Instantaneous Baboonery: a Proven Given

Instantaneous Baboonery: a Proven Given

Fergu’s Son:
So…for more than four hours Michael Brown lay on a Ferguson street with no one allowed to check a pulse or any vital signs…his body simply laid there in a pool of his own blood.

In the very beginning as news of the Ferguson killing unfolded of an unarmed black male teen gunned down shot six times in the street with his hands held up, right-wing blog groups were initially attacking police actions, but wholly for the wrong reason. They were attaching it to their so called government takeover conspiracy beliefs in beefing up the idea of stocking homes with all sorts of lethal ammo. But once they found out they were on the side of liberals and Democrats denouncing the act, they quickly changed route.

Of course when it became a race issue they certainly didn’t want to appear they were rooting for minorities now would they...not that they don’t deny being racist though, as they indeed continually point out they are not. In fact, as they have done all along such as causing the fiscal cliff, sequestration, the government shutdown…what they inevitably follow up with is blame the other side for it. Without hesitation, they are attempting to portray that it is American blacks and Democrats who are by and large the racists.

When I’m in argumentative mode with a Republican and he gives out claims that right-wingers are not prejudice, I always ask him who ya think the Ku Klux Klan votes for…the Klan certainly doesn’t pull the lever for any Democrat or liberal Independent. The reason being is that Republican platforms simply resonate more with them.

Ya know, it’s been a long time now that I’ve stated to right-wingers concerning conspiratorial theories of a federal government takeover to forget about it…you need to be looking closer to home at local police departments. They are the ones who more than likely will take away individual liberties and rights.

Militarizing community police departments is asinine…what are local sheriffs thinking they will encounter in their own communities fully equipping themselves to the hilt with battle zone military weaponry? Police forces, urban and rural are now equipped with tanks, heavily fortified personnel carriers, AR-15s, laser point sniper rifles and night vision goggles. All this military hardware and accessories is for what…to drive into a neighborhood and up some citizen’s driveway?

The photo below comes from my hometown stomping grounds in Fort Worth, Texas…awesome to some, alarming to most.

In my opinion only, I feel if someone is accepting a job knowing full well it involves a high possibility they will kill someone in their respective duties that mentality correlates with the criminal mind. Then add all this Rambo wannabe mindset with the military toys, incidents like the following will occur.

This past May in rural Habersham County, Georgia, the Phonesavah family had just arrived from Wisconsin to stay with the mother’s sister for a while after their home had burned down in Wisconsin. Police in the county, felt they had a concrete tip that the family were low level drug dealers. During the dark of night dressed up in battle gear garb and without a knock on the door, they broke into the home and immediately threw a stun grenade into the front room. It landed into the playpen where little 19-month-old toddler, Bounkham Phonesavah was sleeping. The grenade went off right beside his head causing severe burns and physical trauma. The military, err ah, police continued on in assaulting the residents before assisting the critically injured child.

Once arriving at the hospital, the toddler had to be placed into a coma paralyzing his little body where doctors could perform the necessary surgeries and administer the urgently needed medical assistance.

Traumatized, the mother stated to Atlanta’s WSB-TV 2, “There’s nothing we can do to change the situation; my husband and I would gladly both give up our lives just to see him not like this. He’s such a happy little boy, and to see him like this laying there, not moving, it’s heartbreaking. We just want to hold him and we can’t.”

To make things even worse, the family had no connection to the suspect police were after. Unfortunately, it worsens more. The police force, as expressed by their spokesman and police chief, Rick Darby were sorry it happened. But apparently not enough, as they refuse to pay for the medical expenses that have overwhelmed the family. This child with severe burns to the face, head and body along with a gashing wound in the chest will be scarred for life.

If this were a street gang that did this, they would promptly be arrested, jailed and responsible for all medical expenses drug money or not. The gang members would be looked upon as wild animals.

In Ferguson, Missouri on August 09, 2014, 18-year-old unarmed Michael Brown (who was black) was shot down in the street and as multiple witnesses testified, with his hands up in surrender. He was shot by Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson (who is white) for allegedly jaywalking. Brown lay dead in the middle of the street in his own pool of blood for hours.

No one from the public, not even Brown’s mother was allowed access to her son’s body lying in the street. He was in plain view for her to see, but she was banned to go near his lifeless body. For more than four hours Brown laid there in the street, not even medics were called in to inspect the body. 

Without giving an incident report Ferguson police chief, Thomas Jackson only gave an initial accounting that Brown was a suspect in a convenient store cigar robbery in attempts to vilify the victim and that Brown was shot only a couple of times as he charged the officer. He refused to give out the offending cop’s name. The autopsy report however supported the eye witnesses as opposed to Jackson’s statements showing that the wounds indeed correlate to hands held up and in entering the backside of Brown, therefore he could not have been grabbing for Wilson’s gun.

With the community’s call for answers going unanswered for a week, they organized and began protesting peacefully and remained peaceful even with police snipers on ceilings with pointed high powered rifles targeting the crowd. Even with the tear gas canisters being launched by policemen in full military garb with fingers trained on assault automatic weaponry, protesters were still acting peaceful, but looting and destruction of property eventually did take hold.

According to a recent University of California 2011 case study of 192 cities titled, ‘Designing Force Project’ researchers found that events begin to sour in a hurry when the police force begins turning out heavily armed in multitudes during assembled peaceful protests. This intimidates, giving the impression of you against them. It damages any positive relations and degrades into violence. Overwhelming aggression reaps aggression.

Professor Nick Adams, the acting fellow at UC Berkeley’s ‘Institute for Data Science’ states for the most part, militarized police showing up in force sets the tone of peaceful protest to devolve into inflaming the crowd.

Adams said, “It just upsets the crowd. Once police departments come out with overwhelming force, they put themselves in a hole. It may work out in the end, but they’re going to be sidelined until that trust is earned again.”  

Even that being the case, it turns out that during the Ferguson looting, it was three-quarters conducted by ill-willed outsiders. The majority of Ferguson citizens that are 63% black only participated in the peaceful marches and speeches.

The event quickly turned into a racist issue and for very good reasoning…it is a racist issue.

Brown’s death while unarmed at the hands of an armed policeman was just about all America’s black communities and Americans in general could sustain. There’s been a string of them as of late and as always, the black victim is portrayed as the villain while conservatives promote police reports in that the officer was legitimate in his actions.

There are plenty of records on good cops being killed in the line of duty and that is a good thing. There are even records of cops committing ‘justifiable homicide’ but unfortunately there are no records, whether on the federal, state or local levels of cops’ ‘unjustifiable’ homicides in killing someone unarmed or not posing a life threatening gesture to the cop.         

From: HTTP:// 2012 statistical data, I’ve picked at random three cities from the site’s city list. Here are the figures:

Chicago, Illinois ~ percent black population – 32.9%; percent of population killed by police who were black – 91%; percent white population – 31.7%; percent of population killed by police who were white – 4%.

New York City, New York ~ percent black population – 28.6%; percent of population killed by police who were black – 87%; percent white population – 33.3%; percent of population killed by police who were white – 4%.

Saginaw, Michigan ~ percent black population – 46.1%; percent of population killed by police who were black – 100%; percent white population – 37.5%; percent of population killed by police who were white – 0%.

Of course, Republicans will claim that this type of data is due to the fact that blacks commit more crime, but that simply is not true…poverty commits crime, for any area where there is dire poverty in overall poorer white communities crime is high there too. Crime doesn’t even rest in poor communities for the affluent in financial crime schemes also occur and leading up to the ‘Great Recession’ financial and commercial crimes were rampant, especially as going unabated due to deregulation.  

A major aspect of crime is racism and it is practiced by police forces and at times largely ignored by the U.S. populace with an engrained thought that blacks are more prone to police run-ins. I could give examples of this all across America and we’ll give one here below, but stick to and concentrate further on Ferguson and the surrounding St. Louis area.

Take for instance, Alex Landau’s case who is black. Alex was adopted and raised by white parents and speaks better English than I do as a white West Texan. In 2009, he was a college student driving around the Denver suburbs with his white friend sitting in the front passenger side when cops pulled him over. What happens next unfolds on the audio below. Play and listen.

Landau after the police encounter

First-off, there is a law, the ‘Missouri Sunshine Law’ that unequivocally states, “must promptly provide an incident report during a police shooting including detail of the incident and all its circumstances surrounding the cause to shoot to kill.” It was over ten days before the incident report was made public and information was heavily redacted, giving only the date, time and location.

For that matter, until 2012, use of force reports weren’t kept in a Ferguson officer’s personal file, therefore the fact that Darren Wilson migrated from a former corrupt police department fraught with racial tension in the nearby town of Jennings, Missouri, nothing was on file of what he might have done there or at Ferguson.

But one woman, who had a previous run-in with Wilson, tells a story of a foul-mouthed uncaring officer. Interviewed by Don Lemon of CNN a woman who preferred to remain anonymous stated that Wilson once told her to “shut the fuck up” and “sit the fuck down” as she was trying to flush mace out of her eyes.

She explained that, “I came outside and I was trying to pour milk in my eyes and Wilson told me if I poured milk in my eyes, I was going to be arrested and I was trying to tell him that my eyes were burning because I was maced, but he told me to ‘shut the fuck up.”’

The Ferguson police department stopped a black motorist for accidentally driving down a one way highway ramp accidentally. Once giving them his identity as Henry Davis, they promptly arrested him mistaking him for a Henry Davis with a warrant out.

Once in police custody, they knocked him to the floor with four cops beating him and kicking him in the head. Oh, did I mention this occurred the whole time he was handcuffed? The woman cop who straddled him and cuffed him while on the floor before the beating was police officer Kim Tihen who is now sitting on the city council board. If it couldn’t get any worse, the Ferguson police charged Davis, a totally innocent bystander who made a wrong turn at the wrong time, with damaging police property because during the beating, some of his blood splattered onto the cops’ uniforms.

During the protest, St. Ann Missouri patrolman shouts to the crowd “I’m going to fucking kill you” while pointing his assault rifle at the protesters. See the below video:

Even direr, the 35 year veteran of the St. Louis county sheriff department, Dan Page purports that he is not prejudice in that he will “kill anyone.” See the CNN video below.

Would like to point out that the St. Ann unidentified patrolman was suspended from performing county duties and Dan Page was forced to resign after the video revelations were exposed.

Sean Hannity points out that when he’s stopped by police for speeding, he tells them he had a license for a concealed weapon, promptly puts his hands to his hips, lifts his shirt and shows them the gun…no problem. This dorkhead doesn’t even get what it means being black stopped by police. Now can you imagine Michael Brown doing the same thing…he’d be shot then and there before ever reaching the bottom of his shirt to lift. Jon Stewart on a video discussing Ferguson, so poignantly includes Sean’s passive experience with police.

Below is a video take of Stephen Colbert peeling the crust off of Fox News’ slanted Ferguson reporting.

Ben Stein whom I normally respect as far as Republicans go, really got caught off base though in this comment of his. Concerning Michael Brown, on a recent Newsmax’s conservative Steve Malzberg Show, Stein had this to say, “He was 6’3”, 300 lbs, and according to what I read in the New York Times on marijuana. To call him ‘unarmed’ is calling Sonny Liston unarmed or Cassius Clay unarmed.

First off, the man hasn’t been Cassius Clay in generations; it has been now for generations Mohammed Ali. Secondly, how many folks black or white have a little marijuana in their system…it doesn’t make them lethal and it certainly doesn’t warrant being shot by a cop. Lastly, size should have no bearing on how many times an unarmed person can be lethally shot multiple times. If you’re that fearful, shoot out a leg. Have ya ever been shot in the leg; I haven’t been either, but I hear tell it’s very debilitating.                    

Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) decided to throw his couple of cents worth in on Michael Brown’s demise by saying this on August 19, “We should take a deep breath, sit back and let law enforcement do their job.”

In other words, let the police resolve this through their internal reporting and investigating and simply accept their explanation. So, as in every previous case of unarmed victims being gunned down by cops with intent to kill, suspend them with pay for a couple of weeks while the process of vindicating them is insider conducted.

Let’s see what we actually know now, since this last straw of unarmed black killings has put a heat load of pressure in digging out the needle’s truth in that initially doctored and reported Ferguson police department haystack.

The initial report filed by Officer Wilson, stated that Brown was inside the patrol car where he beat Wilson and that is why Wilson shot him “a couple of times” in defense of his life. As the below video of a credible eyewitness details, Brown never entered the squad car and was tugging to pull away from Wilson’s grabbing of him. Once loose, Brown began running away from the car when Wilson began shooting at him. Brown stops running, turns around with his hands up where Wilson fires at him again. This happened about 20 feet from the squad car.

The right-wing blog sites began running with the false story that Wilson was beaten by Brown, it even degraded as long as the truth goes into Wilson being “savagely beaten,” and Fox News ran with that bogus story over and over.

The right’s false story telling elevated even higher, reporting that Wilson suffered a fractured eye socket in being beaten by Brown. As one can plainly see in the above video, Wilson never appeared concerned about a fractured eye socket that would’ve been extremely painful. He never lifts a hand to his eye in the video to cover his supposed severely injured eye, much less seeking medical aid or a compress. He didn’t even have a swollen eye and sorry right-wingers, a puffy eye just doesn’t cut mustard in justifying what Wilson did to Brown.

Also, on a video chat an accidental audio (hear below) of the encounter recorded the shooting corroborating what eyewitnesses are stating. This audio has just recently been authenticated by the FBI and clearly there are more than just 6 shots, much less “a couple.” At first 2 shots are fired with the last 4 in rapid succession and then theres a two or three second lull. These rounds are apparently shot as Brown was running away. When Brown stops and turns around with his hands up, 5 more shots are heard in which assuredly are the rounds that killed Brown with two hitting him in the face. By August 20th the Ferguson Police Department has since admitted Wilson fired as Brown was running away.

As falsely reported, the owner of the Ferguson convenient store, nor any of his employees never dialed 911 reporting the theft of a few cigarillos. The owner is adamant on this as expressed by his lawyer Jake Kanzler. The video only shows Brown shoving a customer as he’s walking out of the store. Perhaps a customer phoned in, but regardless, this is not why Brown was accosted by Wilson. Brown was walking in the street where Wilson shouted, “Get the fuck on the sidewalk,” while driving up in his patrol car. This was the initiation of the confrontation.

The Ferguson Police department seems to have a lump on their shoulder to begin with. As cited by the ‘ArchCity Defenders,’ a St. Louis area defense group for unfair local governance fees and fines, cites that in 2013 Ferguson police issued 32,927 warrant arrests for non-violent crimes. That is 10,000 more than the population of Ferguson at 21, 135 citizens. In fact it’s the area St. Louis police departments that seem to be a bit on the gun-ho side in charging exorbitantly high court fines and fees in half the region and jailing those who don’t pay up. Little Ferguson collected $2.6 million in fines and fees while the $20 million collected by the city of St. Louis was its second highest revenue source. ‘ArchCity Defenders’ spokesmen insist this is unlawful. For ya see, you don’t get $321.00 in fines and fees and 3 warrants per household from an about-average crime rate. You get numbers like this from frivolous arrests like jaywalking and constant “low level harassment involving traffic stops, court appearances, high fines, and the threat of jail for failure to pay,” as the defenders organization has pointed out.

In regards to the St. Louis police force, they were the ones guarding the street Brown was gunned down on. A memorial had been set up honoring Brown with the usual flowers, mementos, and candles. Brown’s mother even laid flowers and spelled out her slain son’s name in petals covering up his blood stains. One canine cop took his dog over to the memorial instructed him to pee on it and allowed him to do so until the dog finished. Then after the cops were called off, they ran over the memorial with their exiting squad cars. This in itself would, in my opinion make the affected want to forget peaceful protesting and incite an urge to riot.

Speaking of Brown’s mother, it is hauntingly familiar how Brown’s parents have reacted much like Trayvon Martin’s parents in insisting they want peaceful outcomes to their unarmed sons’ needless deaths.     

Sides have been chosen, it’s not just a nation of red and blue divisiveness, the U.S. is also saddled in comparable black and white as well…blue/black vs. red/white. This must be why the right is always so frustrated and angry…they always choose the wrong cause and that applies with Ferguson as well. To side with the cops, in this case of an unarmed black man being shot multiple times, an event that keeps repeating itself, you’re going to lose if America has any compassion left to individual rights to liberty and justice.

As there have been crowds protesting for Brown, Wilson has a growing following of protesters from the right. Various right-wing groups have raised approaching a half million dollars for Wilson.

In St Louis on August 23rd, around 100 virtually white protesters in support of Wilson began demonstrating. One woman, there with her daughter said she came out to set things straight and quizzed, “They are saying it’s murder because a white officer killed a black man. I don’t know where that comes from.” She is totally oblivious to the plight concerned here.

How someone can be in support of a cop who gunned down a running and surrendering unarmed man, I’ll never know, but apparently there are those that share my sentiment. The pro Wilson demonstration attracted others as a mixed black and white crowd in defense of Brown and began forming in setting up a spontaneous counter protest. They began to shout in unison, “Hands up, don’t shoot!” in reference to witness statements and autopsy reports. But in response to the Brown chant, the Wilson crowd began chanting “Shoot, shoot, shoot!”

All I can say to this is…sick animals…

One Ferguson storefront owner would have nothing to do with these right-wing loons protesting in favor of Wilson. He wanted the agitators out of there and go home where they belong. Watch the following video; it’s self-explanatory on right-wing racist bigotry that got the owner so upset.

Debating a right-winger on a Tea Party website, he insisted cops shouldn’t be persecuted “for doing their job.” I get that all the time. I can guarantee ya though that if it were the other way around…a rash of black cops shooting unarmed whites, right-wingers would be enraged with Fox News broadcasting it mornings, noon and nights as racist demanding something be done.

There are some heroes emerging out of this and it is not on the side of law officers or the right. As is the case though, there is always an exception to the rule. Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ronald Johnson, who is from Ferguson and was put in charge of police response, has performed exceptionally well in quelling violent tendencies in proactively speaking to folk’s concerns.

All the right really has is their attempts at trying to vilify the victims. News reports constantly reminding us that Brown was a pot smoker and “might” have had some in his system during the incident appears, in some minds, to justify Wilson’s killing actions. Again, if that is the case, I would dare say that a rough estimate of three-quarters of black or white or brown or yellow marijuana toting Americans line up in front of Wilson for their just due whether the plant is legal in their state or not.

Calling the peaceful protesters “hooligans,” “fools,” “looters” and “agitators” isn’t receiving too many brownie buttons either. If they can’t understand why this incident hasn’t created an outrage through built up frustration, then they are so blind by bias they cannot see, or…they are merely the “fools.”

Peaceful protesters the real heroes

Even the moral majority right wants to set their political views straight on the Ferguson incident. Televangelist Pat Robertson waffled in to say on his Tuesday August 19, 2014 edition of the ‘700 club’ that, “On the strength of one man who robbed a store and was shot, all of these thousands of people start tearing the city of Ferguson apart. What is wrong with people who would destroy the city where they live?” I don’t know, why don’t he ask Sodom and Gomorrah. He also elaborated on unsubstantiated reports Brown was high on drugs and a cigar robber.

One can plainly see where Robertson stands and I can see all his viewers nodding their heads yes in unison as he preaches his vermin. This is a style of preaching that black eyes’ Christianity.   

You should read some of the Breitbart blog site comments. Here are a representative few:

“Oh da pain!” “Oh da pain o’ bein’ a black man in a white man’s world!” “Whut am I gonna do?” “I jus’ can’t take dis anymo’ ” “Lordy, lordy!”

My comment to this is if ya want to whine so much about blacks protesting about an unarmed man being shot down in a Missouri street or choked to death on a NYC sidewalk by cops, then shut up about your petty Tea Party feelings getting hurt over the IRS picking on little ol’ you…

Besides, in his comment’s wording, he expressed his prejudiced low-level mental aptitude loud and clear.

“All this over a reefer smoking thief with a penchant for violence makes me sick. I really think we have crossed the line to societal suicide.”

My reply…proceed to puking you pukehead…

“As one gentleman pointed out, if the best you can come with as the model for your race is a thug who steals from weak shopkeepers and then blasts out the eye of the arresting cop, there isn’t too much value in your race to begin with.”

In response: If ya want to promote your agenda, embellishing upon lies gets ya nowhere…

These comment threads were from a Breitbart article titled, ‘6 Funerals Obama Cared Less About Than Michael Brown.’ It was complaining about Obama sending WH representatives to Brown’s funeral, while sending none to six others. The others were Margaret Thatcher, Chris Kyle, Nicholas Oresko, Lech Kaczinski, Aunt Zeituni and James Foley.

To recall, Thatcher was prime minister to the UK and is identified warmheartedly by the right with the Reagan era. Delegations of U.S. representatives were sent to Thatcher’s funeral comprised mostly of diplomatic personnel and former cabinet members while sending three aides to Brown’s.

Lech Kaczinski was the fourth president of the Republic of Poland and died along with his wife in a plane crash on April 10, 2010. Along with other foreign country dignitaries, the U.S. could not attend the funeral because the eruption of Iceland’s volcano, Eyjafjallajökull had grounded all flights over Europe. Obama himself was scheduled to attend, but his flight had to be cancelled.   

Kyle was the former SEAL sniper that was killed by a gun crazed friend at a shooting range. Orseko was a WWII Medal of Honor holder amongst over 1,000 others, so I s’pose we shouldn’t condemn “Barry Sotero” for not attending all of them. Aunt Zeituni was Obama’s father’s sister whom he had no contact or relationship with, but it’s nice to know that Brietbart is concerned enough to research the president’s relatives.  

As for James Foley, the freelance journalist that was beheaded by ISIS recently, no one has gone to his funeral for the mere fact it is not until October 18th.

As far as Breitbart goes in seeking anything to promote their bigoted cause they also claim that Captain Johnson was photo’d amongst the protesting crowd flashing a gang sign. Actually Johnson was expressing a hand sign but it was the greeting insignia of his college fraternity. Ya know, to try and induce propaganda by associating Johnson with a hoodlum gang because they know their readers all identify blacks with gangs is hopeless grappling in itself, but is also merely pathetic pomp much less journalism.  

The above photo by ‘St. Louis Post-Dispatch,’ Robert Cohen that went viral, surely portrays an individual of heroism. The person throwing the tear gas canister has been identified and has related his story. He is Clarence Bledsoe a true hero out of all this if there was one. His image wearing an American flag shirt throwing a tear gas canister back where it originated in one hand while holding a bag of potato chips in the other has become an icon all over the globe.

Bledsoe’s explanation of his actions that night goes like this as reported. “The tear gas canister landed near Clarence Bledsoe’s feet at about 10 P.M. Sunday night. He hadn’t been looking for a fight with officers, he said, but was simply walking home after a long day of work and had little choice but to wade through all the pandemonium to get to his apartment. But when the hissing projectile narrowly missed him with children nearby, all of the anger of the past week welled up within him. Bledsoe bent down and picked the canister up, ignoring the searing heat burning his right hand.”

In his own words, “I felt like, Y’all shooting at me? I’m just trying to get home. I picked it up and threw it back. I never, ever, ever pictured myself throwing something at the police.”

To downplay the heroism, what was perceived in reporting through Breibart eyes was that this was proof that the angry demonstrators were lobbing Molotov cocktails at the police. 

The photo below was taken by photojournalist, Scott Olson who was arrested for going beyond a cordoned off area even though he was wearing credentials. Now the right will profusely argue that he should not have gone into the cordoned off area, but let me remind them that there was a signed documented agreement that police would not arrest journalists. Complaining about we need to allow police to do their job, while at the same time arguing not to allow journalists to do theirs is a tad hypocritical don’t ya think… 

Olson, I’m sure will win a Pulitzer for this image for it portrays all that is wrong between the U.S.s enforcement in minority communities. With the fully militarized garbed police pointing assault weapons at one unarmed man with his hands held high, the graffiti sign on the mailbox is emblematic in saying what all is wrong with this picture.

Below is a video of another jaywalking encounter, but the culprit is white and armed. Do ya think that the same scenario played out as it did in Ferguson? Did the officers bark out swearing orders? Do ya think that the arriving officers instantly began shooting, or tried and tried to talk with and calm the suspect? When ya get the chance, play it and find out.

Many unarmed blacks have been shot down by police forces. Below I give an example of five from a list by journalist Shirin Barghi with their last words then follow with a description of what happened.

I don’t have a gun. Stop shooting.”
Michael Brown; Age: 18; Aug. 09, 2014; Ferguson, Missouri
Brown is the last in a recent rash of unarmed black men being killed by police. His cause has stirred action to counter the trend.

It’s not real.”
John Crawford III; Age: 22; Aug. 05, 2014; Beavercreek, Ohio
Holding a BB gun he pulled from the shelf while in the Wal-Mart toy section, Crawford was leaning on the butt-end of the unloaded gun with the barrel pointed to and resting on the floor while dialing his cell phone. Police entered and opened fire without any warning.

I can’t breathe.”
Eric Garner; Age: 43; July 17, 2014; Staten Island, New York  
While selling loose untaxed cigarettes illegally on a street corner, he was put into an illegal choke hold by a non-uniformed police officer and once thrown to the ground died three minutes later.

Please don’t let me die.”
Kimani Gray; Age: 16; March 09, 2013; Brooklyn, New York
Allegedly suspecting Kimani was armed, NYPD policeman opened fire and killed him in the street with seven bullets as he was running away. While patrolling the streets in an unmarked car, the two cops spotted Kimani adjusting his trousers in a manner they felt suspicious of.

Why did you shoot me.”
Kendrec McDade; Age: 19; March 24, 2012; Pasadena, California 
Responding to a backpack robbery two Pasadena policemen while approaching the area caught sight of college student Kendrec walking down the street where one officer fired at him, missed but made Kendrec flee, The other officer claims the shot fired by his partner was mistaken as Kendrec who fired the shot, so that is why he began firing at Kendrec. After the teen fell to the ground, they handcuffed him even though he was at the time unconscious. He died ninety minutes later.

These five young men had lives with a face and story. No matter the pettiness of those in attempts to vilify and dehumanize these five along with all the others, they were human beings, were born, were nurtured by a loving mother and unfortunately were killed needlessly at the hands of those sworn to protect them. We are speaking of human lives here.

For sure, most cops are decent, have earned their respect and became policemen to serve and better the community. However, this silent killing trend cannot remain invisible and the public needs to pull the reins. Initial police reports need to be accurate and certainly not serve as cover for an unjustified act. The mentality of ‘us versus them’ has to end, for if any enforcement is to be successful there must be solid connection and that only unfolds through mutual trust.

American communities are becoming more policed but underserved. Militarizing community police has got to go. Policemen have an obligation to be more than the average man, not less; their sworn oath demands it.

To sum all this up I have to give way to actor, Jesse Williams. When recently interviewed on CNN by Candy Crowley, Williams puts it into a perspective that cannot be compared. When you get the chance watch and listen. 

Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt April 21, 1938           

If listening only to Republicans in congress and on the streets, one would think that this current mass exodus of Central American children crossing our borders in fleeing violence and dire poverty in their homelands is all due to Obama. Actually though, any person of reasonable mind realizes that illegal immigration has a long history here in the states and in particularly from the last portion of the twentieth century to the present.

Americans have always tingled and cringed a bit at an influx of immigration even though they themselves come from families of immigrants. It appears Republicans have decided to take up the responsibility in promulgating that tradition. Long before this current hostile sentiment against Hispanic immigration, it was Italians and the Irish that were persecuted while later, it was the Orientals and Hispanics turn to be shunned.

As a nation of immigrants, America’s history is shaded much darker than what we would want to admit when it comes to immigration. When the Irish potato famine forced Irish immigrants to immigrate, local businesses shunned them. The Italian immigrant was looked upon as scum, so treating them as such had merit.

In 1891, nine Italians were tried and found not guilty of murdering New Orleans Police Chief David Hennessy, but a mob dragged them from the jail, along with two other Italians being held on unrelated charges lynching them all. The lynchings were followed by mass arrests of Italian immigrants throughout New Orleans, and waves of attacks against Italians nationwide. This mindset was promoted even through respected journalism and individuals.

Teddy Roosevelt, not yet president, famously said the lynching incident was “a rather good thing.” As for the response in The New York Times, it was worse. A March 16, 1891 editorial referred to the victims of the lynchings as “sneaking and cowardly Sicilians, the descendants of bandits and assassins.” An editorial the next day argued that, “Lynch law was the only course open to the people of New Orleans.”

John Parker, who helped organize the lynch mob was later voted in to be Louisiana’s next governor. In 1911, he said of Italians that they were, “Just a little worse than the Negro, being if anything filthier in [their] habits, lawless, and treacherous.

Prejudice against Chinese and Japanese immigrants out West became atrocious. They were pelted with hate crimes and the passage of numerous discriminatory laws. In 1882, President Chester A. Arthur signed the first illegal immigrant law that made any Chinese or mentally ill newly arriving immigrants as illegal. Since the anti-immigrant torch has been passed onto Republicans, now it’s been the Hispanic’s turn, but surely soon to be overtaken by Islamic anti-sentiment.

Mass immigration has always had a link tied into U.S. economic and business decisions in cheap labor. The first wave of Irish became indentured servants, In the latter half of the nineteenth century southern Italians, primarily from Sicily began to pour in only to find squatter conditions waiting for them. Of course America needed a transcontinental railroad, so Chinese immigrants were utilized for hardly any wages at all; just rank room and board.

Mexican immigration to find work was really taken advantage of. After the 1920s strict passing of immigration laws, the doors were left open to Mexico. They were desired by American employers for their hard work and low income pay. In the 1940’s during the war years, with a shortage of labor, the federal government actually imported Mexicans to work the agricultural fields under the ‘Bracero Program.’ Of course it was temporary for once the war ended and the U.S. no longer needed their labor they were to be shipped back home to Mexico. But employers brought their Mexican cheap labor back to work illegally until President Dwight Eisenhower launched, “Operation Wetback” setting up the first federally funded border patrol with 1,075 border agents that have been increased ever since, but to no avail as it is not the sole answer.

Under President Obama more deportations have occurred than under any other president, while under the eight years of President George W. Bush saw a marked increase in illegal immigration and a drop in immigration enforcement. Still though, Republicans put all the weight of the immigration monkey on the back of Obama’s administration.

The GOP semi-deity President Ronald Reagan signed into law the ‘Immigration and Reform Control Act’ (IRCA) in 1986; a blanket amnesty for over 2.7 million illegal aliens. Can ya just imagine if Obama were hinting to conducting anything remotely similar to this…he would be crucified by the right.

Now you may be involved with a Republican debating immigration when ya remind them, their own family backgrounds were immigrants. They might reply back true, but they came here legally. Well, they came here perhaps when there were no immigration laws since the first immigration law wasn’t enacted until 1882 as explained above and only involved Chinese or mentally handicapped immigration.

So, if they want to go by laws, it was the signing into law the ‘William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act’ in 2008 by President W. Bush that Obama must now abide by. The law states other than Mexican or Canadian children, all other children cannot be deported until a hearing is held on their behalf before an immigration judge. Those Central American kids are here legally under that law. Now since we are a nation of laws as Republicans always proclaim, they wouldn’t want Obama to break no law in rounding up these children and sending them back to harm’s way, now would they?

There was also another immigration push by W. Bush in the winter of 2004 with an initiative proposal for illegal workers to be treated as guest workers here in the states to have temporary three year status in two consecutive sets for a total of six years to be allowed to work here but travel abroad and reenter the states to go back to work.

Just listen to how childish, callous and irresponsible Republican politicians respond to this latest wave of child immigration.

Representative Steve King (R-IA) on the Dream Act ~ “For everyone who’s a valedictorian, there’s another hundred out there who weigh 130 pounds — and they’ve got calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert. Those people would be legalized with the same act.” (07/18/13)

No matter if you’re as smart as they come and have a lot to offer to your country, you’re out of here because of those dastardly cantaloupe calves.

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) on Dream kids ~ “How do you ensure that illegal aliens are loyal to America and not another country? Is it wise to entrust illegal aliens with questionable loyalties with America’s military secrets and weapons, including weapons of mass destruction? Is it enough that illegal aliens join America’s military, or should they be required to be honorably discharged or serve in combat before receiving amnesty for past illegal conduct? These individuals have to be absolutely 100 percent loyal and trustworthy.” (04/02/14 & again in mid-July 2014)

Yeah Dreamers will have to be constantly watched even though they are some of the most trustworthy servicemen; ask any military personnel. Yeah, it’s not just a war from within that’s occurring; Brooks claims there is also “a war on whites” as well.

Representative Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) ~ “What I believe we should do is have a 100 percent tax on remittances, the money that illegal aliens send back to these countries. What we have to recognize is that this truly is a war against the American people and if we don’t act like it and take this border seriously, we’re going to have even more gangs.” (08/05/14)

What war with what type of Americans? The only war and bombing going on is inside Bachmann’s head.

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) ~ “Even with $3.7 billion that’s requested, there’s no way for what’s being called for is going to stop the invasion that’s occurring. That’s why I’m hoping that my governor will utilize Article 1, Section 10, that allows a state that is being invaded — in our case more than twice as many just in recent months, more than twice as many than invaded France on D-Day with a doubling of that coming en route, on their way here now under Article 1, Section 10, the state of Texas would appear to have the right, not only to use whatever means, whether it’s troops, even using ships of war, even exacting a tax on interstate commerce that wouldn’t normally be allowed to have or utilize, they’d be entitled in order to pay to stop the invasion.”  (07/11/14)

Never mind that Article 1 Section 10 was framed into the constitution most likely with thoughts in mind for action against an adult military “invasion” and not an unarmed child one.

Representative Todd Rokita (R-IN) ~ “He said, look, we need to know just from a public-health standpoint, with Ebola circulating and everything else. No, that’s my addition to it, not necessarily his, but he said we need to know the condition of these kids.”

Even after Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) had been ridiculed earlier for suggesting to the CDC that Ebola could be carried by these immigrant children, Rokita still goes for it pulling his colleague, Rep. Larry Bucshon’s (R-IN) comments in on it and embellishing after the radio host questioned him since Bucshon is a heart surgeon and should know better. No Ebola breakout has ever occurred in the Western Hemisphere. Besides, no one with Ebola could have made the trek from Central America to the U.S. and live through it. Rokita was merely placating the fear factor into the fold and believe me, I caught the wrath on the right-wing blog sites as they all believed it and were using it as fodder.

Now for the winning comment for all this conspiratorial and false Republican ideology goes to; drum roll please…Michelle Bachmann.

During a July 30, 2014 interview on debunked Christian historian, David Barton’s ‘Wallbuilder’s Live’ radio show, this is what Bachmann had to say.

Now President Obama is trying to bring all of those foreign nationals, those illegal aliens to the country and he has said that he will put them in the foster care system. That’s more kids that you can see how…we can’t imagine doing this, but if you have a hospital and they are going to get millions of dollars in government grants if they can conduct medical research on somebody, and a Ward of the state can’t say ‘no,’ a little kid can’t say ‘no’ if they’re a Ward of the state; so here you could have this institution getting millions of dollars from our government to do medical experimentation and a kid can’t even say ‘no.’ It’s sick.”

Here’s a copy of the audio:

Now actually on her err-head behalf, there was some controlled research conducted on HIV-positive foster children with new AIDS drugs with the support and monitoring of NYCs child welfare department. But if Bachmann and other right-wing conspiracy groups still want to go down this route, this research was conducted by the drug giant GlaxoSmithKline beginning in the late 1980s and ending in the early 1990s…all under Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush’s watches.     
It just seems that to the overall Republican’s eye of things, Americans’ discomfort (whether it be through fear or greed) with cultural differences translates into racial angst that further degrades into intolerance is a pushed implanted fact and that’s just the way the GOP politician likes it to be when it comes to his/her constituent base. 

Broken policies and using reform as a political wedge is just not working anymore for Republicans. Why…because today the majority of Americans do indeed want bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform. Even a recent poll conducted this past June by the center-right group, ‘American Action Forum’ showed that 78% primary voter Republicans support immigration reform nationwide.

Still, out of fear of their Tea Party extreme right base, Boehner and his House of Republicans prefer to continue sitting on the senate’s passed immigration reform bill.

On top of all this, in usual GOP fashion to blame Democrats for what Republicans are actually doing, Rep. Dan Marino (R-PA) stated on the House podium on August 2nd that Democrats have not done anything on immigration. Minority leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was not going to have any of that and confronts Marino and his statements. He then claims, “I did the research on it. You might want to try it. You might want to try it, Madam Leader. Do the research on it. Do the research. I did it. That’s one thing that you don’t do.”

She followed him off the podium and gave him a good spanking concerning the facts. Later, Pelosi’s office said that Marino had apologized, but a little later than that a Marino spokesman said that no, Marino did not apologize. Whatever…he still got his bells retuned.

In July of this year, Obama asked Congress for $3.73 billion in emergency appropriations to address the influx of child migrants crossing Southwest borders from Central America.

First, John Boehner puts out a feeder thread comment in blaming President Obama, “This is the problem of the president’s own making. When is he going to take responsibility for something?” See, again…the lay all the blame on the president game play.

But once again, it is Boehner who fails to act, instead letting the Tea Party run wild and ram through an outrageous plan to deport 550,000 dream kids living in the U.S. and whittled the $3.73 billion down to $659 million to deport the newly arrived child immigrants. Even this fails in not mustering up enough Republican votes, as Republicans still didn’t want to move on any immigration legislation. Boehner was forced to pull his own Republican bill. One of the architects of the bill, Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX) said, “There are people [GOPers] who just don’t want to do anything.”

Out of frustration to even get his Republican House to act, Boehner then announces hours before the August recess through a press release demanding Obama act alone to secure the border by executive order. Chiming along, other Republican House leaders through their own press release insisted Obama can address the child immigrant ordeal “without the need for congressional action.”  

Do you see the utter nonsense in this? This is beyond ironical, it even surpasses being hypocritical; it is simply barmy. Just the day before, the Republican House nailed Obama with an asinine lawsuit for doing just that…exercising his rights to executive orders.    

This recent rash of Central American children crossing the U.S. border is more than posturing theatrics and political games; it is an ethical one primarily. Apparently ethics is not a right-wing trait, for to say that the answer to all this is too simply send them back to harm’s way is low thinking in the humanities. Mothers’ there truly do not want to separate from their children, but they would rather do that than watch them die and collect their body in some street. I think that a mother from anywhere would do what they could to seek refuge for their child. If we really want them to stay home, then we need to forget borders all together and aid these countries in coming up with safer environments where mothers feel more secure.

On one Tea Party blog site a woman was saying that God was on her side with the invasion of illegals crossing our borders. I replied if you are truly Christian, you have to realize that in being ‘Christian’ means to be a follower of ‘Christ’ and his teachings and surely you don’t suggest that Jesus would preach to ignore these hurting children simply because they originated from the other side of some border. Can’t ya recall that song you learned in Sunday school that went, “Jesus loves the little children of the world?” It doesn’t just say the children of Tea Party America…“it says of the world.” I never got back a reply.       

I only have one question to ask Republican politicians when it comes to their desire in voting no for the ‘Dream Act’ and deporting the entire dream act children out of the country and it is the following…

How can you consider a child born and raised here an illegal immigrant when it is a beholden constitutional right and then deport them from the only country they’ve ever known?

Lonestar Red Dripping:
When the cloud bursts it begins raining. What’s raining down in Texas right now would be the death knell for any rational political environment. But this is Texas and the Republican stranglehold is mighty in its tight grip. Nonetheless, damage is indeed filtering in.

Attorney General Greg Abbott running for the governor’s seat is an upright Republican rising up through the GOP ranks while avoiding any meat grinders along the way…until now. And though his past record may have been quiet it most certainly isn’t squeaky clean. Abbott is apparently by nature quiet, but he keeps surrounded by his henchmen to do the bullying and dirty excuse talking for him.

When asked a question, he really won’t say much and when pressed, he will totally avoid the issue leaving the topic open until later when an office spokesman will come out.

Abbott as any Republican is strong on tort reform and in his position, has pushed many bills through legislation in passing laws to greatly curtail lawsuits due to personal injury. In backing corporations and insurance companies, Abbott’s argument was, “Our legal system was abused in this state. There were many invalid claims that were filed in court that clogged up the courts…” But the fact remains that his being bound to a wheelchair resulted in a personal injury lawsuit he filed and has greatly benefitted from.

In 1984, while jogging down a ritzy neighborhood sidewalk, an old oak tree fell on him crushing his spine. Unemployed with no money, no health insurance and an ever increasing medical bill, he did what most would in his situation…he sued the homeowner.

He won the law suit and Abbott was granted $5.8 million to be paid out in monthly payments for the rest of his life. Most of that settlement was not to cover the $82,811.85 medical costs but was for noneconomic losses in pain and suffering from mental anguish.

It’s been 30 years now and he is still receiving payments. Abbott would never discuss the lawsuit until this summer when he made a simple statement saying that he “sued the insurance company.” But that is not so. Roy W. Moore the property owner the tree was on claims he had no property liability insurance.      

Abbott was confronted as to the reason he would want Ted Nugent to campaign for him after exchanging praises for one another in front of a February 2014 Denton campaign crowd with Abbot calling Nugent his “blood brother” and “a fighter of freedom in this country,”

At a Las Vegas January 2014 gun expo, Nugent had just recently described Obama as “a communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured, subhuman mongrel,” During a 2008 Fox News interview when it was pointed out the vast majority of illegals are merely crossing over the border unarmed, what would you do to fix the situation, Nugent replied, “In an unauthorized entry, armed, like they are right now, invading our country, I’d like to shoot them dead.”

Once told of that Abbott simply stated he was unaware of Nugent’s remarks in stating, “I know nothing of that,” and cut off the reporter. As in normal step, through his campaign office he later issues a statement, “This is not the kind of language I would use or endorse in any way. It’s time to move beyond this, and I will continue to focus on the issues that matter to Texans.”

There ya have it; an old and new whacko Nugent statement and Abbott was never, quote unquote, aware of either. Honestly…he knew, he just likes making appearances with the rocked-off rocker because Nugent’s nonsense attracts good ol’ bubbas.  

On August 29, 2014 Abbott porked out of the debate between him and Wendy Davis, the Democrat candidate for governor that was to be held on September 02, 2014. Again, Abbott does not announce it; it comes from his campaign office release stating, “Due to our inability to agree on specific details of the format, Attorney General Greg Abbott will regretfully not be participating in the WFAA debate.” This said by Robert Black, senior campaign adviser on that Friday morning.

No consideration at all in the late announcement. I’m sure Ms. Davis could have made rearrangements to fill that day as more productive if she had been notified at least a week earlier. Instead she most likely was still preparing for a debate that was not going to happen because some cluck, cluck sounds were emanating from Abbot’s campaign headquarters.

Even worse, the pretext from recusing themselves from the debate is an awful big rotten watermelon hanging out there, for the excuse they gave is a fib. Abbott’s campaign manager, Wayne Hamilton on May 28th wrote and sent a letter to WFAA expressing that Abbott and his campaign accepted all terms of the debate. WFAA has posted that letter for all to see.

Now just days later from weaseling out of the debate, another news report comes out concerning Abbott’s more devious side.

News media outlets have just learned that Abbott as attorney general officiated a raid on a charity organization in 2010 under the presumption of voter fraud.

Police officers in bullet proof vests and guns drawn raided a house that was headquarters for ‘Houston Votes’ a nonprofit organization that caters to poor districts registering folks to vote. After serving a search warrant, the officers took away all the organization’s computers, hard drives and documents.

This devastated ‘Houston Votes’ works and had to shut down until they could get there records back. Finding no proof of fraud, the case was closed after one year of the raid. So could ‘Houston Votes’ get back the belongings…nope…Abbott had all their documents and computers destroyed through a court injunction order.

Now the blind, back Abbott in saying “he is duty bound to preserve the integrity of the ballot box.” But where’s the fraud and where is ‘Houston Votes’ personal equipment and documents that were stolen? No ma’am, what Abbott is preserving here is the power of the Republican Party in Texas. This was strictly a political move to stymie poor folks from voting.

Boy-howdy, do we have a lot of Republican governors in hot water. Former Republican governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen were found guilty by an impartial jury on several counts of public corruption and falsifying loan documents.

North Carolina Republican, Pat McCrory has been subpoenaed by a grand jury with his ties to ‘Duke Energy’ that attempted to cover up details of a toxic sludge coal ash spill into the Dean River; the third largest spill of its kind. McCrory had been an executive employee of the energy company for 28 years and received $1 million in donations from ‘Duke Energy’ in his bid for the governorship. McCrory’s NC EPA didn’t even give a hand slap when they fined the $50 billion energy company a mere $99,111.00 for this and other spills which they have not yet paid. McCrory sold his $10,000.00 Duke Energy stock shares just after the spill and did not disclose the sale in state ethics filings. May be a rub my back and I’ll rub yours kind of thing going on here with McCrory and ‘Duke Energy.’

Republican governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback is under FBI investigation along with three of his former staff for influence peddling in a Medicaid scheme for financial gain. Yeah, Brownback is also the governor who blames Obama for his state’s poor economy and job opportunities insisting it is not his tax “theory” implementation that is tanking the Kansas budget.

Florida Republican governor, Rick Scott who prior to winning the governorship, was involved in the largest Medicare fraud by Columbia/HCA when he was CEO there, has taken his fraudulent behavior into Florida’s governor’s mansion. In court depositions concerning his shady business dealings he has invoked the 5th seventy-five times. It’s been found that Scott routinely skirts state record public laws by using private e-mails to discuss state business, shielding himself and associates from Florida’s internal ‘code of conduct’ ethics laws. Scott has been sued by Tallahassee’s attorney, Steven Andrews. Chief Circuit Judge Charles Francis ruled Google and Yahoo will have to turn over information about private email accounts used by Scott and staff.

Maine’s Republican Governor Paul LePage loaded his offices with lobbyists to promote environmental deregulation, has been attempting to gut the state’s open records act and fired a state employee favoring policies LePage wanted repealed. Currently, from results of a FBI investigation, LePage has been found guilty of bias towards employers and prejudice against the jobless in unemployment claims.

Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich’s ‘Frackgate’ controversy has him in hot water as it touched off an exposure of a public relations scheme between his governorship and Halliburton, while Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder’s implementation of ‘Martial Law’ taking over city properties after firing elected officials replaced by his so called emergency management and his quiet Aramark prison privatization scandal is gaining attention from the eyes of justice.    

Georgia Republican Governor Nathan Deal, who prior to the governorship resigned from Congress to avoid an ethics investigation, a new investigation is underway for nepotism when Deal doled out $240,000.00 to Magnolia Capital LLC from his campaign funds. The company is owned by his daughter. The chairman of the Georgia State Ethics Committee appointed by Deal obstructed investigations into the Deal campaign donations to the daughter’s company.

Lest we not forget New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s ‘Bridgegate’ and all the other scandals the investigation has uncovered such as financial schemes utilizing Pennsylvania state money and his use of the $1.8 billion in federal Hurricane Sandy relief/recovery money slipping $6 million of it out to an unrelated development project. Then there’s Scott Walker, Republican governor of Wisconsin who’s under a state investigation for cronyism, mismanagement, self-enrichment, avoiding public archiving and illegal campaign coordination in the ‘John Doe’ probe.

Now we have Texas governor, Rick Perry who just got indicted by a grand jury over his veto of funding the ‘Texas Public Integrity Unit’ (TPIU) for criminal abuse of power. Perry did the veto in protest to Austin’s district attorney, Rosemary Lehmberg’s conviction to drunken driving. It’s strictly a political move to disrupt the more liberal Austin government lawyers.

Lehmberg was in the process of conducting an investigation of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). The institute received a ton of money from the Republican Texas Legislature to award grants to high-level medical research projects. The problem…a lot of the money went to people who didn’t qualify for it. Some of those folks had close ties to Perry. Just a few months ago, Lehmberg’s office indicted CPRIT’s former director over his allegedly improper disbursement of an $11 million grant. Essentially, Perry was funneling state money to campaign contributors.

Lehmberg was pulled over by police in her car last spring while the investigation was just underway. It was a golden opportunity to get her meddling off the case. Besides, under the helm of Perry’s stretched governorship, two Republican district attorneys, Terry McEachern and Rick Harrison were arrested for DUI. McEachern was aggravated DWI and Harrison’s DUI involved a collision with him driving the wrong way down a one way street. Perry said or did nothing on both cases.

Perry is claiming being the victim. This is always a bully’s move when he feels bullied. He even said, “Some would use partisan political theatrics to rip away at the very fabric of our state’s constitution. This was exactly what he was doing to Ms. Lehmberg; a public official bullying another public official and the TPIU to get them off his back from investigating his contribution ties to CPRIT. 

Perry, among a slew of other Republicans are claiming this indictment is strictly political theatrics on Democrats’ part. But lo and behold the judge in charge of the indictment proceedings, Bert Richardson is a very conservative Republican. No nonsense San Antonio lawyer, Michael McCrum, appointed by Richardson to be the special prosecutor, will not take a case if he feels it is unwarranted. McCrum has accepted after review. His peers describe him as apolitical, steadfast and a straight shooter and although he has Republican affiliations, he is bipartisan.  

The governor does not dispute the facts of the case. He’s actually bragged about them. No one disputes the governor's power to veto. These indictments don’t charge Perry for doing so; they charge him with an abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant. Until the trial starts, there’s a lot we don’t yet know.

Now that Perry has been indicted, he cannot carry a gun. So now on his little jogging forays he cannot shoot a coyote…it’ll now be hand to paw combat…the coyote’s revenge…           

You like this segment title? Chemists use these affixes in referencing a particular chemical structure. Cyclo refers to a structural formula that’s cyclic while mono refers to only one component like carbon monoxide. I like to incorporate cyclo-mono also into the political arena, for to me, it conveys a one way cycle. That cycle could be broken down into both dominant respective parties, but it really fits nicely in describing the Republican obstinacy. Anywhere Obama wanted to drive the nation, it was a resounding Republican one way street in the opposite and wrong direction over and over in their record busting filibusters, their incessant desire to drastically cut debt by defunding social programs at a time of economic duress, their 55 repeals of the ACA law and their sequestration, debt ceiling hostage taking, partisanship, fiscal cliff antics and shutting down the government. Going into the off season elections this fall, this is all they offer on what they stand for…anti Obama. No mandate of principle or platform of policy.

Impressions in themselves are like assumptions and can be misleading. Take the word vegatarian for instance. Since a vegetarian primarily eats plants one would assume the word comes from vegetable, but that is not so; it is from the Latin vegetus meaning ‘full of life.’

The impression one gets with the Ferguson incident is that the right is pro militarized police enforcement, but that is only for today. Since it is temporarily the side they’ve jumped into the pit with without even questioning its glaring examples of racial injustice, they applaud the militarization of U.S. police forces. But it is these same folks that still decry foul for the ATF using tanks against the Branch Davidian’ cult during the 1993 government para military siege of the Mt. Carmel compound just outside Waco, Texas.

Racism today is not in a traditional format where it ended in a lynching, but for sure metaphorically, the noose is still set.

Right-wing pundits or politicians will use conspiracy theories to embellish or contradict factual data, or at times even their own previous rants with manufactured stories to rally their gullible base. Senator Ted Cruz is a master at this, but he had better watch out, for the table could turn on him.

A conspiracy theory could easily develop concerning him. With his Cuban background, his father once fighting for Fidel Castro and his actual foreign born status, one could easily create a conspiracy scenario of him infiltrating American politics to implant division and mayhem to bring down the U.S. government making it vulnerable to a takeover. His attempts to divide the Republican representatives in shutting down the government even alludes to support in this little tidbit conspiracy ranting.

The left has to be cautious though in hating those who hate. Cruz in the mid run will be a failure, for he goes by false conspiracies and untruths that is dumbing down his already shrinking base. He lands with no iron heels; he only has powder puff toes.

Speaking of powder puffs, I got hold of one on the News Max conservative blog site. The thread is listed below. It does indeed show they like to talk, but will avoid the walk.

MilitiaMan to OldWhiteGuy
You are one stupid MF’er! You’re right, it’s only children crossing our borders. Bring on the next American Revolution so we can get rid of all the pagan Libtards like yourself!

BJA to MilitiaMan
Wow MilitiaMan...don’t really know how to express yourself except through cursing and slurring defamation...what are you...some kind of big boy with little britches.

Mr. Oldwhiteguy is quite the intelligent fella, far beyond your low rank. I’m more in line with your ranking...I’m not just a libtard, I’m one heck of a redneck liberal and instead of starting up a revolution as your empty rhetoric suggests, why not you and I go one on one...

What do ya say cowpunch...

MilitiaMan to BJA • a month ago
Hi BJA or Liberal POS,
What you consider intelligent does not concern me in the least. I would gladly end your life anytime you Liberal POS:-)!

BJA to MilitiaMan • a month ago
Talking trash gets ya nowhere...

Do we need to set up an appointment...your call...

MilitiaMan to BJA • a month ago
Please set up an appointment you sorry mf’er:-)! I would love to introduce myself!

BJA to MilitiaMan • a month ago
Let’s get this rolling, ya want to swap emails then we’ll go from there...

MilitiaMan to BJA • a month ago
Yes please! I think you’ll find that I can be very persuasive. You will be sorry you ever were a Liberal POS.

BJA to MilitiaMan • a month ago
Good, I accept any and all challenges and you have definitely challenged...I fully accept...

My e-mail is where’s yours...

It’s easy to hide behind a screen while talking trash...I think that we all feel we can respect those that back up their words with action.

I have been sorry for many things, but this most certainly is not one of them.

It’s on...

MilitiaMan to BJA • a month ago
Hi Liberal POS,
Don’t think I’ve forgotten about your sorry ass! As soon as I verify that your email is legit, I will be making contact with you very soon! And respect is one of the many things you will feel for the time that I allow you to:-). See you soon you scumbag POS!

BJA to MilitiaMan • a month ago
Waiting on you...

After that, I never heard back from the MilitiaMan.        

Ya know, both parties use fear tactics, I get e-mails all the time from Democratic campaigns that if you don’t help and send money, tis very likely the Republican opponent will win, but Republicans have it down to an art form in a constant wave of stressing their base through fear tactics. That is why the typical Republican, but in particular the more extreme always seems mad. Allow me to explain…

Human beings naturally use anger to cover fear. That fear emanates through insecurities and those insecurities are what the right-wing politician, pundits and conservative radio shows espouse upon. Anger, fear and insecurities are all tied into emotion rather than factual reasoning. That is why the right-wing will always trump truthful facts with belief.

Through these divisive tactics, comes the Republican’s modus operandi of fueling that insecure void of their slipping power hold to blame the traditionally less powerful such as the poor, ethnic and immigrant. It is all their fault. This is a sad route in vain attempts to compensate those insecurities, for the end result is fomented hate, irrational conspiracies and a worsening of their own inadequate conditions.

This nation’s core value is based on unity, not division. This diversity exemplified in America’s populace has borne the best of ideas and innovations that the world over has benefitted from. Imagine if every American citizen, no matter race, creed, color or social standing had equal access to proper education and upbringing in what could be realized.

Translation is a true art form and opinion; it is not necessarily factual works. Human beings have done their fallible best to translate, but an opinion derived conclusion only supports a base system and not basic truths.

So goes religions as picked apart to support a belief. No matter what Republican’s self-righteousness leads them to believe, the world as yet still has room for all…even for them…

In Serving Discourse,


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