Windshield Bug Splat

Windshield Bug Splat

Callous Reentry:
…And so it continues its debilitating tentacles…the congressional GOP is not only threatening a hostage taking of the national budget in one avenue…they’ve opened up a slew of lanes to default on the budget this go around. GOP senator threats in defaulting unless their deranged ultimatums are met in the repeal of ‘Obamacare’ in its entirety…with House Republicans insisting on defunding Social Security and Medicare…while yet a mixture of Republican branches are pushing to drastically reduce discretionary social programs have all been presented as on the table if the White House wants them to agree to any debt ceiling increases. On top of all this, they’re only offering a kick the can down the road temporary fix and no increases in wealthy/corporate tax revenues.

All this is incredibly incredulous timing. The sequester is in full swing working its path throughout government programs in defunding and chewing up viable public policies. The GOP is insisting on these austerity measures while the greatest recession ever experienced has not only halted middleclass progress it’s spun it into a downward spiral where now, according to an exclusive AP survey, four out of five American adults are struggling due to joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare programs. By the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2012 accounts, the number of Americans living below the poverty level is almost half of the entire nation at 46.2%. This is by far the highest increase in the 52 years the bureau has been collecting data on it.

Where do you think the folks are coming from to fill the rolls of poverty…that’s exactly right…it’s from the middleclass. But there is even distress among the ranks of those being able to hang onto middleclass classifications. Their incomes have dropped to wages offered nearly two decades ago in 1996. That’s not progress that’s deterioration. This is the resultant even though unemployment has been exponentially dropping, where it currently stands at 7.4% for the month of July.

How can this be? Well, ever since the Bush/Cheney and Republican majority congress’ 2000s era of trickledown effect policy failure, corporations became addicted to hiring only part time with no benefits. This has continued on as unabated. Even though U.S. corporations are currently sitting on a pile of money bags worth anywhere from $2.1-2.4 trillion, they are not hiring with it, much less offering livable full time wages.

Republicans know this for that is the sole justification they used to lodge their complaints about the lowering unemployment rates…that job creation has merely been part-time hirings.

Minorities are not the only ones pessimistic about the economy, hardships within the ranks of white Caucasians are also taking its toll with 63% whites expressing a poor economy in the most recent AP-GfK poll conducted this summer. So why does the GOP want to add more misery onto the average American Joe ‘n’ Jane in allowing the nation to default on its loans, obligations and cut into programs that give some kind of relief during times of dreaded hardships. The only reason that leads to my own opinion is the fact that when it comes to loyalty, Republicans invest loyalties heavily in party over nation and it is truly misdirected patriotism.

If only Romney were president how Republicans would be so reversing their ways as poignantly illustrated in the cartoon below.

Belly Bully Culture:
There are a slew of examples concerning bully Republicanism, but to choose from, I think I’ll start off with Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker. This Walker darling of the Koch Brothers, whom both bed wet the same sheets, has been unnerved by a rising resistance to his pro corporate/wealth anti-public policies. The dissenters decided to gather in a true public arena open to all…the state capitol’s rotunda.

Originally dubbed as the, ‘Solidarity Sing Along,’ the protesters were singing songs of unity and justice while dissenting Walker’s policies, but free from authoritative repression, for they gathered in a legal public place. The capitol’s rotunda indeed does serve as a booming echo chamber for the songs sang and Walker in particularly did not take kindly to that. So Walker ordered them escorted out of the capitol by the state capitol police. But in simply throwing them out, Walker was squeezed by a recent Federal court ruling that the dissenters were breaking no laws by gathering in a traditional public forum. Walker did not take a liking to that either.

Even though on days the rotunda was reserved for other events, such as school band concerts where the protest singers would take their place outside the capitol, Walker schemed to have the joyous harmonized singers out of the rotunda for good. So in the fall of 2011 he comes up with a twenty-five page document ordering the singers to sign it along with having to pay for a permit to do so. Requirements in the document were a list of litanies squashing free speech. All singers refused to sign the document’s dictates or go through the process of the permit requirements.

So, in the singers’ refusal to sign the document and get the permit, he began issuing out all sorts of citations to hassle the singers. One person, who was simply walking the perimeter of the rotunda, was cited for walking in a circle. That same person was also cited for waving a cloth banner with the explanation that it was a fire hazard. This person was not even a part of the sing along…he’s the investigative journalist, David Irwin.

Well, since the citations weren’t discouraging the singers, Walker decided drastic measures were in order for this oh so dire a situation. This summer, Walker declared an emergency on this out of tune to his ears sing along-fest by actually modifying the state administrative code where he could now proclaim, along with the aid of the Republican state legislature, the gathering of the singers as “unlawful assembly” and any singer singing was to be arrested…and arrest they did. In just a few short weeks, over 200 folks have been arrested for singing, from outraged grandmas to reporters who supposedly had immunity to the new enactment. Reporter’s cameramen have even been blocked from recording the arrests by the police. Others arrested have included firemen, veterans, school board members and even a couple of minors.

Walker’s bully repression has not won though, as the state capitol’s sing along continues on, even at times in more numbers than before…

Rick Scott, now there’s a fine upstanding governor for Florida. Every bill he’s attached to was either strictly business friendly or Republican mandated, all at the expense of the public. I don’t knock his success as Republicans always whine in a debate, “Oh, are ya against success?” No, I’m not knocking his position, but how he got there is my riff. It was by either stepping on the backs of people or questionable monetary ethics or even both in how he gained success and all under a shroud of secrecy. I’ll not go into his previous dark deeds; one can find many articles concerning the topic. I’m just going to elaborate a bit on his latest bully pulpit scheme. What we’ll discuss a bit here is Scott’s penchant for doing away with Florida’s respected and acclaimed environmental and pollution laws.

Back in the day, before the Scott Republican takeover, Florida was a beacon in what it took to protect one of its most valued resources, the environment. The pre-Scott Florida government rejected massive Army Corps flood control projects realizing they had one of the biggest sponges in the world to absorb floods. That too, was protected in spending billions to restore and preserve the Everglades. The Kissimmee River was brought back to life in removing hazardous influents into the river making pollutant-dumping illegal backed by harsh fines. Former governor Charlie Crist, even in his last years in office as a sitting and standing Republican came up with curbing greenhouse gas emission planning while also establishing commissions to ensure the state stays atop pollution control.

According to the ‘National Resource Defense Council’ data, Florida led at the top from the other states by pioneering methods in protections of the environment and pollution controls. In steps Scott, who took that proud Floridian scenario and blasted it to smithereens. Within thirty-six months, Scott and his Republican majority state legislatures policies managed to pull Florida’s pollution free ranking from the top three all the way down to the bottom of the barrel at 49th; just behind Ohio who is dead last. That has taken a lot of doing to turn that progress backwards in such a short three years’ time, for the clean-up efforts took decades. But Scott’s deviant side indeed did make short work of it by bullying the Florida EPA with firings if they didn’t lay off the enforcement while tying the hands of the remaining agencies in enforcing environmental and pollution regulations.

In his quest to allow industry to do its own bidding, Scott has enacted new laws including SB 444 that now allows industry to increase the dumping of industrial waste discharges into waterways. Included also is SB 682 which now removes any and all regulations allowing hazardous waste to be disposed of improperly. Essentially heavy industry can dump paint, oil, chemicals anywhere they please to get rid of it without any regards to leaching into the waterways, vaporization spreading into the atmosphere or ruining an ecologically sound environment with toxic sludge. One other is HB 999 that cuts development fees, permits and regulations in wetlands. It also denies any rights of private property owners to sue if a business dumps waste on his/her land or damages it due to construction.

Scott’s axman in all this egregious activity is none other than Jeff Littlejohn, the son of the Florida Chamber of Commerce lobbyist, Chuck Littlejohn. Little Littlejohn, as so eloquently described by the ‘Seminole Sentinel,’ is Scott’s leg man implementing and pushing these bills through legislation into law with more to come.

I was in a debate with a Republican Floridian who claimed he didn’t know what people were talking about. He professed he’s seen no pollution and or any environmental crises and demanded that the rest of the nation just leave Florida alone. Apparently he lives a very sheltered life and doesn’t live near a hazardous waste dump or hasnt sipped polluted drinking water. Perhaps he only buys bottled water, I don’t know…but after his insistence that there is absolutely no evidence of pollution in the state or environmental detriment, I simply replied, “Huh, all yore beaches are sinking dude.” On that note I never got a response back from him.

Now, speaking of Ohio and the environment, as aforementioned, Ohio ranks dead last in pollution free environments. So, is the present Republican governor and majority state Republican houses alarmed by this…apparently not…

Just last week there was a revelation of secrecy coercion by Ohio governor John Kasich and the ignoble Bob Murry. We all remember Bobby don’t we…the owner of ‘Murry Energy Corporation’ who forced his coal mining employees last year to attend a Romney speech stump on work time but not pay them for it. He is also the owner of Utah’s former ‘Crandall Canyon Mine’ during which period a disaster unfolded with a cave-in trapping six coal miners whose bodies were never recovered along with two rescuers, who also died from a ceiling collapse attempting to reach the trapped miners. All this was due to Murry himself in his absolute refusal to correct safety violations, in particular in the stabilizing of crumbling walls and ceiling.

A shy and retiring man that goes by the name of George Elmeraghy, up until recently, was head of the surface water division in the state of Ohio’s EPA. Just after Elmeraghy refused permitting Murry industries to dump its coal waste into a stream, word came from Kasich’s office to the Ohio EPA to fire Elmeraghy.

Ya see, it appears ol’ Bobby called up his friend Kasich at the governor’s house and complained. Well after all, with over $1 million from Ohio coal companies’ purses pouring into Republican tills, including Kasich’s, he wasn’t about to let this 39 year Ohio EPA veteran push his corporate coal industry kingpin pal around.

Elmeraghy lodged a complaint to his state representative, Debbie Phillips. She formally lodged Elmaraghy’s grievance in a letter stating, “To ensure that the public’s interests in safe drinking water, clean air, and good, honest government are the primary goals of this administration, a full account of the events surrounding the dismissal of Mr. Elmaraghy is necessary.”

The only reply was not by Kasich himself, but by his henchman, Rob Nichols who in response to a ‘Columbus Dispatch’ newspaper inquiry, retorted back, “You’d be hard-pressed to find a job creator that she hasn’t opposed, vilified or protested at some point. If she had her way, we’d all be living on a collective farm cooking organic quinoa over a dung fire. So, I think we’ll take her views in context.”

No correspondence was sent back directly to Phillips by Kasich’s office and instead deferred all questions and matters to be taken up with the Ohio EPA. This incident is rimming full of deceit and political/corporate cronyism at the expense of Ohios environment and the good name of Elmeraghy. I indeed do hope that the swell folks of Ohio wont stand for it.

As he has always criticized ‘Obamacare’ he still is, but now Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan is asking for ‘Obamacare’ funding to expand Medicaid which would gain 450,000 Michigan residents access to affordable healthcare. Upon this announcement, the Michigan Tea Party has gone ballistic deeming Snyder a traitor.

This is a Tea Party hypocritical conundrum. Snyder has been going throughout the state in communities and cities declaring Marshall Law, firing duly elected officials and replacing them with his self-appointed emergency management teams, at times for the behest of corporate gains at the expense of the public. One example is Snyder’s takeover of Benton Harbor to allow a private golf club to buy the town beaches at cut rate prices and build a golf course off limits to the citizens.

Its this very Detroit emergency management takeover that has also requested taking up a $350 million loan by the emergency manager head, Kevyn Orr. If one visits a right-wing blog, there you will witness all kinds of belligerent talk blaming the city itself and not the emergency team. The city and its officials never wanted to file the Chapter 9 bankruptcy, nor did they request the loan. It is strictly being conducted by the very same folks the right-wingers are cheering for…Snyder’s emergency management.

Anyway, for all these Marshall Law takeovers, you haven’t heard a peep chirped out of the misguided and spiteful Tea Partiers. But since a thread of ethics came over Snyder in the request of ‘Obamacare’ they are screaming their lungs out. They’re thrashing all kinds of bully tactics directed towards Snyder.

Wes Nakagiri, the Michigan Tea Party leader had this to say, “Tea Party Republicans, conservative Republicans, traditional Republicans and libertarian-leaning Republicans are strongly opposed to the proposed expansion of Medicaid and proposed increase in the gasoline tax.” He also has threatened to run for Lieutenant Governor of the state to oust Snyder’s current Lt. Gov. Brian Calley. Of course Calley has been singled out as punishment due to being a favorite of Snyders’.

This internal rifting is the beginning of the end times for Republicanism.

Martin Luther King Junior…every media outlet pert near and every politician worth his stripe pert near in some way or fashion honored the 50th anniversary of this man’s historic March on Washington along with his famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. Well, all but NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ and each and every Republican political leader.

Every Republican politician that was invited to speak at the event commemorating Luther declined. This snub stood out particularly with Speaker of the House John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Boehner declined choosing instead to attend a small congressional gathering, while Cantor traced off to North Dakota to rub bellies with petroleum industry lobbyists. It’s just as well, for the two feel far more comfortable at their respective destinations rather than speaking at Luther’s ceremony.

To rebuttal the tension arising from the snub, some Republicans insisted it was wrong that a black Republican, Tim Scott the junior senator from South Carolina wasn’t invited. That would appear in semi-fashion to be a legitimate counterclaim if only it were true. For ya see...Scott was invited, but declined the offer.

So why did they? Apparently they were too fearful of the whiplashing they would receive from their extreme right base. Oh, but what a mistake, for if they are truly sincere in reaching out to and gaining the trust of the minority, they missed a perfect opportunity to do so.

On a side note, it’s really gotten old hearing Republicans whine about our, quote “liberal media” unquote, for if they truly think so, then they don’t even know what liberalism is. Reporters today from every news channel to newspaper seem so intimidated to question hard facts concerning Republican policies, much less counter or even corner them when they state an obvious blatant falsity. The news has been cowered by Republicans’ continual insistence on the media being liberal that reporters will shy away and either attempt to remain neutral or actually concur.

David Gregory of ‘Meet the Press’ has been a strange one of late. In clear violation of a reporter’s code of ethics he, along with Karl Rove, spoke at a Republican front group gathering of the ‘National Federation of Business’ (NFIB). This organization claims to be bipartisan, but in action they spent over a million dollars in ads for Republican candidates in the 2010 elections and not one penny for one Democrat or Independent.

In the Sunday kicking off the celebrations of MLK week, all the Sunday and weekly news shows had guest appearances of either people that knew MLK or had worked with him except David Gregory. Heck, even Fox News posted a transcript of MLKs famous speech for all their viewers to read, but Gregory…he preferred having his own select minorities, both Republicans in the form of the Puerto Rican line, Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz and of Indian heritage Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. There was little mention of King or his good works and struggles. Gregory themed it to be about the social mobility ladder in how great it is here in America to climb the steps to success. He highlighted this maneuver by having Chaffetz and Jindal speak about the hardships their parents endured to make themselves to be so successful.

Well, sports fans that’s nice and all and the politicians should be so grateful for their parent’s struggles, but today to climb that social ladder’s rungs, it’s more like a plight. Currently, when only one out of twelve Americans can achieve some form of social mobility, odds are heavily against the lower rung Americans. With no outward distribution of income because 85% of all wealth now rests in the hands of 5% of the population, the social mobility dream is remaining as simply that…a dream.

Before I unleash into a Republican tirade, I want to present acumen as to why. It’s simply because in living in and listening to their own little made-up bubble world, they have dumb-sized themselves away from factual content….case in point:

According to this summer’s survey conducted by ‘Public Policy Polling’ 29% of Louisiana Republicans blame President Obama solely for the botched response to Hurricane Katrina. Now mind you, Katrina hit Louisiana in August of 2005, just into Bush’s second term. Well one defender might say 29% isn’t too high a percentage point, but when only 28% laid the blame squarely onto Bush where it should be, more Republicans actually blame Obama than Bush. If that’s not enough, the remaining 43% of Republicans weren’t sure who to blame.

Republicans for sure appear to hate Obama more than they love their country. With the current Republican congressional leaders stepping and stumbling over each other’s feet to frantically find some form of method in getting rid of the ‘Affordable Care Act’ (ACA) at the expense of even shutting down the  government…it is a ring of stooges, a spectacle unbecoming in addressing this nation’s concerns. To insist that American folks don’t want it, Republicans outright lie when the latest polls such as the ‘Kaiser Family Foundation’ just this August found that 57% of Americans disapprove of the idea in defunding the healthcare law.
Even ‘Heritage Action,’ a wing of the Republican ‘Heritage Foundation’ that took a quick poll of primarily Republicans and Independents to give Republican senators some teeth to fight for the defunding of ‘Obamacare’ backfired on them. It showed 52% supported the law with 57% of the Independents saying so.

The real reason Republicans are so frantic about the ACA is not because they truly think it a failure for Americans, it is because they fear its success. When it comes to public policy, Republicans display a dismal record. When Social Security was instituted, just as now, then too Republicans were all against it, said it would turn America into a socialist state. It didn’t, but instead drove over half of American seniors out of dire poverty.

When Medicare was being instituted, Republicans but once again fought it all the way, even put out a T.V. ad with then actor, Ronald Reagan claiming it would turn the country into a socialist state. It didn’t, but turned out to be one of the soundest programs the U.S. government has produced.

Now, we have the ACA. If it succeeds, Republicans are going to have three strikes against them when it comes to popular public programs. With three strikes…yore out…

Republicans overall do appear to enjoy hatred and don’t even know the true reason why. If they despise the government so much, how do they think it qualifies them to run it? Kind of funny as well in how they can even preach hate by their preachers when it comes to being gay and support Uganda in their attempts to bash gays, even though the color of Ugandan skins is another directed hate.

The U.S. pastor, Scott Lively of ‘Abiding Truth Ministries,’ actually went to Uganda in 2002 to foment the escalation of that country’s prejudices against gays. He is the lead author of Uganda’s bill that became law titled, ‘Kill the Gays.’

What else can they accuse Obama of being…a Moslem, communist, Marxist, Nazi, racist, baby killer, gay lover and 2nd amendment abuser. They now had better be careful with the birther claim of him being foreign born, for they would be the very ones to be the first in line to pull the voting lever for Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz, who actually is foreign born. I hear some Republicans argue yeah, but his mother was American. Well so was Obama’s and not only that…she was white.

They might further argue, yeah but Cruz’s mother was white also. That may be, but if they want to stretch out this asinine argument, Obama’s mother’s side stretches all the way back to the American Revolution making Obama qualified to be a participant in the ‘Sons of the American Revolution.’

Something else kind of funny about the way Republicans look at things, they’ll concur with the conservative SCOTUS ruling that corporations are human individuals, but when ya ask them, well what about gays, are they individuals, then they’re not so sure.

On any given day you can hear a Republican politician; supposed leaders even to their progressive constituents from his/her respective state or district, trounce liberals. This goes all the way down to the street Republicans where on right-wing blog sites they commend each other on how one displays more hatred for liberals than the other just did. What kind of “family values” do they have? They claim so(u)l(e) rights to family values but in turn hate my family because I’m liberal.

They are a divisive bunch even drawing away moderate conservatives who they’ve dubbed as RINOs (Republican In Name Only). Just this August, Boyd Marcus resigned from his chief of staff role in Eric Cantor’s office to work for Democrat candidate, Terry McAuliffe for Virginia governor as an advisor against Tea Party darling, Ken Cuccinelli. In his endorsement of McAuliffe, Marcus stated, “Virginia needs an experienced businessman who will put the practical needs of our people ahead of political ideology.” Marcus even closed his shop up as a public relations firm for Republicans.

As an Independent, what truthfully turned my head far away from Republicans were their dire anti-science diatribes. They truly prefer to keep their voting base in ignorance where they can cater to their far wealthier corporate/elite base and use the minions of Republican voters fed with misinformation to fight their battles in the streets.

The Republican Party is rifting apart. They are directing their vile toward one another with a full spectrum from the moderate conservative to the extreme right.

When a wounded beast is cornered, expect its most rampant lashing to occur. The Republican Party is not going away anytime soon, but it is in an identity crisis. The extreme elements are winning out, but how can one claim to be a servant of Jesus when that very one enjoys the rush in hating all things unbecoming of them.

Criterion Syrian:
It appears that the U.S. is moving into the phase of military Syrian involvement. This is a true conundrum for Obama, for it is in his nature to pull back from military engagement and his reasoning senses do not condone it. To signal out his dilemma, one must first refer to his line drawn in the sand. That line he drew appears Assad has stepped across it. Should Obama live true to his word or back step himself away from the line?

So, with all the inhumane stories and strong insistence from some congressmen to go in...should Obama still resist and allow the massacring to continue...the heart says no, but political rationale might say yes.

To go in, dropping a few hundred missiles will not deter Assad. In retaliation, he might even lob a few missiles into Israel and once Israel gets involved the whole of the Middle East erupts, sending far reaching tentacles throughout the globe's welfare and economy. Far more innocent lives will die not only in Syria but in the surrounding geography as well. The Arab League has backed away from the strike, with an involvement on Israel’s part it could force the Arab nations to actually side with Syria.

There are those who are against any military involvement. The only message they feel can come of this strike on Assad is that it will lead to full engagement. The emphasis for the one’s speaking out against military intervention, deals with statesmanship. They think the strategy to back away is that times have changed since Obama’s red line statement. With these changes, they feel Obama should explain that his statement cannot be viewed as absolute. But then again, you have a good portion of the public that demands our president appear strong and militaristic, for of all these years of eternal military conflicts and the lobbying power of military contracts, indoctrination has been laid.

Many are attempting to compare this to Iraq; it is not. With Lawrence Wilkerson, who was the one responsible in reviewing Colin Powell’s infamous Iraqi intelligence report to the United Nations, leading this charge seems a bit hypocritical in itself.

Firstly, Wilkerson has errantly questioned if there actually are chemical weapons in Syria. Stories do not have to be made up on any WMDs or chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria as did with Iraq. Besides Assad’s own admission to possessing stockpiles, we know exactly where they are stored and housed.

The major difference with Iraq as compared to Syria is that there were a myriad of trumped reasons to invade Iraq from WMDs, the invasion to be paid by the invasion itself through Iraqi oil to getting rid of a brutal dictator. Then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld even publicly stated the Bush administration knew where Saddam Hussein had hidden the WMDs. As that turned out to be just another fabricated story produced by the Bush administration, Rumsfeld caught red handed came out with his totally confused ‘There are Known Knowns and There are Unknown Unknowns’ speech.

With Syria, there is now plenty of evidence of atrocities carried out by the Assad regime to thousands of innocent civilians. There is a justifiable reason to stave off the human misery that has transpired, but the Obama administration has done everything they can under heavy criticism to stall going into Syria.

The targets in question are not stationary they are permanent like buildings and bridges to cut off any transport of chemical weapon stockpiles. But there still will be those that say Obama waiting on a normally gridlocked congress is not acting in a quick and decisive way. That does not really matter. Obama will be criticized on whether he constitutionally waited for congress’ input or if he didn’t by the same folks. Let’s just hope that the world view will be that the U.S. is not intervening into Syria, but punishing Assad. This is not an ongoing military intervention to aid the rebels; it is simply a deterrent for Assad to have access to his chemical weapons.

Below is President Obama’s initial announcement to the American public on his decision concerning Iraq; an inaugural sequential to unfold.

Addressed as Dispatched,


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