Mindless Wander Gutless Wonder

Mindless Wander Gutless Wonder

Thorough Recap:
In the article ‘Vogue Vigilante’ I delved a bit on the false antics Republicans were spreading concerning Obamacare and how desperately they need it to fail solely due to political stances. Owed to this chosen path, they are promulgating anxiety and doubt amidst Americans for a system that generates quality access in healthcare for all. We’re going to rehash a bit more on this.

It is simply amazing how Republicans can turn around what they do as bad by blaming that bad on their foes (Democrats and all else) as the ones doing it, when in actuality all else are aggressively attempting to counter the Republican bads. Take for instance most of the asinine remarks of Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas this past summer.

Gohmert on July 17th, “To force higher income tax rates on people making as little as $14,000 or so a year is grossly unfair by any standards, no matter how badly he wants to force Americans into ultimate government healthcare control.”

Gohmert on August 6th, “We’re doing this for America, for the guy that’s making $14,000 that would ultimately have an extra two and a half percent tax because Obama went after the little guy in Obamacare. We’re doing it for those people.”

Finally, Gohmert but once again on August 11th, “What about the poor guy out there making $14,000? He’s going to pay extra income tax if he cannot afford to pay the several thousand dollars for an Obamacare policy. Who’s caring about him? Well, a lot of us do, but it’s not this president because he didn’t let the individual mandate have a year off. He — that only goes to big business. That’s not fair.”

Wow, Gohmert out there stampeding by putting his foot down in championing the cause of the little guy while actually berating “big business”…hardly…

It’s a bit of a conundrum on where to start on the myriad facets of where he is just dead wrong, but we’ll begin this way. Except for those red states where their Republican governors and state legislators refused Medicaid expansion that guy making $14,000/yr. for the first time will be able to receive quality healthcare. Under the ACA law, Medicaid expansion includes coverage for individuals and families earning up to 138% of the federal poverty level. That individual Gohmert pretends to have empathy for earning $14,000 is currently 122% of the federal poverty level, so would be eligible to receive the Medicaid expansion, or a significant federal subsidy to help pay for private insurance if he lives in a red state that didn’t accept the Medicaid expansion. In addition, he is eligible for a “hardship exemption” that would exempt him from any tax penalties. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ federal register regulation states that, “Individuals who are ineligible for Medicaid solely based on a state’s decision not to implement the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. This rule will protect individuals in states that, pursuant to the Supreme Court decision, choose not to expand Medicaid eligibility.”

If Gohmert’s $14,000/yr. guy is 27, or 57-years-old, a nonsmoker and single, his $7,355 per year policy premium would cost him out of pocket only $280 per year. No matter what Gohmert says in his strictly political rhetoric, he is the one hindering his example and if Gohmert truly wants to help that working little guy, he should quit voting no on minimum wage increases, unemployment benefits, SNAP staples and sure enough…on Obamacare.

In spite of Gohmert, according to an end of January 2014 Gallup poll, 56% of uninsured Americans who plan to get health insurance say they will do so through a government health insurance exchange with 38% saying they are more likely to.

That is bad news for Republicans; no they do not want nor need that. If Obamacare is successful their major rallying point for its repeal will make them inept and look foolish all these years, but instead of laying off they’re hunkering down with more misguidance. So now for the time being, until the general public gets caught up and become aware of this but another round of endless false claims, Republicans will parade around horror stories of how Obamacare has left patients in the dust with no healthcare.

Koch Brothers TV ads, through their front group, ‘Americans for Prosperity’ (AFP) condemning Obamacare for disrupting sick people’s care by featuring patients having their healthcare cancelled or increased in price have all been proven to be false claims. One ad depicts a leukemia patient having her policy cancelled due to Obamacare and another one professes how a woman’s policy rose $700.00 a month more. All are false premises.  

Concerning the TV ads, at least Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (and more power to him) is taking the Koch Brothers head on in stating, “Those tales turned out to be just that…tales, stories made up from whole cloth, lies distorted by the Republicans to grab headlines forming political advertisements.”

Of course Koch Industries Inc. and ‘Americans for Prosperity’ retaliated in making themselves appear as the victim. Sassing back, the Koch’s corporation insisted, although AFP was founded by and are virtually fully funded through Koch industry funneled monies, they were not responsible for the ads and called Reid’s comments “disgraceful” in saying, “It is disgraceful that Senator Reid and his fellow Democrats are attacking a cancer victim as part of their campaign against Charles Koch and David Koch.” AFP had to put a cent or two worth in by stating, “Instead of admitting that the health care law is a bad deal for Americans, Senator Reid has chosen to attack the brave men and women who are sharing their personal stories about Obamacare.”

Pointing out factual inconsistencies is not victimization. Actually, it is the American that has never had the chance to latch onto affordable healthcare until Obamacare that have been the victim here by the misleading advertisement and if left up to the Koch brothers, will continue on being victimized. 

My brother David is perplexed why the Koch Brothers would even bother to put ads out like these even if they were true, for it has no business ties to them, nor affects their empire. Except for abating Republican causes which they fully back, what other significance is it to the Koch’s he queries. Brother Dave further ponders if they know the difference between ethically wrong and right. That raises a valid point and my only reply is they don’t. For them, anything that is to their advantage is right, the rest of America’s citizens are simply invisible and that is why if they dump their tons of coke ash mountainous waste near a poor neighborhood, in their warped minds, if it conveniences them, no matter the inconvenience to others, it is the right thing to do. It is at their mega monetary behest and benefit in doing so. They are oblivious to others’ rights; it does not register in their warped perception of life and in its sharing of this Earth.     

The Koch Brothers’ ads are to be expected, but for legitimate media and journalists to be pulling the same stunts…all I can say is so much for calling the media in general as liberal…

Coming from Fox News it is to be expected in passing out misinformed and deceitful news and boy-howdy have they, but from CBS, NBC and ABC…my, oh my. ABC went off on a tirade of articles stressing that existing policies will be cancelled due to the fact they were not meeting certain ACA requirements, but always neglected the fact that the insurers were transferring their cancelled policy holders onto new policies that met ACA requirements and followed the stipulation the new policy had to meet or exceed the former without adding costs.

NBC’s David Gregory in chorus with Republicans, claims Democrats don’t even want to attempt debating Obamacare. This may be true with a few up for reelection in red states but standing on the other foot, most Democrats are raring to do battle in defense of Obamacare. To name a few…Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Chris Coons, Mark Udall, Dick Durbin, Tom Harkin, John Garamendi, John Carney and Alan Grayson.

In fact, Michigan Representative Gary Peters, who is currently running as the Democrat for Carl Levin’s vacating senate seat says to bring it on. Running against Republican Terri Land, he’s looking forward to using Obamacare in defending his campaign with the law by stating what it actually does in allowing folks to gain access to affordable healthcare.

While we’re on this particular topic, there are Republicans believe it or not, who are embracing Obamacare. Former McCain campaign staffer and cancer survivor, Clint Murphy has openly welcomed Obamacare stating how he was denied coverage before the law took effect due to his former cancer and current sleep apnea. Murphy couldn’t wait for the health exchanges to open up. Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) who after surviving a 2012 death threatening stroke also had a change in heart when concerning healthcare and the uninsured poor. In defending the ACA law and its intentions on insuring folks he said, “My concern is what happens if you have a stroke and you’re not in the U.S. Senate, and you have no insurance and no income. That’s the question I have been asking, and the reality is that if you’re on Illinois Medicaid and are a stroke survivor, you will get just five visits to the rehab specialist.” Finally, we have a Republican stating a little common sense when it comes to America’s healthcare.

But then again there are those other Republicans that will say OK I’ll take it because I want it, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. The former chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party, Fergus Cullen has a large family and quickly signed up for Obamacare to save $1,000.00 per month and yet he’s still out there bashing the law while demanding its repeal. Now does that register any common sense?
There is a lot of this Republican mentality going around, ya know like expressing let’s end all of FDRs socialist ‘New Deal’ but don’t touch my Social Security, or get government out of medical aid, but stay clear of my Medicare, or insist government promote individual liberties, but get rid of civil rights laws, keep government out of our private lives but stuff it down women’s uteruses, or claim to be prolife while at the same time applauding and cheering Texas Governor Perry for having the highest number of executions, or repeal Obamacare but leave my ACA policy alone, or…

What is a bit more disheartening is CBS. The station that brought us Edward Murrow, anchorman Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace and Andy Rooney…all very thorough journalists and investigative reporters. When they had put out a story...believe it, for it was methodically documented in its assiduous final truth. They are all gone now and what has filled the void at CBS is not followers of these men’s footsteps, but sloppy sound bite shock value journalism.

This past fall, CBS put out a news video viewed by millions titled, ‘Woman Battling Kidney Cancer Losing Company Health Plan Due To Obamacare’ with correspondent Susan McGinnis reporting. It was a wrenching foray of a woman trying to survive inflicted with kidney cancer. In the aired video, the woman is portrayed as losing her healthcare at her real estate work place and could not find an alternative to fit her budget on the exchange. In ending, CBS shows the woman picking up a photo of her grandson, then breaking out in tears expressing all she wants to do is see her grandchild.

What the video depicts is totally opposite from the truth. First of all the lady, Mrs. Debra Fishericks used to have kidney cancer, she’s been cancer free since surgery removed it in 2009. Mrs. Fishericks is not concerned about acquiring a new policy or even particularly concerned about price, for she is talking of either going on her husband’s plan from his work, since they can’t deny her due to the ACA law or purchasing an Anthem insurer plan. She also feels no need to go on the exchange website to look for lower priced premiums. The biggest kicker is how CBS portrayed Mrs. Fisherick wanting to see her grandson one more time as if her cancer was going to kill her soon. Confessing to an investigative reporter, the reason she stated she was crying was because her grandson has a malignant brain tumor and she was concerned about his welfare, not hers.

All this would not have been revealed if not for the investigative follow-up reporting of freelance health journalist Maggie Mahar. The CBS producers and editors had hung up on or refused to speak in person with Ms. Mahar, but she trudged onwards and managed to get the bulk of her information speaking to Mrs. Fishericks in person and by phone and e-mail with Ms. Mcginnis. Since the revelation, CBS has pulled the video from their server and website, but the damage has already been done as without also doing their own investigation, multiple news outlets and papers simply reproduced the false CBS report in mass.

One disappointing feature for me personally is my home town ‘Fort Worth Star Telegram’ newspaper. It published an article titled in bold lettering, ‘Obamacare stirs anxiety for thousands with canceled policies.’ What it entails is virtually no professional verification, but a simple report of not thousands, but four Tea Party folks’ stories of how their plans were cancelled under Obamacare. There was no mention of the new plans offered by their current insurers to replace the old ones at about the same coverage price, even for one with an existing condition. Now the gross misinformation has misinformed the 200,000 plus readers of the paper. After the health insurance consumer website, ‘healtinsurance.org’ had revealed the false stories and presented the facts to the newspaper, the editors still wouldn’t publish a retraction. The Star knows their readers in Perry country and aren’t about to retract the false profiles with the substantive facts.

I would write about how wrong the Republican song is about how Obama lied on keeping plans and high costs, but in the video below, Marilyn Tavenner, head of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the agency in charge of implementing the new healthcare law puts a response down so eloquently, that I’ll yield and let her do all the explaining for you. The video is a little over two and a half minutes, but is well worth your time to watch.

There was a myriad hail of proclamations, just before and a little after the premier of the ACA law making its October debut, from Republicans ranting that no one will sign up for coverage. As I currently type this fine March 29, 2014 day, there have been well over six million who’ve signed up on the exchanges and it may well reach or surpass the goal of 7 million by the April 01 deadline as there is a huge spike in last minute signups. Senators Ted Cruz, Chuck Grassley and Pat Roberts, Republican representatives John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Darrel Issa and Kevin McCarthy all proclaimed no one will sign up. Representative Renee Ellmers (R-AR) even stated enrollment numbers would be “pathetic.”

Despite the incessant Republican attacks, media rebuke and public confusion, enrollment is soaring. Does this prove Obamacare is a huge success? No it does not. But it most certainly pushes hard in that direction in being a seminal achievement.

There are five main goals to Obamacare and they are:
1.     Expanding health insurance affordable access
2. Promoting fiscal responsibility for citizens and the national GDP; the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) with their recent findings show that repealing the law would increase the national deficit $1.7 trillion
3.     Increased quality through technology, innovation and elimination of waste
4.   Protecting all genders and ages barring pre-existing condition cancellations and unjustified premium increases
5.     Guaranteeing existing rights for the public when dealing with insurers.

In addition, no matter the right-wing screams of Obamacare as a job killer, it appears that it is actually promoting hand-in-hand health and employment. Before the law’s implementation, during the Bush years of trickle down job creation economics, 3.6 million private sector jobs overall were lost. Since the ACA law’s passage, more than 8.5 million private sector jobs have been created; almost a four times turnaround in half the time no less.

It is already boosting household income and spending. From the ‘Wall Street Journal’s editorial board website, this is what was written. “The Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama’s signature health law, is already boosting household income and spending. The Commerce Department reported Monday that consumer spending rose a better-than-expected 0.4% and personal incomes climbed 0.3% in January. The new health-care law accounted for a big chunk of the increase on both fronts. On the incomes side, the law’s expanded coverage boosted Medicaid benefits by an estimated $19.2 billion, according to Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis. The ACA also offered several refundable tax credits, including health insurance premium subsidies, which added up to $14.7 billion.”

Republicans are grasping at straws now with Obamacare but getting bolder in their deception. A TV ad ran by North Carolina Republican senate candidate hopeful Thom Tillis accuses his Democrat opponent, incumbent Senator Kay Hagan, of supporting a health care law that would cause more than 2 million to “lose” their jobs. The ad proclaimed, “Congressional Budget Office estimates 2 million lost jobs due to Obamacare.” You’ve heard John Boehner misquoting the CBO findings as well, for it is a general errant Republican talking point.

The CBO report states that between now and the year 2021, 2.3 million people will “decide” not to work due to the law. The agency states this because a lot of workers are only working for the healthcare benefits offered at the workplace and now that more reasonably priced healthcare policies are offered under the new law will retire and take out healthcare from the exchanges. Which doesn’t increase unemployment, it actually opens up new positions for those seeking work.

As explained by CBOs director, Douglass Elmendorf, he knew that false claims as Tillis’ would come out of the report by replacing the finding’s “decide” with “lost.” On a February 5th congressional budget hearing, this is what Elmendorf had to say:

“The reason that we don’t use the term ‘lost jobs’ is there’s a critical difference between people who would like to work and can’t find a job or have a job that is lost for reasons beyond their control and people who choose not to work. If somebody comes up to you and says, ‘“Well, the boss said I’m being laid off because we don’t have enough business to pay me,”’ that person feels bad about that, we sympathize with them for having lost their job. If somebody comes to you and says, ‘“I’ve decided to retire or I’ve decided to stay home and spend more time with my family or I’ve decided to spend more time doing my hobby,”’ they don’t feel bad about it, they feel good about it, and we don’t sympathize. We say congratulations. And we don’t say they’ve lost their job because they have chosen to leave that job.”

Even though their obstinate resistance to Obamacare is waning in avenues, Republicans are still bearing down. They’re deserting the idea of totally defunding the law, but are seeking ways to block its funding. GOP legislation originating from the ‘U.S. Chamber of Commerce’ may soon be coming out to strip the medical device tax and the annual fee on insurance companies.

The thing here is that the more Obamacare hangs around, the more the public will not only see, but reap from its benefits. We all should shower shame onto Democrats and the White House for not getting out of the starting blocks early enough in countering Republican misinformation and downright deceit. At this stage of the game though, if Republicans still insist on clinging to derisive overtones of Obamacare the closer it gets to the 2014 elections, they will lose miserably.

Even though House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor banters on CBSs 03/23/2014 ‘Face the Nation,’ “This law is a disaster. In my opinion, Obamacare is on borrowed time,” economic health experts disagree. Failure, experts say is about as unlikely as repeal.

Ben Sommers, assistant professor of health policy and economics at the Harvard School of Public Health states, “What exactly failure means is not clear. Will premiums in the exchange market remain stable and low enough that people will continue to enroll over time?” He believes so based on the provisions of the law to protect insurers if they gain a slew of sick, expensive policyholders through new policies and don’t enroll enough healthier customers to make up the difference. There is also too much money to be made by insurance companies for them to allow the law to fail.

Sean Nicholson, professor of policy analysis and management at Cornell University states, “It’s good for the people who suddenly have access to health care, but that’s also good for business for the insurers.” Insurers stand to gain tens of millions of customers.

To finish up on Obamacare, I’d like to leave you with one street Republican’s letter written in hopes of being published by retired psychologist, Dr. Mark Bearden. As the ACA law continues gaining exposure, his words are what’s thrusting the wrath of fear into every Republican politician’s stone heart.  

Good afternoon,
I am a staunch Republican, a self-proclaimed Fox News addict, and I didn’t vote for the President. And I’m here to tell you that Obamacare works. I’m living proof.
I’m a chemotherapy patient, and was previously paying $428 a month for my health coverage. I was not thrilled when it was cancelled. Then I submitted an application at HealthCare.gov. I looked at my options. And I signed up for a plan for $62 a month. It’s the best health care I have ever had. So right now, heres what I want to tell anyone who still needs health insurance, or knows someone who does: Sign up. Follow the instructions on the website. Apply, and look at your options. You still have time, and take it from me: This is something you want to do. I wrote a letter to President Obama this past February to tell him about my experience with the Health Insurance Marketplace. I hoped he’d read it, and he did.
I may not be a supporter of the President. But now, I get mad when I see Obamacare dragged through the mud on television. And even though I regularly tune in to conservative pundits, I’d like to tell them they’re getting it wrong. Obamacare works. So one more time: If you still need health insurance, you have just three days to get it. Do what I did. Go to HealthCare.gov, submit an application, and pick a plan that works for you. It just might change your life.
Mark D. Bearden, Ph.D.
Monroe, North Carolina

Poking with Sharper Elbows:

I’m fixing to spank good the well-deserved Republican fanny perpendiculars in the following paragraphs, so if you are feign of right, ya might want to glance away. But before you do, I would suggest watching the above video. It is a bit lengthy at a little over eleven minutes, but when you have the time; it expresses exactly what Republicanism is today. Meanwhile, below lies a listing of why I disdain Republicanism.

Ya know, besides rhetorical ideologue, Republicans need to stand for some form of substantive principle, for they have none. If you think of the GOP platform today, anti-Obamaism and obstruction is the first and last thing that pops to mind.

A lot of the Republican leaders auditioning for the 2016 presidency lined up tossing their hat in the ring at CPAC and at billionaire donors’ doors. In speeches during the CPAC gala all vying presidential runners gave no clues to principle; they merely whined about Obama.

Speaking of CPAC and GOP principles they did at least, in their minds anyway, hold an immigration forum in a vain attempt to convince immigrants and minorities Republicans are on their side. The ethnic groups didn’t bite into the ruse. While the GOP panel speakers, including former RNC head and now Virginia senate hopeful Ed Gillespie and the nefarious Donald Trump were on stage, there were no more than a dozen people in the audience. Essentially, the assembly hall was empty. The photo below was taken ten minutes into the conference. Perhaps, with twenty-five speakers, only three were female and nineteen were white, might have had something to do with it as well. Republicans are going to have to realize they have some deep roots in bigotry, for this was a total whitewash so to speak. To be fair though, thirty minutes before the conference was over the hall began filling up, but only in showing up early for the next speaker, NRA sweetheart Wayne LaPierre. So much for GOP minority outreach…
Hardly a soul in the audience.
One other note concerning CPAC, besides senate minority leader Mitch McConnell’s god-awful wielding rendition of Charlton Heston’s one-arm rifle wave, Paul Ryan’s speech to the Republican choir was despicable. Just after his Obama bashing at CPAC, he runs over to conservative radio host, Bill Bennett’s show and proclaims, “We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning to value the culture of work.”

This Ryan dude with that pointy forehead hairline reminds me a lot of Eddie Muenster of ‘The Muensters’ show doesn’t he? Anyway, this supposed Republican professed boy genius with the economic numbers needs to first learn about markets before he begins penciling in figures to push his wares. Republicans are never going to be able to reach out to minorities when this is the entire product they have to offer for the marketplace. And Ryan thinks his “inarticulate” apology gets him off the hook to woo ethnics over to his presidential aspiration. Again, so much for GOP minority outreach…

Republican governors, ‘Bridgegate’ Chris Christy (NJ), ‘John Doe scandal’ Scott Walker (WI), ‘former Fox News pundit’ John Kasich (OH) and George W. brother, Jeb Bush all flew in to Las Vegas last week to hob-nob with billionaire, Sheldon Adelson and attend his Jewish ‘Venetian’ conference full of other rich potential Jewish donors.

Apparently what Republican Matthew Dowd said on ABCs ‘This Week’ 03/30/2014 Sunday episode concurs with me and it is this… Instead of gallivanting around in Las Vegas with a multibillionaire casino owner and his rich entourage in seeking tons of money, they should be bee lining it to the airways in getting their core principles out to the voters. There, enough said on this.

While on the mega donation topic, Karl Rove’s bogus charity fronts pulled in a mere $6.1 million for 2013. In 2012, just ‘American Crossroads’ saw $99.1 million in donations. Since W. doesn’t support one, they said Rove was his brain. It’s now appearing that is about all he has and as Bush’s brain that isn’t much.

Well as the Republican equation in principle goes, I’ll simply quote Texas senator Teddy Cruz, “If you want to lose elections, stand for nothing,” although he said it referring to former Senator Bob Dole, one of the last decent Republicans. Out of his pretext, I say and mean it for the whole current Republican Party.

It’s one thing that Republicans continually attempt to belittle the president and obstruct any policies he puts forward for the nation’s behalf, but when they gain up on him and defend Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, one has to really ponder where their patriotism lies. Led by Cheney calling our president weak and Putin strong is not striking Obama, it’s slapping the nation in the face. Republicans, led by Dick Cheney criticizing Obama as weak is derisive unto themselves.

This March concerning the Ukrainian saga, on CBSs ‘Face the Nation’ and Fox News’ ‘Sean Hannity Show’ Cheney hit the airways stressing there is ‘no doubt that Putin thinks Obama is weak.’ This Dick also stated military options should not have been taken off the table. Mind ya now, Cheney is the guy who didn’t get one, not even two or three but four military deferments from being inducted into military service during the draft days while the Vietnam War was being conducted. Only later was he more than willing to play war with other enlisted personnel’s lives. He is also the one that allowed America to lose international credibility. Where the U.S. was the shining beacon atop the hill after the Cold War that ended after invading Iraq, which in comparison pretty much is what Putin did going into Crimea…invade a sovereign country. The two invasions are fairly identical, except for the fact Iraq is a thousands of mile oceanic stretch from the U.S., where Ukraine is right next door to Russia.

When Russia invaded Georgia’s South Ossetia in 2008 during the Bush/Cheney watch and comparing it to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’s Crimea, Cheney justifies that in stating it happened late on his watch in saying, “It came at a time, sort of at the end of the Bush administration, the beginning of the Obama administration. But it was of deep concern to our friends in Western Europe. We did take some steps in terms of providing assistance to Georgia. We have ships in the region and so forth.” Dang it all, sounds a little hypocritical doesn’t it…he’s complaining about Obama in essentially doing the exact same tactics, except Obama has even gone further in introducing economic sanctions.

With Republicans misinformed and misinforming, they jumped at their own interpretation of what Robert Gates, Bush and Obama’s former Secretary of Defense, had to say in his book without even reading it. From his just released book every Republican was interpreting Gates’ few disappointments about Obama as if he disdained him and never concerned themselves with his disappointments mentioned in the book about the Bush/Cheney administration.

With this on every Republican’s gossip list, Gates, a Republican himself, was interviewed on ‘Fox News Sunday’ by Chris Wallace. Wallace and his right-wing viewing audience were salivating to hear him explain the faults of Obama…Gates thoroughly disappointed them all. The interview went kind of like this...

Wallace: You’ve defended President Obama’s handling of the situation this week. But in January you said you thought that President Obama made a big mistake when he set the red line for the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Here’s what you warned: “If you cock the pistol you’ve got to be willing to fire it.” By “cocking the pistol”—whether it’s on the red line in Syria or giving asylum to Edward Snowden—and then not firing it, you really don’t think that President Obama has emboldened Putin at all?

Gates: Putin invaded Georgia when George W. Bush was president. Nobody ever accused George W. Bush of being weak or unwilling to use military force. So I think Putin is very opportunistic in these arenas. I think that even if we had launched attacks in Syria, even if we weren’t cutting our defense budget, I think Putin saw an opportunity here in Crimea, and he has seized it.

Wallace: But just in terms of optics (whatever that means), do you think it’s helpful for President Obama to take the weekend off in the middle of what you call a crisis to be playing golf in Florida?

Gates: Well, you know, I’ve seen this happen year after year, president after president. President takes a day or two off and plays golf. It doesn’t matter whether it’s President Obama, or the first President Bush going fishing. I think you’ve got to give these guys a little time off. You know, mostly they are working 20 hours a day.

The picture Republicans are painting with their catchphrase, of ‘bare chested Putin is strong and soft pants Obama is weak’ makes them feel all kind of cute I s’pose, but it only reveals their own stupidity. Where did that ‘soft pants’ originate from anyway? I do believe Sarah Palin was the first to say it, but she certainly wasn’t the one who came up with it; not quite bright enough ya know. She may wear a wristwatch to look suave and that is one thing, but she certainly could not enlighten you on how it works…

No matter how Republicans praise Putin as a masterful chess player, Putin does not play chess; he is into karate. Therefore, he is not guided by strategy, but rather by tactics to be the last man standing. He does not tap out numbers to evaluate the bottom line. His passion is of the former Soviet Union as revealed in his statement that the breakup of the Soviet Union was the worst geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century. With the aid of capitalistic corruption though, Putin has proven true democracy did not cure the ills, or properly fill the vacuum after the Soviet dissolution. He’s now attempting to fill that void with nationalism. To conclude, Putin cares more about being feared than liked.

Concerning the Crimean conflict, this is an excerpt of what was in Obama’s speech  while he was in Brussels, Belgium.

“So our approach stands in stark contrast to the arguments coming out of Russia these days. It is absurd to suggest, as a steady drumbeat of Russian voices do that America is somehow conspiring with fascists inside of Ukraine but failing to respect the Russian people. My grandfather served in Patton’s Army, just as many of your fathers and grandfathers fought against fascism. We Americans remember well the unimaginable sacrifices made by the Russian people in World War II, and we have honored those sacrifices. Since the end of the Cold War, we have worked with Russia under successive administrations to build ties of culture and commerce and international community, not as a favor to Russia, but because it was in our national interests. And if the Russian leadership stays on its current course, together, we will ensure that this isolation deepens. Sanctions will expand, and the toll on Russia’s economy, as well as its standing in the world, will only increase.”

In stark contrast, here is Palin’s advice to the world on solving the Ukrainian issue, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke.” Not only is it a simpleton response, but is comically dumb and ignorant.

Right-wingers are so dead set against the Obama administration, that Alaskan Republicans are passing out a petition for the state to secede from the U.S. and join in with Crimea to become the newest Russian territory. Already with ~ 19,000 signatures and with the Alaska population of only 731,499 that is a considerable chunk of the populace.

No word yet if Palin has signed it, but why not. After all, she ‘can see Russia from her back door porch’ where she can’t the continental United States. The petition is being signed to present it to the White House.gov website.  

As far as Donald Rumsfeld’s comments go, who just may go down as the U.S.s worst Secretary of Defense, I personally find whimsical coming from a senseless person. When Rumsfeld was interviewed recently by Fox News’ Greta Van Susteran concerning current efforts in Afghanistan, he told her, “This administration, this White House and the State Department have failed to get a status of forces agreement in Afghanistan. A trained ape can get a status of forces agreement. It does not take a genius. We have so mismanaged that relationship.” Just prior to this comment, Rumsfeld was expressing on what a charming and diplomatic leader Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzi is.

Rumsfeld wearing that endless smiling smirk of his feels that he is always the one monopolizing righteousness. In considering his ‘known unknowns,’ he is living in an unknown world surrounded by knowns. What he says cannot bother you, for he truly is of the feeble mind while slowly, but steadily losing it.

Now, speaking of feeble mindedness, how about…Darrell Issa. As chairman of the ‘House Oversight and Government Conform Committee,’ Issa has made America bear witness to an endless array of politically motivated and pointless investigative hearings.

Let’s see, just after his induction to the position immediately followed by his proclamation that Obama’s administration is the “most corrupt” America has ever had, he has dragged the country through a torrent of bogus hearings. His tactics include cherry picking witnesses and muting those witnesses and fellow panel members that go against the picture he wants to portray. In his never ending vendetta, he has utilized forged documents, leaked portions of sensitive reports, publicly scorned panel members for calling him out and allows witnesses to his favor more floor time than allotted while at times cutting short witness allotted minutes that contradict his storyline.

OK, first off there was the ‘Fast & Furious’ investigation that he cut short because it led to Republican activity. ‘Solyndra’s bankruptcy was the next hit, but deadpanned for all was legitimate. Then there was the filling out of an all-male panel while cutting out Sandra Fluke to testify at his contraception and women’s health hearings. Next was the ‘Benghazi Scandal’ that has gone nowhere even though he keeps rehearing old statements, followed by the ‘IRS Scandal’ where he had been attempting to tie Obama into cahoots with the IRS holding off on right-wing charity Section (c) code authorizations even though they had also done the same with liberal groups and had even refused two liberal organizations during that same time frame.

Finally, he went on the warpath gathering up those that said Obamacare had cancelled their policies even though most of these stories could not be corroborated.  He allowed no witnesses to testify on behalf of Obamacare or how it has actually saved money and life.

His latest…he now wants a hearing on answers to a ‘New York Post’ mysterious report claiming that the ‘U.S. Census Bureau’ had falsified statistics in the unemployment numbers during the 2012 elections to make Obama look good. All this is based on one unknown source. It is claimed by the conservative reporter John Crudele that his secret source has evidence from two years earlier in 2010. 2010, 2012…that in itself is contradictory, but maybe the 2012 was hastily thrown in to collaborate with former GE CEO, Jack Welch’s 2012 election period unfounded claim that jobs numbers were being fudged.

So, without sourcing, resourcing, an official response between the Census Bureau and Labor Department and no whistleblower information given to the Inspector General, which is the normal route in intergovernmental complaint protocol, Issa is boring down with his Cisco Kid’s Poncho in the form of Representative Blake Farenthold (R-TX) at his side.

Without any context, Issa has called this “shocking” feeling that perhaps, even though with flimsier evidence to go on than the other farcical investigations, he can finally pin a really big scandal onto Obama’s coat tail.

The Bureau put out the statement, “We have no reason to believe that there was a systematic manipulation of the data described in media reports. We carefully cross-check and verify the work of our staff to ensure the data’s validity.” Apparently so, for all this occurred in November 2013 and since then, we haven’t heard from Issa. You know if there was anything, even half-truths he’d be all over it. 

In a January 2014 interview with Guns.com, Ted Nugent referred President Obama to a “subhuman mongrel” when he blipped, “I have obviously failed to galvanize and prod, if not shame enough Americans to be ever vigilant not to let a Chicago communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel like the acorn community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America.”

Within a month on February 18th, he goes tracing off to campaign with Republican gubernatorial hopeful Greg Abbott in Denton, Texas. There, Abbott parades and praises Nugent to the gathered crowd of three hundred, even calls him his “blood brother.” Later Abbott is scorned for this by some newspapers and Democrats, but defends it in pleading dumb in not knowing Nugent had made the comment. Further, one of his aides issues a campaign report stating, “The controversy is what he said in the past. We are not endorsing Ted Nugent, he is supporting us.”

With heat mounting in Abbott’s campaign supporting Nugent’s lack of values, decorum and restraint from vulgarity, they finally fall back a bit in not apologizing for aggrandizing with him, but have Abbott declare it’s time to “move on” followed by Abbott’s statement, “I believe Ted Nugent recognized his language was wrong and he rightly apologized.” Did he? Well sort of. In appearing on the Febraury 21st ‘The Ben Ferguson Show’ Nugent fifth-heartedly says I’m sorry, but not referenced to Obama, then goes on a tirade again attacking Obama “as a lying, law-breaking racist who engages in Nazi tactics.”

Nugent is not man enough to admit when he is wrong; he’s a lil’ bully boy that can only repeat demeaning comments in vain attempts to fill a void in that scared empty soul of his. As for Abbott, he knows Nugent appeals to his ignorant base and will refrain from admitting Nugent is nonsense.

On the other hand, Abbott now has to contend with a base countering his. A lot of Texas women are not taking kindly to Abbott and his party’s anti-women platform and are paying particularly close attention to what Ms. Wendy Davis is saying, the Democrat gubernatorial candidate.

Now ya see, Abbott cannot personally flirt with women rights for he would appear too candy apple red to his base, so he’s surrounded himself with Republican female campaign surrogates to do that for him. For today’s reasoned woman though, what the surrogates are saying has no appeal. One of them, Cari Cristman is saying when it comes to gender equal pay measures that equal pay laws are unnecessary since women are “extremely busy” to care about fair pay. Now I must inquire, how does being too busy negate wanting equal pay?

Going on now for a good decade while intensifying every year, Republicans have lowered their core values and are using trickery over the American voter, primarily in two forms but through one entity. In many states now, Republicans have setup Democrat candidates and Democrat websites through fakery.

Republicans have been and are more and more putting up fake websites and fake Democratic candidates to deceive and actually gain monetarily by tricking voters.

One method, perhaps the most harmless is putting up fake democratic websites that lure potential voters by praising a particular Democrat candidate on the home page. Then when the viewer clicks another tab he is greeted with condemnation for the Democrat and acclaim for his Republican opponent. Currently the ‘National Republican Congressional Campaign’ (NRCC) has fifteen websites as such up and with hundreds of URLs bought by the NRCC, they are in the process of putting up more before the 2014 elections. NRCCs press secretary, Daniel Scarpinato readily admits the deception and says, “Well, we are very proud of this program.” Scarpinato insists they are not deceptive. An example of one is:  JohnLewis4congress.com where they have targeted Montana congressional Democrat John Lewis.

When the RNCC told CNN Democrats do it too, in a written statement to CNN, the ‘Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’ (DCCC) stated, “It is not the DCCC’s practice to make websites that could be confused with the opponent’s site.” DCC’s California representative Josh Schwerin stated to the ‘LA Times,’ “They [Republicans] are now trying to trick people into supporting them and trying to disown their own toxic, out-of-touch brand.”

Campaign legal expert, Paul S. Ryan from the ‘Campaign Legal Center’ states this activity is clearly illegal in direct violation of a 1990s election law banning non-candidate committees, such as the NRCC, from using a candidate’s name in headlines, titles and letterheads unless the use demonstrates clear opposition to the candidate.

Another website forge is more devious. Republicans are also putting out fake Democrat websites asking for donations, but when one donates it comes back thanking them for donating to a Republican candidate. When this happened to a Floridian, he became very upset and pursued it. Ray Belamy called the RNCC requesting his $250.00 back, but the receptionist Kate, who would not reveal her last name refused him a connection to the finance department then hung up after advising him the RNCC will not refund his money and his credit card company should handle his complaint. Well, he did call his card company lodging a complaint and later, as reported by a local NBC affiliate, he was refunded. NRCC spokeswoman, Andrea Bozek told NBC that they do not trick people into donating. Really…when the website clearly has a Democrat candidate on it while requesting donations, then once conducted, it comes back thanking you for donating to his Republican opponent and for fighting to defeat Democrats…how is that not deception?

Given a little more exposure in Wisconsin during the 2011 reelections, Republicans were fronting Republicans as Democrat candidates in Democrat primaries. By encouraging Republican comrades to sign their signatures onto Democrat petition ballots for one of their fake Democrats, they’re hoping to create some confusion to voters in the Democrat primaries.

Dan Feyen, chairman of the 6th Congressional District Republican Party wrote in the ‘Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’ to fellow conservatives, “We need to make sure Democrat challengers face primaries to allow our Republicans time to mount a campaign.” Republicans simply feel if they have more time to campaign they can stretch Democratic resources thinner while piling on their negative attacks.

One other is truly illegal involving the ‘National Republican Senatorial Committee.’ It entails sending out forged tweets of Democrats, even Obama wasn’t immune. This is blatant identity misappropriation. Obama’s forged tweet reads, “My budget failed 0-97 but wait till you see @SenateDems budget – BO.  

Poor whipped on Republicans, no matter the vile and heartlessness that emanates from their soulless innards, no one has a right to call it out.

On the first half of March, House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi gave a speech to a crowd of California Democrats and in it she stated where a Republican acquaintance had told her, “struggling Americans are invisible and the Republican caucus is indifferent to them.” Pelosi then responds to her Republican quote, “That’s outrageous. We all want to help inner city kids. We all want to help people. And the debate should be around what’s the best way to help people.”

House Majority Leader Eric cantor appears deeply hurt in being called out as mean and demands Pelosi’s apology where he might then forgive her. Well, the only apology Cantor is going to receive is…sorry Cantor, but Pelosi’s apology ain’t gonna happen.

She is not going to apologize, for she is standing behind the truth in the matter. If Cantor would name her one instance Republicans have aided struggling families, perhaps then she might reconsider. Cantor attempted to by telling a story of a boy he once knew from Louisiana named Bryan who came from a broken family and was working while in high school to save up and go to college. Cantor concludes Bryan was able to attend an inner city school due strictly to a “conservative policy of education choice.” Ya see, Bryan is a conservative token that was handpicked as a voucher to attend a private charter school. Meanwhile the rest of Bryan’s buddies and the bulk of school kids have to attend public schools that are being defunded by ‘conservative policies’ sending the tax dollars to those private schools.

Republicans have defunded SNAP, public education, WIC, Head Start and women health clinics, while blocking funds to unemployment, job bills, emergency services and low income tax relief. The GOP has put immigration reform on the backburner. They’ve spent the majority of their time in trying to repeal access to quality healthcare and privatize Social Security and Medicare. Mrs. Pelosi is right on…        

It is the mind games that Republican leaders pull onto their constituents that I find disheartening, but it is their followers willingly grabbing the bait hook, line and sinker I disdain. Through deceit, fear, bigotry, religion and rhetorical ideologue tactics, Republican leaders will continue fishing out the ignorant, to support them in the street fights whilst the Republican politician caters expressively to the wealthy/corporate base.

A classic for instance…

Republican senator, David Vitter who is currently campaigning to become Louisiana’s next governor spoke to his homeboy town hall crowd this past March 18th at a Blanchard, Louisiana elementary school. A reasonable woman approached him by questioning the immense amount of Koch Brothers money they are using in buying our government and politicians. After defending corporate money with first amendment rights Vitter replies, “I think the Koch brothers are two of the most patriot Americans. I’ll be honest with you, my reaction is God bless the Koch brothers. They’re fighting for our freedoms.” What did the crowd do after his comments…they broke out in cheers and applause.

Now pray do tell me…exactly how are the Koch Brothers aiding the little guy? Their plopping down of hundreds of millions of dollars has nothing to do for the little guy…it is being conducted to serve their own interests period.

I suppose to the evangelical right, the Koch Brothers buying of our politics is a god given right.     

Mendicant Supplicant:
In speaking of the aforementioned ‘soft pants’ Obama tag, in addition to the bin-Laden saga’s ending, approved and ordered by Obama another daring attempt utilizing the Navy Seals was successfully carried out this past March 17, 2014. Without one single injury, at the request of the Libyan and Cypriot governments, the U.S. Navy Seals boarded and secured a renegade oil tanker that had been hijacked from Libya by an Es-sider rebel militia. The rebel group was going to sell the $36 million crude oil payload on the black market to an Israeli and two Senegalese businessmen who had flown into Cyprus to make the exchange. This saved the fragile Libyan government from losing a big chunk of its main source of income. This account was hardly covered by the U.S. media and is most likely why most of you did not hear of it.

No matter how the right-wing claims America’s media is liberal leaning, the evident facts simply do not support it. All the major media outlets are so intimidated in being accused of this that they will go out of their way to defend a conservative statement or allow a conservative lie to stand. It’s as if the media is requesting brownie points from the deified right.  

The media in politics is what concocts images of the mind into the printed word. It is so important that they edit to give a story its most credible facts.

Really understanding then presenting factual substance as opposed to pandering to rhetorical clichés is the media’s utmost obligation to its viewers or readers. Unfortunately this concept is losing out and it appears that political comedy is becoming more the factual base than the actual media. The comedic slant presented by Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert/Bill Maher puts them miles ahead with a more intellectual informed audience than the ignorant misinformed Fox News audience.

To stake my claim, again with another rather long video at thirty-four minutes, but when the time is found to watch, you’ll see my point.          

Statements Uncalled:
Listed below is some recent right-wing rhetoric and uncalled for statements.

On Ohio state Representative Andrew Brenner’s personal website dealing in politics, he posted an article titled, ‘Was Sandy Hook a Hoax Designed to Advance Gun Control’ and in it was derelict argument that it never happened, but was a government front to establish and promote gun control.

One of the arguments stated was, “We haven’t even discussed what a sharpshooter Adam Lanza must have been to take out that many people in such a short amount of time.” It also attempts to theorize the death scenes had wrong dates attached to them and bizarrely rants on about some balloon photos being misplaced.

If you want to read for yourself you can go here but you’ll be disappointed as since it has gained deserved negative exposure in media coverage, Brenner has begrudgingly taken it down but left a complaining shell of what you will now read once viewing it. He cleverly took out ‘hoax’ in the title and claims neither he or the writer, ever intended to claim a government cover-up.

Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI) addressing his constituents August 2013: “Until we have evidence, you’re going to become a laughingstock if you’ve submitted the bill to impeach the president because number one, you’ve got to convince the press. There are some people out there no matter what Obama does he’s still the greatest president they’ve ever had. That’s what you’re fighting. If I could write that bill and submit it, it would be a dream come true. I stood twelve feet away from the guy and listened to him. I couldn’t stand being there, but because he is president I have to respect the office.”

Larry Klayman, federal prosecutor under Reagan and currently with conservative ‘Freedom Watch’ continues to reference Obama as a foreign born Muslim. At the October 13, 2013 ‘Million Vet March on the Memorials’ that turned out to only be a few thousand, he stated, “I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent revolution, to use civil disobedience, and to demand that this president leave town, to get up, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come out with his hands up.”  

To outmatch other Republican comments, Republican Florida 2014 congressional hopeful, Joshua Black, in reference to Obama, tweeted, “I’m past impeachment. It’s time to arrest and hang him high.” In being an evangelist preacher, Black is not apologizing after receiving protests to his comments and states after listing what Obama has done in office, “This would be exactly what the President has done to others and, as Jesus said, ‘“the measure ye mete, it shall be meted to you again.”’

Maine state lawmaker Representative Lawrence Lockman, publicly has stated since the 1980s that if abortion is legal, then men should legally be able to rape women. One of his exact quotes is, “If a woman has the right to an abortion, why shouldn’t a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman? At least the rapist’s pursuit of sexual freedom doesn’t [in most cases] result in anyone’s death.”

Watering Hole:
Ya know, there’s an old West Texas adage that ya can always tell when youre being fed a bunch of bull by someone, for that someone gets dry mouthed.

Now if that stands true, then we got a lot of consternation concerning Republican politicians.

Below is a video I pasted together representing a quick collage of Republican politicians and a Republican pundit having to hit the water trough quite frequently. In it, Ted Cruz has to take five swigs within four and a half minutes. Not to be out done though, Paul Ryan winds up gulping down fifteen times more. Of course, how can one forget Marco Rubio’s famous drink grab, but even that doesn’t compare to George Will’s escapade that turned Charlie Rose’s head.

Watch and enjoy…

Let It Out Then Let It In:
I apologize for the lengthiness of this article, but condensed storyline versions of the original defray, creating its own perceived truth. Some may say that is the outcome of this article, but believe as you may, the facts are presented and backed as is, thus the length in outcome. The following though is in my own stated personal opinion..

In worshiping evangelism and money, through greed the GOP runs the full spectrum from the evangelist high priest to snake handlers, from corporate to extreme wealth. They use their mass following as a wedge to splinter and confuse the public. If you might have noticed as of late, Republicans are all about an issue to rail against, but not a solution to solve. The GOP gladly enjoys dropping bricks on toes then exiting, forcing others to contend with the scene.

On entities Republicans always complain about, there are valid reasons unions and federal regulations arose under a corporate state simply because corporations are authoritarian. In that authoritative air, power is corruptive; unions and regulations are the check valve for some democracy to be retained.

Aided by Republicans, as the wealthiest are buying out and taking away our nation’s democracy, Republicans sugarcoat, disguising the ruse as if the poor is robbing our government.

The epicenter Republican to all this is Paul Ryan. The GOP promoting claim that Ryan is rich in intellect is in itself intellectual dishonesty in its drainage, for the mind’s trash bin he takes to the curb is nothing but cheap parlor tricks. He is no serious thinker, merely an arrogant sissy attempting to enforce brute tactics over the disadvantaged.

His budget, his votes, his comments all are directed at attacking the poor. He associated himself with Ayn Rand to promote an air of intelligence, but when the throngs of his ignorant followers began to catch on that she was also an atheist, he severed the ties to him and her; publicly anyway.

His constant lying concerning his cardboard numbered budgets, his athleticism, aiding the poor in soup kitchen props and the plagiarized brown lunch bag story points to a person that can’t help themselves; a pathological liar if you will.

Bigotry is embedded deeply into the Republican fold and with many instances to back this up I’ll simply convey their own CPAC. Due to a boycott threat by the religious portion of the party, GoProud, the Republican gay side of the party, were not allowed to have a display booth. This would never occur at any other party’s convention.

Republicans stifled and nixed advertising for the ACA law insisting it’s politically unethical. Meanwhile by 2010, spend six times more in ads against it. Even though it would help most Tea Party folks they choose instead to be the lip service attached to a big mouth in attacking Obamacare without any valid reason as to why.

On Monday of March 24, 2014, Ted Cruz posted a simple petition on his Facebook homepage asking if you are better off now since Obamacare. He set it up to reply with a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Now I’m quite sure in his overt wisdom’s thinking he did this feeling safe in attracting a lot of Tea Party followers. Then he could add this to the fodder pile of his anti-Obamacare campaign. Turns out though, out of over 47,000 voters, 75.93% said yes to 24.07% saying no. Cruz quickly had the site put down.

I’ll rely on my Cherokee blood and give ya a little Indian saying, ‘Sometimes a dream is wiser than awakening from it.’ Perhaps Cruz should take that to heart in deciphering what a cocooned world is versus reality. The ACAs momentum is not a dream for Republicans, it is a reality.

Above are expected death ranges in red states that refused Obamacare and or its Medicaid expansion. Forget the old Republican fear tactic death panels, these are real and it is Republicans with blood on their hands. In fact in Florida, there are already confirmed reports of folks dying due to lack of access to affordable healthcare.

The ACA has survived an onslaught in its infancy. Republicans have attempted to pull its life cord at every step, but it is surviving with stock prices for major health insurers surging up in a steep climb.

Republicans remind me of someone I don’t like but still reminded that another few just might. So with knotted stomach I gaze beyond those concealed in knotted wooden barrels.  

What I am saying is that you will always be confronted by obstinate obstacles. Approach them as ya may, but look a little further for there is always hope. Give more than opinion, give voice…and that’s no Aprils Fools…

Below is an excerpt taken from Daily Kos 04/01/2014

President Obama received a hug from a tearful Stephanie Miller whose sister, Kelly Hines, died of colon cancer at the age of 37.

“I thanked him for getting the Affordable Health Act passed,” she said.  “The President replied he would keep on fighting for us and that our fight is not over.”

Miller said her sister, Kelly Hines, died from colon cancer four years ago because she could not afford proper health insurance. She had no employer-provided coverage.

Hines soon began a new job where she was given employer-sponsored health care coverage, but as a new employee she needed to be present in the workplace, which ultimately interfered with her cancer treatment.

Hines clocked anywhere from 40 to 80 hours a week, despite her weakening condition. “She worked until she couldnt anymore so that she could provide for her kids,” said Miller.

Following a 15-month struggle, Hines succumbed to the disease -- leaving behind her sons, 10 and 15, at the time.

“We needed that desperately,” Miller continued. “I know what its like to watch somebody that you love die from a disease that had they been able to have health care [coverage], they could still be here. Nobody should ever have to go through that. Her sons should not have to suffer without their mother.”

In Cognizance Adherence,

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