Xanthic Prevaricating Barf

Xanthic Prevaricating Barf

A true dictator up on stage will always clap for himself to make the audience continue to clap.

A wannabe dictator will do the same thing.

A true dictator once on stage will suggest his might and promoted strength by displaying a constant lip locked frowning sneer.

A wannabe dictator will do the same thing.

Why even rogue leaders with the same mentality as Trump’s want him to ascend to the throne. Vladimir Putin praised Trump when he said in December of 2015, “He's a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt.”

Someone of dictatorial leanings will always attack any of his opponents by accusing them of being and behaving of what he truly is and does. It is a diversion strategy, no matter how temporarily, to sway his actual conduct off onto his opponent. It throws the interviewer off guard causing an imbalance in reporting facts.  

For example, Trump’s spokesperson, Katrina Pierson on a 12/23/2016 CNN interview accused Hillary of bullying, when she said without any proof or naming of a witness, “What’s interesting about this, this notion of being bullied is, I mean, I can think of quite a few women that have been bullied by Hillary Clinton to hide her husband’s misogynist, sexist secrets.”

This whole event started after Trump ripped into Hillary by saying she got “schlonged” (no interpretation required) by Obama in the 2008 Democrat primary campaign. Pierson said this in rebuttal to Trump being pointed out of bullying reporters and his former GOP presidential primary contenders. Of course, if she really wants to get into the misogyny and sexist dig, then yeah, on Bill, definitely ya could go there, but does she really, in considering the load of misogynist and sexist acts Trump has acted out just in the presidential campaign, much less throughout his adult life. Also, it is he who is running for president and not Bill. What’s the Trump campaign on this matter got on Hillary...absolutely nothing; nada.

Why even in New Hampshire while on the stump speaking to a small crowd this past August 25, 2016, Trump himself blurted, “What does she (Hillary) do when she can't defend her record? She bullies voters, who only want a better future, and tries to intimidate them out of change.”

Now, for Trump’s obnoxious bullying...let me state and remind us all of just a recent few.

Trump’s childish name calling in his tweets and speeches is classic requisite number one in being a bully. Trump caters well to this. Trump’s bullying transfers mostly into bluffing. He attempts to hit home hard with it while at the same time bringing a sort of nauseating and obnoxious entertainment strolling along with it.

Lyin’ Ted,” “Little Marco,” “Low-energy Jeb,” “Crooked Hillary” and the word, “stupid” flung out to just about everyone he felt threatened by in their response to his baseless accusations, or in calling him out, or in correcting his falsehoods. An array of Trump tweet slurs to public figures, media and journalist personnel have ranged from, “terrible person,” “lightweight,” “loser,” “moron,” “unattractive,” “has no clue,” to “dumb guy,” “a totally overrated clown,” “boring and not even a little relevant,” “a waste”  and of all things “a total hypocrite.” For the few out of much more Trumpisms here, I’ll let you the reader search if ya want to in who he has said these to.

Who could forget Trump mocking prize winning investigative journalist, Serge Kovaleski at a South Carolina campaign rally. Kovaleski is disabled with a congenital joint condition from birth. When Trump continued to back his false claim that he saw thousands of Newark American Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks, after much scrutiny by reporters requesting Trump to prove the claim, he finally falsely pointed out that he read it from a Kovaleski article. This even sidestepped Trump’s original claim that he saw it on TV. Of course Kovaleski never reported that and said so. Trump didn’t like that, so attacks the disabled journalist at the S.C. rally by raising his arms in a jerky motion.

Trump further creates falsehoods in stating he never mocked Kovaleski, because he never met him. That’s a fairly large sized dropped cow chip, for Kovaleski covered Trump person to person while working with the ‘New York Daily News’ between 1987-1993.  But, as the video above poignantly shows...oh, yes he did.    

According to bully experts like, Jaana Juvonen a development psychologist and professor at UCLA, one can tick off with a check every character bully trait Trump exhibits. She states, “Bullies feel really good about themselves. They come out looking like they have very high self-esteem, but one way to think about it is that self-esteem is so highly dependent on the popularity, so if there’s any problem, if somebody dares to criticize them that might make them more vulnerable. When somebody criticizes them, they attack immediately…they can’t stand that they are being criticized.” Sound familiar with ol’ thin-skinned?     

To see a glimpse of what a bully is and isn’t click on the DNCC video below:

On numerous occasions, Trump and his campaign has accused Hillary of being a bigot and racist. In that same August New Hampshire event stated above, Trump once again accused Hillary of being a racist in only wanting to grab minority votes. A little reminder is one of his supporter’s reactions when Trump claimed Hillary a bigot is below in the 23 second video.

It’s kind of mindboggling in accusing her of being bigoted, when Hillary was on the front lines in the very inception of the ‘Civil Rights Movement’. After first hearing a Martin Luther King speech at only fourteen years of age, she volunteered for civil rights and babysat for migrant workers who could not afford any kind of child care. At age twenty she denounced her party, the Republican Party for being biased at the Miami RNC convention due to Richard Nixon supporters, who wanted segregation to continue, physically beating Nelson Rockefeller supporters who wanted segregation to end. At Wellesley College, she graduated as class valedictorian where she led demonstrations and an affront to racial barriers, forcing the college to admit more Blacks. She’s been championing civil rights for all Americans ever since.

Even Ben Carson, who spoke by phone to the ‘Daily Beast’, has told Trump to cut it out in calling Hillary a bigot. He said that, “I would not call Clinton a bigot. That’s what people do who don’t have anything to talk about.”

As for Trump, well in insisting Hillary as racist when insinuating, “Only desperate liars call their opponent racist. Also Hillary is racist,” kind of defies logic. To insist Hillary is a racist, then from his own illogical words he must be the desperate liar. That is what he said right...and as we’ll see below he is right.
As mentioned in my last article, ‘Overdosed Conjoined Carnies’ Trump had his apartment supervisors list a ‘C’ on current tenants leases and tenant applications coding them as people of color. Any application with a ‘C’ on it minority prospects were denied apartment rental and any existing tenant with a ‘C’ on their lease were forced out or not renewed. He was sued for it, but settled the case to keep it from going to court and never admitted any wrong doing blaming it all on the supervisors.

In the ‘Central Park Five’ case of five Black youths, who were innocent but found guilty of brutally beating a female jogger, Trump showed his true orange color. These youths were only 14-16 years old. Trump in bold ‘New York Daily’ headlines belts out: ‘BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY’ while calling them in the article “roving gang,” “park marauders” and “crazed misfits.” Even after Matias Reyes later confessed to the attack, among other rapes, Trump would never apologize for his convenient racialized hysteria.

Trump Tower and Casino former president, John O’Donnell wrote a memoir about the financial troubles being experienced by the Trump syndicate and Trump’s response to it. O’Donnell wrote what Trump said and felt was wrong, “I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and at Trump Plaza—black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. Those are the kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else; besides that, I’ve got to tell you something else. I think that the guy is lazy and it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is; I believe that. It’s not anything they can control.”    

Trump’s incorrigible insistence for over six years that President Obama was foreign born is demeaning to the nation’s first African American. Even after Obama had first issued a copy of his long form birth certificate in 2009, Trump was still relentless with it, accusing it was a forged copy, or that he was sending nonexistent investigators to Hawaii to prove the forge, or that Sid Blumenthal, a democrat said that Obama was born in Kenya, even though Blumenthal insists he never said that. Then Trump calls Blumenthal a liar. Funny though in insisting Blumenthal did say that, he was touting him as a deliverer of truth. But to meld and gloss it all over in saying, “Hillary started the birther movement, I finished it” is as about as throat gagging obnoxious as one can get.            

In Trump’s comments concerning the Mexican-American federal judge/Trump University lawsuit, Paul Ryan called it, “textbook racism,” even though of course Ryan’s still voting for him. Loyalty to party over nation is still that strong a pull.

To top this racist portion off, when Trump said Hillary was catering to Blacks simply for their votes, what the heck has he been doing? With his recent campaign shakeup, I’m quite sure new management said we’re going to have to attract some minorities if Trump really wants to win. So that’s why you’ve seen him lately with lackluster pandering to Blacks simply for their votes. The real truth though is that the Trump campaign knows the minority vote is a lost cause for them. What specific electorate they’re after is the white suburban educated female vote that is taken aback by his racist antics. This Trump campaign performance is to show them he really cares, really he does....not. 

It’s funny though, in kicking off the new and improved Trump image, he goes to Michigan to address minority, in particular Black problems to an almost exclusive White district and audience. Then just this week gallivants off to Cleveland to have Don King praise him with the camera only showing a few Blacks behind Trump and King, with an audience composed virtually of all White folk.

Trump falsely claims Hillary is for getting rid of the constitution’s 2nd Amendment therefore all Republicans proclaim she is anti-constitutional. Speaking of that, Trump is for banning reporters and journalists that disagree with him; even to sue any legitimate media. A big strike against the 1st Amendment in freedom of press. Trump claims, if he becomes president he will make it legal to sue them if they confront his falsities. For over five decades now, during the early sixties, a conservative leaning U.S. Supreme Court said for a public figure to sue a respectable news outlet, “actual malice” must be proven. That means the media source intentionally printed a falsehood to wrong you; ya know like ‘Fox News’ and ‘Breitbart News’ does but gets away with. The ruling ensures that the press may have broad freedoms and not be censored.

Most all Republicans preach religious liberties, but only if it applies to fundamentalist moral majority Christians. According to right-wing dictates, all other denominations and various other religions do not get to lay hands on that 1st Amendment cornerstone that guarantees all religions freedom of expression. I mean, why, how dare a Muslim restaurateur refuse fundamentalists service.

Trump throws water at and dunks the 8th Amendment of delisting cruel and unusual punishment in promoting and wanting to bring back waterboarding torture. Trump has even suggested not stopping at killing terrorists, but further, to execute their entire families as well.

The 14th Amendment’s ethic clause of equal protection has been blown out the window in Trump claiming “a total and complete shutdown of all Muslim mosques and “ban reentry of Muslim Americans who have traveled abroad.

But it’s not just Trump’s ignorance of the constitution; he simply doesn’t care if his policies go against the U.S. Constitution.    
I don’t know exactly why, but occasionally I get letters from Rep. Keith Rothfus (R-PA) who represents a Pittsburgh district that I have no affiliation with. His latest is below preaching about adhering to the constitution. The e-mail I fired back to him follows Rothfus’ letter.

The Rothfus office never responds to my replies, but still I will inevitably send them one back.

Pay for play...that is what Trump has accused Hillary of with the beefed up turkey jerk Republicans have been fueling on yet another GOP induced tiring Hillary conspiracy.

The Clinton’s have not on personal expenditures spent one dime of the ‘Clinton Foundation’ donations. The foundation is a good cause in saving countless millions of lives globally. So what if a donor that happened to be Nobel Peace Prize, Muhammad Yunus, or Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel, or Melinda Gates met with Hillary? Yes they have donated to the foundation for its worthy humanitarian causes. As Secretary of State, she had every right to meet with them. They’re international public figures and surely did not ask Hillary for any under the table handouts in return for their donations. This is even an insult to them and their causes.

But as for Trump in his pay for play, what about the 2013 $25,000.00 donation to Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi in her bid for reelection and the $30,000.00 to then Attorney General Greg Abbott to add to his campaign’s bank account while running for the Texas governorship. In both states, Trump University was being considered by both respective state governments to proceed with a lawsuit in Trump U. taking student money but not offering any education or classes. But also in both states, once the Trump donation came in the lawsuits magically disappeared; in Bondi’s case a mere three days later.

Trump & Bondi

Ms. Bondi actually claims she didn’t return Trump’s foundation money because then that would’ve looked like a bribe. Ain’t that nice, thoughtful and considerate...

On Trump’s plane, CBS digital journalist, Sopan Deb hit Trump up with the big question, did you discuss the contribution with Bondi? Now Trump insists, “No, I never spoke to her. First of all she’s a fine person beyond reproach. I never spoke to her about it at all. She’s a fine person. Never spoken to her about it. Never.”

OK, we get that she’s a swell person and all and that the two, according to Trump never talked about it, even though the repeating of words appears to be a very nervous state. But according to an AP report this past June 2016, “Florida's attorney general personally solicited a political contribution from Donald Trump around the same time her office deliberated joining an investigation of alleged fraud at Trump University and its affiliates.”

Even though Bondi was very aggressive in pushing back at the report and ranted at length claiming it to be impropriety, she never disputed the core of the story that she personally met with Trump privately in soliciting the contribution.

Heck, we all know what was going on, Trump even admits it himself, when he boasted on the GOP primary campaign trail that when it comes to pay and play of being on the other side, he knows the game well. Last year he said to the ‘Wall Street Journal’, “As a businessman and a very substantial donor to very important people, when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.”

On July 08, 2015 Trump reiterated to CNN’s, Anderson Cooper when he confessed, “As a businessman I could have gotten anything from anybody. Everybody loved me. When I called them they always treated me well. And that's part of the game. And that's part of what's wrong with this country.”

Yet...Trump’s still playing that game, but now, just on the other end.

Originally I was going to list a few of Trump’s lies; there are over 200 to choose from in the presidential campaign season alone. But I’m not going to sit here and list not even one. What for; I’m only relating to the choir, but mostly to myself. If anyone on the right reads an article of mine, they cannot get past the first sentence without convulsing in disgust. They can’t even attempt to be reasonable and come up with a factual argument to counter with. If they pointed out I truly misinformed, I would immediately correct the error. I don’t like misinforming; in fact I despise falsities accepted as the truth.

I had a friend, a smart friend from Texas come up to visit. We got rolling into a conversation of politics. He’s a devout Republican and Trump supporter. In debating he came out and said how Democrats lie and used the example that it was the local Democrat officials that gave the decision to use Flint River for the city’s drinking and tap water. Not so lightly, I told him, “What are you talking about, it was Governor Snyder’s emergency management’s decision to cut costs and that local officials had no say due to the fact Snyder’s management had total authority in what was to be conducted, overriding any authority of local officials once the emergency management had taken over.” He denied it, I denied his denials. So, to prove a point I looked up several reliable articles he could see for himself. He walked over to the computer, did a quick two second scroll then, without reading, promptly got up with a puckered smile still insisting it was a local decision. He shunned the truth in favoring not to be exposed to it simply to adhere to his belief.    

The right-wing doesn’t care about facts...it is all about biased ideology. When Trump lies his supporters believe him even more. When Trump fallacies are factually pointed out, they cheer him even more. The more he insults others with third grader mentalities, the more his base leads him on. The more Trump puts on cheap entertainment performances rather than appearing more presidential, the more his supporters clap. Trump will never be held accountable for his crimes and his Trump supporters love him even more for that.

But what’s most sickening is whenever Trump pops out innuendos of Hillary being executed by some gun nut, they find that compelling. Ya know when he behooved at a North Carolina rally, “Hillary wants to abolish -- essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know.” Or, at a Miami, Florida rally where he demurred, “I think they should take her bodyguards’ (in reference to the Secret Service agents that guard her) guns away. Take their guns away. She doesn't want guns. Let's see what happens to her. Take their guns away. It would be very dangerous.”

There is not a side-by-side comparison between Hillary’s 50% deplorable statement and Mitt Romney’s 47% as Republicans are attempting to portray it as her own 47% moment. Romney said it in a private meeting where no reporters were allowed along with photography or videoing forbidden. In Clinton’s case, she stated it in the open with reporters and with recording equipment in attendance.

Trump’s base truly is composed of the deplorable. The only point wrong on Hillary’s comment was that it is far more than just half in the ‘deplorable basket’...it’s all of them...the basket is full.

It’s composed of the most obvious deplorable kind including biker gangs, unstable gun fanatics who think of assault weapons as toys, the racist Klan and religious zealots thinking that God has chosen him. Why not, for Trump has surrounded himself with white nationalists and spurious characters. He’s awakened them all to a new beginning. This is their chance for revival.

The newly invigorated white nationalist movement likes to now call themselves the ‘Alt-right’, but it’s still the same old dominance racist movements hiding behind the sheets of white supremacy and cultural nationalism.

Trump’s new campaign manager, Steve Bannon is of the Alt-right fold. When he was CEO of ‘Breitbart News’ he pushed articles moving towards the fringe of coddling nationalist extremism. Under his tutelage there was a push to villainize minority victims like Trevor Martin and Mike Brown while praising their shooters. Bannon’s beefed up anti-immigrant rhetoric in articles manipulated or made up numbers to fuel anti-immigrant sentiment. So of course it was a natural move to go from ‘Breitbart’ to Trump headquarters. Trump has reportedly given the internet site money to speak highly of him. Breitbart staffers have confessed that Trump gave money to ‘Breitbart’ for favorable coverage. Bannon has written and produced white nationalist films like ‘Torchbearer’ which is designed to frighten in putting the wrath of fear into Whites in believing their culture is being wiped out in America. The movie features Phil Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ infamy who is the guy riddled with anti-gay rhetoric and said “Blacks were all happy and singing pre-entitlement, pre-welfare.” It is a movie geared to Christians containing footage of actual people being shot and killed and burned to death.

Republican strategist and conspiracist enthusiast, Roger Stone is the one who headlined the conspiracy on Fox News that there was a film exposing Michelle Obama as referring to White people as ‘whiteys’ during the 2008 campaign. Of course the video never materialized. Stone has been consulting and advising Trump, even to the point of apologizing for his tardiness at the ‘America First’ Cleveland rally explaining he had an important meeting with the Trump campaign.

Roger Ailes, noted for his spread of misinformation, sexism and a load of sexual misconduct over at ‘Fox News’ is now Trump’s chief strategist.

Former Representative Michelle Bachmann (R-WI) is Trump’s religious guru advising him on evangelical issues, even though she says she’s advising him on of all things...foreign policy. Bachmann claims God picked Trump to be the Republican nominee. Of course she declares this only after he has won the general election. She originally endorsed Ronald Reagan where, at a MENSA prayer breakfast this past January she defended it by saying, “Let me just get this out of the way too. Yes, the Constitution says that you can’t serve more than two consecutive terms in the White House. But it doesn’t say anything about ghosts or zombies having a third term, and I’m pretty sure since he’s been dead for almost twelve years, and out of office for over 25 years, that the consecutive part doesn’t count either. I don’t care if he’s a ghost or zombie, he’s going to be more respectful of the Constitution that Obummer was, I can promise you that!”

She also proclaimed on ‘The Christian Network’s ‘Brody file’ in reference to Hillary winning the election, “I don't want to be melodramatic but I do want to be truthful. I believe without a shadow of a doubt this is the last election. This is it. This is the last election. This is the last election when we even have a chance to vote for somebody who will stand up for godly moral principles. This is it.”             
Al Baldasaro, a state lawmaker in New Hampshire and current co-chair of Trump’s national veterans’ coalition, on a number of times has demanded, “Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason.”

Trump gladly accepts the backing and endorsement of Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, David Duke, Texe Marrs and David Barton. Spencer is head of the ‘National Policy Institute’ calling for an ethnic peaceful cleansing to halt the destruction of the U.S.s European culture. He says of Trump, “Even in all his vulgarity and I would never deny him, this is what we want in a leader.”

Taylor is editor of the racist magazine, ‘American Renaissance’ who wants to have civil rights disavowed. He has said, “Trump should concentrate on his natural constituency, which is white people, suggesting that winning 65 percent of the white vote would overwhelm any Democratic gains with minorities.” Of course we all know the former KKK Grand Duke Wizard, was so enthralled of Trump’s speeches that it motivated Duke to run for Louisiana’s U.S. senate as a Republican.

Just today (09/25/16), Duke was going to protest the protesters protesting Andrew Jackson’s statue in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was drowned out by the protesters, but before he was jeered down, he said this, “I tell you one thing. It was built by the forefathers of the European Americans who created this country and who gave us our constitution. Who gave us our freedoms and they should not lose their rights and liberty in their own country.” Although Duke doesn’t realize it, but that is exactly why the minority protesters were there...they haven’t been given their true freedoms and in having to worry if a cop is going to shoot them or not for any minor violation, they haven’t yet had any real rights or liberties to be taken away “in their own country.”

Duke amongst his pals

Marrs is a conspiracy theorist and Christian writer who has strong anti-Jewish leanings. He said on the Jeff Rense radio show, “Israel is going to be destroyed and it is going to happen so fast we'll all be shocked about it. It's going to happen and I've been wondering if maybe, let me just say something here, could Trump be the instrument of God in this? He doesn't have to be a Hitler, he doesn't have to be a Stalin; he can simply be a good guy.”

Barton is a part-time preacher barker and myth maker historian. At a moral majority voter mobilization, a caller told Barton that she, as a Christian found it hard to vote for someone like Trump. In dismissing those concerns, Barton told her, “Christians do not have a choice about whether or not they are going to vote because God has commanded them to do so and therefore they must vote for the candidate who is going to promote policies that most closely align with the Bible.” He then assures her that God’s choice is indeed Donald Trump.

So Trump, the sage of anti-political correctness baby cried about being called a deplorable then whines to his supporters that she also was referring to them and they all wail in unison; so sad. Well, as outsourced from ‘News Corpse’ the list below is a response of ‘Fox News’ bloggers to Hillary’s pneumonia bout during the 9/11 ceremonies. You be the judge if their comments are acts of deplorability.

Yepper, some mighty nasty folk in that Trump basket and for sure some higher ups are included as well. Take for instance Alex Jones’ comments after hearing word of Hillary’s illness. He tells the tale of his initial reaction on his September 12, radio show, “Yes, I’ve been containing a Cheshire Cat grin all day long. My dad, we were out at the lake with the kids when this news came in. (Infowars reporter) Lee Ann (McAdoo) was texting me, so was (Infowars reporter Joe) Biggs. I went and saw the video. And I went, Yeah! Yeah! I was just like, just literally just in ecstasy. And my dad said, ‘“That is horrible, celebrating over that sick woman even though I hate her too.’” And I went, No, this is a devastating victory against the enemy and more of the avalanche of them being discredited and the hand of God is upon this. And it’s only going to get better the more good people take action. That’s why evil always fears us and does everything they can to try to contain us throughout history and suppress us because they’re scared of us. Look at these hunchbacked demons. They’re nothing.

It’s been said whenever emotions are high, intelligence becomes low. That is exactly what has happened to Republicans in the relationship between the Republican politician and base. Republican politicians stoke the fires of fear and anger building on the emotions of their base with misinformation and scapegoats to further frustrate their mainly white aging base and fringe supporters. Whether a Republican politician admits or not, he/she knows that their base has gone extreme.   

What is the Trump moniker, ‘Make America Great Again’? What exactly does that mean? Whenever I ask a Republican Trumper, they literally cannot come back with an answer. They have not thought about it or analyzed its meaning. They seem to seek some fantasized glorious past in America’s history where the streets were paved of gold and all the white folk well fed and employed, all housed in two car garage homes with two cats in the yard and one dog on the couch. It simply did not exist.

The slogan of ‘America First’ Trump first used, was originally created by a very Liberal movement in 1940 called the ‘American First Committee’. Apparently Trump got wind of that so changed the moniker to ‘Make America Great Again’ that he conveniently stole from the Reagan campaign.

Bumper Sticker Crass:
The ‘Daily Show’s host, Trevor Noah sent his sidekick, Jordan Klepper out to interview Trump supporters at a Trump rally concerning conspiracy theories. Believe me, there was more than a tugboat ton full of ample conspiracies. Watch the video below for ample nonsense.

I almost am tempted to say the video is so funny, but it’s not...these are the folks making it a possibility that Trump will be the next U. S. president. Still, in the  video where the voter says: “We don’t even know if he’s a citizen.” Klepper: “If you don’t look at the birth certificate there’s virtually no evidence.” Trump Voter: “Exactly!”...is priceless.

The thing is: Yes, the obvious ‘deplorables’ are evident of their improprieties, but the silent Trump voter keeping thoughts to themselves are in that basket as well. As a former microbiologist, I say you are going to vote for a petri dish full of germ infested grime. You are just as responsible if Trump wins in saying it is OK due to allegiance to the Republican Party ‘trumping’ true loyalty to nation. If it were the other way around, Hillary sublimely suggesting Trump be shot, or calling everyone that disagrees with her imprudent grade school names...“slob,” “fat,” “ugly,” “moron,” “stupid”...names Trump has actually tagged opponents with, ‘Fox News’ would be rolling out the red carpet every day for folks vilifying her; but with Trump, they attempt only to normalize it.

The silent ones

Trump brags quite often about his business background, but corporate mentalities are not democratic; they are authoritarian. Take for instance the one he is considering to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court; it is 1-percenter Peter Thiel. You might not recognize the name, but he is the one that bankrolled Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker.

Imagine Thiel on the U.S. Supreme Court. Thiel is a venture capitalist and states that capitalism is far more important than democracy. To cement that thought he insists that giving women the vote in the U.S. was a disaster due to his opinion in that its creation of a more equality democracy further hampered capitalism, threatening the very existence of corporate entities.

Of course Trump and his campaign are out there pushing for no fact checking, not only in the debates but at any time. Trump and Republicans rely on misinforming; it is now a solid part of their repertoire. On CBSs ‘Face the Nation’ yesterday, House Majority Leader Paul Ryan (R-WI) after being asked by John Dickerson in reference to the Trump campaign pushing for no fact checking, don’t you think there should be a standard to live up to in telling the truth; Ryan replied, “So, I think Donald Trump is new. He’s a business guy running for president. He’s not even a politician.”

Does that excuse Trump from being truthful, therefore afraid of fact checks? Every politician when they first ran weren’t a politician, so in Ryan’s mind as his argument suggests, this recuses Trump from being fact checked?      

Thinned skinned, egotistical, maniacal, narcissistic, never apologizing President Trump...also to be commander-in-chief of the world’s mightiest military, to be the world’s main foreign diplomat with economic ties in other countries, the one that will still maintain self-benefactor to economic Chinese money ties, the one cozying up to former KGB chief, Count Vladimir Putin strictly for personal gain in wealth, the one of inclusive domestic policies, the one who claimed he could shoot anyone and get away with it and the very one with the only finger to push the nuclear button. Once the president has said it, it is not the job of the military to argue, their only job is to conduct the issuance of the Commander-in-Chief’s command.

So, I inform you Republicans, if ya like the fear factor to be scared by all of the scapegoating of other Americans by your GOP politicians...you’ll have a lot to be fearful of in a Trump presidency. So go ahead and pull the lever for Trump, see if he will deliver all his promises in jobs and security, but be afraid, be very afraid when they never materialize if he wins, for your own Armageddon of his true vendetta self-glorification nature and policies are just around the corner.

Ya know, even though Trump boasts of having a “very good brain” and the “world’s best memory,” he appears to conveniently forget that he was for the Iraq War, even said so beginning in 2000. On a ‘Fox News’ September 18 interview, he claimed he was never a fan of Colin Powell when he called Mr. Powell the “best and brightest” in his own book, ‘The America We Deserve’. As far as his ties with the Russian government and Russian oligarchy ties go, he all of a sudden has contracted amnesia of Carter Page, a former Russian energy consultant who was on Trump’s foreign policy team. Page had under the shelf dealings with the Russian government. Claiming now that Page had no role in the Trump administration, Trump himself said just this past March to the ‘Washington Post’ editorial board’s recorded interview that Page was one of five on Trump’s policy advisory team. Trump claims he has never done business or been associated with convicted felon, Felix Sater, who has had ties to the Russian mafia. Unfortunately for Trump and his world’s greatest memory, there are plenty of photos with the two together as the business card below aptly shows.

Trump most likely perjured himself denying in a general GOP debate argument with Jeb Bush that he had never approached Bush to allow Florida gambling where Trump could open a Miami gambling casino. Then stated if he really wanted it he would have gotten it. The debate goes as follows:

Bush: The one guy that had some special interests that I know of that tried to get me to change my views on something—that was generous and gave me money—was Donald Trump. He wanted casino gambling in Florida.

Trump: I didn’t—

Bush: Yes, you did.

Trump: Totally false.

Bush: You wanted it, and you didn’t get it, because I was opposed to—

Trump: I would have gotten it.

In 2007, Trump hired the shady character, Richard Fields to convince Bush to allow casino gambling in Florida. But Fields quit, whereupon Trump sued him insisting he lost the opportunity to develop a Florida casino. The trial went like this:

Lawyer: You knew that Governor Bush, Jeb Bush at that time, was opposed to expansion of gaming in Florida, didn't you?

Trump: I thought that he could be convinced otherwise.

Lawyer: But you didn't change his mind about his anti-gaming stance, did you?

Trump: Well, I never really had that much of an opportunity because Fields resigned, telling me you could never get what we wanted done, only to do it for another company.

One of Trump’s stories is false and if it is in the court version under oath that is a felony. And Republicans call Hillary the ‘crooked’ one...

Look, Trump is a thoughtless man except when it comes down to his needs and wants. One thing I will give him is that he is very transparent on his lack of ethics and subtlety. For some strange reason, like a magnet this draws his base even deeper into his clutch. Republicans saying not to worry, he’ll settle once in office surrounded by his team of professionals to keep him in tow, don’t get that there are no core values to him. You do what he says and if one doesn’t, she or he is fired.

So don’t be hoodwinked by the McConnell’s and Ryan’s who declare that Trump will graciously fall in line with his White House counsel. He won’t. Trump is not going to change overnight after 70 years in the making. If someone criticizes him or even disagrees with him, with his shallow confidence, he will attack.

True conservatism is no longer vital in the Republican Party. Exclusive nationalism under the cloak of being a predominately white family values, provincial Christian nation has finally caught up to the GOP vendetta. This alienation in all things Americana has made the Republican Party the minority. If Trump has any message tacked onto his lapel it is solely this: Republican connotations of untruths in taking advantage of ignorance in truth, Trump is their sounding board messaging in the most simplest of terms the vermin of bias, hate and fear to achieve his own goals at the expense of everyday Americans.

Truthfully, which is the most logical pick for the betterment of all Americans? One shouldn’t have to even speculate.

Vigilance in Reporting,



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