Foolproof Reason Exemption

Foolproof Reason Exemption

Dealers & Takers of Pestilence & Poison:
Well, Scott Walker won. As I write this piece on 06/06/2012, running against Democrat Tom Barrett, Walker was declared the outright winner last night for the Wisconsin governorship recall election…may Wisconsin now rest in peace.

I find this a bit uncanny. For average Wisconsinite voters to allow a governor to continue his exploits of  (1) diminishing bargaining rights and pension plans for union and state employees along with their families’ securities, (2) fighting against minimum wage laws, (3) quietly signing into law the state’s repeal of the ‘Fair Pay Act,’ (4) cutting social programs while lowering taxes for the state’s corporations and wealthiest individuals, (5) secretly professing he was trying to divide and conquer, (7) led Wisconsin as the worst state in job creation, (8) resorted to balanced budget expense gimmickry, (9) turned Wisconsin into the most regulated state in voting rights and (10) Tim Russell, a former indicted Walker aide putting to bed any doubts that indeed Walker is under criminal investigation  is a quandary. It is an impractical dilemma.

We all are aware how Walker took away union rights in bargaining and drastically lowered donations to state employee pension funds, but he has also increased government control. His governorship won’t allow districts to raise taxes even if the district majority wants to. In particular in sex education and science, he has dictated what teachers are to emphasize and not teach and has forbid school boards from bargaining with teachers. I thought conservatives were all about less government control than more? Walker has injected more government control into daily lives, not less.

He has dropped integrity from entering into leadership roles. With no less than ten felony charges against members of his staff, we now know Walker himself is under criminal investigation that he himself would never admit to. He has been quieter than an house mouse in building a defense fund, in which no other U.S. governor ever has. Walker won’t divulge any information on the amount of the fund nor where the money originated. It certainly is not from his own pocketbook, but where…from his outside interests groups or worse, the taxpayer’s dime?

As mentioned just above, Walker’s campaign aide and once very close associate, Tim Russell has stated Walker deceived and stonewalled prosecutors’ investigation into the theft of tens of thousands of dollars from ‘Operation Freedom,’ a veteran’s charity by Walker’s county executive office. Walker prompted the prosecutors to open up a ‘John Doe’ investigation into his office in making it appear anonymous and not directly linked to him.

No matter how Walker’s office fudges statistical numbers, his job rating has been a dismal failure overall. Walker promised to create over a quarter million jobs once his mandates were employed. Instead, Wisconsin has actually lost jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly state employment data, Wisconsin lost 33,900 jobs in 2011. From the spring of 2011 to the spring of 2012, Wisconsin led the nation in job losses according to the bureau’s data. The Bloomberg Economic Evaluation of States ranked Wisconsin 42nd out of the 50 states in economic health during 2011.

Walker attempted to knock 64,000 low income families from the state’s healthcare system, which included over 30,000 children until the Obama administration stepped in stressing he’d better not, for its unlawful. His most stringent voting rights restraints, which are the nation’s toughest (and that’s saying a lot for there are a number of Republican governors instituting strict voter laws into their states) were deemed unconstitutional by two federal courts due to the extreme suppressive nature of the new Walker voter ID laws.  

Walker’s seeking out corporations to move into his state by making them tax exempt that are the same corporations that normally go elsewhere for tax havens or overseas in seeking low wages. He’s fixing that by eviscerating union worker rights, repealing the ‘Fair Pay Act’ for women, fighting against raising the minimum wage, keeping it inconsistent to inflationary rate increases and would like to make it legal for employers to hire below minimum wage scales. Currently 90,000 Wisconsinites receive minimum wage pay at their jobsite.

A documentary video that just a couple of months ago went viral, shows Walker telling a billionaire donor that he planned to set up a “divide and conquer” strategy to take away working people’s rights. The donor later gives Walker’s campaign the largest donation a Wisconsin governorship has ever received of $500,000.00. Before the video ever arose, if you may recall, Walker was caught in a radio station’s prank call impersonating David, one of the multibillionaire oil heir Koch brothers. Fooled into thinking it was actually David Koch, Walker admitted during the twenty minute conversation that he was attacking unions as part of a large ideological scheme that had nothing to do with his publicly stated reason of trying to balance the budget.

Ya know, a true leader has the ability and does his darnest to unite, not divide and conquer his constituents.

Bank companies as of late have been flagging Wisconsinite credit cards and denying access for further usage. Why? Because ‘Friends of Scott Walker,’ part of the governor’s campaign committee, had been charging small amounts (usually no more than $5.00) to various individual’s cards without the owner of the cards ever knowing. The banks caught on to this, flagged and denied no more access to the cards to protect the owners, for these charges were fraudulent. The owner never knew of the problem until they used their card and found that access was denied. Calling the banks, the credit services explained to the beleaguered card owners that they had had a rash of charges going to the ‘Friends of Scott Walker’ with clients complaining they never used their card to donate to the committee.

How did the Walker committee gain access to the cards? They used an online collection system that made online credit card holder’s information accessible even to amateurs out to get personal info. ‘Restore Our Future,’ a superpac supporting Mitt Romney has done the same thing.

ProPublica, a public investigative journalism group, called ‘Friends of Scott Walker’ to comment on the breech or give some form of explanation, but no one would comment until later, when Walker’s campaign spokeswoman, Ciara Matthews e-mailed ProPublica stating, “I received a message about the story you are doing. The campaign does not comment on internal matters.”  ProPublica wrote back to the address of the e-mail stating, “How about allegations of credit card fraud that’s hardly internal…that’s external.” They never received a reply.

This is total hogwash. On top of all this, Walker, in making it appear he has balanced the state’s budget, has borrowed money on credit to erase the state’s deficit. Further to plug holes in the state budget, Walker and Republican Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen took and used 18% of national mortgage settlement monies which was given to Wisconsin by the federal government originally intended to relieve financially strapped homeowners. Of course this only adds to the structural deficit and places the burden squarely on future generations to pay for it. Walker’s over half billion dollars credit card approach will cost future Wisconsin taxpayers $150 million dollars in interests.

I’m quite sure there are many a liberal out there depressed by Walker’s triumph in the recall election. For conservatives, this will only embolden them to spread and attempt to enact their gospel throughout the political arena. The likes of pansy Karl Rove and the Koch brothers are even more delirious now to get out their deceptive ads and commercials, for they do work apparently. Walker outspent Barrett almost 8-1. I’m sure big interest money may feel like this was just an appetizer prelude to the smorgasbord in November. This GOP election victory will be perceived as an omen. But I don’t think this is a winners win and losers lose scenario, for the admixture is sliced into too many separate components.

Once the initial shock value wears off, liberals and progressives need to dust off and get back to pointing out the facts. Definitely don’t give up due to one defeat. It happens. Recognize it, learn and become all the better for it. Seeking a corner to hide in and lick the wounds slashed from this one result is fine up to a certain point. Also, losing your temper is no way in getting rid of it…the result and your temper. Don’t just work harder, work smarter and electoral wins will come your way. But by all means…stick to truth. That one item of spreading misinformation, deceit and falsities will bite the GOP in the vernaculars.

This is by no means an harbinger of political portent. It was merely one election.     

First off, the gut worms and toxic tobacco spit that Wisconsinite voters willfully took from the Walker & GOPs delivery service will have its impact. They are in for a real treat that will have backlash for the average citizen. Under Walker there will be more than just another recall, there will be a revolt.

From this one outcome there are still some possible silver linings looming for liberals. There stands a very good chance of Walker even being indicted with criminal charges, prosecuted and sentenced in the near future. The frenzied media attention to this historical recall election that has only happened two other times in American history overlooked the fact that John Lehman (D-WI state senate) was victorious in his recall bid to take the seat of state senator Van Wanggaard (R-WI) giving Democrats the edge in the state senate. This makes Democrat Senator Mark Miller the new senate majority leader. So the results might not have been sweet, but they most certainly weren’t so bitter. It turns out that the Wisconsin recall was simply bittersweet.       

Stupid Is What Stupid Gets:
Ok, let’s think about this one for a moment. Due to global warming and their extensive analysis, the N.C. Coastal Resources Commission’s scientists determined that the ocean will rise a meter above North Carolina’s current coastline before the end of this century. The North Carolina Republican legislatures took offense to the scientists’ studies and decided that they don’t like the evaluation. So they got together in the legislative chamber and passed a bill making the scientific result illegal. Really, they did.

In addition, they are striking the experts forecast from the public record. This new bill will basically prohibit government agencies from ever preparing for the three feet plus rise in ocean levels.

Forever why…who knows? Perhaps because it is based on global warming and that surely is a myth perpetrated by science…right? Or maybe it’s due in part to fear of losing hundreds of million dollars, if not billions in coastline development. I suppose they’d prefer to ignore facts and develop in a high contingency zone risking property, homes and lives for that dollar bill.

In Mississippi, state Rep. Andy Gipson (R-Braxton) last month cited a Bible passage calling for homosexual men to be put to death and astutely refuses to apologize.

Gipson probably got his cue from North Carolina moral majority conservative preacher Charles L. Worley. In a sermon to his congregation last month, Worley proclaimed that we ought to get all the lesbians and put them into a concentration camp and gather up all the queers and homosexuals and put them into another one. String up an electrified fence all around the compounds he said to ensure they can’t escape. Go ahead and feed them, but eventually we’d be rid of the queers and homos because they’d never reproduce. He also went on to say that if anyone ever asked him who he’s voting for, he’d tell ‘em, “I ain’t gonna vote for a baby killer and a homosexual lover.” For emphasis he says that if the party he’s speaking to says, “Did you mean to say that?” “You better believe I did.”

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) on May 26th speaking at the Shaumberg Central Library said that the Democrat Party “want Hispanics to be dependent on government just like they got African Americans dependent on government. That’s their game.”

He further stated that “Rev. Jesse Jackson would be out of work if they weren’t dependent on government.” Now squeaky clean good ol’ boy Walsh later went on to clarify that he wasn’t being racist in knocking minorities, but was only hammering Democrats.

Not to be left out in this brief is Allen West. Out of all his brain numbing quotes we’ll only repeat the latest one. The Florida Representative and Tea Party darling token on April 9th made an absurd comment while speaking to a group in Jensen Beach, Florida. A misguided constituent asked, “What percentage of the American legislature do you think are card-carrying Marxists?”

West immediately responds to the question telling the audience, supposedly as a responsible legislature, “That’s a fair question. I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party that are members of the Communist Party.” The next day, Tim Edson, a West spokesman said, “He stands by his words.”

Former CNN anchor woman and now conservative columnist, Campbell Brown essentially states that Obama hates women. Recently she wrote, “When I listen to President Obama speak to and about women, he sometimes sounds too paternalistic for my taste.” Campbell further writes, “In numerous appearances over the years — most recently at the Barnard graduation — he has made reference to how women are smarter than men. It’s all so tired, the kind of fake praise showered upon those one views as easy to impress.” According to Campbell, the president is condescending to women because he doesn’t believe anything he says about women. She uses the ‘proof is in the pudding routine’ by mentioning a Romney campaign video titled, “The Life of Julia,” as affirmation to her stance. But of course she ascertains that her husband working for Romney had no bearing whatsoever on her penned words.

The all-male Catholic hierarchy giving an ultimatum to nuns to follow the rules, by-laws and guidelines of the papacy and stern dictates to quit pandering to women with reproductive and contraceptive concerns need a direction change. These women, who are nuns, are on the frontlines in medical care and the poor’s needs. The male papacy, sitting in cushy offices need to shut-up and quit badgering all these good women. If they really want to fix a wrong, then they need to stop paying all those pedophile male priests they have stolen away from prosecution and turn them in. These priests have destroyed countless altar boys’ lives while the nuns have saved countless lives.

Roads Always Lead to Intersection:
We all are American, whether just arriving upon these shores or having lineage traced back to colonial days. Unfortunately the current U.S. political atmosphere dictates otherwise. To be blunt, it is the conservatives that have created this rift in who we really are as one. They are so intent in belittling political foes that they cannot even bring themselves in giving President Obama partial credit on his efforts in taking down the one responsible in orchestrating the attack on our shores and killing of thousands of Americans...namely, Osama bin-Laden.

Democrats constantly have to be on the defense in proving that they are Americans too and have just as much rights in waving the stars and stripes. But in defending, the rift only widens.

Working together to build upon our democracy is one thing, but working together to discredit one half of the other folks in this country from within is self-defeat. Reasoning has left not only the building, but the parking lot as well.

I am going to leave you with a photograph and video clip. The 2004 photograph depicts an American WWII veteran hugging a wounded Marine returning home from the Iraqi conflict. The seasoned veteran is grateful for the Marine’s duties performed, but sorrowful for his everlasting wounds inflicted. The Marine’s lost arm, leg, and blinded eyes are only what these two men can share in what military hardships cast upon the human soul. The rest of us can pause and feel sorry, but we will never feel the extent of what this picture captures between these two soldiers.

The video clip, we all should relate to. It has gone viral and was even featured on the ABC evening news. It is of a struggling boy with cerebral palsy in a race. But his race is more than a run around the track. He slows but the little guy never stopped. Yes, he finishes in dead last; that was predicted out of the starting blocks, but no matter the pain, with encouragement…he finished first.

This photo and clip proves that we are all as American as the next. Does one really think that the old soldier hugging the young wounded Marine actually cared if one was Democrat and the other Republican? I don’t think so. In the little boy’s race of his life, do you think the ones encouraging him along questioned whether he was affiliated with one party or the other? Nah, I don’t think so.

All in all they’re first fellow countrymen...American through their eyes. One in one we are...

Reporting in Kindliness

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