Dominant Narrative

Dominant Narrative

Above the Law Lawman:
Without a breath of doubt, any functioning society requires law and order. To ensure those decrees and procedural rules, there must be in place a policing force maintaining protection from the unsavory kind preying on social norms and that equal justice will prevail. But what happens when that policing force courts a rancor mode feeling they are above what they are supposed to protect? What is it or what does it project when a police force secures an “us against/versus them” kind of mentality? You have exactly what is happening now all across the U.S.

Even after the Ferguson incident where an unarmed teen was gunned down and killed by a cop, there have been innumerable same incidents and in each case, the cops responsible got off scot-free.

Sean Bell, Rumain Brisbon, John Crawford, Jonathan Ferrell, Ezell Ford, Johnny Gammage, Akai Gurley, Darrien Hunt, and Kendrec McDade; these young blacks along with others have been killed by cops since Ferguson. In each case the victim was a young black (Rice was only twelve years old), unarmed and were not in the act of perpetrating a crime.       

Yes, being a cop is a stressful and a dangerous line of duty with most policemen very capable in performing honorably in what is fully intended of them and that is protecting the public at large. But having a shooting spree with multiple cops spraying bullets out into the public intending to bring down one unarmed man is not an example of protecting the public…it is an egregious assault on civility rights. These rogue cops acting as wannabe Rambo’s are spreading like the plague infiltrating and contaminating once heralded police forces. They’re changing the lawman’s mindset and culture, actually thinking it is a badge of honor in being able to put another notch in their gun handle.

The thing is though there are many professions that are highly dangerous and therefore stressful; to name one out of the innumerable is firefighting. But in these professions the professional keeps his cool and levelheadedness to turn out a good ending and wanted results where no one gets hurt.

When it becomes a cop’s common themed excuse that something about the victim such as their facial looks scared them, then they need to seriously be thinking about a new line of work if they easily become that fearful, especially when they have a squadron of cops behind them for back-up against normally one guy.

One though doesn’t necessarily have to be black to experience unnecessary excessive force applied by cops. One certainly can belong to another minority such as Latino or Asian and in some instances even white. A case in point happened in Colorado when Denver police pulled over and began beating an unarmed drug suspect and slamming his seven months pregnant girlfriend down on the pavement. View the video below and see if you think this is justifiable force.

The cop who pounded the victim’s head six times sending him to the hospital and intentionally tripping his pregnant girlfriend actually was later promoted with a raise in pay to sergeant. This really takes society backwards a few steps on exactly where the line is drawn between lawful and criminal behavior by those who are supposedly representing the law.

But it is the trend. The Seattle, Washington police force had been putting in new regulations on how and when the police should use excessive force. This past October 14th, somewhere around 125 Seattle policemen didn’t like the new rulings so have filed a lawsuit claiming they should be able to use excessive force anytime they want to and deem it as self-protection and their constitutional right.

This tale accompanied by the following video really is nauseating for me. Pasco, Washington with a population of 50,000 has a police force that has killed more folks in the past six months than all of the United Kingdom’s police departments combined in the past three years. That’s with a population of 60,000,000.

Just recently, a man was in an altercation with a Pasco cop and picked up a rock, perhaps was threatening but never threw it. With backup, the cop along with two others, instead of tasing him began firing at the victim. He took off running at a slow pace, stopped, turned around with arms partially raised when they emptied their bullets into his body. Let me forewarn ya, if you have any ounce of humanity in you, the following video that documents the incident is alarming for it shows cops senselessly taking the life of an unarmed man.

Can you recall the damage control that spread throughout the media recently of a police officer crying because he just shot someone? If you’ve forgotten, the video below might jar your memory.

The cop acting here is Officer Grant Morrison of the Billings, Montana police department. It shows Morrison breaking down after just shooting and killing Richard Ramirez. This is the only edit that was aired nationwide. Before ya go feeling all sorry and fuzzy for the guy, the video below entails exactly how Morrison killed Ramirez giving the whole story.       

Now you have a more complete picture of how a tough guy turns into a broken down crybaby. Morrison is actually neither one…he’s a con who gets his kicks in unfair confrontations. Now before ya start blasting me for condemning Morrison, he has been involved in another killing. The video below records an earlier incident in 2013 of Morrison killing an unarmed victim. In it Morrison confronts James Shaw and shoots him claiming he had a “crazed look on his face.” After killing Shaw, he then callously explains to Shaw’s wife that he just shot her husband then threatens her.

Morrison is no cop to feel empathy for. When he began sobbing, he knew what he was doing…he was acting. He knew where the camera was and performed right in front of it. Morrison is very trigger happy in shooting to kill at the slightest of chances to do so. For each incident though, Morrison was cleared of any wrong doing to go out and get off again on a third killing. An unfair hunter’s ultimate kill…another human being. If ya really want my opinion, this guy Morrison is a psycho.

All these rogue cops have to say in justifying their kills is simply, “I thought he was reaching for a weapon.” That is it. They can kill anyone at any time in any place and sooner than later they are free to go out and do it again. Why they can even threaten the president with total impunity as if they have total immunity from the consequences all others would face.

A case in point is the actions of Las Vegas, Nevada police department detective, Bobby Kinch. In 2013 Kinch posted on his Facebook wall a photo of him pointing a gun at a car license plate with a picture of Obama’s face on it, then states, “Let’s just get this over! Race war, Civil, Revolution? Bring it! I’m about as fed up as a man (American, Christian, White, Heterosexual) can get!

His superior officer simply told him to delete the post. Kinch even refused that saying that he “meant it.” It was only after his fellow black and white officers became disturbed that action was taken. With that internal pressure on the department, Kinch was finally suspended but with no consequence and is back on duty assigned of all things to investigate minority suspects.

Any other private citizen who would halfway insinuate threatening the president would be investigated or even incarcerated. In fact, just this past December, the FBI arrested fifteen folks for merely suggesting threats. But for Kinch, he didn’t even initially get suspended.

San Jose, California cop, Phillip White has been put on leave with pay after posting threatening tweets to protesters. In the tweets he claims that he will protect his family with a gun from any intruders then goes on to say he’ll meet anyone at a movie theater. His story is captured in the video below.

Here is a guy proclaiming it is his god given right to shoot anyone and that is his ‘decision’, but the irony of it all, is that this same cop also spoke to a class of elementary students concerning choices in making the right ‘decision’. See the video below and listen to him preach in a fiery way to the classroom.

Now if this cop has a right to defend his family from intruders by shooting them, for sure we all have that same right…right?

Let’s consider the case of Jason and Laura Hagan of Nodaway County, Missouri. They are homeschool parents. County Sheriff Darren White and Chief Deputy Sheriff David Glidden broke through the Hagan’s door after they would not let them enter without a warrant. The sheriffs came to investigate the children’s homeschooling and concerns of a messy home. Immediately the sheriffs pepper sprayed the Hagan’s and continued to do so while they were writhing in pain on the floor. Even the family dog was sprayed for barking and the cops threatened to shoot and kill the dog if that didn’t make him quit barking. All of this was conducted while the children watched in frantic horror.

The Hagan’s were handcuffed and arrested for resisting arrest and endangering children when in all actuality it was the sheriffs who put the children in harm’s way and doing so unlawfully without a warrant to enter the domicile.

The Hagan’s are suing and Jason Hagan has later commented that next time an intruder enters and endangers his family…sheriffs or not…he’s going to put a 9 mm bullet between their eyes. Well, if police officer Danny White can say that to any perceived threat; surely Jason Hagan can say that to a realized threat. Now wouldn’t common logic dictate as so? Apparently not, for the statement is being held against Hagan.

The sheriff’s intrusion happened in 2011 and as of yet the Hagan’s lawsuit hasn’t gone anywhere yet.   

Even cops aren’t safe from cops in their haste to shoot to kill. This past January, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, there was a drug bust over $60.00 concerning a methamphetamine deal. The undercover agent, who just happens to be Hispanic going by the name of Garcia, had just done a meth transaction with the suspect in a car. Garcia gave the signal and police ran in firing into the car hitting Garcia multiple times. The main shooter was a lieutenant in the police force making one think he should have known better than to simply start firing into the car.

Pert near the whole of the white Pittsburgh police force is outraged at their police chief, Cameron McLay. Why, because he posed with a sign acknowledging he would fight racism. Local police union president, Howard McQuillan perceives the anti-racist poster to mean that Chief McLay is admonishing his whole police department stating it has “angered a lot of officers.” McQuillan, along with all the angry police officers feel that there is absolutely no racism in their fold so therefore there should be no due process for any wrongdoing within their fold.

Now a more exposed police protest just occurred with the New York Police Department (NYPD). If ya might recall, the entire NYPD was a little upset with their mayor for saying this.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is married to an African American with two children; a teenaged girl and boy. After Mayor de Blasio’s public comment concerning the Eric Garner choke death hold by a NYPD detective, the whole of the NYPD began to get in a protesting mood without the slightest inkling in why de Blasio would say what he said.

What de Blasio said was this, “This is profoundly personal to me. I was at the White House the other day, and the president of the United States turned to me, and he met Dante a few months ago, and he said that Dante reminded him of what he looked like as a teenager. And he said I know you see this crisis through a very personal lens. And I said to him, I did. Because Chirlane and I have had to talk to Dante for years about the dangers that he may face. A good young man, law-abiding young man who would never think to do anything wrong and yet, because of a history that still hangs over us, the dangers he may face, we’ve had to literally train him—as families have all over this city for decades—in how to take special care in any encounter he has with the police officers who are there to protect him.

And that painful sense of contradiction that our young people see first, that our police are here to protect us, and we honor that, and at the same time, there’s a history we have to overcome, because for so many of our young people, there’s a fear. And for so many of our families, there’s a fear. So I’ve had to worry over the years. Chirlane’s had to worry. Is Dante safe each night? There are so many families in this city who feel that each and every night. Is my child safe? And not just from some of the painful realities—crime and violence in some of our neighborhoods—but is safe from the very people they want to have faith in as their protectors.

The main message of the speech…if you are young and of color be very careful in your rapport with police encounters. That’s all.

Well that riled the NYPD officers. When two NYPD police officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were gunned down while sitting in their squad car by a deranged person who later committed suicide, the NYPD bumped up their protesting of the mayor.

To deflect a moment from the main topic, in this case where two cops were killed as opposed to an unarmed man being gunned down by a cop, there are some glaring differences. But first off, the only common thread is that they are a terrible unlawful tragedy in either case. Usually though when a cop is killed, the perpetrator is also killed, jailed and/or executed. Usually when a cop unlawfully kills, he is justified in doing so and receives no punishment.

In getting back to the main storyline, at the funerals of the two slain police officers, NYPD rank and file decided to turn their backs on Mayor de Blasio as he spoke at the two slain police officers’ funerals. Even visiting cops from other cities did so. In giving some praise, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton urged his men in blue to not do so, as he said it was inappropriate.
Turning backs at Liu's funeral

Turning backs at Ramos' funeral

The NYPD took it a step further in deciding to not work for a couple of days and a heck of a lot of them did not show up for work. But ya know what, nothing happened. At ground zero of the police walkout in the 79th and eighty-first Brooklyn precincts, nothing happened. There was no crime, therefore no arrests and folk went about their business as usual. In other words the cops weren’t missed.

Mayor de Blasio is not the kind to bend to these sorts of antics. He is still hotly pursuing police regulation reforms. He only bows to pragmatic solutions. But what he should do as the walkout proved, is to get rid of the titty-babies and keep the ones who continued serving in an honest and sincere service to their communities.

The point is we have sort of an epidemic of spoiled cops throughout our police departments. They feel they are void to criticism in aberrant behavior and when they are criticized they go off or go out to protest. 

With the range of cops killing unarmed folks and sometimes innocent ones of doing nothing but being in the wrong place at the wrong time, for those that are justified in taking a life so let it be. But for those unjustified killings by rogue cops with Rambo mentalities, charge the culprit for murder as anyone else would be in a court of law. For after all, what’s that favored American saying…‘No one is above the law’…

Do ya know exactly what a palindrome is…it’s a word like ‘god’ or ‘dog’ or a sentence like ‘Was it a rat I saw’ that can be read both forwards and backwards. It’s aptly defined here for it neatly entails Palin as being backward as much as she is forward. 

Well it took too long a while, but thanks be; even right-wingers have finally admitted the light that never was emanating from Sarah Palin is now permanently doused. For anyone to still see Palin as a warranted public servant, or worse…even in a presidential administrative capacity is the stupid equivalent of tripping over flat ground. In other words, their biased blindness can no longer dictate day from night simply because they share her hatred for this president. Along with that they realize now Palin has nothing to do with political integrity or knowledge in governing.

Palin’s closing of her future’s political curtain occurred at the conservative Iowa Freedom Summit Convention. What in tarnation was she talking about, no one can even gesture, but for sure from tea bagger to main stream conservatist she has lost her popularity. Perhaps her elevator isn’t reaching the top floor or maybe she was just on drugs at the time pulling a Perry speech, but regardless it was nonsensical incoherence anyway ya look at it.

Below is an excerpt video of her speech.

If the speech wasn’t enough gibber to confuse even her staunchest base members, her justification and defense of her Iowa speech is even more detached to reality.

Here is what she said in an interview by Sean Hannity of Fox News.

Hannity: Yeah, you also got criticized for the speech, even a lot of the people in the crowd that tend to be supporters of yours. Um, and did the teleprompter go down? Did you have trouble with the copy? Was there any moment in the speech where you had any difficulty because people have been so critical?

Palin: I'm, well I'm, you know I don't read the praise and I don't read the criticism, cuz I know how you guys, or how the media in general work.

Hannity: I'm not "you guys", I don't want to be part of that group.

Palin: I'm used to teleprompters not working. Remember at the, um, GOP acceptance speech back in '08, the teleprompter broke there too and it didn't work and I kept on going, so, no, I, you know, I don't know, I received a standing ovation throughout and at the end of the speech, so I don't know, I think a lot of this herd mentality of some of the reporters would, um, would um, that sort of exacerbates some of the criticism. But, I don't know if anybody really would, when you talk about the meat, the content of the speech, would criticize what I talk about courage, integrity, and a track record of any candidate that is needed in order to, be able to sincerely serve the people of America—who deserve real hope and real change and not more of the same. Not more of the status quo, this old energy if you will, but we need new energy, new ideas and as I say, very, very important we have a track record proving what works.

Palin: What I also made a point of in that speech, Sean, and this is important—is knowing what the media is going to do throughout 2016. And, my prediction, Hillary will be running and she will be—you know—the knighted candidate on the left, and with the media, knowing what the media's going to do, it's going to take more than a village to beat Hillary. There needs to be unity, understanding that conservatives have that against us right off the bat, that being the media, even there—on Fox! (Raises voice and shrugs.) You know, kind of a qua-say (she meant quasi) or conservative outlet and yet we have all day listening to the tease of Bill O'Reilly—he's, he's talking about the guests on his show tonight or the commentary on his show—and that would be, oh, all these GOP contenders thinking about running for president, like Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and he names them off—Oh what a reality show that would be! Yuck, yuck. Well, the left doesn't do that, okay, okay. They take this serious. Because this is war! And hopefully the media, even the quasi-right-side of the media, won't be looking at this as some kind of a reality show, a joke because maybe they have theirs, so their taking care of theirs fine. No. The people of America deserve the best and competition through a GOP primary, whether a Bill O'Reilly or somebody else assumes a reality show or not, they deserve that competition to surface the competitor, who can take on Hillary, or whomever it may be, and win for this country.

It’s just more mumbo-jumbo. That is one bizarre lady…a weird-o if ya will…

Trivial Trivia:
Although they will profusely deny it, Republicans benefit through bigotry. They know their Tea Party base and that base is ignorant from the ranks of the KKK to the biblical thumper.

Sometimes though, the prejudices leak out as it did with Benjamin Cole. Ya might ask who is ol’ Ben? Well he was Representative Aaron Schock’s (R-IL) communications director. Speaking of communicating protocol, this is what Cole had to say on a few tweets in comparing African Americans to zoo animals.    

I don’t even know what he means by the word, “gentrifytoday.” Is that some nutmeg code? Needless to say, he resigned from Schock’s office and believe it or not he is also a former Baptist preacher.

Republicans are truly blindsided by their biased views. There has been of late a poster going around on right-wing Facebook posts and chain e-mails. A copy of it is below for your viewing pleasure.

Really? How can anyone think that if they aren’t totally batty in belfry? First off W. Bush inherited a quarter trillion dollar surplus and quickly ate that up into a trillion dollar deficit within the first year of his term in 2001. Obama inherited a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit but halted its climb and is actually bringing down the national debt and deficit.

W. Bush has the worst job creation record of all presidents since Herbert Hoover with a measly pittance at .24%. When W. Bush took office the unemployment rate was hovered around 4%. When he left office it was 9.8% and steeply climbing. When Obama entered office he was tagged with that 9.8% and climbing unemployment rate under the auspices of a Republican policy induced great recession that chewed up jobs. Currently under Obama the unemployment beast has been tamed with unemployment at 5.7%.

In fact, throw the dad Bush in there too, for Obama actually has a better employment record than both Bush’s put together. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, HW Bush created 2,637,000 jobs, W. Bush 1,282,000 and lastly with Obama at 5,142,000 jobs thus far. That’s 1,223,000 more.

It is truly an amazing thing how one’s own ignorant bias will so blind them to the truthful facts.

Now, we go to some really stupid, dumb and idiotically morose comments.

Congratulations Alabama, your Chief Justice of the Supreme State Court just proved how ignorantly biased your judicial system can be. Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore just stated in his defense against LGBT marriage that, “All persons have a right to marry a person of the opposite sex according to the constitution of Alabama Sanctity of Marriage amendment, and that’s just the way it is.” This he says, in some Lilliputian sort of way, is why gays have had equal rights all along and I suppose he feels gays will stop at nothing less than to be able to marry the family pet.

In the past he has also stated, “Separation of church and state was never meant to separate God and government. Anytime you deny the acknowledgement of God you are undermining the entire basis for which our country exists.” I guess according to Moore, God built America with his own two bare hands but only for the good Christian.

Due to a disdain for governmental regulations, just this past February, former CEO and now North Carolina senator, Thom Tillis feels that the U.S. doesn’t need laws to ensure that all restaurant employees must wash their hands after visiting the restroom. Never mind that most disease borne illnesses in the USA begin from food contamination accounting for 89% of food borne disease outbreaks.

In reply to an audience question at the bipartisan ‘Policy Center’ Tillis said, “I was having a discussion with someone, and we were at a Starbucks in my district, and we were talking about certain regulations where I felt like ‘maybe you should allow businesses to opt out,’ as long as they indicate through proper disclosure, through advertising, through employment literature, or whatever else. That’s the sort of mentality that we need to have to reduce the regulatory burden on this country. We’re one of the most regulated nations in the history of the planet.”

Concerning renewable energy at a congressional subcommittee hearing, with hands in the fossil fuel industry’s pockets, Representative Joe Barton (R-TX) had this to say in sharing his unworldly knowledge on wind energy, “Now, wind is God's way of balancing heat. Wind is the way you shift heat from areas where it is hotter to areas where it is cooler. That is what wind is. Wouldn't it be ironic if in the interest of global warming we mandated massive switches to energy, which is a finite resource, which slows the winds down, which causes the temperature to go up? Now, I am not saying that is going to happen, Mr. Chairman, but that is definitely something on the massive scale — I mean, it does make some sense. You stop something. You can't transfer that heat and the heat goes up. It is just something to think about.”

Barton is claiming that the ever present winds swirling around our planet are a finite resource that can be depleted. Amazing grace, leaving it to a nonrenewable fossil fuel champion to turn the table top on energy sources is expected rhetoric.

Newly elected congressman, Mark Walker (R-NC) told a crowd of Tea Partiers at a gathering in Rockingham County, NC this past June 26, 2014 that we should go to war with Mexico over immigration.

After he was asked, “Why can’t we guard our own,” Walker replied, “Well, my first answer for that is we need to utilize the National Guard as much as we can. But, I will tell you, if you have foreigners who are sneaking in with drug cartels to me that is a national threat and if we got to go laser or blitz somebody with a couple of fighter jets for a little while to make our point, I don't have a problem with that either. So yeah, whatever you need to do.”

When further asked, “I hope you wouldn't have any qualms about starting up a little war with Mexico,” Walker added, “Well, we did it before, if we need to do it again, I don’t have a qualm about it.” It’s simply an amazing thing what Republican politicians will say to their Tea Party base just to stroke their ignorance. Do ya really think that the U.S. should declare war on Mexico?

Newly elected congressman, Brian Babin (R-TX) got right down to business stating, President Obama “deserves impeachment,” although he did not elaborate as to why, just flung out a few partisan rhetoric remarks like Obama is a criminal and should be jailed. That’s Babin, but more seasoned congressman, Representative Tom Marino (R-PA) said on a ‘Wellsboro Gazette’ interview that, “People say, ‘should the president be impeached?’ I say, we’re getting close to that.”

But of course Marino has also stated that Attorney General Eric Holder and former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid also deserve impeachment. Heck I say why don’t they just impeach any and everyone who they don’t like or disagrees with their primitive opinions.

Here it is well into 2015 and still 52% of mythical wonder world Fox News viewers believe in an Obama foreign birth, that he’s a Muslim and that not only were there WMD’s in Iraq, but they were found.

No wonder they believe as such for Fox News keeps reporting bogus content because they know what there viewers want to hear…bogus entertainment scripts to feed their biases as opposed to real news in digesting factual content.

A recent for instance to accentuate a racist bait for viewer discriminatory behavior, in reporting the Paris shooting crisis, on Fox News’ ‘Outnumbered’, panelists were in a discussion opinionating that the Parisian police force did not have enough weapons and that is why twelve hostages were killed. Then anchor Shannon Bream decides to spew her mouthful because she could not figure out how the Parisian police could tell who the bad guy was since they were wearing ski masks. She opines, “That's my question about these guys because if we know they were speaking unaccented French and they had, you know, ski masks on, do we even know what color they were? What the tone of their skin was?” Now is that subliminal messaging to their viewership or flat out blatant?

Can we not forget real estate mogul David Siegel’s comments that he’d fire everyone if Obama won the 2012 election? For those few diehard followers that might recall my ‘Zebra Changing Stripes’ November 2012 article, Siegel had insisted that every employee vote for Romney. For if Obama wins, as claimed by Siegel, the economy would tank and he’d have to lay off employees. He stressed to his employees that, “My motivation to work and to provide jobs will be destroyed, and with it, so will your opportunities,” if Obama wins reelection. 

Well guess what…Obama won, the U.S. economy didn’t tank and due to Obama’s policies, there has been a huge economic recovery as compared to the recession years Obama inherited from W. Bush. Times economically are better now and Siegel’s ‘Westgate’ is no exception in not enjoying the recovery.

With Obama in office, companies have made record profits along with the stock market reaching record highs. Siegel’s real estate business was no exception. He’s had to hire, not fire more employees and his investments in the stock market has skyrocketed. For now, he’s finished his largest in the U.S. mansion that has a thirty car garage and he appears quite pleased with the outcome of the elections although he still refrains from giving the black man in office any credit.

It appears that some folks will always remain a pilgarlic as-swipe.

To end here we’ll quote one last Republican, Bruce Bartlett a former Reagan advisor. Bartlett at the beginning of this week was being interviewed by Ed Schultz concerning the Republican’s CPAC convention held last week. When asked by Schultz if CPAC attendees really knew their history, this is what Bartlett replied,

Well, I guess they have completely forgotten about George W. Bush whom they defended to the heavens when he was in office. But yes, they are really rather stupid and not very well read. To them Reagan is a distant figure in history.”

Below is an excerpt from that interview.

Failure of Vision:
Mr. John Boehner, supposed Speaker of the House is in deep fry. Forget about trying to get a handle on his House Democrat minority, he cannot control his own House Republican majority. I see a lot of crybaby tears just ahead for the House Speaker.

To go back a bit for a refresher…the senate passed immigration reform legislation back in June 2013 and sent as bill S. 744 to Boehner’s House. There it sat in a corner gathering mold and dust as Boehner could not get his Republican House to act upon it. Even a simple up-or-down vote couldn’t be mustered, so there it sat.

Since immigration has been broken for decades and is in need of an urgent overhaul, Obama grew weary of waiting for the do nothing House and signed into action this past November 20, 2014 a series of executive orders addressing immigration issues that would cover about 5 million illegals.

These are family illegals that will benefit, not criminals that have been deported at high rates in the past couple of years. Under Obama’s administration more illegals have been deported than ever before while illegal border crossings are at their lowest levels since the 1970s. If you listen only to Republican politicians and Fox News you’d never know that.

Unlike Reagan’s signing of the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) along with a number of his immigration reform executive orders that essentially gave amnesty to illegal aliens that had been here before or during 1982, Obama’s orders do not grant citizenship. Reagan had set a precedent with immigration reform, Obama has not.

Obama’s orders simply extend protection from deportation for immigrant parents, spouses of U.S. citizens, permanent residents and he expands upon his two-year program that shields illegals brought to the U.S. as children.

Now Republicans did not like those executive orders. They most certainly did not. So they were out to get that rascal sitting in the White House. First, Boehner’s Republican House in January passed legislation with an amendment attached to the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) budget bill that would bar any monies from funding Obama’s immigration reform executive orders. Then, the newly inducted Majority Leader in the senate, Mitch McConnell tried in vain four times to vote on and pass the House bill which was blocked each time by Democrats. Democrats wanted a clean bill with no attachments to fund DHS. So, both houses of congress sat on it until the last minute.

Funding for DHS would cease on February 27, 2015 at 11:59 PM. With time growing really short in funding DHS, McConnell changed his ways and decided to put up a clean DHS funding bill with no attachments. It passed. Now it was time for Boehner and his GOP crew to act and vote on the senate bill.

With the deadline closing in, Boehner managed to muster up enough Republican votes to continue funding DHS for another week. But on March 3rd this past Tuesday, the House voted on a clean DHS funding bill with no immigration riders attached giving the department appropriate funding until the fiscal year’s end in September. The yea vote was by all 188 Democrats and 69 Republicans with a final tally of 257 ‘for’ and 167 (all Republicans) ‘against’.

This is actually a huge win for Democrats, for as a minority in both chambers they got exactly what they wanted, a clean DHS funding bill.

Of course Boehner has been laying blame on senate Democrats and Obama personally for initiating the executive orders. Boehner’s asinine actions in attempting to defund immigration at the expense of DHS funding was a losing cause from the start and he was daft to even bring it to the floor much less wait till the last minute to fix it.

Of course there is another cog in the wheel Boehner has jammed his face into. Inviting Israel’s Prime Minister Ben Netanyahu over to address the U.S. congress without consulting first with the president is poking around where ya shouldn’t really be poking around. It’s like instead of using an olive branch, he is using his hands to poke down into the snake hole. The final result isn’t a good one for he will surely get bitten.

In Boehner’s mind, who actually is his president, Obama or Netanyahu? Boehner invited the prime minister to speak only about one topic. The U.S. Iran diplomatic negotiations concerning Iranian nuclear fission versus global sanctions is all that is at heart here. Most Republicans do not want to iron out anything with Iran, and certainly do not want discussions to end in any amicable agreement. This would be blasphemous…a true win for Obama where many presidents before have failed. It is strictly the GOP’s brand of partisan politics.

They should be rooting for the negotiations to end on a positive note. It certainly would be a transcending mark on U.S. national interests.  But to go against the grain, the GOP wants to double down on strengthening sanctions or even maybe entice a military conflict. On the other hand, in collusion with Republicans, the war hawkish Netanyahu could not love anything more than to see the talks fail. He wants basically for America to fight his desired war with Iran.

But to invite, give the stage and listen to a foreign leader brush over and contradict your own president’s agenda is not very becoming of patriotism. Netanyahu was simply invited to speak to congress because Republicans are obsessed with fouling anything Obama attempts or accomplishes with their own filth.

Lest they should never forget, in the U.S. going to war in Iraq, it was Netanyahu who stated back in 2002, “I guarantee you that it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region.”

Well we certainly do now know the outcome of that war. With Saddam Hussein gone, a porous border vacuum was created that allowed any and every jihadist or terrorist from al-Qaeda to ISIL to infiltrate and create chaos in the region. Shameful…after all that pumped in money and training, the Iraqi military performs much like monkeys would in a glass house with a leopard after them…broken.  

Of course Obama said back in the same year of 2002 that, “The Iraq War will only fan the flames of the Middle East.”

To foul things up even more Dick Cheney was invited to speak to a House Republican whip team in giving a pep talk concerning Netanyahu, Iran and Obama. He for a long time has been an advocate for going to war with Iran, but why he actually showed up to lecture them is not clear to any outsider.

So, Netanyahu gave his spill, which was really a campaign stump as it was being televised in Israel where elections are to be held in two weeks. He admonished the Obama administration for attempting to find a diplomatic solution and said not only will it fail to work in finding a solution it will make things worse to ever find a solution.

Boehner again is the loser. First off, he really is strutting his ‘partisan’ feathers when the nation wants a good measure of ‘bipartisanship’ to reenter government.

Israeli foreign minister, Tzachi Hanegbi blamed Boehner for being deceitful when he revealed that Boehner had misled Netanyahu into thinking that Democrats were eager for him to speak to congress. Hanegbi said on 02/06/15, “It appears that the speaker of Congress made a move, in which we trusted, but which it ultimately became clear was a one sided move and not a move by both sides.”

Boehner’s Netanyahu invite also caused Democrats to rally together depicting the move as distasteful to the president. Senator Joe Manchin III (D-WV) saw it as a provocation act against the president. Manchin is a frequent critic of Obama’s Iranian policy, but demanded in a letter now not to vote on more Iranian sanctions until the negotiations are concluded at the end of this month and respond in kind to the outcome whether not to proceed or go ahead with sanctions., normally a conservative magazine and website blasted Boehner for inviting Netanyahu. In the blistering article, it denounced the invitation as “political theater.”

An excerpt is as follows: “I get that the Speaker doesn’t like the President or his policies. I get that many readers of this piece will have snarky responses about how this President already embarrasses himself and our nation, etc., etc., etc.

But what neither the Speaker, nor those who cannot manage to think beyond their distaste for this president, understand is the truly unprecedented step Boehner has taken by joining with the leader of a foreign nation against his own president.

Presidents come and go. However, respect for the office of the presidency, particularly on the part of the man who is second in the line of succession to the presidency, should not.

Through his actions, Boehner may have scored some points for his party and for his preferred policy option vis-à-vis the Iranian nuclear negotiations. But in the process, the Speaker of the American House of Representatives has succeeded in embarrassing the Office of the President.

Considering that Speaker Boehner has failed to accomplish anything of note during his Speakership, I can only wonder how it must feel to have his legacy be his effort to disgrace the American President in the effort to bolster the political chances of a foreign leader.”

But above all, even the pretenders over at Fox News peeled Boehner’s onion. Below is a piece of Chris Wallace’s and Shepard Smith’s thoughts on the matter.      

There simply was no rationale in Boehner inviting a foreign leader to address congress that would be speaking in direct conflict except to show spite and contempt for this president. Indeed Boehner did but the only end result to show for it was his raspberry truffle derriere.

Comparing Nonsense:
For those born in the late forties and early fifties, ya might recall a semi-famous comic book that came out in the late fifties and early sixties called Herbie. It was about a plump unamusing little character dreaming up adventures and exploits. I just can’t get over how much North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un looks like Herbie. Check out the photos below and see for yourself. Do ya think that I’ll warrant a North Korean hack…

Kim Jong-un

Recording the Facts and Briefed Opinion,


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