What's This?


Nature simply astounds me; it puts me in awe inspiring moments with its ingenuity, elegance and beauty. Mother Nature is not here for our benefit, but nor is she here for our demise. She only puts us in perspective in realizing we are only a component and not the captain at the helm.

An ardent environmentalist, among other less flattering nametags I have been called, but as for being known as an environmentalist; I pin and wear it on my lapel with the most of bubbling and unaltered pride and along too in being a tree-hugger or watermelon head. For me, it's only one life, one world and one environment. It only makes sense to protect these three gifts that were given to me not for self gratifying and greed modes to do as I please for self interests, but as a responsibility to take care of, ponder, wonder and respect.

I would like to somehow be there when my great great great grandchild goes where he/she felt me most and say thank you dangraddy for the fresh air I breathe, for this clean water I drink and for this environment with its hosts of teeming wildlife I feel connected to. Thank you for not abusing it, but ensuring its viability...it's continuity...

Now for some not so mushy talk; does anyone know exactly what I'm holding here? I caught it when I was in the escarpment jungles of Belize. Anyone...

It's a basilisk lizard otherwise known as the 'Jesus lizard' for its ability to scamper on its hind legs across water. The basilisk not only can run across the water surface it has been observed to submerge up to an hour, are expert tree climbers and have been clocked up to seven miles an hour in running speeds.

There are four species. This particular one is Basiliscus basiliscus. 

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  1. I to enjoy breathing Nature,walking in the woods,along the water front,or along a riverbank. Listening to the frogs calling for rain or the owl singing in the night. I also wonder if my children's children will ever know the passion and wonder of these things. Well said Bruce and very much enjoyed.