State of the Union

For those tired of media sound bytes and forlorn of time for lengthy books,read up. We all want to really know what led and put us into this current financial and economic crisis we as a nation are enduring. For you, this paper’s content offers exactly that in quick, but thorough insight. After just the first page, the author gives no bones, or apologies on who he mainly faults but, through intensive research, backs it with sound data that flows the information into a context of valid facts and fluid verification. Personal opinion and acumen are duly noted and act as a thread, weaving all source material into place.

The paper is engaging from giving a crash course leading up to the tools necessary to equip the financial tsunami to, once all pieces were in place, the actors who facilitated the crisis’ ultimate eruption. The how and why of the financial and economic turmoil is explained, while solutions are entertained. From learning a few modern day financial terms to the whistles, bells and warning signs the Bush administration did not heed to prevent the financial concussion’s hard blow, the paper’s read is enlightening.

This informative paper no doubt, will make you an informed political debater and the author wants you to do your own research, in particular in areas you may disagree on. The tentacles this financial crisis has grown are rooted and long, affecting all Americans today and generational days to come. It’s good for every American to acquire a firm grasp of how and as to why it came about. That way, we’ll know how to slow it, stop it, correct it and prosper again.

In 12-font size script, the 29 pages will open a portal into what exactly created this Great Recession. Here is an excerpt of the paper: “During a public speech on 02/04/05 in Omaha, Nebraska, Bush engages a woman, ‘You work three jobs? Uniquely American isn’t it? I mean that is fantastic that you’re doing that.’ The woman was a struggling divorced mother of three scratching and clawing in attempts to make ends meet. She’s losing to the economic woes. He just doesn’t get it.”

- State of the Union (with cover art)

- State of the Union (no cover art)

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