings. During his August 24, 2015 ‘National Clean Energy Summit’ speech on renewable energy Obama had this to say, “You start seeing massive lobbying efforts backed by fossil fuel interests, or conservative think tanks, or the Koch brothers pushing for new laws to roll back renewable energy standards or prevent new clean energy businesses from succeeding — that’s a problem.”

Now is that or isn’t that the truth? It is and it direly hurt the wee feelings of Charles Koch for Obama to relay the truth. Koch immediately announces, “It’s beneath the president, the dignity of the president, to be doing that.” He also continues on how “flabbergasted” he is that a politician, no less the president would have the temerity to honestly speak about the Koch goings on with their ongoing attacks and waged war on renewable energy.

Perhaps the Koch Brothers in tandem conveniently forget that they themselves along with their Koch funded ‘Americans for Prosperity’ and ‘Heritage Action’ and their state legislative arm ‘American Legislative Exchange Council’ have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into lobbying congress to repeal and put an end to renewable energy standards.

So Charlie may feel “flabbergasted” on the president pointing out the truth, but Charles and David Koch are going to have to realize no matter how much money they sway, they are still vulnerable by those of ethical standards to call them out and hit back.

On August 30th, Obama took down the Alaskan mountain’s name of Mount McKinley and restored its original Native American name back to Denali. I can see why Ohioans might tend to be a bit upset as President William McKinley was a native Ohioan for whom the mountain’s namesake derived from when a gold prospector suggested it, but to call Obama a dictator for doing so.

Former Representative Ralph Regula (R-OH) said, “[Obama] thinks he is a dictator and he can change the law. The law says it’s Mount McKinley, and he can’t change a law by a flick of the pen.

Denali, meaning the ‘high one’ is an Athabascan Indian word in which they have always used in calling the mountain that is the highest geographical point in all of North America. Alaskans themselves, even Sarah Palin, still refer to the mountain as Denali. The name change to Mount McKinley didn’t happen until 1981 when congress approved it.

I do see why Ohioans may be upset, but they need to consider and put into context this: President McKinley never set a foot on Alaskan soil and if say some Alaskans wanted the Ohio River changed to Denali River, an Athabascan word and knowing these American Natives have never set foot on Ohio’s ground…how then would Ohioans feel? They’d have a legitimate beef for sure then on this turnabout. So Ohioans, I say to you…let this go, you will get over it.

Also as of late, President Obama has designated land and two historical sites as national monuments. One is ‘Browns Canyon National Monument’, a rugged granite cliff and outcropping preserve in the ‘Upper Arkansas River Valley’ that holds many whitewater rivers. Another is the ‘Pullman National Monument’ in Chicago honoring the South Side neighborhood built by industrialist George Pullman to create affordable housing for his workers manufacturing railroad sleeping cars. The third is ‘Honoliuli National Monument’ located in Hawaii on Oahu Island honoring those Japanese Americans that were interred by the U.S. government during WWII.

Yes Republicans didn’t like these monuments either as land being set aside safely tucked away from economic development and exposing some industrial generosities for U.S. workers or the negative aspects of America’s history.

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) publicly told Obama to “cut it out,” further stating, “He is not king. No more acting like King Barack.” Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) upset about cutting off development in the Browns Canyon expressed the monumental designation as “a top-down, big-government land grab by the president that disenfranchises the concerned citizens in the Browns Canyon region.”

Really? No matter what move this president takes Republicans will admonish it simply because they govern by emotion instead of logic. By the way, outdoorsmen are thrilled by the Browns Canyon designation.       

In their partisan principles it is in the Republican’s reactionary nature to go against the Iran nuclear diplomacy deal no matter if they can’t come up with an iota of a better alternative; they’ve even enlisted Dick Cheney to speak on their behalf in going against the deal. But when GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee accused Obama of marching Israelis “to the door of the oven,” in reference to the Nazis concentration camp furnaces, it is beyond incredulous. For Tom Cotton to proclaim Secretary of State John Kerry, who was the main negotiator of the Iran nuclear deal, as Pontius Pilate is beyond absurdity.

When will it end? When will it ever end...              
Bruised Bunions:
Below is an excerpt taken from a right-wing blog site called ‘From the Right’. The thread (well I call it a thread, but it more-like turned into a steel cable) is between me and a typical right-wing member. The article was concerning evolution, but as usual, no matter the article’s content, these conservative threads always ignore the topic and divert right into using it as a pedestal for divulging in all the anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-democratic and anti-justice this president and all “libturds” are. I find it funny how they accuse all liberals in lying by actually lying in making that statement. This guy at one point even sends one comment to himself instead of me…don’t quite know what that was all about, except for the fact he knew the receiver of his reply (which is himself) would totally agree with himself.  

We don't evolve because NotJim and people like him are liberal/progressives and instead of evolving they are working their way backwards. I'll guess we'll see if evolution is true or not when the liberal/progressives take to the trees and finally prove that the far left have remained monkeys but have just changed their physical appearance.

                             Texancoach  Robert Pekarik  6 days ago
It's idiots who make statements without any knowledge behind it that are taking us all back to primal states...

Thank you. Once in awhile truth does come from the far left. You're absolutely right, your statements are devoid of knowledge and mimic the constant drone of the dark, dark ages.

Say Robert, then let's get down to brass tacks...
Instead of slinging slurs, let's start backing our words with substantive facts. Pick a topic...any subject...evolution, the national debt/deficit, the economy, job creation, Obamacare...anything, you pick it and I'll gladly discuss it with ya.
So fire away cowpunch...

I'd love to start with Planned Parenthood and the abortion president but that will come later. How about Job creation:
Forbes 10/2014: "Here is the stunning statistic on the economy that tells the whole story about why we aren't growing faster. Since Barak Obama entered the Oval Office in January 2009, the percentage of the working age population actually part of the labor force (either working or looking for work) has plummeted by 3 percentage points - to 62.7%. Not since early 1978 has such a low proportion of the working-age population been in the working force. In effect, the labor force is 7.4 million smaller than it otherwise would have been had people either not stopped looking for work or, particularly with the case of younger Americans, simply failed to start looking for work. In effect, nearly as many Americans have either left the work force - or never entered - in this recovery than have found a job. That's a very distressing trend. It also explains the big dive in the official government rate to 5.9%".
This in not surprising coming from the corrupt and manipulative liar-in-chief. What is it to him to manipulate the true unemployment figures?
The jobs that are being created are all low paying service worker jobs that encourage filing for Food Stamps, Welfare and whatever other entitlements that give you more than if you were working. But that's okay by this president he will just distribute income to continue with his community organization entitlement ideology. All the good paying jobs are disappearing on a daily basis either to other countries because of the strangulation on businesses that this administration has written into law, or because people aren't making enough money working the Obama jobs to be able to afford to build a house, or buy a car, or go on a vacation. But this community organizer has already told us that all the other nations in the world are just as exceptional as America and America needs to be taken down to their level. He's doing a great job of fundamentally transforming America.
Now a lot of young people are out of work and some of them have become professional protestors and agitators.
Let's here the far left liberal blame game excuses on how this was all the fault of George Bush!!

Your opening statement already reveals your contempt attitude and bias thoughts. Legal abortions have been going on throughout Democrat and Republican presidencies since the early '70's...in fact Roe v Wade was handed down under Nixon's (a Republican) term...why not call him the abortion president...Secondly, ya give nothing on why Obama would be solely responsible for lack of job creation.
When Obama took office, the nation was hemorrhaging over 800,000/month job losses sending the jobless rate up anywhere between 9.9-10% unemployment...we are currently hovering around 5.3% unemployment with 67 consecutive weeks of job creation in the private sector. Now, how ya can blame Obama on the aging workforce factor is beyond me.
For that matter, under Obama’s presidency more private sector jobs have been created than in any other presidency and that includes beating out Reagan in which jobs created were primarily in government positions.
Yepper sports fan...most jobs are now currently lower wage and non sustaining wages due strictly to Republican policies...vetoing job bills and the minimum pay scale and destroying unions that are only a mere 23% of their once input in representing the American worker...the W. Bush administration actually instructing his Labor Dept. to break the law in sending a letter to corporate CEOs in how they could bypass paying overtime. Oh yeah, Florida's skeleton of a governor Rick Scott along with his Republican legislation even tried passing a law where employers do not have to pay their employers any overlooked payments due them, until they got busted by the 'Fair Labors Standard Act'.
Say cowpunch, do ya even know the percentage of tax payer dollars going to welfare as opposed to defense or other political pet projects. According to someone making $50,000 in one year that American taxpayer pays $6.98 to welfare, $3.98 to natural disaster relief (FEMA), $247.75 to defense and a whopping $4,000.00 to corporate subsidies. So it seems you will whine and bellyache about spending a mere $6.98 for those in true need just to survive, but apparently corporate welfare is all so cheesy in handing over $4,000.00 of taxpayer money to corporations that don't need it...A tad bit hypocritical in ethics...don't ya think...
Sure instead of blaming poverty why not blame the poor that are down on their luck in losing their mortgages, life savings, pensions and jobs due to Republican regulatory policies...and yes your danged right I blame the one responsible. If a father told his 8-yr-old to go punch a 2-yr-old toddler in the nose...who in the world would blame the 8-yr-old...it is the dad who is to blame...got that.
"Manipulative liar-in-chief" ya say...well there ya go again...showing ignorance and shallow rhetoric without an ounce of proof...when did Obama outright lie, as if other presidents haven't...but go ahead, name an outright lie...

The typical false narrative that every liberal spews because that is what you are told to do. Not one word on youth un-employment and the youth and out of work middle-aged and seniors giving up looking for work. Of course it's republicans and conservatives faults as I predicted you would blame. It's the way of the lemming. Don't forget cowgirl when you live by the lie you die by the lie and the lie is all that you liberal progressives rely on.
It's hilarious that after almost 7 years of failed Obama policies you continue to run and hide and do what every dishonest and corrupt liberal democrat has always done blame, blame and blame again.
Outright lie # 1 - "if you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan". As the liar-in-chief was pushing the tremendously unpopular legislation now well known as "Obamacare", at least 37 different times he promised that - If you like your insurance plan you can keep your insurance plan. Even the liberal media could not ignore it. This was LIE OF THE YEAR IN 2013. After cancellation letters were sent to 4 million Americans the public finally realized his breezy assurances were wrong. Think now slick, who can you blame that on? I'm sure you'll come up with something as you peruse your copy of Rules For Radicals. Perhaps you can get help from one of your pathetic far left liberal college professors.
Lie # 2 - "With Obamacare we will reduce your insurance premiums by $2,500, per family per year". The liar-in-chief promised repeatedly (at least 22 times) that Obamacare would reduce our premiums by $2500.00 per year. Guess what sunshine, it was a LIE. The exact opposite has happened. Average premiums have skyrocketed, for some groups as much as 78%. And that's not counting co-pays and deductibles. Now who can you blame that on? I know Ronald Reagan. You idiot!!!
Lie # 3 - "I cannot pass amnesty through executive action... I am not a dictator". At least 22 times the liar-in-chief said he couldn't do executive amnesty himself. Then he implemented a scheme via executive fiat. "In bypassing Congress, the liar-in-chief blatantly ignored the rule of law that is the foundation of our democracy and violated his presidential oath to uphold the laws of this land". But what's breaking the law as president as long as it fits his anti-American ideology and pays back America for being a bad country. Let's think a minute, oh yeah swilly, you can blame the original founding fathers for creating this terrible country. Traitor.
Lie # 4 - Not one dime of Obamacare will go for abortions. In spite of repeated promises that Obamacare would not pay for abortions, it is now clear that the liar-in-chief, wait for it, wait for it -- LIED at least 12 times. In spite of repeated promises that Obamacare would not pay for abortions, it is now clear that the liar-in-chief lied The GAO confirmed that the liar-in-chief lied about this and in fact,1,036 Obamcare plans pay for abortions. Remember the Little Sisters of the Poor Mr. Howdy? They were forced to file a class action mandate to obtain a judgement so they could refrain from providing access to abortion-inducing drugs. You can blame that one on Pope Francis.
Lie # 5 - It was not my decision to pull all the troops from Iraq. His 2012 reelection run found the liar-in-chief taking credit for "ending the war in Iraq". His total lack of foreign policy has been catching up to him on a daily basis. Already he has sent more American soldiers back over to Iraq and thanks to his total ineptness, that he proves on the job every day, who are you going to blame for the beheadings, enslavement, forced relocation, terrorized and tortured innocents since the liar-in chief has perpetrated by his inhuman decisions?
Your lies and excuses will be expected.

Look ingrate, I'm not going to say Obama has never lied, but for you and all other imbeciles who give him the title of "liar-in-chief" is not only distinguishing stupidity in your character, but it's "hilarious" to folks of reason; especially when comparing him to other presidents and their lies.
"Failed policies"...there ya go again, slinging out slobbering accusations that are baseless. Let's compare:
W. threw money out and at America's motor companies in the car manufacturer bailout with no restrictions, except to say 'just fix it'. Obama set up regulatory guidelines and outlines on how the money was to be spent and report in on the recordings of financial statements. End result...America still has its own cars with GM alone employing 202,000 workers along with salvaging all the small business contractors and their employees that cater to the car industry. Which one failed...which one didn't...
Give one policy of his that has failed and the reason it has failed...I know of a couple, but you give one that is not straight out of Breitbart or the RNC website.
1) & 2) Obama did not lie, he was simply relaying on how it was originally setup to be, but he was naive. Regardless of all the right-wing rhetoric that the ACA is a government takeover, it is ran by private company health insurers...this is what Obama didn't take into account and they are the ones that raised premiums as they have always done. But now under the law, not as high a rate as they traditionally have done. According to the non-profit Kaiser Foundation: “Premiums increased more slowly over the past five years than the preceding five years (26 percent vs. 34 percent) and well below the annual double-digit increases recorded in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This year’s increase also is similar to the year-to-year rise in worker’s wages (2.3 percent) and general inflation (2 percent). So, if you want to whine about a below 3% rate in healthcare increases, you should've been sobbing uncontrollably when traditionally they were well over 30%...ten times more.
3) Sure...let's just skip over what Reagan and H W Bush conducted in giving 3 million illegals amnesty. Reagan and Bush’s unilateral actions were simply fixes to the 1986 immigration law that granted green cards to 3 million undocumented (illegal) immigrants. The major priority of immigration law is deterrence. That's why Reagan's executive order and H W's continuation of it acted on immigration and that is why Obama did so as well in his executive. In applying the framework of Obama’s executive action, the law supports the administration’s position. The change in immigration policy may remove a deterrent for foreigners considering illegally immigrating to the U.S., but the drop in deterrence is minimal, since the potential beneficiaries of Obama’s action must have lived in the U.S. continuously for many years. Foreigners cannot come into the country illegally under the expectation that the president will soon grant them protection from deportations. What Republicans despise about it though is that it allows undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows, work legally, and receive legal protections under U.S. law. Immigrants no longer have to worry about a discriminatory immigration system. Maybe most importantly, the new policy will prevent families from being torn apart—which was an underscored theme behind Reagan and Bush’s executive actions. So, since Obama's executive action is based on prosecutorial discretion which leads to deterrence...as long as Obama, or any president is implementing the law in line with congressional priorities—as Obama is—his actions are legal...
4) Fact: Public funding for abortions is intricately structured. Under the Hyde Amendment, federal funds cannot be used for elective abortions under Medicaid-funded plans. Some states do pay 100 percent of the cost of elective abortions without passing on any cost to the federal government. Period. Got that...
5) It was an agreement by W. Bush administration and Iraq under the U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement that had a deadline of 31 December 2011, before which "all the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory." As far as leaving a residual amount of U.S. soldiers that collapsed under Iraq's refusal to protect our soldiers from reprisals, Obama had all military removed as originally stated under the W. agreement. Soldiers sent back to Iraq since the ISIL uprising are non-combatant and strictly there for observation and military advice. So what your point is here is quite unclear on how Obama makes the mark of your morose moniker of "liar-in-chief."

When are you going to take some responsibility for your own actions? The liar-in-chief has, in so many words, told us that he's the smartest man in the world. Why can't the smartest man in the world at least try and correct the past republican mistakes? Why do you keep on blaming your failures on everyone but yourselves? The reason why is a plain as the nose on your lemming face, because Obama is not presidential material, he is so far in over his head that, if it wouldn't be so dangerous for America, it would be comical. There are a few things that he has perfected though, the big lie being one of them but he had to have help from other American hating radicals, the song and dance as he is one hell of a speaker but his words speak much, much louder than his actions and finally he has perfected the blame game.
Now we have illegals invading our nation and he is doing nothing to stop it except giving them names like dreamers. These are not immigrants. Immigrants go through a procedure to enter America and then assimilate into American society by swearing allegiance to our nation. These people coming in are breaking laws that are not being enforced. We guard the Canadian border, why not the border to our south? Because the democrats want votes and the republicans want cheap labor, so Americans become so much collateral damage. Where is the liar-in-chiefs pen and phone when we need it the most? Stopping the invasion of our nation. The nations that hate America are behind all of the invasion going on because they know what the end result will be, the ruination of America. Our president is in league with them.

Had to oafishly go back to mouthing spewage again without any substance didn't ya...just bigoted, angry and rhetorical spite over our duly elected president of the United States. I don't know what color your flag is but mine is red, white and blue. No true patriot would ever, not only be condemning, but falsely accusing the president of baseless scenarios. You should be proud of how far we've come since the 'Great Recession' years, but no, you have to cry and latch onto any ideology no matter how false it is; just as long as it pets your beliefs.
Right now, Republicans are gearing up to shutdown the government again, something any terrorist group would love to achieve. Incessantly insisting you are the true American and all others of color, different religion or social standing are not is pitiful and vulgar.
Obama's only real failure is that he has not failed, so makeup all the gaffe ya want to feed your disdain of him.

Keep holding onto your anger by fueling it with lies...that type of life doesn't last too long though…

Give me a break. You are a lemming with absolutely no facts to back you up so there you go again accusing me of telling the truth. This president has lost all respect from the majority of we the people. All you liberals have to hang your hats on is abortion, gay marriage and Rules For Radicals.
You are a hypocrite with no facts to back up your blind support of the worst president in the history of our nation. This government needs to be shut down. The liar-in-chief is spending 3.3 billion dollars a day on what? On the bankruptcy of America. He claims the deficit is going down. What does that matter when he has increased our debt by over 11 trillion dollars and counting since he came into office and sends our tax money to nations that hate us?
You people don't care about the future of America. All you care about is making America into just another socialist/marxist cesspool.
You are pathetic and treasonous. America needs people like you to leave and ruin another county other than ours. You are not an American

You are not a true American. You cannot be trusted and our treasonous president has proven over and over that he cannot be trusted.

Roberto, here it is again...not one attempt to enlighten us all in a rebuttal attempt to substantially disprove what I wrote...maybe it is simply because ya don't know how to discourse with truth, but one things for sure ya certainly jump back into your comfort zone of frothing out abject insinuations that any one babe could do when throwing a tantrum. The only point taken is that the babe is angry.
Ya got nothing...you're unhinged in wasting close to a decade in fuming about your president, ya know the one that same president who, you in cowardly fashion claim to be a foreign born, Muslim, communist, Nazi, Gay dictator.
You've full blown yourself up into a frothing as the mouthpiece...for your GOP said they would impeach the traitor but didn't...ever wonder why cowpunch? There simply aren't any grounds for impeachment. If giving executive orders is grounds for treason, then ya'd better start whining about W. and Reagan for both of them have thrown out a lot more than Obama ever has...even concerning immigration amnesty...
Your loving GOP said they would nail him under the trumped up Benghazi ruse, but they didn't...ever wander why on that one too Skippy?
Sure it was a tragedy...4 Americans died...but what about the 54 folks who died under the W./Cheney administration from terrorist U.S. embassy attacks...where was the outrage there...ever wonder that Skippy? Or how about the 221 (including U.S. Marines who died under the Marine barracks and embassy attacks in Lebanon under the Reagan administration where Reagan actually cut and ran because at the time he was doing business with Iran (who actually supported the terrorists who conducted the bombings) in supporting the Contras. Ever wander cowpunch? Where in the hell are the screams of investigations for this Lebanon incident?
Probably not for your a bigoted angry soul where the rhetorical mythical mindset you harbor blinds ya from the truth. Point is Democrats didn't make these episodes into a political charade...it brought them together with the rest of country to fight this tide...not to divide us. But that's why ya don't much hear about it...even if ya did though...you'd still scream Benghazi traitor but Reagan hero, because see; that blindness that stinging to the soul's core bigoted blindness keeps ya stumbling and you will fall tumbling down sooner than later...
Ya really need to quit amusing yourself as being the real American and shooing everyone else out of the country. The American Indian is the first American...that's why they call American Indians Native Americans. Just feel lucky that they don't have your greedy little attitude...or you'd be packing your immigrant bags for the exit borders...
Just a lost soul swimming in a fish bowl thinking that this is all there is to life...to merely crab while whining and moaning...

You are not a true American. Nothing you say can be trusted. End of conversation.

Says who cowpunch...those who can't handle the truth...now it’s ended...

"Do not waste words on a fool, he will not appreciate the shrewdness of your remarks". (Proverbs 23:9)
"As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool reverts to his folly". (Proverbs 26:11)
No more needs to be said to a fool such as you. A blind fool to the truth of what is happening to America. A fool who continues to use lies and falsehoods to promote the foolishness, immorality and dishonesty to perpetuate destruction.

True Americans love their country. The far left has proven again and again that they cannot be trusted to lead America because they want to fundamentally transform it. Why the need to transform the greatest nation on earth?

Roberto, I do rightly s'pose face to face that your manners would be a tad more civil, but nonetheless you just described yourself in your last comment to a tee...
Don’t go quoting biblical passages…you’re no more Christian than I am and I claim no holdings to any religion. But if ya want to quote, in considering Republicans pushing for war with Iran while Obama is contending for peaceful diplomacy… Seek peace and pursue it. (Psalm 34:14). Do ya even know what Jesus emphasized in his Mount of Olives sermon? Probably not in your warped sense of Christianity, but it was, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God,” (Matthew 5:9).
Tell me where I lied and I'll give three in response where you actually did cowpunch...

You are complicit in the lies of the corrupt and immoral leadership in the White House. You don't want to debate you just want to repeat the same old, same old liberal/progressive talking points that have worn out their usage. I've given you the facts on how you are backing an anti-American president who has corrupted and continues to corrupt our Constitution and the rule of law.
Open your eyes there Texie and look at all of the lawsuits filed against the liar-in-chief and his tyrannical rule.

See…ya still can't say where I lied...only accuse. Only I do want to debate but you refuse, instead going back to your baseless rhetoric.
Is this all ya got. Name one law suit with any legitimacy to it...it's the idiots who simply disdain the president filing frivolous lawsuits and for the couple that actually made it to SCOTUS lost with a conservative majority court no less.
Yepper cowpunch...I do want to debate and when debating with a cognizant participant, if they prove me wrong with pertinent substance, I'm man enough to admit it and go on...it's called learning and not blindly clinging to bogus personal beliefs in dire search for any lies to stroke personal fears and appeasement of personal prejudice.
When ya merely go by personal belief that is not substantiated by no actual factual argument...then you mock, attack with spewage and spread fairy tales, for ya see that's all ya have...ya got nothing but harbored fear and constant anger; no nothing but blame in blatantly accusing all else for your woes (the president, the poor, minorities, immigrants) while slinging your school playground mud on any given soggy day...

Just like Roberto above, a vast majority of Republican voters just can’t quite grasp onto reality. For ya see, as explained above, the GOP politician works for the benefit of its wealthy base while attracting fearful and biased voters to pit them against other voters that understand the Republican game being played out.

It appears as though they just can’t help themselves. Republican characteristics in irrational thinking and as filtering bottom feeders when it comes to ethics are inherent in their personality makeups.

Folate is not to be confused with folic acid as is all too often the case. Folate has a deprotonated ion due to electron alignment while folic acid is a neutral nonionized molecule. Where folate is found naturally in foods, folic acid does not occur naturally but is derived synthetically as an oxidized compound. The confusion comes from the biochemistry of folate in that it can be considered as an ester or salt of folic acid even though it does not come from the acid.

There is a big difference in the two when ingested. The body recognizes folate and readily metabolizes it into tetrahydrofolate (THF) in the small intestines’ mucosa region. When ingested folic acid gives the liver a hard time in trying to reduce and methylate the acid finally forming not THF, but a lower energy level enzyme known as dihydrofolate reductase. This enzyme in conjunction with an excess amount of unreduced folic acid in the bloodstream can develop cancer by stimulating the growth rates of neoplasms and can also lead to central nervous system malfunction. Of course on the other hand folates are essential to a healthy mind and body. So do not trust in buying folic acid supplements, even though you don’t know the difference…simply eat foods rich in folate.

In the area of quantum physics there is a special class of continuous phase transitioning that takes place in electronics at near absolute zero temperature levels. This class of transitioning electrons is known as quantum critical points or QCP. On either side of the point, electrons behave as traditionally expected. But once they reach the critical point electrons break down all traditional physical laws in exerting polarized exotic quantum fluctuations.

The reason I’m stating the above is not to give a science lecture here, but to compare how liberals and conservatives respond differently to the same stimulant. The folate/folic acid difference is on an atomic level in electron transference, so as in electron particles, thus goes the same route as eclectic politics. At QCP, electrons polarized at the ‘critical point’ will behave much like people in political ‘hot button issues’ polarizing elections and issues.

So, to wrap this all up, there have been numerous studies conducted, such as Ryoto Kanai’s group at the ‘University College London’ and the ‘University of Arkansas’ ‘Low Effort thought Promotes Political Conservatism studies that have the same conclusion in alluding to the fact that biochemistry is a route to political orientation. Research in these studies point to the fact that substantial differences in the cognitive behaviors of liberals and conservatives is inherently induced on a psychological level as well as a biochemical.

MRI scans of participants with various political backgrounds showed conservatives with larger and more stimulated amygdalae in the brain portion, while the liberal leaning possessed a larger portion of gray matter in the anterior singulate cortex brain region that expressed higher activity levels.

The amygdala (singular) is the primitive portion of the brain that primarily controls our emotions and response to emotive stimuli. The anterior singulate cortex induces abstract reasoning. Therefore conservatives react more to emotion while liberals are geared towards more intellectual reasoning.        

In the research of one study, conservatives responded in kind psychologically to the biochemical end of their more utilized amygdalae brain portion by exhibiting lower IQ and much less tolerance while being more sensitive to disgust. Liberals on the other hand show more intelligence in dealing with uncertainty showing a higher level of acceptance and tolerance.

This is why a conservative with a mild personality turns grumpy when it comes to politics and why a liberal with a grumpy personality turns mild when it comes to politics.

So when you get so confounded on how anyone could vote Republican to conservative issues that adversely affect their lives just remember, after GOP politicians have stoked fears to feed on the right-wing base of self-induced ignorance and bigotry, they just flat-out cannot help themselves.    

Trinkets, li’l junkets, pins ‘n’ needles is all the GOP presidential candidates are offering to entice their uninformed base but they’re buying. That base composed primarily of fundamentalist Christians, old white cantankerous males, uneducated bigots, the rich and corporate; the GOP candidates are talking their heads off, but not of pertinent issues such as worker benefits, public affairs and infrastructure transport, no and yet although they are political they aren’t even speaking politics, but in loud tones of rhetorical ideologue they’re hammering in on honing into the fears and biases of their base pawns.

Can anyone recall during the GOP first debate what substantive policy issues the candidates would pursue? Was there anything of substance besides rhetoric and social jargon? How about foreign policy or does only the bickering shouting match between Trump and Fox News’ Megan Kelly only come to mind? 

There’s nothing really that Republicans should be ashamed of in Trump leading their charge in that they should be wholly shameful unto themselves, for Mr. Trumpet is merely a Republican mirror. ‘Frankentrump’ is the GOP’s own creationist nightmare and it’ll come back nationally biting them hard in their li’l rumps.

Trump has really stamped a Quahadis onto the Republican fanny perpendiculars. He wasn’t supposed to do much, if any at all. He was supposed to make a stage appearance, take a bow then exit. What the GOP forgot is that Trump has the verve in being an entertainer and as long as he is also being entertained, he’s going to hang onto that presidential pulpit.

But for the more extreme right candidates, as the likes of Cruz, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry there are only so much Tea Party voters to go around; while for the RINOS such as Jeb!, Walker and John Kasich corporate will pay, for they have untold dollars to give, but only to those they feel can win. Trump is currently sucking most all of these votes in and appears to be steaming forth unabated.

In countering the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, Republicans are coming up with their own phrases of ‘White Lives Matter’ and ‘All Lives Matter’. Well of course they do, but you cannot say ‘Poor Lives Don’t Matter’, ‘Immigrant Lives Don’t Matter’, ‘Non-Christian Lives Don’t Matter’ and ‘Criminal Lives Don’t Matter’ all in the same breath. With that extreme conservative psyche creeping into Republican mythical thought, division arises and there’s goes the crumbling down of American society’s foundation and fabric of liberty for all.

Yes all lives matter, but Republicans are missing out on the point. No one needs to be reminded that white lives matter, but here in America, with all the historical prejudice that has been spilled, some still need reminding that black lives do matter.

Black lives for the moment and throughout America’s history have not mattered and have had their humanity taken from them. No matter how you want to justify or ignore, just like the Nazis in finding a scapegoat with the Jews, a section of America has demeaned the humanity of race. With arrogant ideological beliefs, this section is irrationally convinced in creating and maintaining an unjust system that is exclusive. That section is without doubt tied into current Republican politics.

At this very moment Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) is pushing a bill through congress supposedly to address and halt the diversity of race in America. He’s doing so for he blames gun violence in America on the nation’s diversity of people and culture.

This is hard to fathom; Sessions is a ten term congressman and heads the powerful ‘House Rules Committee’. Instead of concentrating on more guns and sophisticated weaponry entering American streets as the reason for America’s out of control gun violence, Sessions blames it all on multiculturalism and diversity in race. He even blames the Virginia reporter shootings on immigrants when Vester Flanagan, who was behind the two reporters murders was born in America to American parents.

Diversity is what has added to America’s strength in ideas and technology, so I find Session’s primitive analogy for America’s ills as amazingly goofy. The audio clip below is a sampling of Sessions being interviewed by WBAP AM radio conservative host, Chris Salcedo. Click on the SOUNDCLOUD audio below and hear for yourself.

This monkey cage all Republican politicians have locked themselves into in catering to their extreme right-wing and corporate base, is going to be a long term prison sentence; the key to the jailed bar door has been lost.

In Ronald Reagan paraphrasing a Thomas Jefferson quote, in 1981 he said, “If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”

Now if only Republicans would heed their semi-deity’s words…

In Honesty Served,

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