Knocking Down Heaven's Door

Knocking Down Heaven’s Door

Doesn’t Matter:

CautionFor American Right Christians, the following is a good old fashioned willow tree limb spanking.

In the eyes of an American Christian Right, it didn’t matter electing a conspiracist, sexist, misogynist, racist, narcissistic and foul mouthed president. Everything Donald Trump has to offer goes against the supposed ethics of what a fundamentalist Christian purports to believe in. Certainly Jesus Christ, the man himself would have quickly, not only seen, but feel and reel at the faults of Trump in his ineptitudes. This, in expressing what it truly means to be Christian, it too, also relays in what it means to be an ethical human.

So here’s what your Christian Right preacher ensemble is preaching...

Just prior to the election, you had pastors, John Hagee and Janet Porter stating God will hold you accountable if you don’t vote for Trump. On the ‘Hagee Hotline’, Hagee warned his listeners that, “God will not hold us harmless. I’m going to vote for the candidate that’s going to make the U.S. military great again. I’m not going to vote for the party that has betrayed Israel for the past seven years.”

On her August 2016 video, Christian right-wing Porter proclaimed, “God actually told us not to sit [out the election] when He gave us His voter guide in Deuteronomy.”

Immediately after the election results and in a celebratory mood, senior pastor of Dallas’ ‘First Baptist Church, Dr. Robert Jeffress, inferred in a short video, “In Daniel, chapter 2, it’s clear that God alone establishes our leaders.” Huh, no it doesn’t. But if it does, God surely picks despicable leaders, as this narcissist King Nebuchadnezzar in the biblical dream story was to have his astrologers cut up into pieces if they couldn’t interpret his dream.

Contrary to nonpartisan fact checker, Daniel Dale’s mid-September up to Election Day count of no less than 560 outright Trump lies, preacher of ‘Morningstar Ministries’, Rick Joyner wails about Trump by saying, “He is an honest man. He is one of the most honest people I’ve met because he tells you what he really thinks. There [are] no facades there. He is not hiding anything.” That 560 lies averaging out to a torrid 20 Trump lies per day, somehow doesn’t phase Joyner at all.

Televangelist Joyner has also declared on his ‘Prophetic Perspectives on Current Events’ that, “If you look at the disciples That Jesus chose, they were all Donald Trump.” Do you really believe that?

End Times pastor, Tom Horn proclaimed Trump as the forerunner if not the Messiah himself. On the ‘Jim Bakker Show’ earlier this month, Horn claimed that Trump’s bloodline goes back to the ‘Davidic Dynasty’ and that certain Israeli rabbis told him that name “Trump actually means ‘Messiah”’; although he didn’t enlighten us as to what language stresses so.

Speaking of pay-day preacher Bakker, on his November 25th show he urged viewers to buy his ‘Tasty Pantry Food Buckets’, for his prediction of anti-Trump riots will make it impossible to go to the grocery store. You can watch the video below and see for yourself how he is duping his followers.

Jim Bakker also stated that Hillary supporters are going to get earthquakes as sent down by God for punishment.

On ‘Fox News Sunday’ December 11th program, Trump’s House Chief of Staff pick, Reince Priebus asserted that “every single thing” President-elect Donald Trump has done “has been factual” and is “supported by 80 percent of Americans.” None of this nonsense is true, but who cares; right?

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX), on the Virginia’s, Rob Schilling radio show professed, “We can never, ever allow this country to come that close to immediately losing four of the 1st ten rights, 1st ten amendments that the founders gave us.” He falsely claimed that Hillary Clinton supports an “international law that makes it a crime to say anything negative about Islam” and that the “10th Amendment means nothing” to her.

Of course you Christian Right folks love Trump’s threat to repeal the 1954 ‘Johnson Amendment’ which states, “houses of worship, cannot endorse or oppose political candidates for office if they want to retain their tax-exempt status. While pastors are free to endorse or oppose candidates, the church itself cannot and pastors cannot do so from the pulpit.” But what you don’t realize in mixing religion up with politics, all other religions may do it as well under America’s democratic umbrella. Do ya really want that?

This upcoming Trump presidency threatens the face of American values by empowering the radical right that had been, until this election, relegated to the fringes of American culture. This, in thanks to a large part of the Christian Right that has displayed bigotry in abetting a Trump victory. Certainly, Jesus Christ, who was not only for the befallen poor, but for the destitute, would not have befallen, then swayed as the fundamentalist Christian has for Trump. Christians are supposedly to be a follower of Christ and are not to be tempted in being weakened into biased thought. But American Christianity is based on bias to fuel a corrupted belief. This is why, as the founding fathers imposed, religion should always be maintained as separate from the state because religion is a biased opinion and not a substantive policy in equality for all.

So for all you Christians out there, Trump and these false professors of Jesus had you turn over your religious morals for political immorality. That is why religion and politics should remain separate as the founding fathers intended. Believe me; you will regret your Trump voting decision somewhere down the line if your religious beliefs truly dictate your life.     

Book of Fief:
Trump, rather than concentrating on reason and be motivated by policy, places all efforts on emotion by using populist ideology that caters to bias, fear and ignorance. He has refined this into an art form throughout his tweets. The word demagogue is specifically defined as: a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument. When espousing on the antics of candidate and president-elect Trump, do the bells of demagoguery ring clear and loud; do you hear how well the rings synchronize?

Trump, without a blink of an eye will lie to curry favor from his ardent base. He enflames the burning winds of scapegoating Muslims, immigrants, and American minorities, while debasing the media, union workers, women, even SNL, or any other responsible critic. Anyone who disagrees with his deceitful tactics and disinformation rhetoric, to keep his plain folk base’s torched embers in a perpetual glow; his narcissism and ego requires that he will attack those critics directly to his base through ‘Twitter’, where in turn, slings their frothing slobber.

The people Trump has surrounded himself with actually aids him in spreading falsities. When asked by news anchors and reporters on Trump’s totally fabricated proclamation that three million votes cast for Hillary were illegal, would surrogates deny his claim or at least council him on tightening his rhetoric? No, they all pawned it off as harmless opinion.

Mike Pence, after grilled by George Stephanopoulos on ABCs ‘This Week’ called it “refreshing,” and “it is his right to express his opinion on that.” When asked by John Dickerson on ‘Face the Nation’ Reince Priebus said, “Well I don’t know if that’s not true” and “I think he’s done a great job,” in spreading the truth.

As in the ‘Pizzagate’ case where the right-wing conspiracy claimed Hillary had chopped up children into little pieces and drank their blood, there is emphatically no factual evidence to back up Trump’s false proclamation; it is to the contrary of truth. Nonetheless, it is what the Christian Right, along with the rest of his base want to hear to back up their bias and misbeliefs, therefore it is truth to them.

In fact, Trump cheerleader, Scottie Nell Hughes on NPRs, ‘Diane Rehm’s show said, “There's no such thing, unfortunately, anymore of facts and so Mr. Trump's tweet amongst a certain crowd, a large -- a large part of the population, are truth.”

Unfortunately for Ms. Hughes, facts can be checked and whether one likes or dislikes it, it still remains substantial. But what else is unfortunate here is that a substantial amount of Americans feel that relevant facts don’t matter. Hughes went on to further add that it’s not that facts don’t matter, they don’t even exist.

This is not normal behavior; its extremity indeed parallels an empowerment of another demagogue monger to engage in accepted scapegoat ethnic cleansing in its horrific push in crimes against humanity in the total lapse of ethic humanity.

For the Christian Right, by no means was a vote for Trump a vote cast for genuine Christianity. I am not myself Christian or beholden to any form of religion, but even my eyes can see through the smoke and dust Trump’s presidential trail will lead this nation into. It is not the stolid and solid embodiment of human values that this country, the United States of America has historically bestowed and most certainly he does not extend an inkling of Christian morality, much less Jesus Christ the Savior values. He has utilized Christianity for his own gain. And why not, for all of Trump’s goals throughout his whole life has been geared towards his own gain at the expense of others. He’s 70-years-old now and is not going to change. Either out of ignorance, the unwittingly Christian who voted for Trump, or out of bias the willingly Christian who voted for Trump, has scorched Christian identity.

To each and every Trump Christian voter, if these are fighting words for you, then back it up...back it up instead of backing up into a squirreled corner simply to lash out with third grader mentality slurs...back it up with some substance...

Living on Nettles, Pea-shells, Reeds & Briars:
If the fundamentalist Christian thinks or feels Trump embodies the reconciliation of the kingdom of God, they need to think again. In Trump’s recorded comments of bragging about his sexually aggressive assaults and admittance in watching models dress and undress by walking into their dressing rooms, for sympathy, he    currently denies that he is a perfect man. You, the so-called Christian gave him his free pass right out of the gates of Hades...right out of the bowels of your own tortured soul’s Hell when he said, “I’ve never said I’m a perfect person.”

Conveniently forgetting he actually has stated he’s perfect not once but publically twice, you still showered it over and gave him that free pass. You can’t quite jar your memory that in 2011, Republican strategist, Frank Luntz flat out asked Trump if he had ever asked God for forgiveness. You further ignored Trump’s reply when he answered “I am not sure that I have…I don’t think in terms of that.”

Perhaps your long term memory isn’t up to snuff, but more recently in 2015, CNNs, Anderson Cooper asked Trump if he would like to refine previous comments concerning his failings where Trump insisted, “Well, I like to work where I don’t really have to ask for it. I like to do the right thing where I don’t actually have to ask for forgiveness. Does that make sense to you? You know, where you don’t make such bad things that you don’t have to ask for forgiveness. I mean, I’m trying to lead a life where I don’t have to ask God for forgiveness. Why do I have to repent? Why do I have to ask for forgiveness if you’re not making mistakes?”

Do you really feel that Trump has immunity from your God? Knowing he said this, but still supporting him I just suppose you no longer concern yourself with original sin as much as ya do now for your original spin. My, oh my...what a wonderful made-up world you live in.

But while justifying voting for Trump, you’re emptying your picnic lunch basket, because justifications in doing so only attract ants to your basket. No, there is more to it than your make-feel-better rogue excuses...your deviate choice was far more in line with your biased beliefs whether ya realize it consciously or not.

Trump’s brash pompousness has a glaring and blaring signature attached to it and surely reveals why he’s so reluctant to apologize for anything. That includes his blatantly offensive remarks about immigrants, minorities, veterans and women. If he won’t ask God for forgiveness, why the heck would he ask anyone else? This is so inherently obvious, but yet you...the Christian Right ignored it.

Once in to Trump’s tenure, it will become apparent what Republicans will take away from the common American and being a Christian will have no immunity from its onslaught. Most of America’s poor are in the Christian Bible Belt. If Republicans proceed full bore with their wishes...Obamacare, SNAP, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, environmental laws and national parks/federal public lands are going to be impacted negatively.

All these domestic and public policies are to have cuts in funding, have far more difficult access, sold off to private capitalist/industrial entities or flat out be repealed. It’s a shame that the very ones that voted Republicans into office are not exempt and are going to be denied policies that were the greatest yet this nation has come up with in benefiting the public. What’s even more shameful, the ones that didn’t vote Republican are going to have to share in the misery right alongside the ones that did.

Dishonored Badge of Fleur-de-Lis:
In grafting religion into politics, you, the Christian Right have desecrated your own savior’s teachings. The oval office doesn’t ensure your prosperity, nor strengthen your values, no, but the oval office can corrupt your prosperity and tarnish your ethical values. The only entity that guarantees your values’ rights is your fellow individual American. You’ve destroyed that gift for others to greedily ensure your own, but eventually, you’ve blindly furthered your own belief’s demise.  

Nell Ziehl, a person suffering from and coping with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) wrote down the symptoms after professionally being evaluated. They are: A) It’s not curable and it’s barely treatable. You are who you are. B) You’ll say whatever feels most comfortable or good at any given time. You will lie a lot, and say totally different things to different people. C) Entitlement is a key aspect of the disorder and one will likely not observe traditional boundaries of an office holder insisting rules do not apply for one’s own self. D) One with NPD only cares about himself/herself and those he/she views as extensions of themselves, like children. E) It’s very difficult and confusing for the non-afflicted to reason with a person with NPD because while often intelligent, charismatic, and charming, the NPD person does not reliably observe social conventions or demonstrate basic human empathy. So to get along, the non-afflicted try to normalize the behavior. F) The afflicted person will engage in gaslighting—where someone tries to convince you that the reality you’ve experienced isn’t true—is real and torturous. The afflicted person with NPD will gaslight and so too, his/her followers will gaslight.

Any of this sound all too familiar at what is about to become our president?    

For all you Christian Right voters, in which 8 out of 10 white evangelical Christians pulled the voting booth lever for Trump, you’ve got to ask yourself...would you like your children, teachers, your boss, your friend or even your spouse to behave like Trump?

You all had your justifications in voting for Trump such as the lesser of two evils, although pitting a billionaire “grabbing” egomaniac versus someone who has committed their entire life to enhancing children’s lives, appears to be not much of a valid comparison. Or, because you wanted the D.C. swamp drained, you casted your vote for Trump, but still on the down ticket ballots, you voted for every Republican incumbent there was. You contend Hillary can’t be trusted and is a liar even though you cannot come up with one concrete pertinent lie of hers that hasn’t been conspired by the countless Republican hearings and investigations of her that all wound up as baseless and pointless.

Meanwhile, you completely ignored all of the endless Trump lies and deceptions. Those danged Trump lies that covered birtherism, the Iraq War, Immigration, tax returns, unemployment rates, Benghazi, crime, LGBT rights, etc., etcetera...

You, as the Christian Right even proclaimed we need to get the dollars out of our politics. But lo, Trump has chosen, at the latest five billionaires to run his administration along with countless millionaires. Where is the common man represented here? One billionaire, Steven Mnuchin, whom Trump has picked as Secretary of the Treasury, comes from Wall St., risky hedge funds and mortgages. Mnuchin once had an 87-year-old lady evicted from her home in Florida due to the fact she owed a mere 0.27¢ on the reverse mortgage policy his lending company held.   

No, the real reason you voted for Trump, is that he stoked and patted your biases and catered to your frustrations and unfounded fears elating your want, perhaps even your need of America to being one-of-a-kind...your own kind. But I have news for ya...America has always been an admixture and will always be. It’s due now that all Americans can have a fair start. It doesn’t mean that your values will disappear or lose importance; it only means that all others’ values won’t either.

Of course you, the upright Christian Right, the very one who claims to be the true patriot, dished out the gravy in more excuses in Trump picking billionaires, former W. Bush appointees and Wall Street executives. You shrug it off by stating, he needs appointees with experience when before, this is exactly what you claimed you hated about D.C.

Yet that even digs you deeper into the hypocritical slime you’ve enveloped yourself in, for Trump indeed did pick those with absolutely no experience. Rick Perry, ya know the one in the Republican 2012 presidential primaries that had the “oops” moment. He couldn’t recall the third department he would shut down, but is now slated to be secretary of that department. That office is the ‘Department of Energy.’

So, as Trump’s choice of Secretary of Energy, in replacing Obama’s nuclear physicist, Ernest Jeffrey Moniz pick, Perry shuns science and has no experience whatsoever in energy; even once proclaimed to just abolish the department altogether. What’s he to do now as its head; go ahead and shut it down along with his new post putting himself out of a job? I highly doubt it, but if he is so inept in managing it for the betterment of the nation, it may well be forced to shut down.

Perry’s just one instance of Trump’s vastly inexperienced picks. A couple of others are Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, who knows nothing about the environmental sciences and once joined a lawsuit against the EPA because he’s so deep in the fossil fuel industry’s pockets. The Secretary of State pick is Rex Tillerson who may have ties with Putin and was awarded the ‘Order of Friendship’ by Russia, but has no understanding of state interests. He only knows how to enrich a corporation. Billionaire, Andy Puzner after stating that automation is so much better than employees because they don’t ask for any overtime pay is now Trump’s pick for Secretary of Labor. As owner of ‘Carl Jr’s’ and ‘Hardees’, Puzner only knows how to flip a burger and fire employees.

Perhaps, like their boss, all these Trump picks are there simply to enrich themselves financially adding to personal gain at the expense of sound policy for the nation.

Until you accept the fact that an American Muslim is as American as you are and that immigrant Americans have as much rights as you do and that Americans rifted in poverty are as deserving as you and that American minorities share the same access to equalities as you do, you will remain in a bubbled up world that eventually is going to pop exposing your willing hypocrisy and detrimental ways.

In your claim of being the ‘real’ American, if the truly original and real Native American thought as you do, then the lot of you with your ancestral European heritage should have been sent back to your humble origins a long time ago. Surely this is not Christ-like and until you realize that; you will always create and incorporate divisive friction into a nation that was meant, as from the founding fathers to be based and formed solely on unity as the United States of America.

You, the Christian Right are going to be doing some real soul searching as a result of Trump’s tenure that you yourself created and self-inflicted the infecting wound onto all of us.                 

May Your Bells Jingle this Christmas!

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